Presenting All King Flower Episodes Exclusively Terry-scenes Cut

Ask and ye shall receive? Pray really hard and it’ll come true? Kindred spirits unite and the impossible will become a reality? I don’t know what topsy-turvy back office discussions went on in the production of King Flower but I do know it’s been both an exhilarating and aggravating experience watching it live. Especially the last two months when Chris Wu’s Terry took over the show and the audience was dragged along rooting for him to get it all (girl, job, you name it, he deserves it). Folks have joked that there ought to be a King Flower DVD Terry-cut edition, bypassing any director’s cut requirements and just cut out every scene not including him. That doesn’t actually ruin the narrative since he’s in over half the length of each episode (and more sometimes), not to mention the meat of the story lies with him anyways. I do feel terrible for James Wen, the leading actor of a drama relegated to the worst written character on the show and his screen time dwindling to mere minutes in some episodes. But as a viewer I can’t help but love the way the show did learn to focus on the one character most everyone cared about. A very talented and generous viewer has posted YT videos of each episode of KF cut to only Terry scenes. I am not joking, it’s perfect and expertly done. Now we don’t need DVD cuts, anytime we need tor revisit Terry-filled awesomeness this post will contain every drop of his perfection without any annoying Guan Jun-related skullduggery to ruin the mood. Early on in the drama Da Hua was pretty darn cute herself so those scenes between them as they start to get to know each other are some of my favorite. Not to mention a Terry cut of KF includes lots of delicious romance between him and Liang Yen. Y’all can go ahead and bookmark this post because it’s going to come in handy in the future. What better way to count down to the end of KF than a re-watch of all Terry-related goodness.

Credit for all videos to @paulynsoso.

Episode 1 – King Flower Terry Cut:

[youtube id=”b7-wjfAL9sc” w=”625″ h=”445″]


We meet all-business Ouyang Tai/Terry as he heads to work, leading a meeting to discuss acquiring a piece of land at any cost. Terry and Liang Yen get engaged and he promises to do whatever she wants, despite her dad asking Terry to keep Liang Yen safe. Guan Jun and Da Li cause an accident with Terry’s car and act like they are hurt, with Guan Jun oogling pretty Liang Yen. Later that night, Liang Yen wheedles out of Terry a promise to take her mountain climbing. He agrees but asks her to meet his friend first, and along the way they encounter Da Hua for the first time.

Episode 2 – King Flower Terry Cut:

[youtube id=”ASxDdVkE3Z0″ w=”625″ h=”445″]


Da Hua is bowled over by Liang Yen’s beauty and wishes she could be as beautiful as her. Liang Yen meets daredevil Dr. Qin Mo, who encourages Terry to take Liang Yen mountain climbing. Guan Jun and Da Li pretend to be severely injured and go extort some money from Terry. Terry and Liang Yen go buy supplies and prepare to go that weekend, but Terry breaks the glass on a picture of them the night before they leave. On the drive there, they stop by Da Hua’s store and she asks them for a picture on the mountains because she’s always wanted to go. The happy couple have a great time climbing, but as their trip winds down Liang Yen slips and falls off the cliff.

Episode 3 – King Flower Terry Cut:

[youtube id=”lLFJTFsU044″ w=”625″ h=”445″]


Qin Mo comes to the rescue and saves Liang Yen, but lies to Terry after her surgery that she needs 1 year to recover. He won’t let Terry see her claiming that she is disfigured and doesn’t want Terry to see her this way. He gets Terry to consider finding a substitute for Liang Yen for a year to avoid corporate sabotage by Terry’s shady cousin Johnson. Terry remembers Da Hua, who has a crack memory, and looks somewhat like Liang Yen. Terry goes to see Da Hua and propositions her to be Liang Yen’s substitute.

Episode 4 – King Flower Terry Cut:

[youtube id=”hxKHCBZYcwU” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Da Hua’s dad has gambled away the family store so she decides to accept Terry’s proposal and use the money to pay off the family debt. She and Terry sign a contract – she will get plastic surgery to be Liang Yen, and live with him for the year pretending to be his fiancée. Da Hua lies to her family that she’s off to Australia to work on a cattle ranch.

Episode 5 – King Flower Terry Cut:

[youtube id=”3vGfYZ1eTl0″ w=”625″ h=”445″]


Terry picks Da Hua up at the airport and she’s operated on by Qin Mo. After recovery she looks exactly like Liang Yen, minus the elegant demeanor and sophisticated speech. She moves in with Terry and he starts to educate her on adopting Liang Yen’s personality and behavior.

Episode 6 – King Flower Terry Cut:

[youtube id=”pOYwalBXbqk” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Da Hua meets Terry’s parents and pass the test. Da Hua visits Ah Xi in the flower store. Later during breakfast Terry wonders why she’s always clutching the odd bear coming out of an egg. Terry quizzes Da Hua on everything related to the company. Da Hua gets Terry to take her home to check on her mom, and Terry learns about Da Hua’s relationship with Guan Jun (as adopted siblings) and Da Li (her younger brother). He finds out she likes Guan Jun but he doesn’t like her back. He tells her its pointless to be sad over someone who doesn’t like one back. Terry won’t give those two a job at his company because they have poor character by trying to extort money from him. As Da Hua prepared to go to work, she looks like Liang Yen but Terry sternly warns her that he doesn’t want to hear her mention the market, the store, or say crass things. She goes with him to work and manages to continue the charade. Gangsters are sent to threaten Terry over a land deal and Guan Jun happens to be there and helps save them from danger.

Episode 7 – King Flower Terry Cut:

[youtube id=”1VnDMyHVsbU” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Terry offers Guan Jun and Da Li a job as Da Hua’s driver and bodyguard. Da Hua gets in trouble at work when she’s tricked into signing a document, and Terry schools her that people can’t be trusted in the corporate world. At a celebration dinner, Da Hua keeps drinking on Terry’s behalf and gets totally wasted. Terry takes her home and she drunkenly vows to always stick up for him because he’s a good guy. After he puts her to bed, he gets a call that Liang Yen is dying. He rushes to the hospital and sees Liang Yen before she dies and they say their goodbyes.

Episode 8 – King Flower Terry Cut:

[youtube id=”UuthN4NlfAw” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Terry breaks down after Liang Yen’s death and gets wasted, kissing Da Hua thinking she’s Liang Yen. Da Hua attends the Sheng Da Board Meeting where Johnson and his mom keeps trying to get the Board to fire Terry for not closing the land deal. Da Hua speaks up on his behalf and then Terry arrives and promises to close the deal in 1 month or else he quits his position as Managing Director. He gives Da Hua the rest of the day off because he can’t look at her face right now so soon after Liang Yen’s death. He manages to pick himself back up, but has decided to end the charade. He tells Da Hua but she decides not to leave, wanting to stick with him otherwise he’ll lose everything.

Episode 9 – King Flower Terry Cut:

[youtube id=”yMq5QTJfT1Y” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Da Hua goes to bug Terry to teach her how to read construction design blueprints so she can do her job as Liang Yen. Da Hua thinks Terry is committing suicide when he jumps into the pool and she dives in to help him. Afterwards, Da Hua helps Terry grieve and asks to hear about his love story with Liang Yen.

Episode 10 – King Flower Terry Cut:

[youtube id=”Pd1WaMXnwO8″ w=”625″ h=”445″]


Guan Jun confirms that it is Da Hua pretending to be Liang Yen and confronts Terry. He wants to take Da Hua home but she won’t leave. Liang Yen’s dad is pushing the couple to get married soon. Guan Jun aligns with the gangster and goes to outbid Terry on the land deal.

Episode 11 – King Flower Terry Cut:

[youtube id=”AMNjaW1lS8E” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Guan Jun outbids Terry and wins the land deal. He takes the money he was paid by the gangster and gives it to Terry to take Da Hua home, but she won’t leave and instead yells at him for aligning with a bad guy to hurt a good guy like Terry. Da Hua tries to encourage Terry to eat but he asks what she likes to eat since she’s been living like Liang Yen since she arrived. Later Terry takes Da Hua to the night market to do her favorite things and then afterwards sends her home and ends their contract. He even returns Guan Jun’s money to her. Da Hua refuses to go and rushes to the hospital once she hears that Liang Yen’s dad has fallen ill. She tells Terry that she will stay and help him.

Episode 12 – King Flower Terry Cut:

[youtube id=”FNjZZEaW2vg” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Terry and Da Hua go handle a protest at one of the company construction sites and afterwards Da Hua patches an injured Terry up. He discusses with her that the plastic surgery has changed her life in ways she can’t imagine. They go out for a steak dinner but in the middle Da Hua is called back home because it’s her mom’s birthday. When Da Hua gives her mom a present, Mom sees through the charade and mother and daughter reunite. Terry goes home and wonders what’s going to happen now.

Episode 13 – King Flower Terry Cut:

[youtube id=”_WLDBD9assQ” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Da Hua returns to Terry because her family has agreed to keep the secret and let her continue the contract. They go take wedding pictures to make Liang Yen’s dad happy, with Da Hua being very reluctant. Guan Jun arrives to see Da Hua kissing Terry on the cheek for a picture. When Da Hua goes to explain later, she sees Xiao Fei kissing Guan Jun on the cheek. Da Hua is worried and asks Terry is it’s all a misunderstanding? Guan Jun calls Terry out for a mano-a-mano talk, with Terry pointing out that Guan Jun isn’t good enough for Da Hua.

Episode 14 – King Flower Terry Cut:

[youtube id=”RKwRJetGgjA” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Guan Jun has bought a truck with the money he got from the gangster and started his own delivery business. He takes Da Hua out on a date by the river and promises to wait for her until the year is up and she returns. Terry waits up for Da Hua to return and his assistant Cheng Hong wonders if Terry has fallen for Da Hua? Terry takes Da Hua on a business trip and they are planning to spend the night, with some shower hijinks when Terry needs Da Hua’s help to re-attach a fallen towel rack. Later during dinner, before Terry can tell Da Hua his growing feelings for her, Guan Jun and company crash the party and take Da Hua away.

Episode 15 – King Flower Terry Cut:

[youtube id=”agv3WF_EgAI” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Guan Jun goes to work for the gangster at his new real estate company after Jin dad loses more money at gambling. Guan Jun goes to negotiate the land deal with Terry and asks for an astronomical sum. Da Hua speaks with Terry afterwards and apologizes for Guan Jun but Terry understands he’s just doing his job. Terry is ready to come clean about this charade because its wearing him down. Terry and Guan Jun agree to co-develop the land between the two companies. Da Hua and Guan Jun go check out the land and is spotted by Liang Yen’s dad, who goes to see Terry afterwards. Terry uses the opportunity and comes clean about Liang Yen’s death and the substitute princess charade.

Episode 16 – King Flower Terry Cut:

[youtube id=”12FNmNPj-hU” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Liang Yen’s dad grieves for the loss of his daughter and learns from Terry all the details about Liang Yen’s accident and the cover up afterwards. Terry ends the contract with Da Hua and takes her home. She’s reluctant to leave, and as they are parting Terry kisses her and confesses that he’s in love with her. Terry goes home and discovers Da Hua accidentally left her Grey Bear behind, her precious gift from Guan Jun. Guan Jun can tell Da Hua is sad to be home and she’s very worried about Terry still. Da Hua goes to see Liang Yen’s dad to explain what happened and speak up for Terry.

Episode 17 – King Flower Terry Cut:

[youtube id=”y7yBg0QHO74″ w=”625″ h=”445″]


Terry resigns his Managing Director position at the company but Liang Yen’s dad refuses to accept it and asks him to take a leave of absence. Da Hua’s family and friends notice she’s rather down and always talking about Terry. Da Hua and Terry meet to return the Grey Bear and she accidentally twists her ankle. Terry takes her home to patch her up and learns that Liang Yen’s dad wants to make Da Hua his goddaughter. Terry takes Da Hua homes and piggybacks her into the store. Guan Jun sees this and wonders if Da Hua likes Terry back? Terry goes home and imagines Da Hua all over the house, chagrined that he’s fallen for someone who can’t like him back.

Episode 18 – King Flower Terry Cut:

[youtube id=”Bn-d85Yk8nE” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Reporters descend on the store learning after the substitute princess charade. Guan Jun announces that he’s just siblings with Da Hua. She goes to whine to Terry, who takes her out to eat to get her mind off it. They are photographed which leads to more speculation that they are in love. Guan Jun announces to Da Hua that he’s in love with and dating Xiao Fei. Da Hua asks Terry not to meet again so that Guan Jun won’t misunderstand their relationship. After Guan Jun dumps Da Hua again, she walks in the rain and runs into Terry who dries her off. She asks if he is mistaking her for Liang Yen but he sincerely reveals that he’s fallen in love with Jin Da Hua. Terry goes to see Guan Jun and rakes him over for purposely pushing Da Hua away and giving her to Terry.

Episode 19 – King Flower Terry Cut:

[youtube id=”CSauJJkjoLo” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Guan Jun keeps insisting he really loves Xiao Fei now so Terry has no choice but to take him at his word. Da Hua catches a cold from being in the rain and is hospitalized. Terry goes to check on her and take care of her, which her whole family sees and approves of. To cheer her up, he offers to take her out for an overnight trip and invites Da Li and Ah Xi. They head to a resort and is in the middle of an enjoyable lunch when Guan Jun and Xiao Fei happen by. They all dine together. The hotel manager comes by with romantic wine and asks the guys to confess their feelings to the girls. Guan Jun confesses to Xiao Fei and Terry sincerely tells Da Hua how special she is to him. Later that night, Da Hua is praying at the church and Terry goes to confess his sins for all his mistakes. He then turns and proposes to Da Hua, who accepts his proposal.

Episode 20 – King Flower Terry Cut:

[youtube id=”Q5OPEEpjHIo” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Da Hua and Terry announce their engagement and wedding preparations head underway, with them delivering a wedding invitation to Guan Jun and going shopping and taking wedding pictures. Da Hua’s mom approves as long as Da Hua is sure of what she wants because Terry is a nice guy. The wedding day arrives and Xiao Fei is angry on Guan Jun’s behalf and wants to reveal the truth. Guan Jun asks her to finish the charade. At the altar after the couple has said their I Dos and exchanged rings, Xiao Fei speaks up and reveals that Guan Jun still loves Da Hua and is only pretending to date her. Da Hua is totally confused so Terry steps forward and tells her it’s okay and calls off the wedding. Da Hua runs off and Guan Jun goes to speak with her. She’s angry at him deciding her life and admits she doesn’t know what she wants. Guan Jun knows she does like Terry for real. Terry comes and makes sure she is fine, and then leaves to let them talk some more. Da Hua goes to see Terry the next day after spending the night apologizing to her Terry goldfish for the runaway bride routine and hurting Terry so badly.

Episode 21 – King Flower Terry Cut:

[youtube id=”vRTPIpvyES4″ w=”625″ h=”450″]


Terry forgives Da Hua for her indecisiveness and promises to wait for her, but she tells him she’s not worth it. They part and each misses the other. Three months pass and they don’t keep in touch. Terry tells Qin Mo that he’s learned not to force things and will leave it up to fate for them to meet again. Terry hands the reins of Sheng Da to his cousin Johnson. Da Hua decides to go to Australia for a year to study-work. Her family approves. She writes texts to Terry but doesn’t send it, telling him she’s leaving and asking if she can be his bride again in a year after she returns. Da Hua leaves and on the plane she runs into Terry. They smile at each other as fate has brought them back together.


Presenting All King Flower Episodes Exclusively Terry-scenes Cut — 20 Comments

  1. @Gaia, you took the words out of my mouth. I was going to say this amazing. I’ve been following KF through Koala’s recaps. I wanted to watch the show but was fearful of wanting to FF every scene that Terry was not in. This will help me get the best of what KF has to offer, which in one word is Terry. Thanks to the YT uploader as well.

  2. LMAO, I remember I also joked: someone need to upload Terry cut scenes!

    And there it is! OMG, love the person who did it, and I think I might not watch KF anymore but only the cuts parts and the rest I get on the recaps.

    It is perfect Muwahahahaha

  3. I swear…Youtube better not take these down. Thank you for letting us know that someone posted these. And thank you to the user who did post it. I can’t wait for episode 21. I need to watch all the Terry scenes now. Need to figure out how to make a CD hahaha.

  4. Thank you for the videos but out of curiosity will you finish it with episode 21 once it has been broadcasted? Then it would be so complete.

  5. LOL I have only watched the first episode of KF and didn’t continue (reason: no time). I read your recaps though so I do know what’s going on in the drama. But your post here – hahaha, makes me save a LOT of time…. I just need to watch all the clips here.

    BTW, will you update this post with the final clip once available?

  6. That is the perfect incentive to watch this drama (or you know, Chris Wu’s Terry that everyone’s talking about)!!!!

    Now, if only some kind soul subs these.. I will marathon it this summer break.

  7. HURRAY!!!! I was one of those people who said that SETTV should make “King FLower: the Terry Edition”! I wish I knew the person who did this because I would be sending her/him gifts right now. They need to have mush good fortune for doing such a good deed. SETTV does not deserve to make any money of of this the way they not only messed with us as viewers but for th way they shafted CHris Wu (putting him in a story that was not worth his skills or characters) and shafted James Wen (who deserves at this stage in his career–when he has proven he could do much more–a much better character). I will definitely be marathoning these scenes this weekend. Thanks for finding these Captain, Koala!

    YUM. No more Terry snacks; we’ve got a full meal, people!

  8. Oh, and thanks for that great picture of Chris Wu at the opening of this post. I have loved so many of your posts, but this may be my favorite ever.

  9. Thank you!!
    i’ve been planning on rewatching all the terry parts after the drama is over and your post is going to save me a lot of time 😀
    it’s really awesome!! and thank you for recapping this drama, i discovered your recaps in the last 5 episodes, i didn’t know you were recapping this drama from the beginning but i’m glad you are because i love reading your recaps
    anyway, i hope we will have a satisfying happy ending (and not an open ending, i hate those the most :p)

  10. Finally someone answered our prayers. This is amazing, thank you Koala for posting it and I am off watching and swooning over my Terry:)

  11. Yes, thank you. I am going to watch the Terry scenes all over again. How nice I won’t have to lay eyes on some silly people.

  12. Rewatching the first episode also has the initial bonus of reminding you of all those Terry side charcters who’ve disappeared from this drama. LOL.

    Thanks so much for posting these!

  13. Thanks! I skipped watching kf ep20 cos I wanted only the Terry parts. I just ‘finished’ watching it here, thank you to the YT uploader, and Chris Wu really kept up his amazing acting chops in each episode!!! He is my lead man for all Taiwanese dramas for sure♥

  14. This really did have to be done.
    Thank you person who saved me from watching those other people and listening to their inanity!

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