KBS Releases Second Thrilling Teaser for Nice Guy

Oh gosh, the second teaser for Nice Guy makes me salivate for this drama like you won’t believe. I think melodramas have gotten a bad rep in recent years because the plot devices used to generate the melo and the dramatic have been increasingly ridiculous and far-fetched. It wasn’t always so, and perhaps my favorite melo of all time What Happened in Bali was just perfect in raising the emotional stakes without resorting to any contrivances that make me laugh rather than gasp. NG looks to return to the melodramas of yore, where realistic bad things happen to people and they deal with it, sometimes choosing the path of right, and other times having no choice but to turn to the dark side. Casting Song Joong Ki in the lead isn’t just his well-deserved big break, it looks like his innocent boyish looks will be critical in his character narrative of a man bent on revenge for a broken heart. I’m glad I like Park Shi Yeon‘s acting but don’t fangirl her, making it easier for me to hate on her Jae Hee for being a gold digging backstabber while appreciating her improved acting skills. Moon Chae Won‘s character is the one that still hasn’t made an impression on me, but she might turn out to be the key that holds this drama all together. 

Second teaser for Nice Guy:

Maru: It’s not enough how cruelly you’ve grounded me into a pulp?

Jae Hee: I want you to destroy my lover’s daughter with his first wife, Eun Gi.

Maru: How much I did to save you, I won’t destroy you that easily.

Eun Gi: I won’t forgive anyone who stands in my way. Listen here Han Jae Hee!

Maru: Even if I didn’t do this, I’ve already decided to completely forget noona. Just stop it now, I’m not the Kang Maru I was before.

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KBS Releases Second Thrilling Teaser for Nice Guy — 14 Comments

  1. Can’t wait for it!:-) I like Gaksital but since I knew NG would follow I’m wishing more and more that Gaksital, after extension and postponement due to the Olympics, is over so we can watch this eyecandy cry our eyes out.:3

  2. I loved the 1st teaser, but that’s what it was, a tantalizing, titillating teaser. THIS? Rabid madcap fangirl insanity. SJK’s knocking it out of the park already (god that voice.. the look on his face…), MCW ethereal (with Maru) yet no pushover (vs Jaehee), and PSY’s much more self-assured here. Truly the best preview to-date of the potential in NG.

  3. Also, that second line overheard? DCgall more or less in agreement that’s Eun-Gi toying with JH, in a “I know what did last summer” kind of way, ie. ‘you tried to kill me, your lover’s kid.’

  4. Thanks for this…getting butterflies hearing all that anger driven passion dripping out of their voices, or is that passion driven anger?

    We get to watch beautiful people fall in love for like 10 seconds, and then destroy each other for 15 hours. Why does that sound delicious to me?

  5. I have no idea why, but I am not interested in Nice Guy at all. I love Song Joong Ki, I adore his work, he is a great actor, but I think I’ll wait for the first recaps to decide if it is worth to have a look or not.

  6. well this must be a movie from the looks of the atmosphere:D

    LOL actually i am not into this drama for now, but I am always into SJK:D so it will be a must watch for me:D

  7. gUYS….Truly said all about this drama just perfect!! The behind the scene teamwork also was so superior..what about the main lead?? for me it can be said as the most complete couple this year..SJK-MCW pair not only look great in their chemistry but as individual who can doubt their acting skill..SJK acting was the most outstanding around the 4 of SKKS..MCW as a 2nd lead in Briliant Legacy beating Han Hyo Joo as the main lead there and other actress to grab The Best Actress In Asia which show she make history as the 1st 2nd lead grab that Award..The writer also was one of the best writer in Korean..Her drama ‘MISA’ described as the best writing drama ever in history..Which person didn’t feel anticipated about Nice Guy..,it’s just crazy one.!

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