Kim Soo Hyun Pairs Up with Angelababy for Samsonite and May Headline Joseon Vampire Drama

Sometimes posts just write itself based on news releases so it’s not a concerted decision to do two back-to-back Kim Soo Hyun posts. Kim Soo Hyun recently added Samsonite Red luggage and bags to his list of endorsements, taking over for Song Joong Ki who is currently out of commission and serving in the army. Choosing Kim Soo Hyun to take over for Song Joong Ki doesn’t surprise me in the least, but my eyes did widen to see who he’s paired up with. Samsonite brought over Hong Kong actress and model Angelababy (née Yang Ying) who I believe is making her Korean CF debut though Kim Soo Hyun is not the first K-actor she’s worked with. Last year she romanced Kim Bum in the blockbuster period mystery wuxia flick Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon. For some reason Angelababy looks particularly good when working with both her K-actor partners in Kim Bum and now Kim Soo Hyun and I find this series of Samsonite Red ads visually arresting and cheeky. Kim Soo Hyun’s agency KeyEast Entertainment made news today when it revealed that it now owned the rights to adapt the Joseon vampire manhwa Vampire Yangban into a K-drama.

The agency intends to cast Kim Soo Hyun as the male lead playing a Joseon-era vampire though it’s not confirmed since Kim Soo Hyun may be interested in taking a drama break after doing the strenuous You From Another Star. In terms of the male actors managed by KeyEast, if Kim Soo Hyun passes that would leave only Kim Hyung Joon (who is himself doing a strenuous drama right now in Age of Feeling) and Joo Ji Hoon who are the right age for this role. Vampire Yangban is about a Joseon-era genteel lady whose family is wiped out after being falsely accused of treason. She survives and then cross-dresses as a boy and sells used books to scrape by. One day she meets a handsome mysterious yangban (scholar) who turns out to be a vampire. He’s one of the good vampires but there are also bad vampires around who he ends up battling to protect her. I’m totally getting a Joseon Twilight/The Vampire Diaries thingamajiggy going on here, leaving me both fascinated and cringing at the same time. I honestly don’t know what to think about either the idea of a Joseon vampire romance drama or Kim Soo Hyun playing yet another cold handsome powerful otherworldy being. Oh wells, what will be will be and he’s either going to do it or pass. Until then, check out the pretty and stylish Samsonite Red ad campaign with him and Angelababy.

Kim Soo Hyun and Angelababy for Samsonite – “Hitchhiking” and “Sad”:

[youtube id=”PZ0hY0z72R0″ w=”625″ h=”445″]


Kim Soo Hyun Pairs Up with Angelababy for Samsonite and May Headline Joseon Vampire Drama — 16 Comments

  1. I’d rather he take a lonnnng drama break. Plus he’s touring 8 cities around Asia I believe right after yfas wraps up. Guy is getting 1 hr a sleep per day and the production team is always falling behind schedule.

    Lol that commercial made me laugh. The part where he drives off and leaves the beautiful angelababy hanging, and when angelababy would rather spare her own bag than throw it out of anger, I love.

    A big ? With the premise but I doubt kim soo hyun is gonna take another drama this year. He seems to be doing one drama a year.

  2. ‘ve always felt that hero jaejoong would be a spot-on casting for such vampire roles, since he is good-looking but his pale skin and teeth have that other-worldly quality to them.. Plus with spiky longish hair, he would just look like he stepped out of rosario*vampire or some other vampire manga..

    But I guess he is not KeyEast??

  3. Joseon vampire drama. Ah, I am torn! Sounds like it could be awesome or a complete flop. I guess it all depends on when they plan to produce the drama. I can’t see Kim Hyun Joong as a vampire, but I think both KSH and JJH could pull it off. That said, I wasn’t particularly impressed with JJH in Medical Top Team, but he definitely has the look to convincingly portray a cold, immortal vampire!

  4. The drama could go either way but the fact that It’s a saeguk may keep the viewers interested (ahjummas?)
    On the other note is it necessary that the casting of main lead should be done only from the actors that Belong to the company? I’d love to see someone else Maybe woobin ? Kim jaejoong has the look too. Jang geun suk ? He is also a good actor.

  5. His face, those eyebrows, yum. I know he probably needs the rest, but I’d love to see him take on the role in this vampire saeguk. Ah, I’m selfish like that.

  6. Kim Woobin would be a great vampire!!!! But he ia not from KeyEast. He had done the Vampire Idol and his looks could passed as apale, tall and unique handsome vampire. While KSY needs some rest.

    • I could so see kim woo bin as the hero in this show.
      He’s tall, pale, handsome and has that mischievous aura about him. Whatever the case, the camera will love him.

  7. I need more information on this manhwa. My searches aren’t finding any information, but it sounds like something I would love. Anyone have any more info about it?

  8. I really feel like he needs to take a break after this drama, if nothing else for his health and sanity. That being said, I’m all on board for this crack-tastic sounding drama no matter who is starring in it.

  9. Sounds very interesting. I might think about watching. Since ” fated to love u” was the last drama that I have watch, perhaps this might be a start for me again.

  10. I would actually love to watch him again after you who came from another star, in fact I find him captivating with the way he acts. I didn’t really find him that way before but anyway kudos to him and I hope he taken on the vampire role this time! :DD But I wish his character is more of a cocky Damon-ish vampire than the usual cold, unassuming hero.

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