Moon Chae Won Reunites with Park Shi Hoo at the Blue Dragon Film Awards

Guh, how come I’m just finding out now that Park Shi Hoo presented with Moon Chae Won at the Blue Dragon Film Awards two weeks ago? I literally gasped out loud and had to shield my eyes from the pretty. This reunion of The Princess’s Man OTP is both thrilling and incongruous, since the last I saw of them was in sageuk garb at the end of the drama. Those of you who haven’t seen TPM I won’t spoil it the ending here. I loved TPM but it wasn’t for the OTP, who was really down the list and probably the third reason I was hooked on the drama. My favorite story line was the father-daughter rebellion and dynamics between Princess Se Ryung and her daddy King Sejo, followed up with the so moving love story between Princess Kyung Hye and Jung Jong. I didn’t dislike the OTP, but their Romeo and Juliet love story was very standard romance fare and I felt the drama actually had more compelling other narratives that meant more to me. Nevertheless I found Park Shi Hoo and Moon Chae Won a ridiculously gorgeous couple with wonderful onscreen chemistry. It’s funny because Moon Chae Won and Moon Geun Young are very good friends in real life since they made Painter of the Wind together, and Moon Chae Won recently said in an interview that she’s planning to visit the set of Cheongdamdong Alice to support her good friend Moon Geun Young and former co-star Park Shi Hoo. She even expressed a willingness to make a cameo, and HOMG that would be all sorts of perfect and totally cute. Lately there have been lots of onscreen pairings that have created memorable couples leading to what is surely an explosion in real life shipping. I think Moon Geun Young is well on her way in matching Moon Chae Won’s chemistry with Park Shi Hoo. Dude is one lucky lucky actor.

You know, I don’t particularly love Moon Chae Won’s dress but she definitely wears it with confidence and star power. I feel like Park Shi Hoo raided his CA character Cha Seung Jo’s closet with the blue velvet suit jacket paired with a black shirt (didn’t momma tell you no black with blue?), but for some reason I still think he looks so handsome up there. Sigh, they are adorable together, yes?


Moon Chae Won Reunites with Park Shi Hoo at the Blue Dragon Film Awards — 70 Comments

  1. Koala, you know what was more adorable?!?! What they said when they were on-stage. Haha I was seriously LOLing hard.

    PSH: MCW, it’s been a while since I last saw you. You have become nicer.

    MCW: *giggles* Nicer? How so?

    PSH: Recently, are you feeling happy/blessed that you are filming with (stutters) SJK?

    MCW: I was feeling love (from the audience), but the drama has already ended.

    *AWKWARD SILENCE* (hehe)

    PSH: In our project last year (the Princess Man) we were in a loving/passionate relationship, right? *sneaky smile*

    MCW: Ahh..are you being playful and asking me if I prefer oppa or Joongki oppa? (I think he is XD)

    I like both of are both NICE GUYs.

    PSH: Ahhh..yeh. Nice Guy. (Darn it. She picked Joongki. Hehe)

    HAHA..this is like the funniest interaction at a drama awards stage ever. I love the GLARING mention of Joongki out of nowhere, and Shi Hoo’s OBVIOUS jealousy and how he reminds her that they were lovers lol. And how Chaewon said she received LOVE during the filming of Nice Guy. We all know she wasn’t only talking about the viewers, right?! I just Chaewon threw in a “you are now romancing my best friend” after PSH teased her about SJK. Anyways these two have such a cute oppa-dongsang relationship. They were even joking around from the seats. Just adorable.

  2. …sigh. The dress is not the best dress around, but it worked for her. Seeing her walk down that red carpet poised and practically oozing with confidence added something more to that dress…I totally get why she was nicknamed ‘queen’ by netizens though, I feel like if she waves her hand in that queeny manner she was all set to be in a royal family…she was super awesome in the red carpet.With all the cameras flashing, she was so calm and collected and smiling radiantly…

  3. The problem with PSH isn’t just that he looks so so so good in velvet, or that he has a megawatt smile, or that his voice should be registered as a lethal weapon, or that his expressive eyes consume his co-star when he gazes at her, or that his skin is *perfect,* or that I know how ripped he is beneath,
    * deep breath *
    it is that he is so devastingly charming and polite and attentive that any girl would do anything* to be the center of his attention.

    *Go to the dark side, for example.

  4. You know what? I was flipping channel last night and somehow it’s on and cantonese dubbed and it’s THAT scene, oh, 10 mins till the end in the ultimate episode of TPM. I can’t even avert my ears to be unspoiled. And I WAS PLANNING TO PICK UP WHERE I LEFT OFF AT EP2. It’s quite…ominous of my relationship with ‘Batman’.

  5. I’m so excited that they reunited.. It’s frustrating that K-dramaland doesn’t really like to repeat couples, unlike C-drama’s, where OTP’s collaborate again and again once they get popular.. pretty much until you wanna puke. Damn.. I want to see a second collaboration between PSH and MCW since they had awesome chemistry in TPM. And ofcourse, they are so pretty to look at, individually or together.

    PSH seems to enjoy working with the Moonies. But I like him with this Moonie more (TPM FTW), but he seems to be “liking” the other Moonie more as this Moonie is more of his dongsaeng, well.. according to him, since they have known each other for a very long time…

  6. Awwwwwwwwwww I will DIE omgomg if Chaewon makes a cameo. That’s a dream come true. It would be weird though, given the complicated love triangle thing the 3 have. I adore the friendship between MGY and MCW. They are soo adorable. It’s rare to see this kind of friendship in the Kdrama world. Moon Chae Won in an interview said,

    “I am so thankful to those two people (Moon Geun Young, Han Hyo Joo). It is to the point that while working, I think ‘I have such good fortune to have kind friends.’ Although (Moon) Geun Young is a senior in acting, she monitors me well. “[I] want to thank them both sincerely that in my work I can have such good relations. MGY, for me, is an acting sunbae who can be a great assessor [of my acting], and a very close friend and I am truly thankful to her. I’m so appreciative.”

    “When Moon Geun Young, Son Ye Jin unni or Han Hyo Joo sends me text messages, I don’t delete them. They say such affectionate words that when I look at them during difficult times, they give me strength. A lot of their words are like medicine to me. I live thinking I have a lot of good fortune to have kind friends.”

  7. I’ve never seen anything to indicate that MCW and SJK were romantically interested in each other – she may very well be in love but I doubt SJK’s the man. She reminds me of girls who like to go out with much older guys.

    • Actually, SJK has a more manly side that he doesn’t really get to show to the public (because they have given him a “flower boy” image) and a lot of his co-stars have commented on before. He is known to be extremely mature and honest, as both MCW and PSY have said in their interviews. In regards to MCW, she is more childish and playful than people expect. She has a total 4D personality as evidenced by all the playful BTS pictures she took during Nice Guy. These two are perfect together. Yes, we haven’t gotten anything official to confirm that these two are going out but things have been really suspicious post-NG. Not to mention the flirty BTS pictures, BTS videos, and of course the suspicious fan accounts, especially the one with them entering her “white van” together. We can also count on them to not confirm it as both of them have said before that they will not reveal their private life to their fans. I hope the KBS drama awards gives us a lot of juicy moments, especially when they win Best Couple which both have said they wish to win.

  8. So cute. Next CA episode come out now. Distract me from this silly take-home exam. Is it true that Moon Chae Won is dating SJK? Or even rumored?? Eeeek so jealous…ya know as if I had a chance with him haha. Or PSH for that matter.

  9. I love them with their OTPs this year, but they look really nice together. I need to watch Princess’s Man! (And this has me squirming for a Song Joong Ki & Moon Geun Young collaboration.)

  10. I remember watching their BTS of Princess man and I could totally see he had a crush on her hahahaha he keep saying how beautiful she was and all good things about her LOL, but sadly I just saw her giving friends/good oppa vibes for him sigh.

    and while some said the video about them on blue dragon is cute/funny, I disagree they were so stiff that made me cringe… it felt so scripted… I think they aren’t that close anymore.

    • I actually had the opposite feeling with the BTS. I thought she had some “good feelings” for him or a little girl crush on him (..but CW is a very bubbly girl in general anyway) through the way she looks at him, praising him, thanking him for taking good care of her and the way she carefully listens to him when he is talking, and in one of the BTS, she even imitates him by copying his gestures LOL. But from him to her, I only got the “dongsaeng-oppa” feeling, and since she said that Oppa still treats her as a baby..

      But it doesn’t matter. I’m not wishing for a collaboration because I ship them in real life (or maybe I secretly do, who knows haha).. no, I just want another collaboration because they DO have wonderful onscreen chemistry, and that matters to me as a viewer. So yea.. would be funny if she can do a cameo in CDDA. The two Moonies fighting over PSH, or can we have MGY and PSH fighting over their ex MCW LOL

      I think it felt scripted because it is probably scripted LOL. But that is how most of awards ceremonies run. The speeches are mostly rehearsed backstage. And maybe they haven’t seen each other for a long time.. so therefore it felt a little bit stiff lol.

  11. PSH is really not attractive in pictures….I was wondering why so many viewers love him. And then I watched him in CDDA and wow, was I hit hard. He’s so charismatic and charming that one cannot help but fall in love with him.

    I also agree with the person that post above me, though they do look great together they do seem stiff with each other (like they’re following the script). In addition, I saw various BTS in the dramas he participated in..he compliments all his co-actress as beautiful but he seems to be happier when working with MGY (not sure if this is my own imagination…lol.)

  12. Though I am a Chaeki shipper, PSH totally had a crush on MCW during Princess Man. A lot of it was probably leftover feelings of being too into his character, but seriously the guy didn’t hide it much. Not only did he gush about her beauty every second he had a chance, but the more telling thing was when he got back from his shooting in Bali post-Princess Man, he not only said he couldn’t forget “Se-ryung” and thought about her a lot during his rip in Bali, but he then decided to pull out the picture he had saved as his background and openly admitted that he stared at it a lot during his trip.See here
    LOL PSH just cracks me up. I wish Joonki was this open.

    • The photo was taken with his camera, and he actually transferred it to he his phone, so he could take it out and look at it whenever he misses “Seryoung”.

      Eh.. dude.. XD LOL

  13. i haven’t seen their drama, but i hope to watch it someday. psh seems really good-humored, always laughing in bts videos of his dramas. i hope mcw cameos in cdda!

  14. Hi koala, it is Off topic but did you read it?

    that baby Yoo Seung Ho has decided to enlist in the military in 2013 and IMY is his last drama before it???

    Omg, noooo :((((

    But I think it is a good move. It is better than delaying it until you can’t anymore making some korean fans angry and disappointed..

    and he’ll come back as a man…

  15. I ADORES the 2 Moons friendship!

    This is what MGY said about MCW during her birthday party + FM in 2009 where MGY made a guest appearance

    “CW unnie’s eyes are really beautiful.  I really love looking at people’s eyes.  I didn’t realize it in the beginning, but during filming, when we have scenes together and our eyes would meet, I really think that unnie’s eyes are beautiful.  From those eyes, I ccan see sincerity, honesty, so I hope that unnie won’t ever lose that.  That she can become an actress that can use that sincerity in her craft.  And personally, CW unnie’s style is like all “hahahaha” and will come and hug you style.  She will always cheer me on, and give me power, so I want to give her lots of support and power too. I’m really thankful to her, and really want to become her power too.  I want to work toward being that kind of friend for her.”

  16. I definetly choose chaeki couple,I really hope they become off screen couple and win fur the best couple or kiss, hope mega project fur them in the future

  17. It’s not that I like his blue sparkly Jean Tierry Ssha suit, but somehow he pulls it off. I love this couple! But MCW and SJK look closer to me off screen.. On screen, I love both.

  18. I am Chaeki shipper too! Especially after watching NG BTS, wrap-up party & MCW’s interview during the pre-dragon film award where the 2011 winners gather together, MCW is so shy & cute when the reporter ask about the charm of SJK…

    Ms koala, I was very happy when I saw the
    videos from baidu that PSH & MCW presented the award together and was wondering how
    come u didn’t write any post on it. I love to read your comments.

  19. Oh God, I watched the scene where she protected him from that arrow like 10000 times, because he had been so angry at her, but then he was really shocked. I really shipped that couple, they really sold them. Though I never saw any BTS or anything, so I don’t know about them in real life.
    Not sure about MCW and SJK either, but who knows, anything’s possible!

  20. TPM is such a great drama and yes, i hope PSH and MCW would end up as real-life couple someday. they really look good together *sigh*

  21. I love Chae Won and Si Hoo, I don’t know if they’ll even get back together on screen but I hope they end up together in real life. It’s just sad that he didn’t post a picture of them on Twitter, but anyway he said he wants to keep his love life as private as he can.

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  23. I really like the love team of this two korean artists ( park shi hoo and moon chae won)
    They’re really nice on acting…. They really prove it in The Princess Man. ….
    But it is nice if they have really especial relationship in real life. … not just a friend …. Hoping ….
    I want to watch them in another korean drama…
    Hope there both agency will support them ™…

  24. I really like the love team of this two korean artists ( park shi hoo and moon chae won)
    They’re really nice on acting…. They really prove it in The Princess Man. ….
    But it is nice if they have really especial relationship in real life. … not just a friend …. Hoping ….
    I want to watch them in another korean drama…
    Hope there both agency will support them …

  25. woow!bagay talaga sila,i really like there loveteam..n so kilig talaga n lovesince nlang dalawa..i saw there video paulit ulit n i download there photos…n its nice if really they have a especial reletionship in real life….i hope i want to watch Mon chae won and Park shi hoo again and another korean drama……
    hope there both agency will support them……..will waiting there another korean drama on GMA7.

  26. I really like there Love Team…
    hope 2 watch (Mon chae won and Park shi hoo)again in another korean drama again….will miss there love since..

  27. MCw & psh are well matching pair. I wish them to live together in their personal life too. I want to see them again with another korean drama.
    And I definitely say mcw & sjk or psh & mgy are never matching pair. They never can’t to gather. I also hate that.

  28. 2020: This is what happened for the next 8 years
    -> Moon Chae Won reunited with Brillaint Legacy costar LSG in film
    -> Song Joong Ki didn’t get to act with Moon Geun Young but he acted with MGY’s adult version actress from Autumn in my Heart, got married to and divorced from her
    -> Park Shi Hoo had a scandal in around 2013 but recovered
    -> MCW acted in 2 dramas with Lee Jun Ki, a costar of both PSH and her friend Han Hyo Joo in Iljimae

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