Yoona and Song Seung Heon are the Honorary Tax Ambassadors for 2015

There’s a new tax sheriff in town and their names are Yoona and Song Seung Heon. The pretty pair was just named honorary tax ambassadors for the Korean tax service for 2015, taking over the gig from last year’s duo of Ha Ji Won and Gong Yoo. Whenever I see each year’s picks for honorary tax ambassador, I just think the Korean tax service can definitely spot the pretty and know how to get people interested in the dour topic of paying taxes.

Yoona has been in China for the last few months filming God of War Zhao Zhi Long while Song Seung Heon has also been in China frequently this past year for entertainment activities and filming the C-movie The Third Way of Love with Crystal Liu. I’m assuming these two have dutifully paid all their taxes whether on domestic or overseas income, making them the perfect poster children to counter the recent netizens¬†complaints¬†about the rich and famous dodging taxes.


Yoona and Song Seung Heon are the Honorary Tax Ambassadors for 2015 — 25 Comments

  1. She looks like a middle schooler. I don’t know if that’s a good thing? If I was a grown man, I wouldn’t want my girlfriend to look like she’s 12, but everyone standard of beauty is different.

    • When the most wanted size in women’s clothing is XS( and worldwide, thank you very much!) I guess the result is 12-year-old girls both physically and mentally Btw, I totally agree…not a healthy thing for grown women and grown men, as well! Especially for a guy must be a little disturbing if he’s actually attracted to size “0”…

      • Honestly I don’t understand this sentiment. I don’t agree with fat shaming but why is it acceptable to skinny shame people? I am naturally a size zero and likely eat more than than my husband. That’s right, a man was actually attracted enough to me to marry me but according to you, he must be ‘disturbed’. Why can’t girls just be happy for other girls, regardless of their size? Yoona looks radiant, IMO.

      • @I kwon In my defense, I was talking about her face looking like a 12-year-old, not her body. I didn’t clarify that in my comment which was my mistake. I understand where you are coming from because I used to get skinny all the time. I am also a natural size zero, and eat at least 4 times a day, plus snacks. People make comments about how skinny I am, how I look anorexic (although in my opinion, I don’t, but it’s exaggerated by them), and how I look like I don’t eat. I know it’s frustrating when people can’t lose weight when they want to, but it’s not okay for others to skinny shame as you mention. It’s frustrating for those who are a little over sized, but it’s also frustrating for those of use who are naturally thin. Yes, people tell me to be thankful for my size, but it doesn’t help when I get nasty comments about starving myself, and looking anorexic.

      • skinny shaming.. tsk tsk.. So size zero is unacceptable and disturbing? Please..

        The term to describe the “perfect” body should be healthy, not fat/anorexic.

  2. Wow – this is how little I know about kpop/idols… I couldn’t even recognize Yoona, and it’s not just the hair. I couldn’t really recognize her face. I am just bad with faces I guess.

    Well, if they are good tax citizens, then good for them. The rich and famous should not be dodging their taxes, even though a lot clearly do.

  3. Do celebrity ambassadors actually encourage people to pay their taxes? They would have an opposite effect on me since I am not earning millions of dollars for being pretty. I am not saying that celebrities don’t work hard, they absolutely do, but paying taxes is much easier on your burget when you are rich.

    • I definitely agree but in a half-assed defense, they probably don’t make as much as we’d think since I bet their companies make imposing middlemen. Granted, that’s still richer than the average joe. Maybe it works on fangirls/boys old enough to pay taxes?

    • But the Korean sentiment is that rich people are selfish and the more you make the harder it is to let go of your money since rich people do pay more taxes.

  4. Did the Korean tax service foot the stylist’s bill for this appearance? If so, were I them, I’d refuse the award on principle. Or is this their good citizen getup? Either way, someone would be getting a pay reduction lol.

    • Some of the comments here are so disgusting. because fat shaming is not okay, but skinny shaming is? wow thanks for the enlightenment.

      and i absolutely love how some people here are criticising her face, body when the focus here is she is paying taxes well enough to receive Taxpayer’s award and appointed as ambassador.
      She is also the first idol to ever achieve this.

      of course, people chose to criticise her appearance instead of appreciating her.

      • I bet that she is not the only one paying taxis well. She is lucky they choose her this time, so I don’t really care about the news.
        She looks like MGY when she was finishing Painter of the Wind, just too skinny and unhealthy. Why is it disgusting if I want her to be healthy?

    • problem here is, Yoona is always known as someone with high metabolism. she is well known to be someone who eats a lot but is difficult to gain weight, especially with her hectic schedule. we all have this kind of friends around us so i have no idea why every time someone is skinny, people must assume she don’t eat.

      She is skinny for her entire life, not as if she was plump at one moment and then suddenly got skinny.

      if you compared her to earliy 2014, her weight gain is visible please.

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