K-media Claims Kim Tae Hee and Rain are Planning Their Wedding, Rain’s Agency Denies Upcoming Nuptials

I feel like if Rain and Kim Tae Hee started dating five years ago, before he left for the army, theirs would be the K-ent star couple to dwarf all other star couples before them. One is the top solo idol of his generation, with a side gig in acting, while the other is a natural beauty and brains Seoul University grad with a toothy grin, together they have brawn, beauty, and moolah galore. What’s not to love? Sadly timing is everything and Rain’s star got shaken after his military service so now the spotlight on the couple is less intense that it could be.

Still the public is keeping an eye on the A-list pair’s moves to spot signs of impending nuptials, and last week the K-media published a report that the couple was indeed planning to get married. The parents have met, the permission granted, and now it was planning time. Rain’s agency Cube Entertainment promptly refuted that by saying a wedding isn’t in the works right now. Not right now doesn’t mean not somewhere down the line, right?

Other than their Coupang CF together, the couple have been so low key as to have never been photographed together or attended events together. I’m waiting for their wedding, which is happening even if not anytime soon based on industry sources, mostly so I can see their wedding pictorial. I super want to see what the couple’s wedding style is, classy or playful, not to mention all the pretty locales they can pick as their backdrop. Why wait Rain, put on a ring on her!


K-media Claims Kim Tae Hee and Rain are Planning Their Wedding, Rain’s Agency Denies Upcoming Nuptials — 7 Comments

  1. I’m thinking a wedding is in the works, but I guess maybe now is not the right time to announce it to the public? I don’t really keep up with these kinds of things. I hope they make it to wedded bliss and wish them both all the best 🙂 Love is in the air 🙂

  2. My Gawd! Does every event re: celebrities in Korea have to be high drama? It almost seems like the media creates interest where none really exists.

  3. Rains star factor definitely took a hit and it doesn’t help that he makes a drama comeback with a dud like “You’re so lovable” and that song with that kiss marks on his cheek. Sigh…
    But i feel these two are definitely going to take the trip down the aile. Can’t wait to see the gorgeous pictures and star-studded guest appearances.

  4. I love this couple. And they have been photographed outside on dates. They were spotted having a date at a restaurant, there’s photos for that. I do hope they get married and can openly attend events and such because they’re such a good looking couple.

  5. They’re mature enough to get married, that’s what I don’t understand from Korean star, they prefer carrier than their own married. The suppose to see so many Hollywood star keep bright and shine after they got married.

  6. They’re amongst the biggest A-list star couples around yet to tie the knot with the only other being LNY-WB and Suzy-LMH being the other two of that level that I can remember of.

    I’m really happy for them, they give me the impression of being really in love and happy to be with each other. I hope they’ll keep being this way for many many years to come and make gorgeous babies in the future.

  7. Will they’re both gorgeous and talented,they are old enough to decide on there own…i really can’t wait there wedding bells,i absolutely like them…:-* ms.kim ta hee is a real goddess of beauty and brain she deserve to be happy and she deserve the love and affection and most of all to be the wife of mr.rain…;-):-D:-):-* in other word they deserve each other…:-*:-D;-) goodluck on the preparations on your wedding and as a fan im overwhelmed and thankful to the both of you…stay inlove,always put god as the center of your relationship and nothings go wrong…:-D always understand,love,respect and trust each other ms.kim ta hee and mr.rain… your #0 fan:-*:-D

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