Dating Rumors Between Puff Guo and Her Second Male Lead From the Set of Just You

LOL, these four are such adorable hams. There is a new dating news coming out from the popular Taiwan idol drama Just You (Just Want to Make You Fall in Love with Me), but it’s not the two people that you might be hoping for. The drama has been slowly gaining viewers and popularity as it airs, a rare beast that hasn’t shown signs of viewer interest flagging yet. The acting from the cast varies from mostly to very terrible depending on the actor and there is no story to speak of other than its initial set up. But I said this before that Fahrenheit‘s Aaron Yan and Dream Girls Puff Guo have wonderful chemistry and their characters are so easy to root for to get together. It’s presented in such a klunky way is all. I’ve been pretty charmed by Aaron and Puff’s onscreen banter as well as offscreen friendship and it would have been cute if they got together. Though knowing what I know, that wasn’t likely to happen but stranger things have popped out of TW-ent so never say never. Turns out all the fun the main cast has been having on set isn’t all just for show, uber tabloid Apple Daily is claiming (with picture proof) that Puff is actually in the early stages of a romance with her Just You co-star Tang Zhen Gang, who plays Puff’s best friend Kai Te’s boyfriend Alex. Here’s how it all went down according to insiders – Puff has taken her first leading lady role seriously and is always studying the script with her other co-stars, the four youngsters Puff,  Aaron, Tang Zhen Gang, and Katherine Wang have gotten very close, Tang Zhen Gang started pursuing Puff with assistance from Aaron and Katherine to play cupid when they could, initially they would all hang out as a group but lately it’s just been Puff and Tang Zhen Gang, which finally led to the night before the Mid-Autumn Festival when Apple Daily snapped picture of Puff and Tang Zhen Gang out catching a movie at Warner Village Cineplex in Taipei. Both sides agency has immediately fired back that the two of them are just “good friends” and in fact it’s usually the four leads from the drama hanging out and that night Aaron and Katherine just happened to not be there. Okay, whatever you say, agency mouthpieces. I hope this doesn’t burst anyone’s Puff-Aaron shipper bubble, but take this with the usual grain of Apple Daily flavored salt.

After the so-called scandal broke, Puff posted on her FB page this picture with Aaron and the following message “Untruthful reporting, nothing to respond to. Just platonic friends, nothing to explain. Liang Liang only has eyes for the Boss.”

The main cast really gets along very well in the drama and have lots of fun goofing off together. I actually find the BTS after each episode more entertaining than the drama proper.


Dating Rumors Between Puff Guo and Her Second Male Lead From the Set of Just You — 23 Comments

  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ! WHAT alex and puff may god forbid i want boss and liang liang !! i hope not that cant be possible , or it could be ?
    anyways i loooooooooove this drama and enjoy it vert much and thanks unni for the tabs all the time and updates

      • Nooooooooooooo are there prrofs ? i thought he likes GuiGui Emma Wu. We are currently shipping GuiGui with Taecyeon of 2PM… but i think due to cultural difference Aaron is a better match for GuiGui.

      • @tammie it’s a badly kept “secret”. I’m pretty sure that’s what koala means with “knowing what i know, that wasn’t likely to happen”. We won’t be coming out of the closet anytime soon, though. Can’t risk losing his popularity…

  2. Ha! I’ve come to find that for most TW idol dramas, the BTS is more entertaining than the show. Just You is a pretty okay drama, so I still watch it, but I remember downloading some dramas only to watch the BTS. Mike He and Charlene Choi’s terrible drama comes to mind…

  3. What’s with lead actresses and 2nd male leads? Haha. Reminds me of Barbie Zhu and Vic Zhou in Meteor Garden, Park Shinhye and Jung YongHwa in You Are Beautiful (still rumors, never admitted).

  4. Awh shucks! I was shipping Aaron with Puff, but… whoever they’re happy with! I realized that on-screen couples who are really close in real life probably are just friends. If they’re too obvious with their fondness for one another, then its a sign that they aren’t dating – or they’d be a little discrete. We have way too many examples like Ariel-Joe, Ming Dao-Qiao En, Mike-Rainie, etc. They’re all super close and everyone shipped them (or is still shipping them) but truthfully, they’ve all dated someone else at some point and are just very close to each other.

    I’ll just stick with Ethan-Tiffany. At least they’re solid and real 😛

  5. Well regardless of who likes who…as long as they’re happy together. That is what’s most important..

    Now fan shipping wise, I hardcore ship Liang Liang & Qi Yi in the drama and right now I’m hardcore shipping Aaron & Puff out bc hot damn do they have fucking fabulous chemistry together!!! Would I love if they got together in real life? Of course I would! Will I lose sleep if they don’t? No, no I will not…as long as they remain really good friends that is lol… Yes, narratively Just You isn’t the greatest of stories but for some reason this drama still has taken ahold of my heart and hasn’t let go yet! I want a Lao Ban of my own!

    • I am so glad you guiys are talking about this drama because I have been watching it and cannot stop. I actually marathoned five hours of it last week while being in denial about a report ai had to do for work. While I am watching it I say, “why am I watching this? it isn’t good. Puff’s voice gets on my nerves, Aaron’s hair looks dangerous unless he is at home or in the rain.” But then I find myself loving the fact that the heroine has real girlfriends (so rare in dramas). And Puff is adorable; I just want to hug her. And I am absolute in love with Dean. And they are all so light and airy and hardly ever seem to work (except for really important deadlines) and I fall again. I am off to go watch the finale because subs are finally up Hurray!

      • Help!! I thought episode 16 was going to be the end (even though I could not figure out how they were going to manage that plot), but of course it is not. How many episodes are they planning for this? I don’t think my teeth (or dental bill) can take much more cuteness.

  6. Oh wow! If it is true, what a surprise. Random couple haha.

    This has been my guilty pleasure drama. Enjoying it for the cute (sometimes borderline annoying) antics of liang liang and boss yi. But it is so harmlessly cute.

    I heard of that rumor about aaron from some of my taiwanese friends too.

    Btw can someone link me Puff’s facebook please??!!!? Can’t read or write mandarin.

    • It’s my guilty pleasure drama, too. (Or truth be told, one of them.) I never knew I could enjoy a drama in which so little happens, but it’s been a welcome relief from all of the super intense dramas of late.

      I guess I’ll check out the BTS clips thanks to Captain Koala’s recommendation.

  7. Whatever happen to Zhang Han & Zheng Shuang? I know their drama premiered so they must have had a press conference. I’m curious because I know there were rumours of him being displeased by her plastic surgery (though I doubt it since it isn’t exactly new and they were perfectly fine after it) and angry that she had revealed it.

  8. Love their couple forever..AaronPuff Uffff the perfect name on perfect couple.I will always be your fans forever.. You guys pliss plisss be the true love forever.. no matter what people say about you guys stay strong cos you guys are make for each other.. Want to see more of you guys drama.. I can’t let go of just you from my mind still cos you guys are so cute n lovely with each other.. I end here Ty.

  9. Aaron Yan is gay… it’s all over the internet…I also support Aaron-Puff, but after Puff I think he was with Tia Lee from Fall In Love With Me, and then he was outed as gay.

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