Massive Actor and Actress Cast Assembled to Play Same Character for K-movie Beauty Inside

There’s an upcoming K-movie that that just finished casting and about to start filming that sounds entertaining on concept alone. The movie is called Beauty Inside and tells the story of an adult marriage-aged man who suffers from an unexplained condition whereby he wakes up every morning as a completely different person on the outside. He changes age, gender, and nationality in different permutations, so today he could wake up looking like 25 year old Park Shin Hye (playing one of the incarnations) while tomorrow he turns into 44 year old Lee Bum Soo (also another incarnation).

This movie was first announced back in September as Park Seo Joon, Lee Jin Wook, and Yoo Yeon Seok would be playing the same male character. That’s still true now as all three are part of the rotating cast, but as the curtains are pulled back the breadth of the massive cast shows that there will be 20 Korean actors and actresses tackling the same male lead role in the movie. Totally overshadowed here is news that Han Hyo Joo is the female lead and the woman who loves her man inside despite his ever changing physical appearance.

Row 1: Kim Dae Myung, Do Ji Han, Jeon Young Un, Park Shin Hye, Lee Bum Soo

Row 2: Park Seo Joon, Kim Sang Ho, Cheon Woo Hee, Lee Jae Joon, Hong Dam Yi

Row 3: Jo Dae Hwan, Lee Jin Wook, Kim Min Jae, Seo Kang Joon, Kim Hee Won

Row 4:Lee Dong Wook, Go Ah Sung, Lee Seung Hwan, Kim Joo Hyuk, Yoo Yeon Seok

These 20 young-to-old actors and actresses will share the present day screen time playing the male lead, and in addition 50 more actors and actresses will show up as the same male lead inside character briefly through flashbacks, with a grand total of 70 entertainers all playing one character.


Massive Actor and Actress Cast Assembled to Play Same Character for K-movie Beauty Inside — 43 Comments

      • assuming this movie is 2.5 hours, for 70 artists, each of them get around 2.17 min. Hmm, how can viewers can connect with the “male character?”

      • If you read my post carefully, it’s 20 actors playing one character in the present time, the other 50 maybe get a second or two of screen time via flashbacks. And within the 20 actors, clearly a few will be more prominent and the others likely for the lulz or sentimental factor.

      • @j2hr, considering the 50 will be in flashbacks, those will probably be just a glance, like a flashback montage explaining his condition or something.

        Which still leaves us 5-7 minutes or so for each “regular” actor, so I agree, it sounds tough. There is no way this will feel like the same person with such frequent changes, unless that’s the point, which would be odd. It sounds like a disaster for what it seems they want to achieve, frankly.

  1. Lool.. I don’t understand why Park shin hye have to play in these small roles since she has already created a huge Name and brand within the film industry. pointless seeing her not respecting herself

    • I’m glad she accepts these small roles, this only proves that she is humble and simple and does not mind being a major role, despite its title and reputation as a leading actress

      • Also, Park has created a name within the drama industry. That is very different to the film industry. Korean drama is not the place for a long-term career. The minute someone new and trendy comes out that is loved, she will become the next “Park Shin Hye”. Even if not, the minute this one gets to a certain age, she will not be considered lead-worthy by drama anymore. Especially true for women.

        The movie industry is where most people serious about acting and their career lasting long and being decent want to go. So if anything, this shows she’s smart and knows her place, which still needs work to be considered valuable by cinema standards.

        This movie sounds very much like the kind critics will like and the kind that will get exposure at festivals and get some discussion going. Perfect for one to keep the typecasting of the “our beloved drama sweetie” variety at bay and gain prestige as an actress, not just a popular drama star.

    • She hasn’t created a huge name for herself in film at all. She may take on popular roles in dramas, but she still has to build a repertoire for films. That’s not a bad thing. It’s also good that her movie roles are diverse as compared to the drama roles she plays.

    • Go Ah Sung is a bigger name in film industry and she still gets this role, why cant PSH? she many be a popular drama actress, but she is still nobody in Chungmuro

    • @ Joey,

      Try not to talk with such certainty on a topic to which it’s clear you know little about. Park Shin Hye is a relatively newbie still in Chungmuro. That’s a fact. If The Tailors is a hit and she wins acclaim then she’ll have a firm foot in the door. Until then her only serious K-movie remains a side role in Miracle in Cell 7 and that movie was all about Ryu Seung Ryong. Having a leading lady Yeouido career means diddly squat in the bigger pond that is Chungmuro. The same is not true in reverse since a Chungmuro leading man or woman would be a major get for any TV network to coax back to do a drama. And finally, the respect comment is so ridiculous I can’t even. Even the biggest Hollywood movie stars do cameos, and sometimes completely uncredited. It’s called goodwill and art and connections and maybe even for the fun of it. Johnny Depp was just in Tusk without his name even showing up in the credits while this past weekend Interstellar had a major movie star in a pivotal role that wasn’t even promoted to keep his cameo involvement a secret.

      • @OcKoala

        PSH has A name nowadays and even her haters can’t deny that? Call it Drama or Film? PSH has established Herself A name(brand).

        There is only one actress who would top her and thats the Queen of them all Gienna Jun. the rest of the actresses are far behind lady Park Shin Hye.

      • @joey,
        Yes, PSH is popular in SK but it doesn’t mean that she is a well-established actor in Chungmuro. And like what Koala previously stated PSH has yet to have a major lead role in a film. Her role in Miracle in Cell no. 7 is not considered a lead role since she only appeared onscreen roughly around 15 minutes or so.
        There is a huge difference between popularity and critical acclaim.

      • @ Joey
        Dude, I’m a fan of Park Shin Hye, but you’re wrong, his career in film is small and had good roles but all so far have been secondary and supportive, not blind you, I am your fan and I am happy to go slowly and to built his career slowly, but still has a way to go to be that star I want it to be. Greetings and sorry for my bad English

      • @ Joey
        o wow, only Jeon Ji Hyun is above Park Shin! ..if I had to name one actress that is the most in demand in. Chungmuro it would probably be someone like Jeon Do Yeon and even that’s arguable

    • Wow, clearly, you’re going to believe what you want to believe (seeing your reply to ocKoala’s comment). I’m a huge fan of Park Shin Hye, but even I know that she isn’t the brand name that you keep insisting she is. She has a massive international fanbase, so it may seem like that’s the case. But in SK, she has yet to make her mark. It was only after Heirs, that she skyrocketed to a different level of fame in Korea (although I wish it would have been for a better project, but what can we do), but even then that’s only a small achievement in the eyes of the film industry. That said, I detest that you said Park Shin Hye doesn’t have self-respect for accepting a ‘small’ role. I won’t even dignify that with a response.

      • Don’t know too much about The Beauty Inside but I also thought it sounded like Everyday which is about a boy who wakes up as someone different every morning until one day he becomes ‘stuck’ as one person

      • I was just going to comment on that. I liked those videos. I just have mixed feelings about them all being Korean, since the character can change nationality…
        Nevertheless please keep us posted on this, I’m curious how it will end up.
        Please and thank you

  2. This sounds bad, like real bad. I think they’re letting the more well-known names get more screentime and the others are just there so that they stick to the waking up with a different body thing. Not that 5 people playing the same role isn’t bad enough.

  3. Any film that makes me sit up and pay attention is a good one. It is supposed to make you uneasy and think. Memento was in reverse order, Orlando had Tilda Swinton playing male and female, Eternal Sunshine was just so confusing. Maybe it won’t be a huge money maker but it’ll be super cool. I can imagine the actors are lining up to be in this just so they can say they were.

  4. hahaha… as a moviegoer, i need to concentrate and not blink at all, otherwise, i might miss out the screentime of my favorite actor/actress… i think, the plot sounds interesting. the director just have to lessen the character changes… LOL

  5. Rather than thinking of each actor/actress ‘starring’ as the character, they’re just making short appearances and cameos, right? It seems a bit unnecessary to cast so many known names, but hey, sounds like fun! Like watching out for so-and-so in the movie.

    Have to remember to find this when it comes out :3

  6. @Joey, you’ re right if you said no other actresses can rival PSH, but you forgot to mention one most important thing, no one can rival her media play, connection, success through other people names, e.g Lee Min Ho, JGS, limited talent, how things works in China advancement. Maybe after you finished your school, you will understand better.

  7. A good movie to push or clean Han Hyo Joo’ image after her family scandal. Her agency can claim how much actors/actresses love her, so they are rushing to be next to her.

    • Err, I don’t think people will buy such kind of media play especially one who is known to have been very good in erasing all the traces of the actual scandal.

  8. it would have been better if its not Han Hyo Joo.i would have preferred LBY or PBY or GHJ.i like han hyo joo,it just that her acting is not so good.dont like d plot though,so i think i’ll pass….

  9. The concept is fascinating, but execution will be crucial. So my main question is… who’s the director? Apparently it’s Baek Jong-Yeol, but according to asianwiki, this is his only film.

    Which means it could well be a disaster, or totally genius. It is impressive he managed to line up this sort of cast (even if varied in the acting range, these are pretty much all familiar faces), though that could be down to the backing the film has.

    • He was in the production department of a couple more films, but he’s apparently a bit of a “known” CF and MV director, yes. Which worries me that this might just feel like a long CF or MV without the music. Also, that they might get tempted to sell the cast more than the character.

      This will either be a pretentious “artsy” mess that makes no sense and fails at having any meaning or it will turn out wonderfully. First big project by its lacking in longer storytelling experience maker and this mega-cast? I do not expect much, personally. But they might surprise us. I hope they do.

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