Love Myself or You with Puff Guo and Liu Yi Hao Starts Releasing Interesting Promotional Material

One reason I’m ready to let In a Good Way go on the SETTV Friday night time slot is due to the imminent arrival of the seemingly delightful new drama Love Myself or You starring Liu Yi Hao and Puff Guo of Dream Girls. It’ll be my go-to idol drama since I’m blocking the existence of the SETTV Sunday night drama from my consciousness other than occasionally staring when a hot picture of Aaron Yan pops up. The first thing to love about Love Myself or You is the fantastic title – the Chinese title is 喜歡 一個人 – which has multiple meanings though the literal translation is Like One Person. It can mean to like one person, i.e. I like a person, or it could mean like to be alone, i.e. I like to be alone. What makes both meanings work in this drama is Puff’s character is a girl who likes to be alone, she enjoys life in the solitary when she can do her two favorite things which are cooking/eating delicious food and reading her beloved mangas. I swear she is like a carbon copy of me in my heyday.

It’s rare to have a leading lady in a TW-drama be cold, aloof, competent and non-bumbling, not in-your-face, and content to be left alone. The only other similar leading lady in recent memory was Rainie Yang‘s awesomely shy Momo in vastly underrated ToGetHer, who come to think of it also had a manga fixation (everyone remember Prince Kashaba?). Puff’s character is a sous-chef and most of the action will unfold in a French restaurant where she works alongside newly arrived assistant chef and secret chaebol son played by Liu Yi Hao, her rival sous-chef played by Lene Lai, head chef played by Sean Lee, and Puff’s character’s former high school boyfriend and now restaurant critic played by Jolin Chien. The first teasers have me salivating already for the sparks to fly between Puff and Liu Yi Hao (they look sooooo good together) and enjoying Puff’s toned down performance for a chance to spend time with a very low-key leading lady short on histrionics and pratfalls.

Love Myself or You teasers:


Love Myself or You with Puff Guo and Liu Yi Hao Starts Releasing Interesting Promotional Material — 19 Comments

  1. This is my most anticipated drama at the moment, no lie. I cannot wait to see sparks fly between Puff and Jasper. 😉

    So far I’m liking the toned-down characterization of Du Kaiqi in the preview

    M ims, even though she does yell a little loudly in the teaser just released today. Nevertheless, I think this’ll be a nice Friday night follow-up to In a Good Way, which I will miss very dearly!

  2. Holy moly the guys are dressed a bit loudly. Can’t they be classy looking?

    The only good looking item of clothing are the jeans.

  3. so far im liking Puff’s character description…felt like i can totally connect with her totally going to miss IAGW..looks like this will help me with my drama withdrawal.

  4. I’m looking forward to this drama!

    I remember another cold competent heroine… from “Knock Knock Loving You”. Too bad the drama sucked big time and she was mistreated by all the other characters.

  5. you should give Fall in Love With Me a chance it’s actually pretty good and not just your typical rom-com cliche drama

    • Fall in love with me is such an amazing drama, so in love with it. I would hope you can give it a try, just like you gave Dr.Stranger a try even though you didn’t like the actor 😉

    • I agree. I had no intention of watching the drama (since you my dear Koala bashed it before it even started airing) but out of a case of severe boredom over the weekend I marathoned the show and I love it! I have never seen Aaron Yan in anything and he was the reason I did not want to watch it (my gaydar pings just looking at stills of him) but he is charming and I really like his dorkable character. The girl is pretty and servicable (and yes not the greatest actress) but for TW-dramas I will be honest I never have high expectations from the actors. Even in In A Good Way (which I love) only Lego Lee is really acting his ass off. Kristen(?) is beautiful but also not much of an actress.

      • I had doubts about Fall In Love With Me too since everyone seemed to react so aversely to it since it wasn’t Puff and Aaron pairing up again. On top of that, they replaced Puff with Tia and everyone seemed to doubt Tia’s acting (including me because she was pretty stiff in Miss Rose and Office Girls).

        I’ve never been a fan of Aaron either (even when watching Just You) and Fall In Love With Me made me a complete fan!! His so charismatic yet dorky and adorable. Aaron’s acting is convincing and powerful in that we can see Xiao Lu and Tian Xing are the essentially the same person through subtleties when Xiao Lu is determined or when Tian Xing flashes an occasional dorky smile.

        I am enjoying this drama way more than I did with Just You and I haven’t watched a drama where a week’s wait for the next episode feels like torture since ITWY or AC.

        I agree Lego Lee is amazing in In A Good Way but Kristen’s acting is mediocre. Tia Li definitely improved her acting, it’s not the best but it doesn’t make me cringe. Tbh, Puff’s acting isn’t that great either it was quite exaggerated in Just You imo.

    • Aaron and everyone else who loves Fall in love with me 🙂

      I completely agree with what everyone said. This was actually my first Taiwanese drama, and I checked it out because of boredom rally. But I got so addicted to it, and I fell in love with both of Aaron characters that I went ahead to try and watch JUST YOU for him. I’m sorry to all of Puff’s fans but I still can’t get past episode 3 because of how annoying and loud her character is. But I think I’ll stool watch because Aaron is such a good actor.

      Please give him series a second chance, we would love if you would recap it as well. It’s such an addicting drama, and like someone mentioned earlier, I haven’t had a drama where I’m actually dying for the upcoming episode to air already. Thank you 🙂

  6. Manga and delicious food. Sounds like my past self too LOL..of which the only thing that has changed is the manga to dramas XD..

    The teasers make this look like a lot of fun and I’ll be interested in seeing how different Puff’s acting is in here..It’ll be a nice cheery pick me up after my beloved IAGW ends *sniff*

  7. Totally agree with the previous comments! You should really give Fall in Love With Me a chance! It’s such an awesome drama! It’s such a chore waiting for the episodes every week! 😀

  8. OMG-shhha, what is Puff wearing in that first pic? Way too big for her size. Almost like a prego one piece. I would be unhappy putting that dress on too. What the heck was her stylist thinking that day!?!

    Don’t tell me Jasper is going to play a mute. There won’t be some kind of odd reason where he talks again ’cause love overcomes everything mumbo-jumbo. Golly. Not another “Silence” show.

  9. Imma come out of lurking and say, thank the Lord Harry for a different heroine,those plucky types were beginning to make me feel ill.

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