The Girl Who Sees Smells Holds Pretty Press Conference and Releases Exciting Long Preview

Having a drama I’m looking forward to hold a really visually thumbs up press conference is a double treat indeed. The collective pretty on display at the press conference for upcoming SBS drama The Girl Who Sees Smells is the tasty appetizer to whet my hankering for the main course. The production trotted out lead Yoochun, Shin Se Kyung, Yoon Jin Seo, Namgong Min for a meet and greet, with the four clearly making an effort to coordinate their attire. The memo was black/blue and white and the result was lots of eye candy.

This is probably the most I’ve ever looked forward to a Yoochun or Shin Se Kyung drama, partly due to looking for a palate cleanser after the disaster that was Hyde, Jekyll, Me, and partly liking this particular story and character set up. Yoochun is a cop who cannot feel any sensation after losing his sister to a serial killer while Shin Se Kyung is a girl who developed the ability to visually see smells after escaping the clutches of the same killer. The dark prologue is bloody indeed, with deaths aplenty, but then the drama switches to rom-com mode once the two leads meet a few years later and hijinks ensue. I’m here for the laughs because lord knows I am sorely in need of some.

Long 8-minute preview for The Girl Who Sees Smells:


The Girl Who Sees Smells Holds Pretty Press Conference and Releases Exciting Long Preview — 23 Comments

  1. the only way they can ruin this for me is if the murder mystery becomes the focus instead of teh romance
    weave it in by all means but romcoms should be about the couples
    and both of them have plenty of scars and trauma that need healing

  2. Well, one thing is for sure, there is no way that the ratings will be lower than HJM. So SBS and the cast/crew can breathe a sigh of relief to that. It looks pretty good. I will definitely marathon this one.

    TGWSS – fighting!!!!!!!!!

  3. This is lovely. Cannot. Wait. Hope you’ll recap this captain koala, and like I’m wont to do…. Can we have new chapter of Lost You Forever? *begs earnestly*

    • Nah Yoochun always looks awkward at press conferences and red carpet – there are some lovely pics of him smiling and laughing at the press conferences that aren’t posted here. He was pretty jovial at CulTwo radio show right before the press conference. I think he is pretty tired after from attending Jae Joong’s farewell/enlistment party – heard YC didn’t leave until 2 am and this after a full day of shooting.

  4. Koala, you keep posting exciting news to me. I’m not a fan of JYJ or Yoochun. But I love his dramas Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Rooftop prince. Both are very entertaining. I also love Shin Se Kyung in A Deep Rooted Tree although I hate her in A Man who Loves. Besides, Namgong Min! Why can’t he get a male lead? He as an actor has a special kinda onscreen aroma that makes me love his presence. Well, I definitely will check this out. Ms Koala, you just can’t stop making me busy…with drama fun off work…

  5. I can clearly see the rom com there and I know the writer can write funny. He managed to give Ha Jimin a character she can give life to after all in Rooftop Prince. After Hyde Jekyll and Me I almost forgot that she can act. Reading the writer’s resume and seeing RTP there reminded me.

    This new OTP has chemistry. Good. Funny and chemistry – two checks. I liked SSK in Blademan and MYC in Rooftop. So four checks. I will hold on to the promise by the very good long preview that the drama will deliver the goods. That scene when she just hit him with her car was hilarious. He obviously might have broken some bones but because couldn’t feel pain he just kept going. Reminded me of the Terminator. Lol!

  6. This is one of the better previews I have seen for a drama. It had just enough to hook me with the murder mystery and the cute leads are the cherry on top. The ending of the preview was crazy though! I wasn’t expecting Shin Se Kyung’s character to have the same name as Yoochun’s sister, who ends up being murdered. I’m guessing the killer meant to kill SSK’s character, since she is the only witness to the murder of her parents, but he got confused at the hospital and killed the wrong girl. What’s Yoochun’s character going to do when he finds out? I wonder how many episodes in it will be before he does figure out the connection between SSK and the guy who murdered his sister.

  7. definitely hope they stick with the romcom side as it’ll be hard to balance two genres effectively. The main couple look cute together though I hope SSK can perform for the quieter scenes too!

  8. First they give flat out rom-com to entice folks and now they’re showing their true colors. Not only will it get dark, we have that “misunderstanding” that got his sister killed instead of his girlfriend-to-be. Which of course won’t be a source for “draaamaaa”.

    I wish dramas could be a bit more honest with their promotion. If even the teasers can’t decide between or successfully combine rom-com and murder mystery, how is someone supposed to trust the show to do it?

    I mean, I love the cast and it LOOKS like it will be a nice show, but they make me veeeery suspicious when they spent most of the time keeping the dark premise bits on the hush hush. And this IS the ‘Rooftop Prince’ writer, so I really don’t know. I want this to be good. Please be good. You have such potential.

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