K Named as Additional Suspect in the Park Shi Hoo Rape Investigation

It’s rather difficult not to have an opinion on the Park Shi Hoo rape allegation case by now. One can refrain from making a judgment on the available facts and speculation, but is hard not to have a preliminary opinion of what might have happened. In alleged rape cases, even when all the facts are sifted through and sometimes when a verdict is rendered in a court of law, there remains murky shades of gray and empirical evidence hard to come by when much could hinge on perception and reaction in that moment. Park Shi Hoo released a second statement through his new manager (his brother) stating his intention to cooperate fully with the investigation and asking once again for the public to refrain from rendering any judgments at this time. The latest developments continue to indicate a possible non-consensual sexual encounter did occur. On the night of February 14th was when Park Shi Hoo, A, and K went drinking. Contrary to earlier reports that she waited to report it, she went to the rape counseling center the next evening around 8 pm on February 15th to seek help, and afterwards reported the rape later that night to police.

Now there are reports that A specifically told police that she believes she was drugged because there was no way she could have passed out drinking so little. As with all routine rape investigations, the police took samples of her fluids and hair to test for drugs which takes about 2 weeks to process. The owner of the bar told the media that the three drank only 2 bottles of soju, and A also confirmed that they drank only 2 bottles of soju and there was no way she could have gotten drunk and passed out on that alone. The CCTV footage showing her leaving the bar walking out just fine confirms her story that she was not drunk on the 2 bottles of soju shared between 3 people and left the bar fine. Apparently 10 minutes later she was seen being piggybacked out of the car by K and carried into the elevator of Park Shi Hoo’s apartment building. Police have now released that K is also a suspect in the alleged rape, not merely a suspect as an accessory to the alleged crime. Apparently A said in her initial police report that both men raped her.

Before these new developments came to light (about the possible drugging and K’s further involvement), Park Shi Hoo’s manager had made a statement indicating they were considering suing A for libel in alleging she was raped by Park Shi Hoo and they hope this misunderstanding and false accusations could be resolved swiftly. Er, not sure if that’s going to happen anytime soon. K is a 24 year old actor and since he is considered a suspect, and not just a material witness, chances are his name will be made public soon. Both Park Shi Hoo and K will go in for questioning on February 24th. As for Park Shi Hoo’s attorney requesting time before questioning, that’s totally normal and routine and in and of itself not an indication of guilt. I would advise my client to debrief with me before going in for police questioning. Even if my client wasn’t guilty who knows if under questioning the person will freak out. A good lawyer always prepares the client to handle an interrogation beforehand.

The police likely have probable cause to obtain a search warrant based on A’s statement alone, so there is no chance delaying the interview is a ruse to destroy evidence, which is a crime as well. Furthermore, Park Shi Hoo already admitted to having sex with her, evidence collected from the scene cannot prove whether it was consensual or not. A did not say she fought back, she said she was passed out, so there would be nothing of evidentiary value to collect from the scene. Since all evidence (from A, K, and the bar owner) state that three people drank 2 bottles of soju, toxicology samples taken from her will likely be the hard evidence one way or another as to whether she was drugged to the point of passing out within a short period of time. This case continues to distress me to read about – if true then Park Shi Hoo and K are pigs who deserve the brunt of the big bat of the law, if false then A is a crazy delusional bitch out to bring down a popular actor and/or gain notoriety for herself. Which one sounds more plausible? I’ll leave it up for folks to sift through.


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  1. All I can say is Holy Moly. The toxicology report should be coming out next week or so – it will probably be damning on either side if it test positive. The way the woman A has reacted to this situation makes one believe that something has occurred. But possibilities that maybe she took something herself for recreational use can’t be completely off the table either. Oh what to think my heads a mess.

    • It takes 2 to tango.

      Even supposing she drugged herself, intentionally or unintentionally, a decent man would have allowed her to first regain consciousness before initiating anything, NOT taken advantage of her prone body to have sex.

      • Of course, what I meant was how could the toxicology report prove that she was drugged in order to be raped. All it proves is that she was under the influence. How about the other parties associated to this case?

        Regardless, that it’s sketchy. It’s effing sketchy. One must play devils advocate with oneself in order to keep fairness but I’m running out of what ifs. This dude is two steps from being lynched.

      • @ Michelle

        Does it matter whether the person who drugged her drink was intending to rape her or not? If the toxicology report turns out positive, then the relevant facts are that 1) she was drugged, and 2) a person or persons had sex with her while she was drugged – which means she was raped.

        Even supposing in the most ludicrous situation that A drugged herself in order to create an opportunity to be raped, the end result is that PSH took advantage of the situation and raped her. If he hadn’t touched her – which, if he were a decent person, is what he should have done – then there wouldn’t be this problem.

      • I’m agreeing with you 100% doll, my statement is that even if she was intoxicated it doesn’t mean that they have her the drugs. All it proves is that she was under the influence. However we are unaware if the other parties were also intoxicated. I’m in no way undermining the situation. Proof in putting when I stated he’s two steps from being lynched. Nonetheless, evidence and fact. The rape kit pulled two different semen samples as per Koala statement below, the toxicology report is not out however if it test positive- we can safely assume she was under the influence, she was piggy backed into the unit (however it is not stated whether she was lucid and conscious through that specific event). There are two many open ended questions to give an exact verdict of guilt. However I feel that A does not have any gain but loss bringing this incident to light thus I feel she is telling the truth – but I don’t want to make pre-emptive judgments without the smoking gun. That the whole situation is sketchy- It’s Sketchy.

      • Is the presence of two semen throug the rape kit confirmed? Or is it just a speculation? I mean PSH and K havent been summoned for a test to confirm their semen on A.

  2. As soon as I read that she was piggy backed by the junior actor into the senior actor’s apartment……I started getting the creeps.

  3. It’s so hard!!! I don’t know who is lying!! They’re hiding so many things I don’t know what to think!!! Why until now they revealed that she not only acussed Shi Hoo for raping??? What was all about that subject “B” texted her the day after, asking how was she and she seemed normal? And could someone explain me why Shi Hoo name was reveled but Subject “B” wasn’t?

    • Here’s my take:

      A said when she woke up she was naked in bed with Park Shi Hoo. Apparently K had already left. When she reported the alleged rape to the police, she said likely both men raped her. The police probably didn’t name K as a suspect right off the bat since A was not able to positively place him in bed with her. But the police did a rape kit on her that night. Unlike toxicology tests which take 1-2 weeks for ingested substances, a rape kit can be quickly run to test for semen, and the presence of more than one man’s semen.

      Which means that the police didn’t announce K was also a suspect until there was likely some evidence tying him to sleeping with A, such as his semen was also found on her.

      Of course – all of this could still point to the three of them having a very happy threesome of consensual sex. Semen present does not equal rape, it just says sex occurred. K being named now as a suspect isn’t weird if the police was waiting for some evidence he also had sex with A before charging him.

      • Omo, this is terrible for PSH.
        Not only did have sex with an unconscious girl that he just met, he did it without protection to boot.
        No wonder he admitted having sex with her…his semen can be found in her.

        Either he was under the influence himself …or dude is just plain stupid!
        I never really saw anything charismatic about PSH anyway…I always found his eyes bizarre…and not in a good…sort of sleazy.

      • thanks for that… you stated it so clearly.

        i don’t want to make conclusions yet. sometimes, there are rape cases that even the victims are being blamed. other times, when a popular figure is involved it is also being taken advantaged.

      • Raping leaves wonds doesn’t it? And do you know like how long does it takes to heal??? Because it’s important in the exames that they do to found wounds in the vagina, no???

      • agree with @mel, we know that women reproduction are sensitive so if it is rape the police must be found the scar or wound from the visum, isn’t it?

      • Violent rape leaves wounds. If the person is not fighting back nor “dry as a Sahara” from the fear, it’s not likely there are going to be any serious wounds. In fact, a woman might not even know she has been raped if, say, she’d woke up fully clothed without any men present and there would not be any semen in her. Condoms especially already have a bit of a lubrication on them.

        And even in consensual sex there might be some small tearing of mucous membrane so locating such tiny wounds wouldn’t prove that rape occurred.

      • Hmm.. Please allow me to express my thoughts :
        1. Why would PSH let A find herself being naked with him in the bed if he really raped her. He could just dress her back nicely.
        2. Or may be PSH purposely did it to make A believe they had “it” willingly.
        3. Or could it be that PSH were being placed together with A when he’s unconsious? It’s doubt thou coz PSH admit he had sex with A.
        4. Or perhaps, A was unhappy bcoz PSH treated “it” as one night stand?…
        5. Or may be, PSH’s former agency/manager tried to frame him coz they were unhappy that he left them once he’s on the top.
        Errr..Many thoughts / scenarios passing my head. I’ve watched too many dramas I guess hee.. But still, thought #1 is the big “?” to me.
        FYI: I was just being neutral, neither I side PSH nor A.
        I’m just saying, anyway…
        Warm regards

  4. what more evidence is needed…i didn’t believe it at first but evidence is pouring out every now and then how can you not side with the victim….just list it out for you…. though it’s lengthy so just summarize it for the last time gather tidbits from koala and other sources … 1.The police reported that from the CCTV of Park Si Hoo’s condo that they reviewed, Park Si Hoo’s junior friend was carrying the knocked out girl and PSH was walking in going into elevator to go to his condo.

    Park Si Hoo’s agency probably release the street cart CCTV news…but not sure if it’s that effective,cause it’s before they went to PSH’s house…but if what the police article say is true…then cctv from streetcart drinking place showed the girl walking, so that article released to say she was not drunk but…the new article that just came out right now according to the police the CCTV in Park Si Hoo’s condo captured them going into elevator and the girl was on one of the guy’s back being carried in..so this one is not good for Par Si Hoo.cr:blt

    Park Si Hoo’s junior friend carried in the girl with PSH walking in with him. It makes everything worse cause that junior friend said she was perfectly fine and felt sorry toward PSH for getting caught up on this kinda scandal…but now police say that junior friend carried in the unconscientious girl with PSH onto elevator 2.The facts so far are: (1) Park Shi Hoo and A drank that night at a bar, along with K, (2) Park Shi Hoo and A slept together afterwards, (3) A was not unconscious at the bar and walked out by herself unaided, and (4) A was unconscious entering Park Shi Hoo’s apartment building when she was piggybacked into the elevator by K. Everything else is speculation, people. Park Shi Hoo fans need to stop victim blaming and questioning A’s motives at the get go. Just because Park Shi Hoo is a good actor or good looking does not mean he can sleep with anyone he wants or every woman out there would agree to sleep with him. Rape is still a stigma for women everywhere and to even suggest that someone who was training to enter the entertainment world would allege rape to get famous is far-fetched. Not outside the realm of possibility, but definitely at the outskirts of probability. Not sure how a rape victim could get famous other than be infamous as the person who may have been raped by Park Shi Hoo. And rape victim advocates need to calm the heck down, just because there is a reluctance to rush to castigate Park Shi Hoo when there are not yet enough facts out there isn’t buying in the male dominated rape apologist culture. However, I will say that if indeed A was unconscious when she entered Park Shi Hoo’s apartment, there is a low probability that she sobered up enough inside to legally consent to sex. 3.Police say, “We tried to set up an appointment to have Park Shi Hoo come in but he did not respond so we sent him a notice to request for his attendance,” and “If one fails to attend on 3 counts, a warrant can be issued for arrest but since Park Shi Hoo is pleading not guilty, we think he will be coming in.” Now, why he need to delayed the meeting with the police?

    I suppose, for someone innocent, one would want to clear out one’s name as soon as possible from the accusation if it is not true? 4. there is news that confirmed that both Park Shi Hoo and accomplice met with the accuser(victim trainee A) after the scandal broke out. the accomplice , who introduced Park Shi Hoo and Trainee A, claims to have joined in order to “clear up the misunderstanding and to provide an objective point-of-view of the event that occurred that night.” A representative told Sports Korea that Park Shi Hoo wanted to understand the reason behind her accusations. They said, “Park Shi Hoo wanted to know what the reason was for A’s accusation, and wanted to clear up the situation before his questioning. He wants to figure out how he will handle the situation and provide a much clearer stance for the police during the investigation.”

    The representative also said that although reaching a mutual agreement would be the best case, Park Shi Hoo’s image has been damaged severely, and they may counter-sue Trainee A for libel and possibly ruining his career as an actor ……..By the way why PSH wanted to meet the victim after the case was reported if not for mutual settlement….I think i was right when i said he may take a hiatus for now but may get away with this in the long run becoz we all know money,influence and power work wonders in entertaiment industry ……… now i guess his recovery can be also sooner than expected if they reached with outside settlement….at the end of the day may also give or force to give nod to settlement due external pressure from powerful quarters…..the sad reality….. 5. to add to this now the accompolice is also facing lawsuit for sexual assault so they basically took turns right….really this industry sunabaes can be so scary….this show you can never judge a person away right way from his outer appreance …..it’s really disgusting and people who sweared on the victim need to seriously reflect…really didn’t believe this at first but as more evidence pour out it’s getting dirtier and murkier….. when there is so much evidence we and even the fan girls can’t be delusional as so much water has flown inside the bridge for it to be untrue….got to accept and support the victim………i can take back the accusation that he took time for summons for the reason given by koala but other than there is nothing that indicate PSH innocence if not guilty………

      • Apparently, they lied at first place and confirmed two days ago they did meet. see below…

        “Furthermore, it was confirmed that both Park Shi Hoo and Person B met with the accuser after the scandal broke out. Person B, who introduced Park Shi Hoo and Trainee A, claims to have joined in order to “clear up the misunderstanding and to provide an objective point-of-view of the event that occurred that night.” A representative told Sports Korea that Park Shi Hoo wanted to understand the reason behind her accusations. They said, “Park Shi Hoo wanted to know what the reason was for A’s accusation, and wanted to clear up the situation before his questioning. He wants to figure out how he will handle the situation and provide a much clearer stance for the police during the investigation.”

      • @Lynne: the rumour about the meeting came first and then they said PSH hadn’t met A as the media reported.

        There’re still nothing offical comes from the reliable source.

      • Well, I don’t read Korean so I can’t check on Sports Korea to confirm it.

        I did read that PSH denied the reports about he met the accuser with his LAWYER. and that is a different issue.

  5. I hope this case makes it all the way to court. If the victim settles now, she will be smeared and attacked by his fans. How rich is he? Why don’t they reveal who K is?

    • namhuong i am providing the reliable source which confirms PSH and victim met after the incident http://blog.dramafever.com/2013/02/update-park-shi-hoo-and-accuser-meets-with-celebrity-b-after-the-accusations/ …news that confirmed that both Park Shi Hoo and accomplice met with the accuser(victim trainee A) after the scandal broke out. the accomplice , who introduced Park Shi Hoo and Trainee A, claims to have joined in order to “clear up the misunderstanding and to provide an objective point-of-view of the event that occurred that night.” A representative told Sports Korea that Park Shi Hoo wanted to understand the reason behind her accusations. They said, “Park Shi Hoo wanted to know what the reason was for A’s accusation, and wanted to clear up the situation before his questioning. He wants to figure out how he will handle the situation and provide a much clearer stance for the police during the investigation.”

      The representative also said that although reaching a mutual agreement would be the best case, Park Shi Hoo’s image has been damaged severely, and they may counter-sue Trainee A for libel and possibly ruining his career as an actor ……..By the way why PSH wanted to meet the victim after the case was reported if not for mutual settlement….I think i was right when i said he may take a hiatus for now but may get away with this in the long run becoz we all know money,influence and power work wonders in entertaiment industry ……… now i guess his recovery can be also sooner than expected if they reached with outside settlement….at the end of the day may also give or force to give nod to settlement due external pressure from powerful quarters…..the sad reality….. when there is so much evidence we and even the fan girls can’t be delusional as so much water has flown inside the bridge for it to be untrue….got to accept and support the victim………now the latest we hear is that Park Shi Hoo partners up with the nation’s leading law firm…he is trying all means to get out of the mess…..this is the beginning until more power and money will come into the picture….like i said Park Shi Hoo can have a sexual assault controversy under his name but all he needs to do to spread some cash around and exercise his power and influence get banned for a few months before we see him out on TV or big screen again…..may be his friendship with lee byung hyun can help…..he is prime example of a star who has time and again excercised his influence ,money power and his agency status to come out of the grave messes he commited and bury them all under the carpet…..seriously i have no respect for such actors.. i hope for a change and things handled in a stricter manner setting a good preccedent so that in future mess like this doesn’t occur though i very much doubt it to go this way…..

      • How can you call this a reliable source? 😀

        PSH and his representative just gave 2 offical statements, first is right after the incident and second is the statement in the late evening of 22nd February (yesterday).

        I read somewhere that the first statement even claimed to be faked.

        It’s not that all the NEWS in the media is true, there is coflict among this mess. So, if it were not the offical conclusion from the police, it could not be reliable :D.

        Even if it the offical conclusion from the police, it’s still not the whole truth itself.

        We, human, believe in what we want to believe in. There is no truth in this world except the truth that we create. Even the thing that we see with our eyes is not what it is, so why did you condemn him while you don’t witness all the facts?

        He may be the criminal but he may be the victim too 😀

        Hehe, I just think that I should tell you my thought. It’s not something hard :).

        My English is bad, forgive my mistakes in the comment ^^

  6. Dear Miss Koala,
    I might not be huge fan of PSH, but all these thing happening really creep me out …. I don’t know why I am so scared … It’s been 3 days I cannot even watch Korean drama … I don’t know what to think … What to believe.. whom to trust. PSH just became nobody to somebody from very very hard work … He was really good man … I am just curious what happened to him to become thislow

    • Ok, I will give you some more evidence for why I think him as this way.

      Like many people, I thought he was an humble, caring gentleman, shy from the public eye. But this impression got changed a few months ago from his interaction with the media:

      Half way through the shooting of Alice in Cheongdamdong, he talked to the media saying although some people may not like the show but everyone praised him for his acting skills, then continued bragging about how funny he played his role. I am not saying what he said was not true, but it was not for him to say, and the timing was horrible.
      Then, the jewelry he wore in the show, how expensive they are, and all from his brother’s business.
      Then, how big a land proprietor his family is. etc. etc.
      I remember there was a report about his glorious career with the title – “I am on fire”, said PSH. This could be seen as arrogant by Korean standard.
      There were also reports about he requesting an IMac instead of the xmas gifts his Chinese fans prepared for him. And he got the IMac at the end.
      There have been also reports on his mother, who followed him around, quarrelled in several occasions with the crew members during shooting AC, and that was why he needed to by his crew members the presents to ease the situation. By the way, he is truly a momma’s boy.

      I understand he needed to undertake PR initiatives for the new venture that he and his brother planned to run independently of the agency he had been with. But, I found those PR efforts were unsophisticated, not well organized, quite superficial or naive, reflecting on his poor judgment. PSH was no longer careful, somewhat lost his mind, and his ego somehow exploded.

      I watched a three-episodes TV interview about him and his life a while ago. All came out from it was that he is a cat lover, he is diligent in his physical training, he works hard, and he is close to his family. It was totally lack of intellectual or artistic interests. It did not show any depth. His public image is the entire asset he has as an actor, toning the skin and muscle won’t cut it. Personally, I prefer a wise man over a good-looking dude. Therefore, I am not fond of him at all off screen.

      • yeah i agree with your comment….i liked him when i watched Princess Man and also seen some of his videos on you tube. i was somewhat disappointed on some of his interviews on the promotion of his C.. Alice drama because he was really very talkative….seems arrogant. maybe he was overcome by his success. even giving calendars to his place of birth was a press release. maybe success has gone into his head too soon and he was not ready to deal with it 🙁 i hope this will serve as a lesson for him to be humble and will come out innocent from this charges.

    • Dear ILUKD,

      Use yr brain, how did you make the conclusion that he was a really good man? From watching all the make believe dramas? Or did you know him since he was young? Honestly ….

      • Dear Faradie,
        Just tell me how can I use my brain in this situation…. U and I both don’t know personally to any of our korean artist whom we admire …. May be you know (since they are young) but I don’t know any of them ….being k Drama addict I only know all of them by their drama, song, variety show and interview …. I was not saying PSH was pure man but before all this happen he was good … No scandal .. No affair … His drama was really good … So I really don’t know him….. Sorry …. Now I and we all know what a man he is ….

    • To trasuachieumua …it’s already confirmed and admitted by his agency so no question of doubt over it when there is so much evidence on the plate we and even the fans can’t be delusional as so much water has flown inside the bridge for it to be untrue.. …i mean what more evidence you need that he is not innocent ….got to accept and support the victim though i didn’t believe it at first came out but was neutral to both but not now i can’t help but side with the victim ……… i hope for a change justice is rightfully served if he is guilty which looks certain…

  7. No matter how it plays out, this is serious business.
    Sounds like A had some good advice on getting to the police as soon as humanly possible. Evidence that sex occurred and that her blood shows she was drugged- needed to be collected ASAP.

    Now, whether, she consented or not, we won’t ever know unless there is a recording, or if someone confesses.

    But if there isn’t and both sides keep claiming innocence, there will be a long bloody battle where nobody comes out unscathed.
    God bless them all.

    • Well, if it turns out she was drugged then it would be impossible for her to consent. So hopefully that evidence will be conclusive, otherwise you’re right, we’ll probably have a long drawn-out battle unless someone confesses.

  8. omg I feel sick……but agree with Koala…if he and his associate are guilty then they need to be handled by the firm hand of the law……if not… I don’t think it matters…..his image and career are smeared, hard thing to get over.

    I just don’t understand why this was done so publicly…I mean the evidence has been virtually gift wrapped for the Police…its all so obvious…..too obvious.

    I am not sure I want to know the outcome….but its like a car accident….you want to turn away, but you can’t.

    I am just sadden by the whole thing.

    • You and me both, momo.

      I will never bash the alleged victim, and I’ve been trying to keep an open mind and not rush to judgement about PSH. But…..as more evidence comes out, it’s getting harder to give him the benefit of the doubt.

      Like most people are saying, this whole case makes me sad. :-((

  9. Man the details of this whole mess are just getting more and more disgusting. I feel really sorry for the girl that it’s all being made so public.

    I wonder how she knew both men raped her though? I thought it said she was passed out while carried in and then woke up only with Park Shi Hoo?

    • “A” had a hunch that both men raped her I guess it’s just a “feeling” she had. Since the last person she saw was both of them. And the police found that her body has more than one semen in her which means Park Shi Hoo is not the only guy that slept with her.

    • A woman would feel if she has been used sexually, even if she was unconscious while the deed was done. A soreness in the vaginal area remains after intercourse, even if the woman is sexually active. If she was a virgin,then the soreness would be even greater, and there would be blood.

  10. There is a rape drug that can t be traced .If they gave her that one then i don t know.i hope they didn t so she can get justice,
    They both slept with her.How sad.

  11. I reallt think that K is the main culprit behind all this . I think K had been interested in A for while and maybe he wanted to “taste” her , therefore when he got the chance to hang out with PSH , he invited A knowing that A won’t refuse since PSH is also in the attendance .then I think K might have spite A’s drink . the drug perhaps take actions after sometimes of her drinking it. so she was still conscious when they were leaving the pub. however she passed out in the car. and I think K might have suggested that they should bring A to PSH’s apartment since they don’t know A’s house. I seriously think that PSH and K had drinks together at PSH’s house and maybe K even spite PSH’s drinks that made him did something out of his awareness . this is not impossible to happen. since K doesn’t want involve alone , he dragged PSH into this matter too. since we know that PSH has very low tolerance of alcohol and perhaps with influence of the drug , he did “it” . and K actually did “it” too . then the next morning since PSH woke up with A is in his bed , he actually thought that they did “it” without knowing that K is involved too . of course PSH had to say that they had the sex willingly coz he didn’t even really realize what had happened . he only knows that he woke up in bed with A . I think K is the main culprit right here. he planned out everything. and do you all know that PSH even left a message for his official japanese fan the club the day on 18th of February , just few hours the first news about this allegation came out ? He sounds happy in that message. so I really think that he regards “it” as one night stand and nothing more. he didn’t even know K was involved in this. that’s my take. it’s such unlucky day for him that he’s involved with K . and why there’s such double standard that K’s name is not exposed ? was it because he’s just a rookie actor so he’s not well known enough to have his name exposed ??

    • His message to his Japanese fans could be drafted earlier. And as for why K’s name was not be revealed sooner, please read ms koala’s comment above. It really makes sense to me.

      • yes ,I’ve read that point . but then now , since he’s already confirmed to be involved . they should reveal his name by now. reveal his name so that not only PSH’s name is tarnished in this case. he’s the one who introduced PSH to A. he’s definitely the main key in this case.

      • I was just expressing my thought and take on what had happened that day . I’m entitled to my own opinion , right ?? I just think that K is the mastermind behind all this. that’s all . yes , I know that he’s a well grown up man. but there are many possibilities that could have happened.

    • Actually, thank you for writing this. This is very plausible to me. PSH has perseverance, humbleness, that quiet appreciation of little things, and keen understanding of life that I just can’t believe he is capable of this hideous crime.

      • Sorry Koala, can you delete the comment above this and this comment? My eyes were playing tricks on me. I should invest in a pair of glasses!

      • Merrily , I know that you message was intended to me . thanks , dearie . me too , I don’t really think that PSH would do something like rape or (gang rape?) knowing that he’s still in the limelight after CDDA had just finished. he was looking forward to go and promote CDDA in Japan too . he’s not stupid enough to do something that would tarnish his name. yes , he may have slept with her. but then I really think something happened that led to this. I still think K is the main key. Merrily ,you don’t have to delete your message. I can see that you replied my message. 🙂 .

    • I’m sorry, but this theory of yours doesn’t really make too much sense. What motives does K even have to drugging PSH as well? Even if K planned to rape A, it makes no sense to include another friend unless said friend was also interested. What benefit does K get from drugging PSH and getting PSH into raping her too? And if he solely wanted to frame PSH, then K is pretty stupid to spike PSH’s drink when he is the ONLY OTHER person, other than the passed out A, at the scene(at PSH’s own house no less!). All PSH would have to do is come out and say that he was drugged by K too. But PSH didn’t do that did he? He started off saying it was “mutural consent”.

      • Sorry, comment got cut off.

        As I was saying, he said it was “mutual consent”, but if he was drugged and unawares of his actions that night, then it wouldn’t be “mutual consent”.

      • hurm …actually I have this thought that maybe K was the one who raped A alone .. but then he might have trapped A and PSH … hurm , perhaps what I’m going to say may sound illogical for you. but I have this instinct that K raped A ,and he spite A’s and PSH’s drinks . so I think there’s possibility that PSH also passed out the night it happened. and K might have set him up , made it looks like he bedded A , of course when PSH and A woke up the next morning , they found themselves in bed together. and PSH might have lied saying that the sex was mutual . coz he himself don’t really know what had happened but then he accepted that they might have done “it” when they were drunk. of course this is just my speculation. and since K doesn’t want to be involved in this case , he left the apartment earlier and made it looks like only PSH that slept with A. to think that K said he texted A the next morning after the incident, he might have really lied to get him out of this mess. once again I have to emphasize , this is just my pure assumption. and one more thing I just want to ask , there’s no medical report which is out that said K’s and PSH’s semen found in A’s vaginal part right ? it was just an assumption too right ? furthermore , I don’t think the semen can still be detected if A actually already cleaned up that area , coz she reported the case long after it had already happened. unless if she went straight to get medical check up at the hospital the morning that she woke up in PSH’s bed.

    • stop defending your oppa from the indefensible by imagining wild scenarios to save him.

      I feel sad that you’re probably a woman. How can you stoop so low to defend someone you’ve never met.

      all of what we actually know as of now is right here.

      at best the only thing you should be giving him is the benefit of the doubt. not try to exonerate him via a figment of your imagination.

      i watched family honour, queen of reversals, Cheongdamdong Alice and prosecutor princess for him and i feel so disgusted and am NEVER going to watch those dramas again.

      I’m not going to call him the “r” word until he’s found guilty/not guilty BUT even the possibility of him doing something like that makes me sick.


      • Why are you calling serina low? Defending her perception of someone, even if it’s a person she only knows through interviews and such, is NOT low. Serena is not even blaming the alleged victim. She was simply telling us a possible scenario as her theory. It seems very plausible to me – this world is full of conspiracies, and if it makes me low, well I don’t want to be high and mighty.

      • Don’t be upset, PurpleMacchiato. I hope you don’t read Korean/Japanese/Chinese/… His fans in Asia are crazy. Not trying to make you more angry but the comment like “Be rapist or even murderer, I love him 100% no matter what!” The star is not a sensible person, his fans are just brain-dead.

      • I was just saying out my opinion of what could have possibly happen . like I said , it’s just purely my speculation .. why should you label I’m such a low person if I was only giving out my opinion ?? I am entitled to my own opinion isn’t it ?? and I didn’t even put the blame on A at all . that was just my speculation and I didn’t even want you to agree with my speculation. I didn’t even say bad words about A right here. as for K , since he’s also one of the accused , so I think I have the right to say out my opinion on him . furthermore he was the one who introduced PSH to A . that’s why I feel that he has the motive. ahaks! this is just ridiculous that I can’t even express my opinion right here. you may call me low if I say bad things about A right here. but just re read my post and you won’t find any bad words that I wrote in my post. 🙂

      • Ad hominem attacks like calling sensible people brain dead won’t make your argument more sound. No need to burn normal people who happen to feel a connection to Park Shi Hoo at the stake. Every fan has that one star. Don’t make us sound like crazy teenager fans. It’s not that because fans take this lightly that they are coming up with theories like the one serina wrote; they also consider rape as an abominable crime, that’s why they really hope PSH did not commit such horrible crime. Obviously, if it’s proven that he did, fans will not defend him any more and recognize that he is that kind of person.

        Before that’s proven though, your attacks to his fans who are not even blaming the alleged victim, who were simply writing innocuous comments about what they think might’ve happen, are simply mean.

        And PLEASE everyone, stop writing “oppa this oppa that.” It makes me so uncomfortable. Most of Park Shi Hoo’s fans are not teenager Kpop fans; many are even older than him. There’s a very clear distinction between most of Kpop fans and Kdrama fans.

      • Merrily, I am certainly not referring brain-dead to all his fans. Not at all. I have friends who are his fans but I won’t call them brain dead because we can still communicate and make sense of the issue. I will be more careful with my phrasing.

      • But as for people saying things such as “Be rapist or even murderer, I love him 100% no matter what!” are pretty insane. Don’t you think?

      • One more thought about his fans. All stars have fans, and they need the fans but only the good ones, I mean who have admiration for their stars instead of obsession. It is only very unfortunate that PSH has overwhelming numbers of obsessive hardcore fans who didn’t really help him before, and who are not doing anything good for him now by saying nonsense which is corrupting the image of the fans’ community.

      • I’m not writing a fanfic right here but then don’t be shocked if what I mentioned really happen coz the scenario that I mentioned above had actually happened at my country. what I mean is , other man was blamed to rape the girl when he’s not the real culprit . and sadly the man was actually punished for something that he hasn’t done. only after several years , they found out the truth. but it’s already too late coz the man had actually gone through the punishment that he didn’t deserve. that’s why I can come up with that speculation. this world is getting nastier and nastier each day ..

    • @Merrily

      Part of the reason why her wild imagination seem plausible to you because you are PSH big fan. You admitted yourself, isn’t? it is hard for fans to accept that what the image of their bias is actually not the real them. Not saying that he indeed rape her. But trying to point finger on other with story that’s completely based on pure imagination to save oppa from the mess, isn’t sit well with others who read the posts.

      • you may say that my speculation is just my wild imagination. but then something like that had happened for real . I’m just laying out what the possibility that could have happened based on the real thing that happened here , in my country. whatever it is , I sure hope the truth will be revealed. and if PSH is indeed proven guilty , I am sure that I won’t side him . but for now , since K is also involved in this case , I really think he’s the main key in this case since he’s the one who knows A from the beginning. he was the one who piggybacked her to the apartment. and let me stress again that I never say any bad words on A nor that I blame her at all . so please don’t make it look like that I’ve made a bad comment.

    • So what you are saying is: K is the mastermind behind all of this. He spiked PSH and A’s drink. Raped the girl and framed PSH. So please kindly explain how PSH’s semen was found in A? Did K plant that in too? o.O

      Seriously..these fans are unbelievable.

      • is there any news out there saying that PSH’s semen found in A’s vagina. I don’t think so. there’s no news saying about it at all . what koalasplayground said in her message above , that’s just her take that maybe K’s and PSH’s semen was found in A’s vagina. no news mentioning about this at all .

      • and if you read all of my posts here . there are 2 possibilities that I said . it’s either K spite PSH’s and A’s drinks and PSH lost his control so he did it without full awareness , then after that K did the same thing. however this is just a speculation. I was just trying to think out of the box and imagining how the scenario take place. I clearly said that it’s just an assumption and please don’t take it seriously. I never say that my assumption is right .

      • Same question for you then, @selina.
        Is there any news stated that K drugged PSH? NO. You’re making your wild speculation out of no where. So, better not ask others about “evidences” when you yourself make such wild speculations.

    • PSH already admitted that he and A had sex and claimed it was consensual. So K being the mastermind is really ludicrous. The question is what was K doing there.

  12. Some fans trashed Miss A questioning how could she drink with men she just met, as if she did a stupid thing.
    I completely disagree that she met up with men she just met. Miss A and K are acquaintances and K is Park Shi Hoo, a well known public figure. She didn’t drink a lot, and didn’t expect to be drunk. I can understand that she totally trusted them and got on Mr. K’s car for a ride (home?). From the reports, I don’t believe Ms. A had done anything inappropriately or put herself in a position to be raped.

    • Agreed! She didn’t get dunk in front of strangers! Well actually she wasn’t drunk at all. But this whole case is very confusing.. Don’t know whose right or wrong.

  13. PSH has issued another statement officially . I’ll just wait to see what will the outcome be since he’s going to face the police tomorrow..

  14. Whatever is true, nothing good can come out of it. I’m guessing that PSH and K are guilty, and furthermore, I’m thinking that it just may not be beyond PSH to have done what he has allegedly done, as much as I may not like it. I liked him as an Actor after Prosecutor Princess, but I don’t actually like his real life personality all that much. This unfortunately nailed to coffin for me.

  15. I really don’t know what to think about this case anymore… I guess we all have to wait for the drug test result…
    But I just have one doubt: is it possible that A would go out to drink alone with two men on St Valentine’s Day, one of which she doesn’t even know, and stay out until late night, if she wasn’t interested in any of them?
    I understand that right now the situation is looking very bad for PSH, but I just think drugging a girl and raping her is such a horrible and illogical thing to do for anyone in their right state of mind, and for an actor at the top of his popularity… i don’t know, is he just really stupid or a monster who concealed his true self very well until now?

    • Even if she was interested it one or both of them, that doesn’t mean she consented to having sex with them. A lot of rapes are by dates or friends.

    • At this point, I still don’t think he is evil, but rather shallow and superficial, who has this overblown sense of entitlement, who is totally lack of mental strength for self-discipline considering he was babysit by his agency and his mother for years and years. He has poor understanding about the society therefore poor judgment. Now he is no longer with the agency, he got totally lost only he didn’t know himself. He probably felt liberated and finally free as he was shielded heavily for years by his ex-agency.

      Yes, you might just say he is stupid.

      • yeah I guess we have the same opinion… Maybe popularity got to his head, plus suddenly being freed from he limitations of an agency… This is just really sad…

      • Yes. But I’m showing you that being a public figure doesn’t mean that one won’t do stupid act and that, someone as smart and clever as Bill Clinton could also do stupid mistake. And I’m sure he’s smarter than PSH. So, it isn’t something that is not possible to happen.

      • The chance for the punishment is quite low even if it is true. Money and power do wonders in K-entertainment. There are many rape cases which didn’t handle properly in there. There were cases which much more scarier than this one and the rapists were only got 5-6 years sentenced and they are no body. So, for someone with power and money.. you can’t expect much.

      • I’m afraid of that too, even though I’m not familiar with korean law, but my hope is that if PSH is proven guilty, since A likely also has an agency behind her, they’ll try their best to claim her rights.

      • The problem is, will A’s agency wants to put much effort in helping? she’s just a trainee and now with all this, it is impossible for her to make her debut as actress. As for rape cases, try to google and you’ll be amazed how most rape cases were handled in there especially when it involved someone with money and power.

      • That, I can’t know, and so do you. All we are making here are just suppositions, which really, need nowhere…

    • “i just think drugging a girl and raping her is such a horrible and illogical thing to do”
      Welcome to the real world. It’s sad. Its possible. Even people who seemingly appear normal turn out not being very normal at all.

      • well thank you for letting me know lol but that wasn’t really my point (: What I meant is that on a rational level, how could he, a public figure, think of doing this without having to face consequences? Maybe he was hoping for the girl’s silence, but still, he couldn’t be sure… again, is he just really stupid other than a lowly beast…
        I think anyway it goes, there is surely a lot that we will never be able to know about this story

      • LOL.. have you heard K-idols raped trainees, CEOs raped their female artists? if according to your logic, why would they do this too? Entertainment industry is dark in general.

      • Ah, wait. Then, Bill Clinton also won’t have sexual scandal with Monica Lewinsky at his office and Gennifer Flowers as he was a United State president at that time and was much more of public figure than PSH 🙂

      • @DT yes I heard of rape cases before in the K-ent and I’m not saying that is not possible nor trying to defend PSH, i was just observing that if everything turns out to be true, other than being a pervert he also is a fool for throwing all the efforts and sacrifices of a brilliant career in just one night.

      • I wouldn’t compare a case of adultery with a case of rape though, since the first doesn’t directly bring to any legal consequences

      • Yes. But I’m showing you the example that being a public figure doesn’t mean that one won’t do stupid act and that, someone as smart and clever as Bill Clinton could also do stupid mistake. I’m sure he is smarter than PSH. So in that sense, it isn’t impossible for them to make mistake.

      • And I agree with you on that, but this is not simply an irrational act, this is an illegal action, maybe the most terrible thing a person could do after murder, in my opinion. So I hope that if it turns out true he faces the right punishment, but for now I don’t want to jump to conclusions so I’m still giving him the benefit of doubt and waiting for further investigations.

      • The chance for punishment is quite low even if it is true. Money and power do wonders in K-entertainment. There are many rape cases which didn’t handle properly in there and there were lots of other rape cases which way much more scarier and brutal than this one and the rapists only got about 5-6 years sentenced and these people are no bodies. So, for someone with money, power and influence, you can’t expect much.

  16. I honestly have no clue. Both scenarios – that he did it or this lady is calculating- are higly plausible. Either way, this is not something that’s going to leave Park Shi Hoo, personally and professionally, for a long time. Honestly, this is why I don’t drink and I’m very cautious about who I date/meet. I feel its completely irresponsible to bring an unconscious women back to your place to begin with. That right there is highly suspect.

  17. Whatever the outcome this case turns out to be, this case will have serious repercussions on both parties, more so for PSH. Though I am not his fan, I have liked him since his drama The Perfect Neighbour. This time I am really disappointed in him becasue of his seriously flawed judgement in taking the girl back to his apartment after the drinking session. As a gentleman, he should have sent Ms A back home. Even if the attraction between them is strong, PSH should have exercise some form of restraint and common sense to avoid such a potentially dangerous situation. Well, too bad for PSH. For making such a stupid mistake, he has to pay the price. Whatever he is guilty or innocent, I seriously hope he will wake up and learn his lesson.

  18. As someone who enjoys PSH’s work, I found this totally shocking!. I guess this is the price you have to pay for being a famous celebrity, anything you do bad or good, guilty or not, it’ll come out on the news first thing in the morning, which is really sad because these allegations could have been handled quietly without getting the news involved.

    I am no lawyer nor know much about the law, but I think rape is hard to proved when alcohol is involved. Who is lying and who is not? Was it one sided or mutual consent? Who knows? The individuals involved are the only people who knows what exactly happened that night, so I’m not going to point fingers to anyone.

    Rape is already a very sensitive issue globally, I can’t imagine what it’ll be like for the conservative Korea.

  19. I really want to know K’s identity.
    He’s a rookie actor.
    He’s 24 years old (maybe Korean age), therefore a 1990er.
    He’s friend with Park Shi Hoo.
    I’m so curious right now.

  20. I think we should remember this basic role. Women/sex,appreciation,Acceptance are the weakness of a man. And money is the weakness of a woman.
    Thats way some people blame the woman if something like this happen. Because that woman cannot take care her self. Of course tha man also have to Refrain him self from his passion. who will get the most disadvantage if something like this happen. Of course the woman, because the woman can pregnant. I think miss “A” is not a good girl, why she must get to drink with the 2 guy on the lately night. She is not respect her self how can people respect her? This case is scary. I don’t want to make the speculation.

    • Get your story straight! It’s common for people in korea to drink. She did drink but not a lot because she knew her limit. She left the bar without getting drunk per CCTV. When she woke up the next morn g she found herself sexually assaulted. She was surprised that she passed out considering she hardly drank. How is this her fault??? If PSH asks you to join him and his friend (who’s also your acquaintance) for a supper, would’ve you said yes?? I bet you would say , just like Ms A. How is Ms A not a good girl? She knows Mr. K! She didnt get drunk and she didnt dress provacative sexy to attract attention. Please stop judging her

    • you are stupid. Not because you’re defending PSH, but because you think so lowly of women, when yourself is one. so many things in your comment here are so ridiculous, it made me think, are you for real?

      “money is the weakness of a woman” < so you basically just insult all women to be blinded by money? gold diggers?

      "that woman cannot take care of her self" < really? really? are we a very fragile species?

      "why she must get to drink with the 2 guy on the lately night. she is not respect her self how can people respect her?" < this is just a low blow. there's nothing wrong with going out and have fun with friends, acquaintance, senior, or even friends of a friend. how can that be a sign of not respecting herself? you think all girl must stay moot at home, to be considered a good one?

      you are stupid..

  21. Ah yes… This “miss A” want to be respect by not to be raped and report this to the police, but she can not respect herself by dating with 2 guys in the midnight especially is if she wore a sexy or tigh dress. Sex is a natural instinct from a man and a man need sex. So be carefully girls with the natural weakness from a man.

    • I’m kind of disturbed by your way of thinking, this being said by someone trying not to side with anyone.
      A girl can dress up and go out and enjoy herself. Why does that mean she doesn’t respect herself?
      And we still don’t know all the facts to speculate that she can’t “take care of herself”. It seems she only had a few drinks before leaving the bar. After that, we don’t know what truly happened. And im kind of disgusted that you mentioned “sexy or tight dress”. So you’re saying it’s a woman’s fault that she’s raped because of the clothes she wore?
      It’s a mans natural instinct to have sexual intercourse but it shouldn’t be a man’s instinct to rape. I think there’s a fine line there.
      I’m going to assume that because you’re not fluent in english that you cant fully explain yourself — but one things for sure.
      No one plans to get raped — so blaming it a woman’s “carelessness” is way off, in my opinion.

    • You are not doing any good for your oppa by doing victim blaming. It makes him looks even worse in public eyes. Hope all PSH fans aware of this. You’re not helping him by making wild assumptions and victim blaming.

    • Men may need sex but it doesn’t mean they should rape a woman. What are you saying that “she can’t respect herself by dating with 2 guys?” She didn’t date 2 guys. How could she not have self respect? arrh..I am so frustrated with your comments because they were so poorly written yet you threw many accusations at the poor girl without a valid argument.

  22. My jaw continues to drop in light of all the developments. I personally think that his reputation is really damaged. For me personally, it will be hard to separate it all. And what a shame too as I thought he was a pretty good actor. If they raped her then I hope they get punished to the fullest extent of the law. But if not, that is one really really messed up situation. Just a really sad and disappointing situation not to mention disturbing.

  23. How could this A girl knew she was raped by both men if she herself not even conscious? This case is getting more complicated. I hope we would know who’s actually teeling the truth and who’s telling the lie in the end.

    • I agree with @liz and would add that she may have awakened out of her stupor a couple of times and either saw or heard both of them when they were raping her and watching….POS the two of them.

  24. This just keeps getting messier…
    Here in the U.S., it wouldn’t be totally out of the realm of possibility that A planned all this (I remember the Justin Bieber-baby scandal)…but S.K. seems like such a conservative nation with deep-rooted traditions that someone wouldn’t think about doing something like this to gain popularity. Seems to me like a situation like this only makes one infamous and image is so important in K-ent. I’m having a hard time forming an opinion because I keep looking at the situation with the skeptical American views but then I remember it in Korea. Plus the girl has the rest of her life to achieve success…it doesn’t make sense that she would do something like this. I really hope this gets cleared up soon and the poor girl gets some closure, regardless of what really happened. I actually watched Iljimae because of PSH after liking him in CA but I wouldn’t consider myself a fan. It’s just sad that this had to happen and it involves someone who many people look up to and respect.

      • Please don’t twist my words around. I wasn’t trying to compare them, I was only using it as an example of someone claiming something that turned out false…plus that scandal also had the possibility of statutory rape.

        I’m simply saying while we’re all just people, cultures are different. I doubt ppl in S.K. would use a sex tape to launch a career in the entertainment industry a la Kim Kardashian.

        So if you’re saying ppl are the same all over, then you think A is making all this up? I don’t buy that and part of my reasoning is the industry and country it occurred in. She would have nothing to gain in a place where a negative publicity is damaging to a career. It’s different from the U.S., where sayings like ‘there is no such thing as bad publicity’ or ‘bad publicity is good publicity’ are actually true in many cases.

  25. This whole situation keeps me thinking. What in the world made a celebrity did this kind of thing?
    The Fact (let’s say he’s not under any drugs’ influence) :
    1) He is 37!!!
    2) He has a lot of experiences in the showbiz..He’s not naive.
    3) He must know there are CCTV everywhere.
    4) He should know both “A” and himself will wake up in the morning, naked without any explanation and “A” can go to the police right away to report him.
    So,”if” he did it anyway, that means :
    1) He has probably done anything before and get away with it so he thought this time will be the same too.
    2) He is so full of himself that he thought the girl will want to do it with him either conscious/unconscious. So he felt like it’s okay to wake up naked and he mentioned it was a mutual consent.
    3) He thought he could settle it with money/power/any deal and the girl would be too afraid to report it.
    This really doesn’t make sense to me. If PSH did it, he is ridiculously super stupid. Lust took control over the brain? Unbelievable.
    I don’t know who to believe. I just hope at the end, the fact will be revealed and the person/s who’re guilty can be sentenced accordingly.

    • From my observation of PSH, he has been always quite naive and shallow. Lately, he became very full of himself. He has very little mental strength for self-discipline as he has been heavily shielded by his agency and has poor judgment because he didn’t have much need to make decisions. For years, his manager had kept his company day and night everywhere he went. The Korean stars are the final products from a giant star-making machine, very developed system. It is pretty much the same like the Chinese athletes. They don’t survive on them own. PSH thought he could and came into this mess only two weeks after being independent.

      Yes, he is 37 but still a momma’s boy. Even many of his hardcore fans get annoyed by this. All and all, he is not mature and he is not sensible. Just don’t try to make sense of him on your level.

      • One more thing: you wonder in the morning how he could explain what had happened the night before. He honestly doesn’t understand why A, or any woman for this matter, doesn’t want to sleep with him. Most of his fans think the same way, even to this point. For the past few years, fans have been following him everywhere, screaming to him every single day. His overblown sense of entitlement leads him thinking he can do anything. You wonder why he is not careful? He doesn’t think he needs to.

  26. Here’s my take. I only came to like him in Cheongdamdong Alice. I started to adore him, he is a really good actor, so I decided to watch his earlier dramas.. Bu Lo and behold, this scandal broke out. Guilty or not guilty, my disappointment on him won. I lost all interest in him and in his drama. I can’t even rewatch the scenes I love in Cheongdamdong Alice. I Got Burned…

    • Same here… i don’t feel like watching CA again….even i really like to see bong in the drama.. but every time i see psh scenes.. this mutual consent sex/rape news pops up in my mind.

  27. From comments I’ve read so far, most that defends him use the image of PSH that they idealized(what they imagined) of him. Not the facts that is said to have so far. Even passing all the blame to the other culprit. I mean I get it that you love the guy but sheesh to make him out as some sort of a saint(based on looks and popularity)/martyr(ex agency machinations) is something that discredits your defending him. PSH had sex with her and admitted so from his own mouth. So dont shift the blame that K might have drugged him too. Whatever other what if and could have scenarios are irrelevant. PSH did the deed on the unconscious, helpless woman.
    And this makes me indignant: to perpetuate that the girl is asking to be raped based on how they dress or because a girl accepted to drink is what Rapists uses to make the victim feel guilty. If you believe that then I pity you for your weak mind because you are gullible(easy to manipulate). I hope you find a counsellor. Or read books and self-educate on logical reasoning. Better yet maybe hire Ockoala because her deductions so far are right on.

  28. You guys say he’s arrogant. I didn’t sense that in the bts all that much. Maybe his arrogance and ego came full throttle after that. Fame and success can get into your head. I can’t see him in a positive light even if he’s proven innocent, it’ll always be a man with poor judgment. Just have too see what happens?

  29. I myself like PSH a lot and I have a collections of all his dramas and movies. But after this scandal, i doubt if I’ll still watch any of his dramas and movies. Even if he is found innocent, the mere fact that he had sex with a 22 year old girl made me cringe.

    Honestly, I don’t find him a good actor, his acting is so so but I must admit that all his characters in his dramas are very likeable that’s why I enjoy watching them. But it seems other posters mistaken his characters in his dramas the same as the real PSH which I don’t think so. The way I look at PSH, he’s very superficial in real life.

    • Wow and wow! I know there are still many fans get their eyes and ears covered so they can keep talking nonsense… so they can say things like “I am sure that she set him up …” Based on what?

    • I’m pretty upset with your comment here. You must be really young or just too into your idol to think properly. I don’t think you understand how hard it is for anyone to come out and admit being raped, not to mention accusing a public figure who has more influence and money than you. Can you even understand the consequences? Especially in a country like South Korea where the backlash on a girl, even if she is proven right, is a high price to pay. So many women often just keep silent because they will forever be branded the “girl who was raped”. Not only that, her not even started career is essentially over at this point, even if she comes out the winner here.

      And to think you are insinuating here she is using her own reputation to frame another? She was a trainee, she has no clout whatsoever at this point. She’s nothing,so her reputation is everything. What she gains compared to what she loses by setting PSH up like this is so little that it makes no sense for her to do this.

  30. i hope the guilty person or persons pays for the crime, regardless of their social status. i can truly say that i can never see psh in the same light as before.

  31. @jae and @ilikemanggos

    Hi girls, can I ask you, what is the reason you wearing a sexy and tight dress to met 2 guys in the pub and drunk?Especially in the midnight? You want to show your sexy body right? That’s way I told you, respect your own body. For me, miss A no need to bring this case in the public, I think this is not a rape case, I think she want it.She is not teenager. It will be a diffrent story if she is in the taxi suddenly the driver make a sex wth her,and then i called it a rape. But miss A aware enough to meet this guy. At the time she said yes, i went with them to drink, I thought she make a mistake.she should know the worst risk going to the pub in the midnight with guys is to be rape. It’s like fish and cat. People always blame a man for this case because they thought a women is a weak person. hey!!! Wake up!! A women is stronger than a man. This is the fact!! Poor man in this world. I agree if Korean called miss A as Snake Flower. And ms. Koala. Can the law prove that miss A or a women give a signal in the first place to make a sex with that man. How can u prove it?
    And I like PSH not because his popularity or his good acting, but I respect him for his tenacity and spirit to wake up again after his failure xxxx times. You need a tons of Patience. It’s not easy girl. Some people will choose to suicide. Not need to prove how good is his character. He already prove it. I do not expect him to be a perfect guy in this real world, because I know no one is perfect. Everybody make a mistakes in his/her life. If PSH can through this case he will be a diamond, because diamond need to be sharPerned. So PSH need to feel all this painfull things.

    • May I ask you where you got your info that she was wearing sexy dress and from where did you get your info that Miss A was drunk?
      Really? people always blame a man? LOL. So far, from what I have seen in other sites, there are more slut shaming and victim blaming comments from fans like you 🙂

    • @mickey mouse how the hell did you know that she wore sexy dress?
      the bar’s owner said she wore jean! so you saying she knows that she goes out drinking with guys so she should expecting sex will happen??

      what’s the hell is wrong with you?!!?

      your park shin hoo will have no more job anymore !!!korean hates him now!!!
      so you can have your innocent oppa all by yourself,lunatic..

      gosh, i hate when woman blame woman for something like this..

    • This kind of date rape can happen anywhere to any woman regardless of what she is wearing or her age. It happened to a friend of mine, at a party in a private home and she was in her forties.

    • You are disgusting. Do you even know that the vast majority of all rapes are committed by people acquainted with the victims? Please take yourself off the internet and reflect on what you’ve just said, and whether you’d say the same about your own female friends or family members.

  32. Lets put the cards on the tables… They are all adults. We don’t know if they were all under the influence of narcotics-which frankly affect individuals differently. I’ve been around many users and abusers. Who are unaware of their stupid and rash decisions from the night before. Many a stupid chick I have saved from their tendencies while under the influence not only for their sake but my make friends as well. Stupid is as stupid does. Frankly like company attracts like company- thus why a 37 year old man can interact with 22-24 year old female and male – they are of same mind. Nonetheless… If she was the only one under the influence- then she us not able to give the consent required for the act. However if they were all under the influence- then wtf. Three stupid people made some stupid decisions.

    There are some high flying comments and assumptions. Some colored by emotion other by fact. Regardless, to many open ended questions to strictly pass verdict.

    • You are the one who needs to read carefully. A hat and tight pants = sexy dress? wow! then, you clearly don’t know what sexy dress mean or how it looks like. Does one who wear tight pants mean that she doesn’t respect herself? go to the street and look around you and see how many women wear tight pants and whether it means they invite others to have sex with them.

      • Hey DT,
        Even thought not show your skinn. But if you wear a tight pant or dress we can see the shape if your body right. And a man can have a wild imagination esp if they under alcohol. Of course a man have to refrain him self but girls pls do not test their natural weakness.

  33. Damn. It must sucks to be PSH right now. His career is pretty much down the drain even if his innocent is proven. I’ve been a fan since prosecutor princess. Still gonna hold off any judgment until all facts are revealed (or at least more development). But one thing that sadden me is how many ppl put the blame the victim.it doesn’t matter how she dressed or how much etoh she drank. Those factors shouldn’t be used as an excuse to sexually assault her. I’m guessing most the ppl that are throwing stones are women too. Is it the Asian culture or something? I mean, I’m surprise that women aren’t more sympathetic toward each other. I frankly don’t really care if miss A made up this whole scandal or not. If ppl are serving on making judgement about PSH, they should at least do the same for the victim. Reading all the comments have been fun. Ppl like mickey mouse made me nervous though.

    • I hope you don’t know any Asian language to read much scarier comments by his brain-dead fans. On the other hand, you would feel your IQ suddenly pumped up by 100 points above average. Really crazy stuff. Some sort of cult-like obsession.

      • Yeah, some of the comments made by netizens made my skin crawl. Rape is a heinous crime, and lives (of children, women and even men) have been destroyed by another’s senseless and malicious act/s. It’s disturbing how some people even joke about it.

      • Well, I understand the hurt feeling that his fans are experiencing. But don’t lose your own sanity over this. No matter what will be the outcome, his behavior is disappointing. PSL is a man with a lot of flaws, face it, and get over with it. Denial doesn’t help anyone.

    • “Im surprised women aren’t more sympathetic toward each other”.
      I’ve always known women to be competitive towards one another and alot of them taking it even futher with hatred and jealously, but something like this and all the fans abandon their own kind to defend the accused just because they’re a fan. I don’t know whether to be shocked or to expect it.
      &@ Mickey, just because they’re “hurt” that their oppa is currently in this situation, it doesn’t mean they can accuse and blame the victim.
      And i’d like you to put yourself in a situation much like A’s. Except with someone you don’t want sex with.

    • Well, I understand the hurt feeling that his fans are experiencing. But don’t lose your own sanity over this. No matter what will be the outcome, his behavior is disappointing. PSL is a man with a lot of flaws, face it, and get over with it. Denial doesn’t help anyone.

  34. @michelle, what’s wrong with the gap age? A women want being together with an adult guy for the reason financial stable and assurance, because women need that. And a man want being together with a young girl because of sex. Because man need that. It just our natural.

      • Wow..So why is there a sudden attack on our culture now? This bias has just discredited all your views. Why do you even bother making so many comments, if that is such low views you have on Asians. Keep to your own territory.

      • I am Asian woman, born and raised there. I am proud of our rich culture but I do also admit the flaws and shortfalls such as male chauvinism which was spreaded all over Mickey Mouse’s comments. That part of our culture needs to be attacked for its improvement.

    • Yeah, wait till your 14 year old daughter is dating a 30 year old man. See if you still think it’s not a big deal.
      “And a man want being together with a young girl because of sex, because man need that. it just our natural” – I know plenty of decent guys who are committed in their relationship and wouldn’t just go to any young girl for sex just because it’s their ‘natural’ instinct to want sex. Have you ever heard self respect? Where do you live to have such narrow thinking?

    • I will never see PSH the same way anymore, guilty or innocent. In my book after the incident, he’s an easy man who’s willing to sleep with just anybody to feed his ego. He’s not the kind of man I want to introduce to my girlfriend, my daughter, or any woman. I am questioning his fidelity judging from his lack of self control. I also see him as a womanizer who could’t even give the decency to take her back to her house when she passed out. He no longer has my respect. All this mess could have been avoided if he was a little bit more gentleman and has good moral values. You want to sleep around with strangers, then be ready for the consequences.

  35. Suddenly I got a hunch who this Mr. K could be.
    He’s 24
    He’s a junior actor..(does this mean he has just made his debut this year? 2012/2013)
    He knows Park Si Hoo (does this mean he was in the same drama/film with him, this year 2012/2013?)
    He is called Mr. K… (You know.. Han Se Kyung name was spelt….. during the Christmas Party hosted by Jean Thierry Cha)
    Could it be…?

  36. The evidence of an affirmative remark with her was consensual basis but piggy backed her into his apprtm was enough for me to have conclusions that he’s not a good man. After reading the korean e news that he recently asked one of the top major law firm to defend him, i just hope true justice can be done considering that money & power always wins.

  37. Mickey mouse Miss A was not raped at the pub. She was raped at your oppa’s PSH house. Now by your logic that where you get raped is at the pub, then is PSH house a pub then? or when its strikes at midnight PSH house becomes a pub where he rapes? But then she didnt go to PSH house. She was piggybacked there. SO, she was kidnap to the pub to get raped there.
    I dont have same logic as you that I view women as weak why I blame PSH.I look at what really happened. I blame his judgement like everyone else. Reasons are from what his mouth said not the fans: A) He is not unconcious maybe impaired with little alcohol. B) He took miss A’s body to his house/pub like you say. C) He touched her body inappropriately while she is unconcious.
    My standards of judging people’s character is clearly different from yours. Patience/Tenacity does not make a good person maybe work ethic. Serial killers are known to be patient and tenacious to get their victims. If I apply your logic here too well……..

    See where your reasoning doesnt make sense?

    • Aaiiisshhh…. It must be my English is not good. Btw, not my oppa’s home but my hyung’s home. Clear!!! I am mickey mouse not Minnie mouse. Yeas…maybe she was raped in the hyung’s home since she can walked well after their left the pub. She was not kidnap on the pub bcs the report fr CCTV or employee in the pub said they inside the car together. I told you respect your self girl.
      Off course I admire a positive tenacity not negative or killer tenacity. Ck,ck,ckck…. You made me laugh. Btw, have you tried your own business, if yes I think you know what I mean with his tenacity.

      • @Mickey mouse, I think you should seek counselling. Your mindset that its ok and its not rape on women who goes to pub and dress scantily speaks volumes. I feel sorry for your mother, sister, women peers and maybe daughter and very scared for them. Thats from other comments you have made.

      • @mickey mouse i hope you’re a guy not a girl
        cos if you’re a girl – you’re a sick lunatic delusional -need more english lesson -girl i’ve ever met..
        your reason is so stupid , nobody care to argue because they’re like ..what the what??!!

      • @Mm7888 yea yea… I know for long time ago that my English is very bad. Hey Mrs. Mm how bout if you teach me English huh?? Since your English very well. I am ok with fee charge. Or maybe we can barter you teach me English and I teacH you the flinstone languag. Deal? let’s shake hand

  38. PSH is an entertainer through and through. I really enjoyed his dramas (hot eye candy and good actor), and even his scandal is so “entertaining”. I’m just curious why he would let K sleep with A in his apartment (as well), since he mentioned in his first released statement that there’s nothing shameful (about him slepping with A) since he and A are mutually interested in each other. The plot thickens. Hope there’s a fair outcome for all parties involved.

  39. Omg as far as I’m being unable not to see and process the facts it kills me to say that that is not looking good for PSH Omg I don’t want it to be true I don’t want it to be trueeeeee well as most of u guys said I believe it has more to be known (I hope so ) and this could lead to a whole CSI investigation of some kind ! Oh god pls don’t let this happend ! Nothing is for sure but IFF that dis happened and he raped her then HE IS DONE ! as an actor or person !!

  40. Koala, does that mean if the hard evidence ie drug test/s is/are negative, it will be more likely that PSH won’t be charged? Because he said it was consensual, and Miss A’s allegations that she was raped based on her claims that “she was drugged… Other than this, what kind of evidence will be enough to find cause to charge (sorry I am not familiar with legal terms)…Will it boil down to their testimonies, like what another commenter said, a “he-said-she said — and motives and character would become more relevant to the case?

      • @MIckey mouse, I don’t really know what you mean about everybody playing their part….

      • your entertaining Mickey Mouse, like watching your cartoon series. “comedy”You can’t be taken seriously. I laugh with your aiissh. I have no plans of commenting this thread but can’t resist your unadulterated convictions. ** you sure know where to scratch, in this serious topic.

      • This is like saying people working in the bank were “playing their part” in bank robbery. Geez. So hey, maybe they’re partly at fault if the bank gets robbed, especially, if they’re hurt in the process. Because, hey, it was their decision to work there with all that money in the vault!

  41. I must say there are some additional questions I would like to receive an answer to:
    – PSH says in his official statement that it was of a mutual consent and that he kept mum because he felt for the other party; if indeed he thought this could damage the young starlet’ reputation shouldn’t he know that it will be a huge blow to his career if he would not take an active stance against allegations? I understand the need to consult the lawyers before the hearing ( as it may be really scary even for adult), but it should not take days to react to a potential false accusation. The news recently said that he has JUST APPOINTED the best (?) law company in Korea to deal with the case so would it mean that till this moment he was sure nothing bad would come out of this?
    – what was the role of K in the whole meeting? What was the level of his intimacy with the girl (colleagues from work, friends, class or schoolmates?) Also what is the level of dependence between him and PSH (friends, colleagues, neighbours, senior-junior)?
    – if K knew the girl why was she taken to PSH’s flat at all? One would assume that a passed out girl should be handed to the relatives or common female friends to sober up. Why did the K drive her to PSH that night?
    – was A coherent during the piggyback?
    – if K was piggybacking the girl and he entered the apt together with PSH, is there a CCTV shot showing at what time he left the building? The time elapsing from the piggyback ride to his departure from the building could indicate how long did he stay in the PSH’ flat. On the other note, where does K live? Why couldn’t he take the girl to his house if he knew her?
    – if he stayed there for longer period of time what was the purpose of that? What exactly did he do in the PSH apt?
    Especially the last one question is very important for me. I think one would have to have an important reason to stay in a flat where two other parties are “having fun”, and I do not mean “ a big TV screen” as a reason to stay. It was stated that K was not drinking (due to the minor surgery he had this day) so the motive for him to enter the apt of PSH and (apparently) staying there for a longer period of time is totally unclear to me.
    I browsed few forums and websites in search for more information on the case and there are so many things being said that make my skin crawl, for example the accusation being PSH’ former agency’ stunt or A’s day-long delay in coming to a counselling office. I can only say that after passing out and waking up in the morning without knowing what happened and how one managed to get to bed, it takes a huge amount of time to grasp what exactly happened and till when our memory is still serving us right.
    I am unclear on what to think about this case. I wonder if the questions I posted will be answered in the next days.

    • Thanks for the thought provoking questions. One of the most suspicious acts in my mind is even though K is a friend with A, he chose to let her sleep at PSH’s apartment. Why? Wouldn’t it make more sense since K is a friend of A, that she should’ve stayed with K instead? or even better, take her to her house or another girlfriend’s house or book a hotel room for her. BUT WHY PSH’s HOUSE when they just met that night? My first gut feel is perhaps K was a pimp, trying to hook Ms. A up with PSH. Mr. K miscalculated the assumption that Ms.A wasn’t willing to sleep with a big hunk actor just to move ahead in her career.

      If Ms.A intentionally set up the ‘rape’ incident to ruin PSH’s life, she had planned it very well..too perfect that all the evidence thus far seems to tilt in her favor. For example, the CCTV clip showing her very much sober leaving the bar and but was being carried on K’s back to PSH’s apt. I mean how did she even know the locations of the CCTV cameras in PSH’s condo (considering she had never been to his house) and the CCTV at the bar? if she framed him, she would still have to make PSH fall for her and want to sleep with her. According to the bar owner’s account, Ms. A appeared to dress normally, well not much of an effort for someone trying to seduce a guy. I think at this time, unless some miracles happen, all the evidence seems to be supporting Ms. A’s account and my gut feeling tells me that she is telling the truth.

      • If the statement about K being a pimp would be correct, the whole case takes another shade.

        As K is being described ad PSH younger “friend”, whould it mean that K met with PSH regularly in the bar with different girls and only this one decided that it is not OK to wake up in the manner she woke up? That would be terryfying, don’t you think? And nauseating on the other hand, considering what it implies if the man must go to such lenghts to satisfy his needs.

        On the other hand, is mama-controlled PSH a good material for scoring high in the K-ent? His father was a model and he has an athlete-manager turned younger brother, but I do not think he has huge backing in the industry.

        Then, from a mama-boy perspective, could this not be classified as an act of “mutiny” of PSH against his controlled life? As a way to release the demons that are normally controlled and subdued? He was strongly protected by the agency in the recent years as well. Maybe braking free from it made him too sure of himself? Wouldn’t it be more terryfying than the “pimp” version?

  42. You are right Koala. It’s so hard to have an opinion on this case. I will just have to wait and see how the events would unfold. If guilty, PSH should suffer the consequences…no one is above the law. If Ms. A is lying, then she should be exposed for the fraud that she is.

    For his fans, I understand the vitriol and the hatred they must be feeling towards the girl. Ms. A has just exposed that their idol has feet made of clay. Like sycophants, they are giving him a very wide berth. For his detractors, well…they are probably having a field day because all they need to do is watch him self-destruct. The zeitgeist is swift reaction without looking into the facts or money talks…you have dough? Just pile it on. I just wonder how low this case would go, it’s not something that we could easily forget.

  43. Right from the beginning I chose to believe the veracity of the charges. Why? It has absolutely nothing to do with PSH but with one fact: NOT ONE Korean starlet having pressed charges against a Korean celebrity for sexual assault has ever gained anything from it, be it money or fame. Au contraire – unless some have examples to share and I’d reconsider my position. Even not going public has turned some people’s lives into hell if Jang Ja Yeong’s name rings a bell to anyone.
    Therefore “A” has nothing to gain but everything to lose with her name and face released to the media – a potential career, the means to live, her reputation, her pride and notwithstanding the impact on her current and prospective relationships with friends within k-ent and her relatives. Which Korean man will ever introduce her proudly to his parents to obtain their blessing for dating and marriage?

    The gullibility expressed previously regarding “K” ‘s presence in PSH’s apartment surprised me so much. Seriously people? Why did you think HE and not PSH piggybacked her in his apartment? The latest and newest developments may shed more light on the scandal.

    What I am most afraid of now, is whether she will hold on until the end. I once partially attended a trial of a woman accusing a man of rape, in the US. His lawyer did a great job through his well-oriented questions turning HER into the accused as a shameful woman, humiliating her, going way deep into dirt. If at one point “A” can’t cope with the threats and deeds by brain-dead hardcore PSH fans especially, the media coverage internationally, friend/family/financial pressure, and she decides to put an halt to this, and settles with a financial agreement, then she will lose even more. Because no one will ever believe her reasons and instead will judge her to be a liar. How will she ever be able to respect herself afterwards, especially after going through such trauma? I wish I were naive enough to think that the truth will prevail but in this world, only power and money do.

    Oddly enough or maybe not, this scandal has not “stained” my fond memory of PSH’s performance in “Family Honor” a single bit. I do not have the slightest feeling of hatred or else towards him nor “K”. Just a lot of empathy for this young woman whose life will never be the same.

    • I am with you, Denali. In fact, I have been watching Family Honor everyday since the scandal broke out, and I enjoy the show no less as I only saw Lee Kang Suk but not PSL, except where the srcond brother and his wife said their first impression of Lee was that he was a bad guy… hehe…Although I am not fond of PSL at all, I am a big fan of Family Honor and nothing will change that.

  44. I’m just wondering, if she wasn’t intoxicated after the shared three bottles of soju, why did she agree to leave the bar with the two men — whether or not she knew she was going to be (allegedly) drugged afterwards. I’m not really passing judgement on her, but I am just trying to understand why you anyone would put themselves in such a situation, to begin with.

    Why trust someone so easily? Why even drink alone with two other guys?

    • Why even drink alone with two other guys?

      Did you miss the part where one of them was a friend/acquaintance of hers and the other is one of the most famous actors in SK and a friend of that friend? i.e. people you trust not to do those things to you?

      I’ve been out drinking as the only girl with two guy friends before, but the only difference between me and Miss A there is that my friends wouldn’t behave the way hers did. She had no say in that – and was she supposed to live in a state of permanent distrust of her friend? The blame is his and PSH’s for violating her trust, it’s not her fault that she trusted them in the first place.

      • But this is a single event/crime (allegedly). This isn’t a case of domestic violence, which is totally a different thing. I get that. I’m not saying she’s lying. But the details from his side and hers are just very confusing.

    • Rapist might not but thing is, PSH most likely didn’t consider himself as one. Surprisingly many men actually don’t think they’re rapists if they sleep with a girl who’s passed out or is very heavily drunk. Some might think it’s a bit grey are but noooo way it’s making them rapists.

  45. Well, if they claim to not know where she lived, they could have called some of her contacts on the cell. I’m sure a lot of ppl have pictures associated with numbers (potentially not a good idea) but there was an article a couple of years ago informing ppl to use ICE (in case of emergency) for phone numbers vs a name or any other identifying info. My cell is set up to lock requiring a p/w after a short time out…and I mean short.

    They probably have her cell’s contact list with pictures and addresses, which is a scary thought.

    • Yes and they may also very well have taken pics/videos of that night showing her nekkid in humiliating positions with their own cells. All this could be a powerful leverage against her to force her to drop the charges. Yet I suggest not to overthink it and get ourselves scared ahead of time.

      • Well, I tend to think ahead…. I remember when FB exploded and informed certain family members and friends of the potentially harmful attitudes we carry like posting all of one’s and others personal info on FB.

        Stop and think about what it is you are communicating to s t r a n g e r s.

      • @mskololia Not only strangers but social network as well. Have you ever watched DJ Caruso’s Eagle eye movie? Rather enlightning. The line between awareness and paranoia is pretty thin yet caution is the best option indeed.

      • @Denali…I have not but Enemy of the State was riveting…..I guess ppl should just realize that not everyone is acting responsibly with their info.

      • @mskololia Tony Scott is my fave director. Can you believe that Enemy of the state was shot 15 years ago? Yep me neither because the contents seem so valid for this time and age.

  46. Does K have a good lawyer? or PSH will also hire one for him?
    K better not mess up thru interrogation, or he might just put the two of them into deeper sh!t.

  47. even it’s still,maybe never will,unclear whether PSH guilty or not,i cannot stand one heavy folder full of his pictures in my laptop anymore.feels like staring at a pervert ahjusshi.sorry PSH,we,re done.

  48. Any scenario whether a conspiracy or an individual, the fact that he slept with her in her unconscious condition is a embarrassing case b’cos it should happen if both are in waking state. Well it’s hard to have any opinion in this case & it will be hard to find the truth b’cos as my knowledge for K-ent are very strongly dependent on the power & money to cover an embarrassing case which involved their actor/actrss. For me, i’m not interested anymore to see another of his dramas. I can understand the meaning of nobodys perfect but a man is not a gentleman if he treated somebody like that.

  49. We can only speculate on the future progress and the final outcome. At this point, nothing is clear and nothing will surprise me.

    I’m having a strong sense of pity towards PSL. This is a guy who has done almost nothing but acting since his high school. He is not as mature like Tom Hanks, not as intelligent as Matt Damon, and not experienced enough to handle playboy style of life like Charlie Sheen. His fans, and himself too, attribute his success solely to his hardwork and tenacity and I do believe those are indeed his good qualities and played a big role in his success. But, if as of his pure image which is very important for a K drama actor, I believe his agency should take the credits.

    Since the scandal broke out, there are many speculations on his ex-agency trapping him for not renewing his contract with them. I’m not saying it is entirely impossible as who can say anything is impossible now. But his fans should remember that he only began to rise since he contract with Eyegi Entertainment. The agency made him a star, again I’m not talking down about his own efforts. The agency articulated, promoted, and protected his image this long. That is why he was free of scandal and bad publicity. It is a shame that even himself didn’t recognize the value of his ex-agency in his success.

    One more thing disturbes me a bit: now his real birthday is revealed and revised as Februey 15, the day when the incident occured. I only wish he fooled himself too, and not remember it was his real Bday.

  50. I don’t even know how i should feel. I’m a fan of Park Shi Hoo but this rape scandal is making me nervous. i really wish Park Shi Hoo is innocent.but with all the evidence and him even admitting he slept with her makes me loath him a little bit. How can he be so…so….so…daring to sleep with a rookie actress and he’s not married yet. he should have known it was a set up.all the best for him.

      • I am gathering the sentiment of netizen on the impression they have on Police. As for the Police, they will have to answer to higher authority – the Commissioner of Police. An inquiry may be opened to investigate why it was such a delay!!

  51. I have followed this issue for quite some time now though I must admit that I am not as voracious as some in digging into this issue. I just want to know what really happened if it were only as simple as that what with conflicting stories flying around.

    I have been fairly neutral and didn’t form any opinion or query regarding this issue. TBH, at first I felt that this issue was simply blown out of proportion. I trust my gut feel and it has been telling me that this should not be as big as it is hyped or presented, I just feel like there are a lot of underlying scenarios that are more important than what have been presented or publicized so far. I can’t really pinpoint what these missing links are but I know that there is a lot more to this story than the accusation of rape and no, my gut feel also tells me that it may be but isn’t totally about his former agency out to ruin him. There are simply a lot “in between the lines”.

    However, something nagged me about the recent report regarding the presence of more than one man’s semen in “A”. That report and PSH’s statement that the sex was consensual just don’t add up. Again, my gut feel is telling me that not anywhere in PSH’s statement can threesome be “read”. Rape or not, I think they did not have sex with her at the same time.

    Also, PSH not using a condom is a mystery. Somehow, if rape did take place, it questions the possibility of premeditation. If one thought of raping someone, then obviously one should not leave a damning evidence to be convicted such as the presence of semen. (This is a week argument but I am just processing my thoughts.)

    Moreover, why did they ejaculate inside “A”? Even a child nowadays knows that that may result into pregnancy. Somehow that just don’t add up with the whole scenario. Why would you ejaculate inside her when you know that that might get her pregnant and I do believe neither actor would want a pregnant woman as one of the skeletons in their closets? If they were both (PSH and K) sober as the CCTVs show they probably would have thought of this unless they know that “A” is protected. But how will they know? Did she tell them? Is it part of a normal conversation for them? Or like the rest of us it’s part of a conversation only leading to sex? Or is it commonly assumed that women in their business is protected? <–If the last were true, it really shows f*d the industry is.

    Ughh, too many questions are forming in my head as I write, this has become quite long. LOL. Sorry.

    I am not siding with anyone. I can safely say that I am detached from this issue. I don't want to stone anyone. It is just that my gut feel is telling me something and the logical part of me just can't let it go and wants to analyze what I can get my hands into. You know that feeling that you've been given an interesting puzzle to solve.

    • STD, AIDS awareness and birth control are near nowhere to be found in the Korean society. Take for instance the numerous wedding announcements of celebs with the prospective wife being already pregnant.

      The use of condom is a rarity there. Basically PSH/K had nothing to fear with unprotected sex because if a legal action were to happen, they could still claim it as consensual, which is what PSH stated.

      • Actually they marry the girl pregnant because this is the only way to fans accept the marriage, they do it on purpose not because they didn’t take care of themselves.

    • All and all, if he was sensible, anything as such wouldn’t even take place at all. I bet he is kicking himself and regret as hell. You know, people lose their mind sometimes and let their lows to dominate …

      • So much for 20 sec pleasure, eh or maybe less since he was drunk haha. So not worth it for the mess he created.

      • yeah if only he practiced self restraint and fought the temptation, then he has no headache now.
        I agree that men have needs too, but they were taught morals too, whats right and whats wrong. if he respects women this should have not happend the way it did.

    • Korea is really a hard society to understand. They are considered conservative but the fact that sexual innuendos is sort of a normal part of their lives and the way they take sex for granted clashes but they also deal with “accidents” in a conservative way – marrying the girl they got pregnant. Really, I guess that’s the reason why marriage and divorce turnover is quite high there. Ughh, I might be living there soon I hope I’d be able to understand this two-faced society.

  52. In lieu of the foregoing accusations of a possible rape, I would like to make some comments:
    1)The suspect/s is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Trial by publicity is definitely not allowed.
    2)The morning after the supposed rape, did the girl go directly to a hospital for a medical routine check up for rape victims (rape kit as they call it). The hospital would have notified the proper authorities of the incident/case. She should not have washed herself before the check up.
    3) I read that the girl is already 22 years old and a starlet. As she is considered an adult, she should have known that she should be careful when dealing with men whether they be friends, acquaintances or strangers. Was she alone in meeting PSH and K? Why did she go alone??
    4) As she is also an adult, did she not take into consideration that the meet up would end up in a sexual encounter? Going out and meeting alone with two men at a bar….is asking for trouble. Especially if the people she is meeting is not close to her. Very irresponsible behavior.
    5) The three of them consumed only 2 bottles of soju, they would not have become that intoxicated/drunk and depending on one’s tolerance of alcohol. At most the alcohol they consumed would have loosened them a bit throwing out the window any inhibitions they might have had.
    6)Result of the blood test to determine if she was indeed drugged. But how long does the drug stay in the blood stream? Maybe they should check/get a hair sample, since the hair does not lie and will reveal the history/period of time a person has been using?
    7)In a case like this how can one prove that there was or there was not a rape that occurred, as we do not have all the facts to help us, we leave it to the people in authority to deal with this.
    8)It is sad that because of poor judgement these three people are now in such a situation. A high profile actor who can’t afford to have a scandal and yet is pulled into one, another budding young actor who they have not yet revealed the identity, and the girl starlet who is trying to make a name in the showbiz industry.
    Sounds like a promotional marketing but in a very bad way. But as they say, good or bad publicity is still publicity. Free that is.
    9) What then is the objective of all the participants and the people around them? And coitus or carnal knowledge with an unconscious partner is not fun at all. Even if it is just for lust (physical pleasure) a response from the other person is still wanted.

  53. people are easily tempted without thinking first the outcome,judge him is not good coz we are not involved on that case,we need to wait for result..

  54. What beautiful drama started?Even some women sell advertising if you have talent? This girl even did an entire script an put in place,so it was a very nice organized.I do not think he did such a thing because i know tested and blade,not easily deceived even if he drank or drugged.This scenario has been too fast in operation in order to denigrate PSH,as he would be”stupid”film,in real life is still more calculated.Fight Shi Hoo and do not be fooled by girls who have no self-esteem
    I still believe in you and support you

    It seems even his lawyers are having a very difficult time in coming up with ways to defend him, i wonder why? hmmm

    • Yes. It is now postponed. Mr. K changed the lawyer and the case being transferred to Gangnam Police HQ. How on earth can this be happened?

      Comparing PSH case to former IMF’s President Klauss case, albeit aquitted subsequently, he was detained on the plane set for Paris, and handcuffed. NYPD sealed off the hotel room immediately.

  56. Interesting.
    What always happened whenever a celebrity is in a scandal.
    There will always be fans who stand up for their idol, anti-fans, people who try to remain neutral, and people who just don’t care.

    From my own opinion, I think PSH raped A who is spiked. (dot)
    That’s just my opinon, fans might not like it but that’s just my own perception now until the police give more statement or disclose the investigation results.

    Putting that aside, I’m curious with Lynne who have been appear on almost most of the comment threads.
    I’ve been reading your comments on the other article too…. Why do you bother so much proving your point to PSH fans. IMHO you should respect their own opinion about PSH.
    Mickeymouse have her right to say whatever she thinks about PSH.
    Those “crazy fans” can say whatever they want
    I mean you have your own piece too, (some of the things you wrote like how you feel about PSH interview etc etc, did you rewrite that in this article too or copy and paste them?) That’s quite a lot of effort that I feel it’s getting quite personal for you that I felt that you really need them to agree with you. They are not your children 🙂

    I feel bad to Mickeymouse to be honest.

    All of this quarrel is so unecessary, love reading people comments but sometimes just feel sad that banters above happened.

    Ps: I will stop writing here. (full stop)

    • Why do you care who Lynne is! She has as much right as Mickey Mouse to express her thoughts. Lynne brought out many believable point whereas Mickey Mouse.. I can barely understand what she wrote.

    • I am very pleased that my comments get the attention from PSH’s fans.

      Most of all, I was just trying to communicate with the proper fans like Merrily, who has admiration towards PSH but is rational in her mind. Honestly, most of us coming to this forum are fans at some level, be fans of PSH as an actor/celebrity, or fans of the characters he portrayed in the K-dramas, or fans of certain drama in which he played the leading roles (which is my case, I’m a firm fan of Family Honor). Many of us are trying to make sense of the situation and his behavior, as they are not very sensible to any normal person.

      I don’t call normal people crazy, that only refers to the ones who totally lost their mind and refuse or become uncapable of communication. If the calling is agitating, I will instead refer them as obsessive fans
      or fans with celebrity worship syndrom.

    • As for Mickeymouse’s comments, I’ve never got anywhere close to his feeling towards PHS. I only replied to the male-chauvinist statement as such:

      “generally, I never blame a man 100% for the rape case” or “I feel you girls realized it or not, may not, you also give contribution for something like this happen.”

      If you are a female, and you encourage such a typical male-chauvinist virus spreading around. Something with you is very wrong.

  57. I can’t give him the benefit of the doubt anymore. The whole issue is revolting. I wasn’t a fan but I enjoyed his acting but I don’t think I can watch his previous dramas anymore, the whole love scenes would creep me. Sad for his co-stars as well.

    • Yeah i know what you mean, in his recent drama, the lead actress was supposed to be drunk & unconscious in one scene,and his character was chivalrous, piggy back carried her all the way to her house brought her to her parents and sweetly tucked her in bed. NOW if i see him again doing such scene i would laugh cynically & hysterically.

  58. What sort of crap is that? PSH is again delay the Police’s interview process? Mr. K and him did not appear to be questioned and now his case is being transferred to Gangnam Police Station for investigation?

    • Of course because he’s guilty for committing inhuman crime, they are just buying time. He sickens me! People like him should have his pe**s CUT OFF! of course if he’s found guilty hahaha

      • In North Korea, they still do the cutting. In South Korea, he will be spared. But, life in prisonment is the maximum sentence. It all depends on the aggravating factors of his case. But, rest assure, his “P” is loosing a great amount of its strength. Half erection is at best for the time being and many more months to come given that amount of fear, worry and stress.

  59. I think that I can guest about his purpose. If his case is transferred to Gangnam Station, it will be began again from beginning. He’s waiting for “time”, hoping A will close the case under pressure of his fans and publicity, maybe his lawyer would find the way to force A do that. So he’s continuing to “calm down” his fans who believe in him no matter what, “use” them to attack A. Maybe “someone” who leaked A’s name were his people too. He intimidated to sue A to force her drop the case before.

    Sorry but from now on, I never believe him anymore, even if A drops the case.

    • Miss A comes under pressure from media and his fans. That’s true, but not PSH’s motives to delay the interview.

      He delayed it because he is trying to flush out as much substance from his body as possible.

      To request Gangnam Police to takeover the investigation is another tactics to buy more time, to enable him to clean up his system. Nevertheless, I believe, the forensic team is not stupid. The latest, by next Wednesday, he will need to give up his “P” for examination, and pubic hair will be collected. Even if he shaved it, root of them can still be extracted. Just as, it will be more painful for him!!

  60. Why did he have sex with that kind of girl? In his interviews he told the reporters that he didn’t date just anybody. What hurts is that he lied. He is only human, I know but I couldn’t put the blame on the girl and that K guy he started it. He is the devil’s advocate.

    • What kind of girl? He just needs to satisfy his needs and lust, and it just happened she was there, at that point in time. Mr. K is the devil’s advocate? You need two hands to clap, otherwise, PSH will have to spend the night “F” and “F” himself!!

  61. So if he and k does not appear at the police station then nothing can be done? Shouldn’t a warrant of arrest be out for cases like that?

    Miss A, please stay strong. There are many who thoughts are with you and believe in you. You are a brave lady.

    • Plenty of things can still be done on him. He is delaying it, hoping that he can flush out some of the “foreign” substance in his body. If he has taken those “substance”, they will remain in his hair, finger nail, bloodstream for sometimes (6 to 9 months).

      The forensic reports from the forensic MD and chemists can easily allow the Police to match PSH and Mr. K’s sampling (finger nails, blood, urine, hair (pubic) with Miss A.

      Also, if Miss A is a virgin, it is much easier to determine the “v” spot damage. 3 o’clock, 6 o’clok tear, and to determine how many times PSH and Mr. K had had done it throughout the nights. That will give an idea of the frequency and the extent of “violent” and brutality on Miss A.

      It is a simple forensic case, and South Korean forensic professionals should be to do their job well based on the sampling collected from Miss A.

    • I believe the Police is also digging up PSH’s past records. PSH’s reputation is kind of dubious, at best. Miss A seems not the first girl that he “F” in desperation (after the second meeting).

      Are we expecting to hear more girls like Miss A to come forward next week to expose PSH’s past records?

      Like former IMF’s Captain, many girls/women have come forward after he “F” a hotel maid. Many of the cases are still pending in France, albeit, his high profile handcuffed case was aquitted.

      • It will be not the case in Korea. In fact, many fangirls in Asia said about A that “a good girl will not report the rape after stupidly fall in trap” or something like that, so A became a “bad girl” just because she didn’t shut her mouth but tell the police that she was raped. That’s their logic of honor.

        It’s not strange that many women (includes idols) had to kill themselves after being raped but didn’t tell anyone. Some even said “only bad girls cause chances to be raped, good girls don’t do bad things so they’re safe”.

        It’s maybe the reason for PSH rape A without thinking of result. He is hight-rated actor, and she is “nothing”, through K, he knew she can’t “harm” him.

        ‘A’ is seen as a bad or “strange” girl right now by many women, no, they’re not crazy. It’s sad because of that.

      • What the society perceived her or the truth can change. But, will Miss A case be the first to test the “corrupt” system? or it will get swept under the carpet again? or it will be likely to subject to the inefficiency of the law enforcement agencies and the loopholes of the penal code?

        It will definitely very interesting to observe. South Korea is an OECD countries, and it has its chieftains running the United Nations and World Bank. Wonder if what we have seen so far on the efficiency and effectiveness of its law enforcement system, it is simply amusing as to how those chieftains being brough up in a Kimchiland who carry the kimchi flags would able to do a good job on an international level?

    • If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck then it is one.

      Are you going to hunt us down for saying PSH fans are crazy?

      Honestly. People these days.

      • crazy fans of PSH? No, it is the love for PSH, the alleged rapist, that make them not so rational. Blinded by love, how romantic. And the one night romance on a Valentine’s evening is soo soo soo romantic for PSH’s fans, and yet sharing-sharing partner (with or without consent) is even so-so-so romantic to PSH’s fans? PSH’s fans in Asia are indeed very-very-very open-minded and liberal to accept threesome, plus one-night stand!!

    • “generally, I never blame a man 100% for the rape case” or “I feel you girls realized it or not, may not, you also give contribution for something like this happen.” – quoted from the comments by Mickeymouse

      If you are a female, and you salute Mickeymouse for his typical male-chauvinist statements, you are sending an invitation to rape and it would be your own fault for just being a woman. And I have to say that you are insane.

      Instead of “crazy”, which refers only to the fans who lost their thinking power and healthy sanity, now I have two other choices for you: obsessive fans or fans with “celebrity worship syndrome”. Which one sound better to you?

      • wow,there’s a two choices was given,,,what about u?are u not insane also?u really want to praise here by giving ur statements,it seems like that u are involved on that case,i read ur some comments here,,i think u really want to down PSH, well,,,as a woman never wanted to be raped,that’s true!!!but being innocent girl u cant go out in the middle of night to meet some guys for drink,unless she have other motive,think about it!!! hmf!!!

  62. Apparently one of the reasons he delayed his appearance AGAIN is because he changed his lawyer from pureaumae to lee duk min. Now why did he change his defense lawyer last minute?

    • Because the lab report puts him in a bad light. The law firm dropped him or rather advise him to go for a litigation and criminal litigator. The former firm’s expertise is on commercial disputes and money related defamation. They have no experts on criminal offences.

      • How many times or up to what reasonable time (as allowed by law) can the police wait for him? at the rate they’re going they might solve this case in the next millenium.

      • The Police seems agitated when interviewed on TV. Nevertheless, Police may expressed their anger, but will they bashed him up? No because of the existing publicity.

        PSH may not be suffering from physical bruises, but rest assure, his emotional pains and fear he is suffering now, can be too much for him to endure. Never knows, when we wake up tomorrow, we may here another suicide case.

  63. well i am not a to-die fan about anyone in any industry but i liked PSH and enjoyed his dramas most of the time well he was one of my types among K-actors. Now there will be always doubt if PSH wins this case (at least for me) but all in all the last words of Unnie is the truth. My opinion is that PSH and K is guilty most probably (this world is like that sorry) but if in the case of A is a crazy bitch that just wants them down, still, people like PSH shouldnt done this kind of acts in order to protect themselves from any crazy bitches. But if A is right then really feeling sorry for her not just being raped but she also have to try to defend herself in a tough environment:(((( i mean korean culture, show industry, being right but couldt prove it, it is really hard :((((

  64. I always found him to be creepy… and a bobble-head as well.

    With the way everything is going right now: postponing, trying to switch police stations (to an influential area! Warning bells are ringing), and then the law firm dropping his case; there is anything bviously something going one which makes one suspect/believe that the rape allegation is not false.

    If you aren’t guilty and said that you would cooperate with the investigation then PSH should have just turned up.

    And I think almost everyone knows that he most likely get away with this. He is, after all, friends with that bastard called Lee ByungHun!

    • what park shi hoo did to u,why u so angry to him?…why u so easily to judge him,we dont really know what happen on that time,just wait for the results…i can’t take ur words shoutout here honestly..ur so judgemental.,u make some conclusion on ur own opinion,well i respect that..is that ur personality……!!!!!!!

  65. We are on the blaming game now?

    No matter how much hatred you have for LBH, just leave him out about this ruckus over PSH. Whatever he did, LBH went over to the prosecutor investigation for 8 hours when he was summoned and he showed up at the court as witness. Of course nothing he does pleases the antis and will always be wrong.

    Just rant or rave over PSH here. Stop dissing other people.

    • LBH’s case is quite different. It is just a relationship that went sour with young woman. In PSH case, he is alleged to cause physical harm to Miss A. It is a criminal offence if proven guity. Nevertheless, he is still an innocent man at large.

      PSH may get away with the legal loopholes, or it was really consensure as he believed. But, will he be able to face himself when looking into the mirror? PSH’s fans may be forgiving and still love him, whether he is being accused rightly or wrongly, it is unlikely, for him as a human for not feeling the society’s pressure.

      He was brought up in Korea, speaks little foreign language. Korea is his root. He will be subject to the stigma of a “rapist” for the rest of his life.

      But, will people forget about what he has done. It is unlikely No. But, will people still respect and love him. The answer is YES. Look at what happen to Bill Clinton. “I DO NOT HAVE SEX WITH THAT LADY”. Yet, he is still well regarded as a man of honour and integrity when it comes to international affairs.

      As for LBH, will he looks less GI Joe after the “young girl incident”. The answer is No. He looks even more GI Joe and managed to have a not so young girlfriend from a good family, after just a few months.

      What and who to blame, you determine by yourself.

  66. Woo wooo. … What’s going on?? Aishhh… I just back from my long sleeping beauty and I found my nick name everywhee(suddenly I can feel PSH and miss A feeling :)) I am not finish read all the comment bcs too long and I am hungry now 🙂
    Btw girls, I know maybe all of you will hated or already hate PSH. If he did it as his fans i am dissapointed. But I will never and leave him. I will still love and give my support for him. Bcs I never expect him to be a perfect man like his role. Everybody can make a mistake or big mistake that’s just our human being. Like I said before I admire him for his tenacity and wake up again after xxx failure. For more than a decade he has through this condition with a great passion, a big patience, full of hope and his pray. I just believe someone who has through all these difficulties will be a strong man with good character. And I know nobody perfect.i don’t care if you called me crazy fans, but my love for him unconditionally. I will be with him in his good or bad time. And I still enjoy all his drama. Of course I feel very sorry with miss A if something like this happen. It’s good that public do not know her identity if not it will be very hard for her. I agree with PSH do not make any speculation, bcs I am afraid the pressure too heavy and punishment from the society More cruel than the law it self.
    aishh…. My fried noddles have arrived. Hmm yummy..:)

    • Your beloved PSH’s “P” will be examined this week. He will be poked, squeezed, pick and plucked to get the necessary substance from it.

      Don’t throw up eating your noddles when imaging how the forensic teams going to do with him!!

  67. The longer PSH trying not to appear to face the interviews, the more excuses he has to come up i.e. if the rape was indeed a lie, he has to come out with more lies to cover up his initial lies. More aggravating factors for the Police prosecution team to build the case.

    Bear in mind, apartment from medical forensic team, South Korea also has professionals who are trained in forensic linguistics to detect lies and deceptions.

    If he is innocent, let’s be forthright and come out to face the music. The sooner, the better.

  68. This guy said he would cooperate..huh?
    Only if his conditions are met?
    Highly all mighty priviledged isn’t he?
    The female lawyer originally assigned to him dropped out of the case…guess why????
    The original law firm …suddenly he decided to change it.
    And he doesn’t like it how the police is treating and now wants to transfer his case to Gangnam…well boohooo…you want to have your cake and eat it too?
    Must every one bow to your commands, including the police? and follow what you fancy, Mr. nasty creepy…ewwww

    • He will have no choice, but to co-operate if what he claims he is an innocent man. If no interview by Police (at least), how to proof himself innocent?

    • PSH has an allegation on him that is backed with lab forensic examinationa reports, he now has the burden of proof on his shoulder to substantiate his statement: I am innocent. I did have sex and it is consensure!!

  69. May I ask Who the hell is this “LBH” n how is he connected in this rape case? Is he the one that media addressed as “Person B” or”K” mutual acquaintance of PSH? Can anyone tell me?If I’m not mistaken, he should be the one who introduced “trainer A” to PSH,am I right? That BASTARD has everything to do in this rape case n to be charge in court together with PSH!How can anybody be so stupid as to say that LBH Or Person B not involve in the case?He help PSH rape this innocent girl,otherwise this girl hv a bright future ahead of her. Now her whole life is shattered,for god’s sake! He should be in prison n be PSH’s slave n stay by his side!

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