Gorgeous Chen Xiao Breaks Out with Striking Performance in Legend of Lu Zhen

It is a thing of beauty to watch a truly breakout performance. It’s an even greater thing of beauty to watch the breakout performance come in the form of an astonishingly gorgeous young man that just about took my breath away. C-dramas have had its shares of breakouts, a few notable recent ones were Feng Shao Feng in 2011 with Gong and Wallace Chung in 2012 with The Magic Blade. Mark my words, 2013 will be the breakout year for Chen Xiao. I’ve watch bits and pieces of his secondary character roles in Yu Zheng‘s legions of bad dramas in the past, he’s always been young and raw and cute but nothing to write home about. In the just premiered ratings bonanza period drama The Legend of Lu Zhen (Female Prime Minister), Chen Xiao is hands down the runaway star of the drama. Not dissing leading lady and titular character Lu Zhen played by the adorable Zhao Li Ying, who is actually cute and plucky without being cloying. The drama itself is Yu Zheng’s usual brand of terrible dialogue and Palace intrigue and shenanigans up the wazoo, but the second I laid eyes on Chen Xiao’s Crown Prince Gao Zhan I was lost. Holy. Mother. Of. Something-or-another. He wasn’t nearly this smexy in the just finished The Swordsman where he played antagonist Lin Ping Zhi, but here he is like hotness and charm personified, plus dipped in chocolate. I now fully regret that convo I had with @LizzyD a few months when I let her have him. Jie jie regrets it, you hear! Chen Xiao and Zhao Li Ying would have been perfect as Liu Fu Ling and Yun Ge in Yun Zhong Ge if that original casting had gone through, but now I am 100% certain Chen Xiao will steal the show in that drama as Liu Bing Yi. Dayum, boy has done grow up good. He’s an ’87er like Li Yi Feng so once again I am amazed at the talent that came out of that birth year (Korea as well). This boy has arrived at the big leagues and is delivering big time. I couldn’t be happier to add to my collection of droolworthy male C-actors.

Legend of Lu Zhen is about the historical annals that wrote of the only Female Prime Minister to exist in Chinese history who served during the time of the Northern Qi dynasty. Here’s the story synopsis.

To escape her cruel stepmother, Lu Zhen enters the palace as an attendant. Her skills in making pottery and fabric garner the praise of Emperor Gao Yan, and he promotes her through the ranks rapidly. At the same time, she also captures the heart of crown prince Gao Zhan. However, she can never be with him as social status and jealous enemies work against her at every turn. She devotes herself to politics and helps Gao Zhan defeat a coup d’etat. Though Gao Zhan can not make her his empress, he bestows her with the highest position in the land, the female prime minister.

Yu Zheng has announced that Chen Xiao will be his good-looking to the nth degree loverboy extraordinaire Yang Guo in the upcoming drama adaptation of Return of the Condor Heroes. Bring it on, Yumama, bring it on! I am watching your crap drama just for him, that says so much about his star power.

A very nice fan has uploaded only cuts of the Lu Zhen and Gao Zhan scenes on YT. Those two are like puppies frolicking in the sunny dappled fields, their chemistry is so adorable and heartwarming. Of course the story says they can’t be together in the end, but I’m watching for the happy times and to stare at Chen Xiao for as long as I can.

Legend of Lu Zhen trailer featuring only Lu Zhen and Gao Zhan:

OTP cuts:

Lu Zhen runs away from her wedding and runs into Gao Zhan.

Lu Zhen yells at Gao Zhan to stop being a wuss because his arm is injured.

Gao Xe totally takes advantage of Lu Zhen’s kindness and naivete.

Lu Zhen and Gao Zhan chat in the Palace:


Gorgeous Chen Xiao Breaks Out with Striking Performance in Legend of Lu Zhen — 31 Comments

  1. I discover him through this drama. Omg I smile like a little fool watching adorable and handsome Chen Xiao. But I need English sub to understand the story.

  2. I love the OTP together. And yes. CX is crazy hot here. I didn’t feel ANYTHING for him in the Swordsman. But here… *droolz*

    I love Zhao Li Ying. Their chemistry here is really refreshing… I can totally buy that they’re two kids totally in love. Need to see if they can bring it during the angsty part now. 🙂

    • He was the best of the young “actors” in The Swordsman but he didn’t command the screen like he does here.

      • Although you guys think that CX performs better in Legend of Lu Zhen than swordsman, it was shot earlier than Swordsman. I think his performance in both series are equally good but he is antagonist in Swordsman!

  3. lol it sounds like you just briefly scanned one episode this drama. CX is good and very handsome on-screen but to say he is the runaway star of the show is a bit farfetched.

    Also, the screenplay wasn’t actually written by Yu Zheng.

    • LOL, and where did you come up with that assumption? I watched all 12 released eps over 2 days to reach my opinion. The drama is harmless but nothing to write home about. The scene juxtapositions are laughably bad, the dialogue and acting by some ladies ridiculously overwrought, the Palace and family in-fighting by-the-books, as a “story” this one has nothing to recommend it. Other than Zhao Yi Ling being utterly winning and all-naturally-pretty as Lu Zhen, but really Chen Xiao’s screen presence blows everyone out of the water. He’s the only reason to tune in IMO.

      Yu Zheng hasn’t penned a drama in years, everyone knows that. But his writers all know his style and stick with it. Any drama produced by Yu Zheng has his imprimatur all over it.

      • um…Not really making a comment about the drama as a whole but rather CX in the drama. Yes he’s very handsome on-screen and yes he does well in his scenes. However, it is only when he is on-screen together with ZLY does he really shine. I don’t have much to say about his acting in this role because there hasn’t been any truly hard scenes he’s had to tackle, but the scenes in which he is stealing are the ones with ZLY in them. Their chemistry bring out the best in each other.

  4. Such a pity viki hasn’t started subbing this…though I’m watching without subtiltle…barely understand what they say. But give it to the lead pair…they are GORGEOUS, then again just about everyone in this drama looks good….Ha waiting for today’s upload !!!

    • Yesyesyes! CX and ZLY are gorgeous because they are all-natural. Yumama needs to STOP trying to make Yuan Shan Shan happen. YSS is never to happen, she’s hideously ugly after getting her whole face re-arranged through surgery and she can’t act. YMM needs to focus on developing real bona fide talent like these two. They are little precious little treasures in my eyes. *___*

      • I whole heartedly agree with the YSS thing. I can’t stand watching her and she makes me gag.

  5. Zhao Liying is adorable and it seems she has chemistry with almost every male actor she’s casted with. I heard about her breakout role as Qing er in HZGG remake (I love the original, didn’t want to taint my impression by watching this). Then I saw her in “zhuo dian yuan yang, xi dian yuan yang” 错点鸳鸯.戏点鸳鸯 where she was adorable with Qiji (whom I also love) and now this!

    Btw, Chen Xiao is hot here…can totally imagine him as LiuFuLing but I think he can challenge himself more with the complex role of Liu Bingyi

    • Oh yeah she was the only one good in HZGG. The other young actors on the show were….horrible. Glad she’s getting more exposures than the other lead craps of HZGG remake. I agree but she and Chen Xiao are just amazing. More amazing…and they’re the same age. I heard in real life they’re really good friends…uh huh…

      GAHHHH. This drama is my crack. I thought she kind out act him at some scenes but some scenes he dominated. So I think it’s half and half. But either way both of them will get the limelight. I just hope they won’t turn out to be a Fengmi. I do adore Fengmi but not that route.
      I mean I guess I have been watching dramas where some main girls *cough cough YSS* annoyed the crap out of me but Zhao Li Ying has this lovely presence.

      I can’t wait for the drama to be subbed. Thanks Koala for mentioning this drama. I wish you would recap…

      I want Zhao Li Ying to be in Condor Heroes with Chen Xiao too ;~~; (Am I asking too much now?)

  6. Chen Xiao is the most handsome male lead I’ve seen in a C-drama in a long, long time. However, I think his acting is still pretty raw. I was actually creeped out when his eyes suddenly widened to twice their normal size when Lu Zhen said “你又不是外人” when she gave the Consort Dowager’s ring to him.

    It’s a pity that Gao Zhan, Gao Yan, and Lu Zhen’s historical counterpart were all horrible people in real life. What can you expect in a dynasty during which the Empress Dowager and Empress become prostitutes…:/

  7. I think she will still become a concubine. Being a concubine has no status unlike Empress thats why she become Prime Minister

  8. OMG Koala I toooootally agree with you! I was just wondering if this series was going to catch your eye and then Li and behold this posting showed up! I love ZLY ever since her awesome performance as Qing-er in that godawful NewHZGG which I ended up fast forwarding to only the Qing-er/xiao-jian parts, and she was adorable in Cuodian yuan yang (she gave me jang Nara vibes in that series though, which is totally ok by me since I have a soft spot for jang Nara), and I am watching LuZhen also bcoz of her, but meeeeen, is Chen Xiao hot or whaaaat!!! When he smiles, my knees totally go weak! I don’t find him super super good looking when he’s not smiling but when he does, he’s totally charming and gorgeous! ZLY and Chen Xiao pairing…. I totally approve! Love it! I think he will also be awesome as Liu Bing Yi. And if he’s going to be Yang Guo, I hope ZLY can be Xiaolongnu, but then again Yumama might butcher the story and suddenly turn Guo Fu into the OTP with Yang Guo! *gasp & faint!*

  9. Wait, China’s making ANOTHER Return of the Condor Heroes? Don’t people ever get sick of the same story over and over and over?? It’s like all the Hana Yori Dango remakes, but at least those were done by different countries with unique takes.

  10. Chen xiao is just utterly drop dead delicious in here…did you see his smiles? Totally drool worthy….everytime he smiles I just giggle like an idiot….

  11. Totally feel happy for him. He deserves it. Although, I believe main girl deserves it too. She’s just smart, not weak, and lies her way out to survive haha. For the first time, this series actually has as many good guys as the bad guys. I like how she has all these protection. Plus, there’s no sibling rivalry, thank god.

  12. Jie Jie! I somehow missed this post but it’s never too late to mine him a second time. hahaha I still have text proof that you gave up ALL claims to this delicious yummy man-boy months ago while I was busy googling when this drama would air. I haven’t watched a drama that was airing live in ages. They are completely adorable. Maybe if this drama continues to do well they’ll give her the role of XLN instead of that dumb looking “actress” with a name that sounds like a porn star?

    • Whatever. You caught me in an off moment otherwise I would not have given up any preemptive claims so readily. Go get off the chair and get that cake you promised me and come over.

      • Cake tastes so much better eaten with friends! 😛 Spa next Sunday, okay? XOXO (But Chen Xiao is still MINE!!)

  13. I am so glad I did some googling about Chen Xiao and looked into this drama! Started watching it exactly one week ago and mum and I were so hooked!
    I love his smile *_*
    And I’m usually not one for the palace dramas with all its frustrating schemes so I thought Legend of Lu Zhen did it well in that it wasn’t overly complicated 😀
    The one criticism I have for Chen Xiao is his exaggerated acting for when’s he’s hurt hehehe, mum and I had a good laugh over it! 😀

  14. During the time i watch this Drama, i think Legend of Lu Zhen is properly familiar and similar to Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion in my opinion. but i overall like this Drama Very much, giving 9.5 Out of 10

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