Shark Holds Sartorially Mis-matched Press Conference and Releases 5-minute Trailer

The KBS Mon-Tues drama Queen of the Office with Kim Hye Soo and Oh Ji Ho appears to have come and gone without even a ripple in the online viewing audience. It’s ratings were middling but the drama appears to have suffered from lack of interest in office hijinks and getting lost in the battle between high-profile sageuks Gu Family Book and Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love. Both of those two dramas have entered the latter half of its run so now might be a good time for revenge melodrama Shark to sneak in for a potential upset win. Starring Kim Nam Gil in his first drama since finishing military service along with Son Ye Jin, Ha Suk Jin and Honey Lee, I’m more interested because this drama is being produced by the crack team behind Resurrection (also called Revenge or Rebirth) and Mawang (The Devil). Those two dramas are narratively unrelated except for sharing a revenge theme, and Shark will follow suit and is being called the final chapter of the “revenge trilogy.” Will it the third times the charm, or will it be hard to keep achieving the high standards set by its predecessors? The cast attended a press conference yesterday that was all sorts of underwhelming. No one looked good, and poor Son Ye Jin looked like she wandered off the set of Personal Taste still in character as unkempt Kae In while Ha Suk Jin should have attended shirtless because that would have been the lesser visually insulting option. KBS also released a long 5-minute trailer that continues to leave me unmoved. There is so much visual whatever going on but I’m not feeling any emotional heart or sincerity beating anywhere. Of course the actual drama could be amazing and change my mind in a heartbeat, so never say never. Kim Nam Gil does look exactly like he did in Bad Guy, but this time rich and wearing a suit, while I can’t get over how tired and bloated Son Ye Jin looks in the trailer. What happened, sweetie? I’ve still got a residual high from how effectively Nice Guy delivered the revenge melodrama theme so Shark has some big shoes to fill when it premieres this coming Monday.

5-minute trailer for Shark:


Shark Holds Sartorially Mis-matched Press Conference and Releases 5-minute Trailer — 26 Comments

  1. Mismatched is the right word! hahahahaha

    Ha Suk Jin – what’s that on your shirt front?
    Son Ye Jin – you are a pretty girl, but why wear such a meh dress?
    Kim Nam Gil – please shave the stache, and paste it on your forehead!

    • LOL, that doesn’t make it a pretty dress by default of its design origins. 😀 The dress is messy with the exposed seams and the pannier skirt is just weird and negates the softness of the white and the crinkly fabric adds to the general unkemptness. It’s like she rolled out of bed wearing that dress. This one is a miss from Karl Lagerfeld.

      Anna Wintour wore Chanel Summer 2013 to the Met Gala 2 weeks ago and it looked like she cut her drapes and put it over a white underdress.

      • The Chanel might have been fine in a more formal and prim setting where it could come across as soft, feminine, and romantic. Places without fluorescent lights. Rather with Paolo Roversi romance-inducing graininess.

        And Son Ye Jin isn’t the right person for the dress. The dress was wearing her, not she the dress. Whoever’s her stylist ought to be replaced.

    • I really like the dress, but I agree her stylist is cray – the shoes are also all wrong. She’s wearing a heavy black platform with what almost looks like a camo design on the sole – far too strong a shoe for that dress, and her hairstyle is too severe. She needed a lighter shoe, like a white sandal, and a hairstyle with some volume and curls to offset the width of the skirt; then maybe it would look less like the dress is wearing her.

  2. We don’t always see the same thing in front of a mirror. If we have the same definition of what’s look good on us and what’s not..there will no be lady GaGa or kesha..

  3. Whoa Son yehjin’s dress looks like a tacky theatre costume made in the high school costume department. In other words, I’ll be checking this drama out.

  4. I like Son Ye Jin’s dress and think she looks pretty (maybe I have no taste – heh)

    Totally agree with Kim Nam Gil & Moustache. These two need to break up. But if we somehow manage to get past the moustache, he looks great. I have a weakness for men in suits and men who can carry suits. I also like how his shirt cuffs show (that was a trend some time ago right?).

    The rest of the people are just white noise as far as I’m concerned. None offended me too deeply but neither of them look good.

  5. Son Ye Jin needs to fire her stylist asap. She’s a beautiful woman but that dress is so wrong for her. (I think someone very young late teens early 20’s is more suited for that dress)
    She does look tired and she has had a longer break between projects so what’s up.
    KNG please shave the pornstache and this does remind me of Bad Gyu but with a far more better actress.

  6. I will send an entire case of champagne to the blessed stylist who convinces that man to shave. And Ha Suk Jin’s shirt looks like a bouquet threw up on it.

    Everyone else is varying degrees of acceptable.

  7. I like the outfit that the younger version of SYJ’s character is wearing, but the rest of them are truly blah.

  8. i wonder if the ladies called each other up and say “hey let’s wear prints today and oh tell the boys too” but only ha suk jin got the invitation from the boys side.
    my sense of fashion is so and so, but i could dress the up better i think

  9. I might be one of the few fans of Queen of the Office. I like it and it adds some humour to the kdrama landscape which is currently filled with sageuks. Funny, I normally like sagueks, but Gu Family and Jang Ok Jung don’t peak my interest at all.

    What happened to Kim Nam Gil? He looks a shadow of his former self. I hate this “skinny” trend in Korea. I prefer some meat on my men.

    Probably won’t be watching this.

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