Adorable Picspam of the OT3 of Hyun Woo, Ji Eun, and Sang Yeob from I Live in Cheongdamdong

Who is the cutest fluffiest OT3 on the planet? Why – that title unequivocally belongs to the glorious trio of youngsters populating the delightful and heartwarmingly funny world of I Live in Cheongdamdong. This cable sitcom has been my constant companion for the last month as I drift off to sleep every night watching an episode or two on my IPad as I lay in bed and bask in its wondrous magic. Make no mistake about this, ILICDD is as good if not better than any prime time drama out there. But it’s so hard to peel me away from watching it to write a proper review of why it’s so special and why I’m willing to watch a sitcom with over 160 episodes where the focus isn’t even on romance which is my usual bread and butter. Watching ILICDD, it’s like adding an entirely new family that consists of the most genuine group of characters I have ever encountered onscreen.

I’ll save a proper drama review for later, but with the return of Lee Sang Yeob to dramas via Nice Guy and Oh Ji Eun being cast in King of Dramas, I know it’s only a matter of time before these two youngsters along with Hyun Woo burst into mainstream awareness. So imma claim them early! The most awe inducing love triangle of the year is MINE, which includes the cheeky Sang Yeob, the playful Ji Eun, and the swoony Hyun Woo. I’m not done with ILICDD yet, but up to episode 110 where I’m at, it’s clear which guy Ji Eun is in love with, and I totally am on that ship. But I’m also on the other two ships, the one where Ji Eun is friends with the other guy, and the one where the two boys Sang Yeob and Hyun Woo have a bromace for the ages. Watching these three kids onscreen banter, bicker, and support each other has been like a balm for my weary soul. I’ve had a rocky last few weeks, but the world of ILICDD has been a refuge that I just want to bask in forever.

The OT3 in ILICDD consists of Sang Yeob as the chaebol architect, Ji Eun as the restaurant manager aspiring chef, and Hyun Woo as…….a totally indescribable character. I’m not being coy, to describe his character would be to reveal too much. Suffice to say, these three spark big time and make me laugh, cry, and awwwwww whenever they are together.

I really loathed Hyun Woo’s hairstyle initially, and really hoped that he would change it during the course of the drama. I’ve now arrived at a reluctant acceptance of his mop and its inexplicable ability to turn me into a gibbering idiot when I spot it in the crowd onscreen.

Sang Yeob is such a hoot in ILICDD, and a completely different side of him than what little we’re seeing in Nice Guy. I adore his chaebol-with-an-attitude-plus-insecurities.

Sometimes I wonder if the drama was really intending to make Hyun Woo and Sang Yeob the OTP, which I am totally fine with. These two guys are just nnnnnngggg so perfect together. Oh Ji Eun, to the left please! “Hey manhwabang!” “Call me hyung!”

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Adorable Picspam of the OT3 of Hyun Woo, Ji Eun, and Sang Yeob from I Live in Cheongdamdong — 19 Comments

  1. The site with subs was taken down.So everyone,is it good enough to watch so many without subs?I mean to attempt it?I am dying here with Standby it’s gone so downhill.Also if it’s not deep or complicated Korean I would attempt watching.Ms Koala it’s not is it?I got addicted to having a daily sitcom after Inborn Pair previews from here.Thank you.

    • No, please don’t watch it without subs. The wonder is ALL in the dialogue, the wittiest, sweetest, most comforting communications between people I’ve ever seen onscreen. There is very little physical comedy, and the romance takes ages to build and is really all done through the littlest gestures paired with the lovely words. I’m sorry X can’t sub anymore, but truly ILICDD should not be watched unless one can understand the dialogue.

  2. Having read only positive reviews for this sitcom I really wanted to watch this but it looks like it’ll be a while for this to get picked up &/or subbed. :C

  3. Aww, thank you so much for this Miss Koala. I miss this OT3 so much ㅠㅜ Hopefully the drama gods give woori Hyun Woo another role soon. I honestly don’t care what it is, I’m watching.

    I actually started watching it with Mister X’s subs but I couldn’t help myself and watched around 120 or so episodes without them. My Korean understanding is only low intermediate but I was super addicted (to say the least) ㅠㅜㅠㅜ I literally ate, slept and breathed this sitcom for almost a month. So much warmth, I was in love.

    Unfortunately I had to put it on hold bc of laptop issues. Haven’t picked it back up since. Still waiting for someone else to sub it (soon, I hope ㅠㅜ)

  4. I would start subbing this in a heartbeat if only we could get it on a site like DSS where the subbing framework is all set up already (I don’t have the time to learn a separate program like Aegisub and time/sync all the lines from scratch)… but unfortunately for DSS Chinese soft subs would be needed before the sitcom can be put up for English subbing. I have no idea where to find these, if they even exist at all.

  5. I keep hearing about this drama, but I can’t even find the drama, let alone subs. Ms. Koala, how are you watching on iPad? I keep thinking you’re in the US, but then I think you’re in Asia. I’m in NY/NJ area. I would love to even have access to the video. Thanks!

  6. I reaLLy Love them. but please, do you know where i can watch it with english subs? coz i’m experiencing nose bleeding here. LOL

  7. I reaLLy Love them. but please, do you know where i can watch it with english subs? coz i’m experiencing nose bleeding here. LOL thanks!

  8. I just finished watching it, the entire 170 episodes! take note: without eng subs! So i’m just guessing what they are saying based on their facial expressions and actions, but still i fell in love with them especially the love triangle between Hyun Woo-OJE-Sang Yeob. I keep playing their cheesy scenes all over again! Hyun Woo and Oh Ji Eun are soooooo cute together! And the 3 musketeers are so funny on so many levels. Even the customers in the comic book store are funny too. First time to finish a korean sitcom WITHOUT eng subs. One of the best sitcom i’ve ever watched! ROFL all the way! Definitely worth to watch!

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