Dispatch Snaps Pictures of G-Dragon Cuddling with Rumored Girlfriend Mizuhara Kiko

When watching the K-drama Prime Minister and I, when Yoona‘s character was still a entertainment tabloid reporter, she would lurk in dark places where the celebs were hanging out to snap surreptitious pictures and have funny encounters. The reporters at Dispatch might hate that glamorization of their jobs which in reality┬áinvolves squatting in the dark for hours waiting for the money moment when a celeb pops into view. This latest dating reveal via Dispatch photo evidence hardly merits a yawn much less shock since apparently K-ent and the fandom of Big Bang already knew that member G-Dragon (Kwon Ji Yong) was dating Japanese-Korean model Mizuhara Kiko.

The dating rumors between these two have been around since 2010 with plenty of coincidental photo evidence over the years but neither have openly admitted it nor has the press published anything directly about it until now. Dispatch caught the two last weekend hanging out at a Gangnam lounge party with their friends, and hanging out in this case clearly means “being boyfriend and girlfriend” based on all the backhugging, cuddling, smiling, face stroking pictures snapped by the tabloid. G-Dragon’s agency YG Entertainment issued a statement that is in the process of confirming this.

I like G-Dragon as a musician and could care less about his personal life dating choice, but I did find this batch of Dispatch pictures worth posting about because of how clear all the pictures are. Either the photographer was a few feet away like a stealth ninja or the couple wanted to go public. This couple looks cute simply because they appear to really enjoy each others company in a low-key comfortable way. Yay if they are dating and don’t mind going public.


Dispatch Snaps Pictures of G-Dragon Cuddling with Rumored Girlfriend Mizuhara Kiko — 19 Comments

  1. Had you not mentioned it koala I would have thought that these are on set photos of them filming an mv or a drama even. Either they truly wanted to go public and was in part putting up a show for this pictures to be this clear or Dispatch employs secret agents for their reporters.

  2. I agree they probably don’t care anymore and it would be nice if these entertainers didn’t have to hide their dating lives so much. Anyway, they look so tiny and adorable together!

  3. I’ve heard that korean fans arent really happy bout kiko because shes apparently a right wing? Amd they have been spotted together so many times that I don’t think they care anymore

      • There are pictures of her out showing her with the Japanese Rising Sun Flag and visiting the Yasukuni shrine. Visiting that shrine was taken as an offence as they commemorate those who died for Japan and the Emperor there. The K-netz were offended esp. as she got Korean roots.

  4. These photos are so stage. It’s like they are posing for the cameras. Anyway, I could care less about who G-dragon is dating.

    • I’ve seen the raw videos,it wasn’t a stage at all, they were actually taking pictures outside the building with some friends, they were even take turn taking photos.

  5. Lol. I feel like they want to go public. & if anyone is a Big Bang or a GD’s fan then they would know about Kiko ages ago hahaha. Ya know.. that’s how much of a “secret” it is for this couple.

  6. I guess it was an open secret then? She’s really beautiful and has great style, if they’ve been dating since 2010 then this is clearly no mere fling and I hope his fans accept it without too much shock.

    • A lot of Koreans criticized her for being a right wing though. But at the end of the day, it is GD who dates her, and I don’t think he cares about pleasing fangirls anyway.

  7. Yeah…I’m thinking if you are an idol and you stand on a balcony facing a street canoodling with someone of the opposite sex you know you’re going to get caught by someone. If not a tabloid then a stray passerby with a phone….

  8. I found her to be a real cute in role in Shitsuren Chocalatier with Matsumoto Jun. Is she a famous model ? I hope to see her star in more dramas.

    Good for her looking so happy, in love in personal life.

  9. VIP (Fans of Bigbang) already knew it.. all we want is a confirmation.. we want them to go public.. dating just like a normal couple.. true fans would support their idol..
    i guessed, they wanted the paparazzi to take these pics..
    i thought, it’ s pretty tired living in ‘private-secret’ life when all the paparazzi(s) are around them.. *just read Seo Taiji’s news and his comment about so called private-secret life* ­čÖé

    so well, thanks for the article.. some articles in some sites were too bias ^^

  10. Aaaw, yg’s boy sure date long. From its owner to its golden boy.

    But yeah, all BB and GD fan, aware about her. So after this, as GD fan I hope he can date freely and openly like other people.

  11. Huge fan of GD and BB here! As a fan, I could really care less who they date in their personal lives, just as long as they continue to release awesome music. Thanks for sharing, Ms. K!

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