Rookie Bumbling Cops Get Tossed into Action in Second Teaser for You’re All Surrounded

First off, I love this first drama poster for You’re All Surrounded. It’s not groundbreaking but does two things right – (1) the color is lovely and everyone looks alive as opposed to the recent penchant for dark gritty everyone looks like a vampire stuff, and (2) it manages to stick the entire main cast in (and not just the three leads) and in a way that visually looks appealing with the stacked arrangement. Everyone also has animated expressions that are intended to showcase a glimpse of their character personality and delivers on that since I took away something other than “he looks cute” or “she’s so pretty”. I can’t get over seeing Lee Seung Gi as a cop wielding a gun. The last time he had a gun was when he was doing WOC training or in the actual competition in the drama The King 2 Hearts, plus I’m used to his stalwart bromace buddy Jo Jung Seok holding a gun to protect his king. Now it’s Seung Gi’s turn to do some protecting and I hope he gets up to speed fast. The bumbling rookie cop routine works for the initial stretch but will wear out its welcome soon if the rookie quartet doesn’t start bonding and using their individual strengths to solve cases as a team. In addition to Seung Gi, the other rookies consist of Go Ara, Ahn Jae Hyun, and Park Jung Min (not the SS501 one). Cha Seung Won is their impatient drill captain with high standards and no patience for training green young police academy graduates while Oh Yoon Ah plays another senior detective who happens to be Cha Seung Won’s ex-wife. It’s like YAAS can’t even escape the married exes reuniting trend. The second teaser came out yesterday and is more substantive than the first one but just as comedic in tone. I’m loving gruff no-nonsense Cha Seung Won and am trying to get a feel for Lee Seung Gi’s reluctant cop character. What’s his deal and why is he a cop when he seems not into it?

Second teaser for You’re All Surrounded:

[youtube id=”l6gE50NDW0I” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Rookie: Wah, this is so awesome!

Cha Seung Won: What I want to teach you guys is just one thing – you guys will never become cops.

Title card: Do not enter! Police investigating.

Cha Seung: Won: Move to the left! Get off, dude!

Title card: Fail to pass the test?

Go Ara: Get the guy!

Title card: Become a cop?

Older cop: I told you to give them a bit of a test.

Cha Seung Won: Don’t get dragged into the middle of a battle.

Title card: He holds their fate in his hands.

Rookie: Following the rules in the manual, we just need to do our tasks.

Go Ara: This isn’t within our task purview!

Cha Seung Won: I’m not someone who will develop my subordinates casually.


Rookie Bumbling Cops Get Tossed into Action in Second Teaser for You’re All Surrounded — 6 Comments

  1. Can’t wait to watch YAAS, the whole cast look interesting, need some light funny drama, because there is too many revenge, noona romance, exes getting back together kdrama’s. I want a change with good acting and interesting story line.

    • YAY, the lip fungus (caterpillar) is gone from CSW’s face… Now if we could get it off Kim Nam Gil’s face too… KNG looked soooo much better before…

  2. The poster is nice.

    Everything looks fun so far. I know LSG’s character has a tragic backstory so I’m assuming it’s not going to be all fun at games, but I like the tone seems light.

    I look forward to the tests the rookies get put through. I do like the whole feel of this. They are bumbling rookies, but aren’t coming across as total idiots like in the horrible 7th Level Civil Servant.

  3. I AM SO EXCITED! Other than my love of Lee Seung Gi and my adoration of Cha Seung Won this actually is looking like it’s going to bring the A-Game! The posters are beautiful, the trailers are funny and intriguing, all around its shaping up to be one of my most anticipated dramas of this year! Here’s hoping it delivers with a great plot, sensible characters, and well lots of Seung Gi adorableness and Cha Seung Won hotness 🙂 I mean if all else fails at least there’s awesome eye candy!

  4. So excited. Drama hurry up and air already. Their hasnt been a decent drama for me to wath lately. Waahhhhh ^_^

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