KBS Drops Spoilery Young Couple Kissing Stills in What’s With This Family

It’s really nice of KBS to give viewers the fanservice with new spoilery stills featuring my favorite couple in the weekend drama What’s with This Family. The drama firmly passed the 30% ratings mark last week, which is a huge feat in this day and age but not completely unheard of still in the weekend family-friendly time slot. A few of the recent KBS weekend dramas airing at the WWTF slot have averaged in the 20% ratings, a much needed win for the network which is flailing in prime time drama badly.

The juicy new stills show Dal Bong and Seol Woo having a sweet kiss, and within the context of even earlier stills released by KBS, comes after the restaurant crew celebrate Dal Bong’s birthday. He’s probably half drunk out of his mind to get up his courage to kiss her but I totally don’t care. Reason being is that they clearly adore each other, their recent little tiff notwithstanding. Seol Woo is probably done dishing out the cold shoulder to her Dol Bong-ahhh so time to reignite their ship back on the path of skinship galore.


KBS Drops Spoilery Young Couple Kissing Stills in What’s With This Family — 8 Comments

  1. So they kiss after the birthday celebration? quite excited but I think DB is also having a hard time, since his bday is also his mum’s death anniversary.

    • YES! I agree! I felt he looked familiar and I clicked when I watched Secret!!! I’m glad I am not the only one who thinks so. I need a drama where they act as brothers, or father and son…

      • I agree! 🙂 The first thought that came to my mind was also his resemblance to Ji Sung so much so that I thought they were relatives somehow! Hahaha 😉 It would be nice if they acted in a drama together as blood-brothers 😀

  2. Ohh… Excited for this…
    I would like to thank you for pointing this series — it’s a lot of fun to watch especially this OTP. DB ❤️ SW…

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