Dispatch Reports that Kim Hyun Joong is Being Investigated for Assault and Battery on His Girlfriend

Goodness is this turning out to be a majorly bad year for Asian entertainers all around, and this week alone I’m writing about the third alleged or confirmed breaking of the law by an A-list entertainer. Can I go back to writing about happy rainbow dating news? Oh right, there is that “confirmation” this week that Sulli of f(x) is dating Choiza of Dynamic Duo, which is as much newsworthy as my neighbor going in for a colonoscopy since everyone knew they were dating already. On the heels of this week’s drug busts and tax evasion, this latest shocker probably takes the cake if its true, and probably takes the cake even if it turns out not to be true since the mere allegation is already reputation damaging to the extreme. Dispatch is exclusively reporting that a young lady referred to as “A” has filed a police report against singer-actor Kim Hyun Joong for assault and battery stemming from a series of domestic violence incidents.

She is claiming to be Kim Hyun Joong’s girlfriend and dated him since 2012 and is filing the police report to press charges against him for a violent beat down that occurred in May in his residence. When she confronted him about cheating on her with another woman, she alleges that he struck her to the extent that she needed to be hospitalized for two weeks with injuries to the chest, legs, arms, and rear end. They then reconciled but she learned of another cheating incident in July and alleges that this time he beat her so severely that he fractured her rib and she needed a six-week hospitalization to recover. She has submitted to the police evidence of her dating relationship with Kim Hyun Joong as well as the hospital reports from both hospitalizations to corroborate her allegations. The police have reportedly opened an investigation and will bring him in for an interview.

This is breaking news so Kim Hyun Joong’s agency Keyeast has released a statement that it’s looking into this matter and will respond accordingly after reaching Kim Hyun Joong who is currently on an Asian tour to promote his latest mini-album. Above are all pictures from this past week at Kim Hyun Joong’s sold out Japan tour dates.  HOLY FUCK is all I have to say for now about the allegations. O___O If it’s true then his career is basically over and I doubt there is any goodwill on earth from even the most stalwart fangirls for a man who beats up a woman. If it’s not true then his reputation is still heavily shot and he might want dive into military service immediately and use the two years to let everything blow over. This is crazy shocking and I’ve seen plenty of shocking celebrity allegations of misconduct and/or lawbreaking.


Dispatch Reports that Kim Hyun Joong is Being Investigated for Assault and Battery on His Girlfriend — 129 Comments

  1. Wow thats seriously crazy but I agree his career is basically over even if its not true he wont be able to work for awhile which is too bad since he did a good job on his last drama but if its true its good if he doesnt work….he is actually the reason I became obsessed with asian dramas I saw him said man he is hot and ended up never watching american tv again haha

    • Well, i just hope the police will look into it, do a meticulous and thorough investigation, to find whatever truth. If the allegation’s true, his talents would be wasted … he’s such a good artist. i love his songs, i enjoy his drama. He kinda “saved” me with his presence.

    • I don’t understand why would his career be over even if its not true like if dispatch said bullshit then they are GODs and if its true then he is a jerk and a jackass and she is more jackass then he is because she was such a stupid lngirl after a fantacy and taking it for the first time rather the second too she is stupid and deserved TT he second because she shut up on the first and he needs to be jailed
      Oh I believe she is telling the truth CU’s it seems she has evidence and not so dummy ” one should learn from park shi ho “

    • I was just watching We Got Married also, I hope it is not true. It would break my heart and effect a lot of people that adore him, 🙁

      • I know right, the main image I have of him is from WGM and X-Man many years ago. He always seemed shy, quiet, polite etc. But man, this is Park Shi Hoo all over again.

        Hoping it’s not true but if it is, he deserves what’s coming to him.

  2. WoW I did not expect that from him…guess you never really know w/ celebrities.But yea his career is pretty much over if it’s true.I feel sad though because playful kiss was my first K-drama don’t know if I can Re-watch it the same again.

    • Someone got beaten up and hospitalized for 6 weeks and some people around here are actually saying ‘Yay’ for not seeing the accused in a kdrama anymore.

      Seriously? Disgusting.

      • Get off your phony moral high horse.Thousands of women all over the world DIE or end up in the hospitals every single day because of domestic violence, but since we are talking about Kim Hyun Joong’s girlfriend I should write specifically about her? I feel EQUALLY sorry for all victims of abuse, not just the ones that are related to celebrities. And yes, I am happy that this talentless scum has been exposed. High profile cases bring awareness to existic social issues.

      • So, since she didn’t die, it isn’t that serious? And you’d rather celebrate that some talentless actor isn’t going to get roles instead of just conveying your support to the victim? I’d rather be riding my phony high horse than be bothered wasting another second replying to people like you.

      • I think he/she just making a joke. She/he just didn’t expect that someone would be sensitive about it.

        Well, this issue is kinda serious and just fresh out of the oven

  3. Omg!!! Wow!!! If true, I’d say his career is over for good. I can’t believe it. I am not a fan of his but really??? If not true, still super damaging… But I can’t believe that she would make these kinds of allegations if not some truth. I guess we will have to see what the authorities turn up.

    It’s true, you just don’t know how anyone is behind closed doors.

  4. Goodbye.

    In light of this news, his interview after his drama ended where he shared his thoughts on love and dating and protecting his gf by never going public make him seem like a real psychopath. During that time he had already beat his girlfriend. Sickening.

      • Er no, it’s not hearsay. It’s currently an allegation. Hearsay is an out-of-court statement introduced to prove the truth of the matter asserted therein, with a dozen or so exceptions before it can be admitted as evidence in court.

      • whatever…an allegation…the point being that it’s not even proven…so why are people believing it’s true?

  5. Woah…if this is true…I can’t even imagine the craziness that will go down with his fans and the rest of the kdrama/kpop netizenry….also even though I’m not a big fan of his, I think its very difficult to make him out to be a beater from his offscreen persona from interviews and stuff…even though I’ve never considered him talented I’ve always thought he was a decent sort…but you never know…also it seems wierd that Keyeast wouldn’t immediately deny the claims…that seems iffy too

  6. After PSH’s scandal last year, I don’t think anything can truly shock me anymore. There’s no way this isn’t true, and once proven, KHJ needs to bid his career farewell. He can’t get up from something so severe as repeatedly assaulting your girlfriend. And he shouldn’t be able to anyway.

    • If there is anything PSH’s scandal taught me was that everything blows over. He’s already making movies and public appearances… as for beatings here in the states we have a ‘shining’ example in Chris rihanna-beating Brown of how girlfriend beating is overlooked by fans after a short while.
      I am going to state that if it does turn out to be true I’ll never be able to rewatch his WGM episodes with my girl crush hwangbo. I hope its not true but if it is then I’m never going to be a rationalizer like so many fans tend to be sayong Oppa didn’t mean it, etc. Broken bones is not something that can happen without intent.

    • how can you say that “there’s no way this isn’t true”? you are psycho or have no common sense? where’s your proof? let’s see the evidence 1st before judging someone is guilty…

      • Surely injuries that need hospitalisation for 6 weeks are enough evidence? Or do you think she faked that?

        ‘Oppa didn’t mean it/do it’ syndrome happening even here, I’m not surprised.

      • It’s sure as hell I’m not the psycho who’s ignoring the hospitalizations report that has been submitted to the police. Evidence? It’s right there. Now of course for fangirls who like to blind themselves, that doesn’t count. Like pigsnout, even I’m not surprised. But disgusted, yea I sure am.

      • that’s not necessarily evidence…so if i go to the hospital for a broken arm and state that my friend did it…that means my friend did it?

      • also i’m not a fan-girl…i don’t buy his music, go to any of his concerts/fan meetings, or watch his dramas except for ‘Boys Over Flowers’…all i’m saying is that just because she accused him and went to the hospital for injuries, doesn’t mean that he did it. That is all I’m saying.

      • I agree with you, its irritating how people jump right away to condem him, without having any real info (aka police reports and statements). People should remember that media often twist words or blow things out of proportion; and more over its not hard even to fake med reports either if you try set up a person seriously;
        And I am not taking sides. If he did it – he deserves all he will get, but he should be proven guilty first. But its so sad that at first sign of doubt so called fans are ready to beleive in the worst.

      • I think everyone should shut up until real proof comes out. I can go to the hospital and have a report to and say my boyfriend hurt me but for real he didn’t. Kim Hyun Joong is a great singer and actor. I am married and I play around and we fight I can see someone getting hurt if you push them. It happens so lets wait to see what the police say.

  7. Assault come with jail time in Korea?

    Keyeast must be scrambling here. This is in police hands. Under investigation, it’s probably not good to comment yet. To inflict those kinds of injuries must have come with a lot of force. Really disturbing. Will have to wait and see.

    • If the injcities were as reported, then they are serious. One can break a rib easily, particularly if one falls on something-it happened to my friend. In dramas, people stay in the hospital a long time to make a point. Is it the same in real life in Korea? If she was in six weeks in a US hospital, then, I would say she was very seriously injured because here, after a few days, one’s insurance company is trying to get you out to a cheaper facility like a nursing home or rehab hospital. I hope both parties get fairer treatment from the police then PSH did were information from the investigation last year was leaked in the most damaging manner.

      • Her dongsaeng was apparently involved in bullying a fellow soldier and leading to his suicide, and she/her family helped cover it up.

    • Her brother bullied some guy in the military so much he killed himself and her family paid his family off to not talk about it and her agency is deleting articles that pop up about it trying to cover it up

      • BH Entertainment has been blocking the reports since months ago. It is not a secret between her fans who follows her news updates closely.

    • It’s a shame that they have to use her name. It’s not even her who’s involved in the scandal. It’s her brother. He was the one at fault.

      • Why bring han hyo joo into this topic..did she assault someone?? last i check she’s the celebrity not her brother entirely different topic all together …still if that was the case dont need to be dealt publicly since his not a celebrity…why sneak hye joo’s name in with the likes of KHJ??? SMH!!


  8. Kim Hyun Joong is the reason I fell in love with k-drama and k-pop. I learnt Korean so I can understand everything better. Now I am so shocked.

  9. The flower boy who is fearful of dragonflies is a crazy violent guy? I can’t believe this until more of the story is released. Wow. He seems incapable of hurting anyone. Geesh, what happened to him? If this is true, hope the poor girl gets help.

  10. Oh dear! he’s not just a pretty face anymore. if this is true then he will have Abuser tag to his name forever. I’m just looking fwd to what excuse the agency will use…’She attacked him first, and his foot landed on her rib’ dear dear..and not to mention his crazy fans (the ones that will believe his innocent)

  11. whoa! i feel the stars are aligning and alternate, hell-verse is breaking loose. “what is going on in our world?! it’s madness, it’s total madness.”

  12. i don’t really agree with his career being over. If that’s the case, I’m pretty sure Park Shi Hoo is pretty wipe off the K-ent industry as he would be label as a rapist.

    I know in K-ent are filled die hard fans and most likely would support their idols through thick and thin. In addition, their fan base is pretty much international as K-drama pretty gone international now. So i’m sure there will be people out there waiting for his latest project.

    That aside, I’m not supporting what he does. However, if the girlfriend had enough courage to report the incident to the police department, maybe it would have been wise for her to leave him when he first put his hands on her or had any signs of physical/mental abuse. I’m looking forward to hearing more news regarding this incident though.

    • Agree with you … Though to many, if this is proven true, would bring a great disappointment. Not only to Hyun Joong, SS501 members, his family and KeyEast, but also the Henecians and TS. Many people would get hurt, and noting that being abusive somehow triggered from inside as well as outside, he would have to go to a counseling. And climbing the ladder again, in a fierce competition nowadays would be different harder challenge.
      I’m utterly shocked, but living itself is a drama. And forever, there would be another tag if we browse his name “assault” “Abusive”, proven true or not. How sad. he has such good talent

    • You also have to consider his agency is going to pay her off, she’ll probably drop charges (and get accused of being a money hungry bitch who is using poor oppa) and then he’ll go into reflection. He also still has his 2 year MS to make people forget. Unfortunately I doubt his career is over too.

    • But didnt PSH’s case get settled out of court? If this case is proven to be true, his career will probably be over for quite awhile, if not forever. At least it will alert women not to go near him.

  13. teespring.com/supportKHJ
    Triple S and Henecia, let’s band together and show our leader that we believe in him. This allegation, even if untrue, will definitely be detrimental to his career. We need to show him our love more than ever. #kimhyunjoong#KimHyunJoongWeSupport#innocentuntilprovenguilty

  14. Sheesh. Calm down everyone. At this point they are allegations. Is he automatically guilty because someone printed it and made it ‘news’? It’s interesting to me how when someone of fame is accused of any wrong doing, so many assumptions of guilt are made. Whether you like him as an actor/singer or not, let the police and investigators do their jobs. Remember that both the accused and the accuser have families and loved ones and things are not always as black and white as we would like them to be.

    • I agree with you that we don´t have a lot of information on the case yet so we shouldn´t take him being guilty of assault as a fact.
      (Though I think you underestimate the amount of commenters siding with the famous accused person just because they are famous/rich/pretty.)

      If he is indeed guilty though there will be no “grey areas” between “black and white” as you put it to consider because there are NO justifications for hurting anyone like this!!

  15. It seems like every time when Korean entertainers not belonging to certain big agency get popular, scandals would pop up all of a sudden. Then some sites would immediately re-trend and circulate the news like there is no tomorrow painting the most devastated and horrific picture of the person(s). The pattern was so obvious that it’s like watching synchronized swimming. I’ll have to say watching how the media manipulates the audience is far more entertaining than the so-called scandals themselves.

  16. I guess all the fighting moves he learned for his most current drama was brought home too…I despise domestic violence n so if its true then let him face some consequences for his dirty work

  17. I’m in total shock. He’s the whole reason I became hooked on K-dramas and K-pop 5 years ago after watching BOF. He was my gateway drug, so to speak, into the addicting world of Korean entertainment.
    Although I like him dearly, I am not a crazy fan girl and will wait to see what the investigations bring into the light.
    If this proves to be true, I hope he will face the full legal consequences of his actions.
    If he is innocent, I can’t begin to imagine the damages done to his career.
    But from what we know so far, I’m afraid it isn’t looking too good for him right now…

  18. Abusing your love ones is always wrong. May those who beat their love ones meet their hell.

    KHJ, you’re screwed either way.

    On a different note, Kai Ko is majorly screwed. He is banned from China media and his appearance on Tiny Times 4 will be erased. I wonder what’s in store for Jaycee Chan. His punishment will in no doubt harsher than KK.

  19. So many feelings about this article. Feeling bad for his girlfriend. No human being deserves violence unless it is self defense. I agree with those that know his career is not over. PSH got accused of rape and that blew over. Many others have been accused of wrongdoing and they are still singing, acting and performing.
    My shock is that I really thought he was gay. The Asian entertainment industry and their secrecy or fake moral shield harms more than helps.
    I am still going to keep loving all the Flower Boys. Being a fan because their lives do not affect me. They have never sent me a check so why should I care what a tiny drop of water does on this huge ocean of humanity. In the long run his money will save him. Such a sad bit of news.

  20. I find it surprising that none of the comentors here have not pointed out the simple fact that this scandal was fabricated, it’s surprisingly easy to bribe the girlfriend and fabricate evidence to support her claim, it’s happened before, my question for the girl is if he beat her in may and july respectively why did she wait until he’s on tour outside the country and to the end of august roughly 1 month after the last assult to make this allegations, and if this case is in the investigative stage how did the media get wind of the incident, there is something fishy going on.
    P.S I am not a fan of kim hyun joong I just wanted to point this out.

    • First, you need to look up the definition of “fact”. Secondly, perhaps the reasons she waits till now to file claims against him is maybe I don’t know the guy who beat her till the point of hospitalization is out of the country so you know less chance for him to retaliate? Thirdly, the fact is that there is such a thing as Spousal Abuse syndrome where the victim keeps on getting suck back to the cycle of violence because their mind is that broken. Fourth, if this is all fabricated evidence then it must be a huge sum money to buy her off because she was willing to get beat up twice to get the hospital records. Oh the hospital records are fabricated too you say? Then damn! whoever has a grudge against him has like major political and financial connection! And they’re using all of that to bring down HJ so even if it’s all fabricated, it does make one wonders what kind of person HJ is to bring that sort of wrath on himself eh?

      • I couldn’t agree more bc abt 99% of women have that syndrome bc they always think they can still change that abusive person one day n its kinda hard to move on when u think u love some1

    • Statistically the numbers of false abuse claims are very low compared to the number of actual abuse committed, so I think it is understandable if people are inclined to believe the potential victim.

      If I remember the statistics correctly about 70% of all domestic abuse related killings are committed AFTER the victim leaves their abuser so I don´t think it would be surprising for a victim to come forward when their abuser is outside of the country.

      I´m not saying that her allegations are absolutely true (although I have no idea how one would fake several weeks long hospital stays or proof of the injuries these would require) but the points that you felt you needed to point out are in fact weak.

    • Nope. False charges are very rare. There’s no real reason to doubt the woman, especially since his agency is still “checking” (aka making up a story/trying to settle) nearly a day later.

  21. I am a big fan of KHJ, this new send me into shock mode but frankly, I am not surprise. The reason why I like KHJ was the dangerous edge he had on his pretty face. He was seem like just another weak pretty boy to me. He always seem like a bad boy in many ways. But beating a woman or many more than one is too much.
    I was beaten alot growing up. I understand it is due to anger and fustration some man cannot handle with in life and need to releases the anger. Such man have very little self control around their closed ones. My abuser was like this. I think this incident is not likely just a hear-say, it is too serious to be made up. There will be evidence stacked up against him thus the police are involved.
    His career will be effected. But I dont think it is as badly effected as Park Si-hoo rape case. I am still in deep shock and sadness for all those affected by this incident. Pressure and fame does effect people alot. KHJ did not handle it well and he will likely lose it.

  22. hohliu, I hope things are better for you now.

    It is a very serious matter and if this story is true, then I hope his fans will have it in their hearts not to support him anymore. This kind of thing is unacceptable.

  23. I wonder if his career is truly over even if the allegations are proven to be true. A lot of fans don´t really care about things like that if “oppa” is pretty enough..
    And other international cases have shown that even men convicted of these crimes can have a thriving career -e.g.Sean Penn was given the Oscar a few years ago and is generally seen as a good person because of his charity work..

  24. It´s true this week wasn´t very good for the Korean entertainment. First the new photos about Sulli and Choiza and finally the confirmation. Even I do love Sulli, I think she did the worst decision dating him, he is too old and made fun of her in some shows, I don´t know him, but I dislike him from the bottom of my heart. We are talking about violence right now, have you seen f(x) fan´s reaction?? They have burnt her photos and the bad comments were worst yet. In my country we don´t do this kind of things, I think is really immature. After that the tax evasion, nothing to say, unluckily is really common in Spain and it looks like nobody can´t do anything,at least in Korea people apologize.
    And lastly Kim Hyun Jong apparently has beaten his girlfriend…firstly nobody is guilty without proofs, so please, let him to say something in his defense at least. I don´t what to think, I always liked him and he was one of the reason to follow the kpop and dramas too. But there are a lot of people who has already decided that he did it and the amount of comments grew each minute. A lot of people who doesn´t know anything , has condemned him. I hope he won´t be guilty because I would be really disappointed and I would be the first to condemn him. I read here, someone said nobody create this kind of lies, let me tell you that there are some women that do that to achieve money and she wouldn´t be the first or the last. With that I´m not saying that she is liar, only that the rest should a little bit more patient until more information.

  25. “Not gonna lie, I would let him hit me. He´s so hot!!” (someone´s comment regarding the allegations)
    Sometimes I can´t help but fear for humanity…

    • I lost a lot of respect for my own gender during the Park Shi case. I still cannot comprehend the horrible things some (most likely) female users wrote. Reading on All Kpop comments like “I wouldn’t mind PSH raping me” and “Come on, it can’t be rape. Who wouldn’t want to sleep with PSH?” made me horrified.

      Under other circumstances I’d agree to wait until further details have come to light before deciding which party I believe; but a 6-week hospital stay… I cannot image what kind of injuries she must have sustained to require that. I’m glad she took action. This is so disgusting if he is really the culprit.

  26. I was shocked by his rapid physical transformation from flowerboy waife to super-buff-muscly guy but I just thought he worked hard. However upon seeing this it sounds to me like he may have used steroids. Anyone else thinking ‘roid rage?

  27. He’s going to get off so I hope she gets every penny out of him she can in compensation…one can hope that he’ll have the sense to be remorseful, go to anger management, and volunteer for domestic violence charities once he gets off.

    Kyu Jong stay quiet, TOP stay away, and Jaejoong you didn’t teach your dongsaengs anything after you got busted as a POS who hits fans?

    • Jaejoong and his group mates were stalked, harassed, sexually assaulted and threatene by sasaengs for YEARS while their agency and police let it happen. TVXQ could actually be considered to be acting in self defence there to some extent. Its not comprable to Kim Hyun Joong pos, sorry.

    • People should quit trying to drag other people into KHJ’s mess- he is an adult and what he does is in now way his friends fault. As far Jaejoong- like it has been pointed out- totally different situation- the girl even admitted he didn’t hit her-she edited the video.

      I only hope that the people in your life don’t judge you by your friends actions…

    • There was never any proof that he hit fans aside from an isolated incident where there’s an audio recording of Jaejoong getting annoyed at sasaengs following and harassing him. He probably did tap the sasaeng when he was scolding her to leave him alone but so what?

    • 1) He is not his dongsaengs they are the same ege
      2) Anyone comparing domestic violence with jaejoong case is an ignorant and is disrespecting all those women suffering in the world by saying they are equal to stalker.

  28. Looks like the ‘Age of Beating’ are becomes him….or he could not separates himself away from those role ? and becomes violent ? Since they report it only on several past months and not from those 2 years since…

  29. Holy shit.

    There has to be photos from her May stay at the hospital, plus CCTV of him going where she was before. If she didn’t have some sort of proof, the allegations wouldn’t have gotten this far. If it happened more than once, she would have had legal counsel to keep documenting. Texts, emails, phone calls, paper notes. All of that will come out, too.

    If he decides to claim her injuries were caused by someone else, that’ll be interesting to see.

    This makes me sick to my stomach whoever caused her to break ribs. Fucking a.

  30. Does anyone know, how Korean law handels victims of violence? At least the doctors in the hospital should have been able to tell those wounds were from a beating. Aren’t they supposed to act on such an information? Shouldn’t they have informed the police about domestic violence? Even if the girl didn’t sue him back then.
    I’m puzzled, how she could be in a hospital for so long and no official learned about what was going on.

  31. Wait KHJ has a girlfriend? And could sneak around and cheat multiple times? Wow, he’s a ghost!!!
    And all domestic violence complaints are taken seriously and do get to this point. It becomes a beast of its own because victims often take on the blame/justification for themselves after making an initial complaint.
    Most states require health care worker to report suspected or confirmed by injury cases of DV, this takes it out of the patients hands. Some countries that have a cultural history of staying out of “family matters” are slowly adopting these procedures also.

    While I hope this isn’t the case for KJH, If this is true, I can’t be sorry for him.

    • I was thinking the same. How come the hospital didn’t report it. I think it’s its responsibility too as a profession, since they can tell that it’s a beating. I don’t know how it works for s.korea though.

  32. It’s really difficult to break the cycle of abuse and I’m proud of her for breaking out of it. I feel sorry for everything she has gone through and I hope she has family and friends around her that support her. As for him, I hope he rots in jail or hell (or wherever he runs away to since he will buy his way out of it). I have zero respect for guys who beat up women e.g. Sean Pen, Chris Brown, the football player who is only suspended 2 games, etc.

  33. Wow. If the allegations are true, of course his career will be over, because hopefully he will be sitting in jail if justice is served.

  34. First, I don’t want to be disrespectful to you, but your comment rubs me the wrong way for three reasons:

    1. Abuse of caps lock
    2. It’s good courtesy to use the blog’s language
    3. Delusional fan

    Second, I would like to explain why:

    1.) Nobody wants to be shouted at, and your point isn’t any better or more valid by using caps lock. We could even hear you better if you had not use a foreign language 😉

    2.) You can obviously read English. Nevertheless, you choose to exclude most readers of this site from your comment by using Romanian instead. And I doubt Ms Koala understands what you wrote. So, what’s the point? If I would write in my mother tongue, which is not Romanian, you and most of the readers here would be excluded, too. Then why bother to express an opinion at all? I really don’t get it!

    3.) As a “KHJ-fan-for-life” you doesn’t seem to care that in no universe beating a woman to hospital (even twice!!!) is justifiable let alone forgivable! He’s an Idol and as such a role model, even if he has “much more to say” and has “beautiful career”.
    So, for your fondest wish that even if he’s guilty and gets punished that he has to “look ahead” / “keep going professionally”, is out of question.

    Lastly, I hope I did not hurt your feelings, because that wasn’t my intention. But I would gladly welcome you, when you are ready to share your opinion with everybody. Not only a small number of people like me, who happen to know so much of your language as to understand what you are saying. Don’t be afraid of mistakes in a foreign language. I make them, too. Frequently 😉 So, let everybody hear your voice!

  35. Sometimes, the mind of the person being abused doesn’t work rationally like those that are not. In the back of their mind they always believe he can change or things will be better if she would do this or do that. But sadly, wanting something so badly that you made yourself believe it to be true does not make it reality, that is why some women get killed by their abuser. They forgive when the abuser apologize saying there’s no next time…which in some cases there are no next time because the victim is six feet under.

    Now with that being said…I can’t imagine this girl would fake an intensive injury for the sake of it. She has to have major proof or something credible for them to go ahead with the investigation. He is a super star and she probably knew it’s hard for her to just say she’s abuse with just words alone.

    I mean, how can one fake such a thing as rib injury and bruises over her body? No one wants this to be true because it’s hard to believe someone at his stage to be doing something like this. But as a fan what do we really know about these stars? We know what they only want us to know. Behind closed doors every single person has a secret. I hope things will come out to light more. It’s a serious allegation and his camp can only keep quiet for so long.

  36. It sounds like she sticks to him like a piece of gum. But it doesn’t mean he has a right to hit her. When your bf got caught cheating on you, just break up with him. Once a cheater always a cheater.

  37. Whoa, Kim Hyun Joong, haven’t followed him after Boys over Flowers, he was one of the better ones to watch in that drama.
    He has a girlfriend? and no news agency ever found out who his girlfriend or those other women he cheated with????
    Anyhoo, wow, just hmmm…you can never tell what happens in closed doors. He does have the bad boy vibe, but not a abuser vibe, but one can’t tell if another is an abuser or not. If this is true, I hope he get’s his just desserts, this coming from a former big fan. I do want him to make a statement about this though.

    • I don’t see how one can say this is a mistake when he beat her so bad thatshe had to be hospitalized two times. That is intentional, you don’t beat someone up by mistake.

  38. She got back with him even though he sent her to the hospital the first time? I’d have sued him from the first. And if he indeed beat up her to the point of injuring her ribs, imagine what he has done to her before that she didn’t report? Something “mild” like a slap in the face must have been nothing to her… WTF. This world is going crazy.

    • You see, she’s not you and you’re not her. So your perspective [and every one else’s including mine] on her actions differ from hers, because she’s the only one in her shoes. Understanding domestic violence and its destructive dynamics helps losing any judgmental preconceived ideas on the victim and the perpetrator, both being in need of help.

  39. That incident with PSH proved that money talks,and crazy fangirls will support their biases no matter what. I don’t know what Korea’s abuse laws are like, but I hope he is held accountable if these allegations are true.

    • True money talks so I don’t think that the fact that it was settled out of court made the girl a liar. The thing is I feel this case is more likely to be real than PSH. Where the latter was a 50/50 change to be true, this is more like 60/40 possibility to be true. Who knows. But I find the timing of the reveal curious. Right when we have all those celebrity scandals…

  40. 1st I oppose beating woman or anyone I hate it & I hope who doing this what ever his name to get the suitable punishment.
    2nd : I will wait the final result of investigation to hear the police and I won’t judge him or her bcz I don’t know the real truth .
    3rd: I hope the details won’t be published as PSH case .

  41. Like many others, KHJ was also my first Korean crush and I am still his fan to this day. But being a fan does not mean that I know his personality behind closed doors, only his public image. If it turns out that he really is guilty of such heinous acts, I hope he receives the proper punishment for it.
    If however it is proven that the allegation is false, I wish all the best for him because this is a huge setback in his career.

  42. I’ve hated him since he was so rude to Hwangbuin on WGM. So he did not want a girl he can’t see in the dark? Well now I know why. It is too hard to find her and beat the crap out of her. Too bad many Korean guys are like this and IMO it is because of too much alcohol.

    Domestic violence is a big issue. I’m sorry for the girl, but since I can’t stand him, then this is not really bad news to me. He can’t act or sing and barely opens his mouth to talk on variety shows..and yet somehow became famous?

    He had the world’s worst nose job for years…I see he got it fixed so his nostrils are even now…and yet ppl thought he was handsome? Drinks and smokes too. Well Cya conceited hungjoong.

    Since I know ppl who have been in domestic abuse situations, I can almost guarantee that if he had just beat her up and not cheated…they’d still be together. But now the girl’s health and reputation are ruined, and I bet he wanted to dump her…Lets see if she gets a fair trial.

    • What does his looks have anything to do with this whole situation? Even the fact that he doesn’t have much talent. I just think that you’re putting as much senseless emotions into his hate delusional fans who are fine with him even if he’s guilty.

  43. I saw the headline somewhere else and thought it was probably fake news because it seemed too crazy. I didn’t know it was true and a real court case. Since she possibly has proof of relationship, it sounds omnious..

    I was a fan of his funny and 4d personality in variety. I can’t reconcile the two ideas of him. But obviously, it’s not like we know any celebrity’s real personality. I hope the truth comes out, either way.

  44. He looked pretty rough in his recent album cover (with the tattoos, short hair cut etc.) but I thought it was just a new marketing persona to move away from his flower boy image. The domestic violence thing is serious and not a one off thing. You can’t unintentionally break someone’s ribs, least of all someone smaller and weaker than you.

  45. Please keep us posted on this Koala. If this is court proven, it’d be so sad. I kept thinking about this case. It’s depressing. I’m also wondering why the girl’s family didn’t come out to support her & protect her. Maybe she’s older than 21 and has claimed independence… I really want to know the truth to this case.

    • p.s. I’m surprised that KHJ hasn’t responded to this case & continues on with his concert. How are the fans looking @ him, prob with suspicious glances…He should say something. Can’t just ignore it. If he is innocent, he should say the “standard” like “I hope the truth will come out and prove my innocence”….o well…

      • Apparently his agency confirmed that he had a physical fight with her once but that the rib broke during another incident, when they were fooling around.

        She must have great evidence seeing they don’t try to spin the story.

  46. “Their physical fight was a one time occurrence, and her fractured ribs didn’t occur due to their recent argument. Her ribs were injured when they were playing around previously, and the next day, they met with acquaintances. As there didn’t seem to be anything abnormal, her injury wasn’t recognized.”

    Okay so it is TRUE. I knew IT. What a trash guy!

    She was probably very skinny and small, like a lot of the pretty girls in Korea…so this is extra bad. Hope she shows her face in public and I hope people will support her.

    So basically they’re saying, while he DID beat her up ONCE, he just Broke her Rib when they were Having Fun? Unless she has a vitamin deficiency, then that does not sound like fun…

  47. I am reading and reading the posts and and I have not been able to discover: , who is really that lady “A”? Why the press notes did not put her name, why she did not show up? How can all these comments make reference to “documentary evidence” that were not even published or given to public knowledge by any means of communication? KJH has a girlfriend and a regular one? Really! Wow! This is so stranger! How come I never could get this information anywhere never? And look, I lost too much time looking for news showing KJH dating someone! And I have looked a lot… I wanted to know more about KJH and I have never found one single note about him dating anyone, only the ones with him and the actresses promoting the dramas they performed together.
    I confess that sometimes I wondered if he was gay, just because of “no girls notices” in his personal life. This notice have not made my mind yet I will wait for further information to think about it.

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