Written and Video Preview for Episode 11 of Nice Guy

It’s weird how addicting Nice Guy has turned out to be. Despite my pre-release excitement over watching a bona fide melodrama, part of me worried that this thing would sink like a ton of bricks by being painfully plodding and trying to pull tricks out of a hat. Now that NG is halfway done with its run, the drama has turned out not to be all that innovative nor twist-driven, especially when the synopsis already gave away the biggest twist in Eun Gi’s amnesia way in advance. What makes the drama rise above its sackful of cliches is in the fluid and confident execution and pace. Even if what’s happening isn’t all that thrilling, watching it happen is. It’s rather like watching a 100 meter race, when you know all the runners are merely going to move their legs and pumps their arms and run in a straight line aiming for the finish. But the second the gun sounds and the runners take off, watching it is nevertheless a riveting experience. It’s odd that I’m already finding myself not caring too much about the drama ends, when normally I’d be fretting and vowing pain on the writer if my OTP don’t get their happy ending. For whatever reason, perhaps seeing Eun Gi and Maru dealing with so much that life has already thrown at them, I simply want them to find happiness with each other and as long as they taste true peace and joy for even a brief period of time, I’ll be fine if the ending turns into a massive weep fest. Already we’ve got one amnesia victim with a horrible stepmother wanting to take her out plus one former gigolo-turned financial swindler living on borrowed time with bleeding in his brain. This can’t possibly end well. But watching Maru learn to love again, seeing Eun Gi finding her way back to a semblance of normalcy, that journey is worth taking with them because we glimpse the utter hopelessness that resides deep in their soul which we know they can overcome with each other.

Written preview for episode 11:

Maru rescues Eun Gi from the clutches of Jae Shik, though when Eun Gi sees Maru threatening Jae Shik, she misunderstands his anger as not wanting to see her and feels hurt. Jae Shik tells Maru that he was kidnapping Eun Gi on Jae Hee’s orders. Joon Ha asks Maru for help keeping Eun Gi safe from Jae Hee. Lawyer Ahn discovers where Eun Gi is staying and tries to take her away but Maru gets involved when he finds out, though Eun Gi is still feeling hurt thus wary of him. Jae Hee has successfully orchestrated the removal of Eun Gi at Tae San and preparations are underway for her to become CEO of the company.

Preview for episode 11:

Jae Hee: How is our Eun Gi doing?

Maru: I’m going to kill you!

Jae Shik: Then who is going to deal with her?

Jae Hee: I didn’t! Do you have evidence?

Lawyer Ahn: Do you know Seo Eun Gi? She’s living well but hasn’t appeared even now. Why do you think that is?

Maru: Let’s make a deal.

Joon Ha: Help me. Please help our Eun Gi safely reach where she needs to go. From the very beginning you never loved her, right?

Maru: What if I say I fell in love with her now? What will you do?


Written and Video Preview for Episode 11 of Nice Guy — 17 Comments

  1. “Maru: What if I say I fell in love with her now? What will you do?”

    uwaahh! x.x

    I feel the same way with your review.. just having that thought wanting our EunMa find their happiness is already enough T_T

  2. Love this preview.

    Yeah, I really don’t think this one’s going to have the ‘happily ever after’ ending. I just can’t see that happening. And if they *do* have the HEA then it better be damn well written and not seem contrived. Because with what they’ve set up in last week’s episodes with Maru’s health, I just have this feeling he’s not going to make it out alive at the end. Which feels kind of right at this point. And as much as I’d *love* a happy ending it would feel like the writing lost integrity if they force a HEA on us when another ending may have felt more natural.

    Ah, I <3 Nice Guy.

  3. Thanks!
    I love how Joon Ha asks hopefully, I think rather than with certainty, “From the beginning, you never loved her?”

    All of the childish handwriting and love talk reminds me of that George Strait song where a little boy gets a note passed to him from a girl who has a crush on him.

    Do you love me, do you wanna be my friend?
    And if you do, well then don’t be afraid to take me by the hand, if you want to.
    I think this is how love goes, check yes or no…

    It’s kinda heartbreaking how simple love can seem to a young person. So this really does sum up how it feels to EG in her current state.

  4. Thank you Koala unni… I do hope we have a happy ending. However, if we get sad ending. I hope it will be wonderful sad ending of Maru and EG be together at the end…

  5. thank you koala unni.. i swear my self not to read spoiler for my exam sake but your preview make me want to wed comes alreadyyy..

  6. I love your posts on Nice Guy (seriously, you are like my dealer delivering my daily fix of this drama :D), so thank you for that!

    On a random note, I absolutely loooooove Song Joong Ki’s voice! It’S just so deep which you don’t expect because he looks so boyish. This drama made him into THE actor for me, the one that can do it all regardless of his face (which I love) and made me notice his beautiful voice. I’m just a sucker for voices.

  7. I know we won’t have a happy ending and that makes me so sad…my heart tells me to stop watching,you won’t get a happy ending but somehow I can’t stay away from this drama…I count days till the next episode,this is the only drama I am currently watching,I don’t find the others interesting….Kang Maru just take Eunki and run away to an island and get married and have little babies!!!!

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