Second Young and Pretty Teaser for Records of a Night Watchman Along with Darker Drama Posters

Records of a Night Watchman is still giving me a split opinion headache, but luckily my expectations are so low it’s not going to be upsetting if the end product skews towards unwatchable rather than unexpectedly fun. The official drama posters are out and the best one of the lot is the one above showing Jung Il Woo‘s ghost-seeing Crown Prince Lee Rin with his three guardian ghosts hovering over him. One is a former minister, the other Lee Rin’s personal eunuch when he was a child. I’m assuming the little girl may be Lee Rin’s childhood sweetheart but could be a dead sister or whatnot. Lee Rin is plagued by the same ability to see ghosts as his dad the King played by Choi Won Young, who has now turned increasingly crazy and Lee Rin’s half-brother the ambitious Prince Kisan played by Kim Heung Soo is eyeing the throne. I love the ambiance of the poster above with Jung Il Woo in a happy-go-lucky mood while three nagging ghosts sigh over him.

The other two posters are too terrible to even remotely merit a second glance. The slightly less bad one has the night watchman guards all on the roof getting ready to wrangle some ghosts. Go Sung Hee has changed out of her spirit girl costume and is cross-dressing with a bow and arrow in hand while Jung Il Woo is still rocking the hideous leather vest ensemble from before. The other three night watchman there to complete the package are Yunho, Yoon Tae Young, and Jo Dal Hwan. The most dreadful poster of the lot is where the entire cast is photo-shopped in a row in front of a bad screen of the palace. This one includes Kim Sung Oh‘s shaman wizard in his bad wig and full one-shouldered toga glory clutching his massive snake staff. I know there’s a bad pun somewhere in there. The second video teaser has also been released and actually looks cute because it dispenses with the ghosts and shamans and crazies and instead just features the four pretty young leads. On this trailer alone it definitely gives off the hopeful whiff of this production company’s previous work Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

Second teaser for Records of a Night Watchman:


Second Young and Pretty Teaser for Records of a Night Watchman Along with Darker Drama Posters — 10 Comments

  1. Totally agree that the top poster is the best. But Jung Il Woo is reminding me quite a bit of sun and moon part 2 since he was a prince there too

  2. The poster at the top is what I hope the drama would be like (dreamy and surreal, like Arang and the Magistrate with a touch of SKKS), and the one at the bottom is what I fear it would be (Jeon Woochi, Gu Family Book).

  3. I agree the first picture is the better of the lot, but i wouldnt call the other pictures awful just lack creativity

  4. Oh My God, it looks so bad …
    I can’t believe it. People are actually getting paid for such “shitty” works ? Those posters just seem so amateurs. Gosh’, it upsets me so much.

  5. JIW looks like hong gil dong in second poster. Hate the attire. Love the expression.I’ll pretend the second and third poster never exist. I love the plot for this drama. I love skks and i’ll give this a try. However, yunho, why you have to be in this drama as well. I can’t stand his acting. I’ll give it a try if his role is the bubbly type or someone that won’t put serious face all the time. But if he is continue to be serious and expresionless, i think that will be a bummer to watch this drama for me.

  6. I love the funny poster above the best. As predicted, Yunho may look the part but the moment he opens his mouth, the game is over lol

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