Kang Min Hyuk: Still the Most Adorable and Sane Male Character in Heirs

I haven’t talked specifically about Kang Min Hyuk of CNBlue in the currently airing drama Heirs/The Inheritors in awhile. Blame it on a combination of getting lost in the overrun cast as well as being so sane and awesome of a character there is nothing to discuss in the thoughts section of a recap. Let’s rectify it with a Min Hyuk squee post! It’s not just me who thinks he’s cute as a button, his co-star Park Shin Hye posted a picture collage of her and Min Hyuk hanging out on the set and making darling faces at the camera. It’s actually their second drama together after Heartstrings and this time they play platonic best friends though I wish they got more scenes together. Of the male leads, Chan Young is my favorite character and performance. Kim Woo Bin’s character Young Do is a psychopath and he plays him with so much crazy eyes it’s distracting, Lee Min Ho’s character Tan ranges from somnolent to randomly grabby and I’ve seen so much better out of him, and Choi Jin Hyuk’s character Won needs to get laid and stop being a raging asshole. I went back to read Chan Young’s original character description from the leaked synopsis, and everything is the same except originally he was supposed to still be carrying a torch for Eun Sang and his relationship with Bo Na was supposed to develop in real time during the drama (as opposed to already in place when the drama started). The change was likely due to Jung Yong Hwa not ending up joining Heirs and his band mate Kang Min Hyuk stepping into the same character. Jung Yong Hwa was in discussion for Chan Young and not Young Do, so Kim Eun Seok make some changes along the way as the final casting firmed up. While I’m glad Chan Young doesn’t like Eun Sang that way, it also means Young Do does since K-dramas love triangle and that means more Young Do to annoy me. Though the power of Chan Young is strong indeed in that he’s made me actually find Bo Na less irksome. They are a cute couple and I hope they don’t break up later over the usual stupid rich-poor dichotomy. 


Kang Min Hyuk: Still the Most Adorable and Sane Male Character in Heirs — 21 Comments

  1. I don’t know… In real life I wouldn’t think it’s cute that Chan Young’s dating someone who treats his best friend so poorly. In the story world I can live with it. And Bo Na has become less mean as the story has moved into the school.

  2. I’m totally into him! he’s so adorable. Everything he does is just cute! Though they have chemistry I’d rather ship them in another lifetime. For a change, I want them to just have a best friends relationship since falling in love to your best friend is way OVERRATED.

  3. He is good as Chan Young, as much as I like YH too I’m happy Minhyuk is playing this role. One thing though, it was Minhyuk that posted those pictures on the CNBLUE’s twitter account ^^ But anyway I really like him with Bo Na I kinda wish that they would’ve shown their romance develope as it was orinally written out.

  4. Bo Na will get back together with Kim Tan and Chan Young will then be the guardian angel for Eun Sang.

    Sounds sucky, but that could be an alternative ending lol.

  5. Yoon Chan Young! He’s adorable, and he seems the sanest among all the other characters. One thing that puzzles me most is that he’s ‘just’ the son of a secretary (a high-ranking one at least), and he’s also in the school as a social welfare case, yet he’s surviving pretty well. I mean, he’s dating Lee Bo-Na, an heir to a mega entertainment company (hehe names of companies like to be self-explanatory, yeah?), he’s on okay terms with other ‘heirs’ like Myung Soo and Kim Tan, and he can stand up to Young Do without fear of being bullied himself. Even Rachel distanced herself from him because of the social gap, but the rest aren’t. What a weird dynamic.

  6. Actually idk where on earth you got the information that Kang Minhyuk’s role was supposed to be Jung Yonghwa’s role? mind sharing us your source? ^^ Because as far as I know, not even a single Yonghwa/CNBLUE’s hardcore-iest fan knows what exactly happen and what was really the supposedly role for Yonghwa.. So I guess, you’re more than the “hardcore-iest” fan of Yonghwa/CNBLUE for you to know what actually happened?! 🙂

  7. Chan Young and Bo Na are the main reason I’m sticking with Heirs. They really are a cute couple, and easily the closest to normal. Even though they’re minor characters, I hope we’ll get to see sweet affection rewarded with a satisfying arc, amidst all the bullying of the super-rich and the nearly catatonic passivity of the poor.

  8. I started watching Heirs solely for Lee Min Ho, but the drama opened my eyes to Kang Min Hyuk. Where have you been all my life, Oppa??

    • lol same!
      Except I started watching because people kept saying it was so good and there was too much hype about it…
      and then I met Chan Young….I would’ve never become a boice fan if it wasn’t because of Chan Young!
      I started watching Heartstrings after Heirs because I knew Chan Young was in it, and then I met Yong hwa and his amazing voice, and I looked him up and found out his band was called cnblue and started listening to them!!!

  9. Am I the only person who finds Bo Na utterly annoying and unbearable?
    People everywhere keep saying she’s cute, but I just can’t see anything cute about her! I think she’s annoying and controlling!
    Is there something I’m missing out on?!?!!!

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