Baek Jin Hee and Sung Hyuk Headline Next MBC Weekend Drama I! Am Geum Sa Wol

Casting is firming up for the next MBC weekend drama to follow the currently airing Flower of the Queen (Equator’s Flower), which has just turned the corner into the second half of its 50-episode run so it’s perfect timing to start prepping the next thing. The ratings are a tad disappointing for Flower, averaging in the mid-teens, when its predecessor Legendary Witch averaged in the 20s. MBC is bringing back a big gun with the next weekend drama which will be written by the screenwriter of the network’s recent big hit Come! Jang Bori.

The new drama even is tentatively titled I! Am Geum Sa Wol, with the exclamation point after I clearly intentional. Baek Jin Hee has already confirmed her headlining role as the titular Geum Sa Wol, a role she took right after dropping her participation in upcoming SBS sageuk Six Dragons Flying. Joining Baek Jin Hee as her leading man is actor Sung Hyuk, who I last watched in Bride of the Century but is clearly getting a bump up here after being the second male lead for this screenwriter in Come! Jang Bori.

I! Am Geum Sa Wol tells the story of girl born on the same day as the male lead and thus begins their fated love. There’s going to be secrets and revenge aplenty, but the titular Sa Wol is herself a bright cheerful architect so I’m hoping the drama doesn’t marinate in brooding and wide-eyed glares. Also joining the cast is actor Jin Tae Hyun, who is a familiar face from being in so many makjang weekend dramas, and also worked with this screenwriter before on Temptation of Angel.

Baek Jin Hee is MBC’s little darling so it’s not all that surprising she ended up doing the MBC drama, even if its a weekender over a likely more prestigious prime time sageuk. Not to mention most weekend dramas these days get higher ratings than prime time dramas, as well as proving a fertile ground for potential explosive popularity such as for Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Yoo Ri‘s career after Come! Jang Bori. I’m actually curious about this drama and hope for something addicting with a side of digestible makjang crazy. Baek Jin Hee remains an actress I always enjoy watching.


Baek Jin Hee and Sung Hyuk Headline Next MBC Weekend Drama I! Am Geum Sa Wol — 10 Comments

  1. BAEK jin hee is a very nice actress, i’m not crazy about her but i won’t forget her performance in empress ki which was very good. pride and prejudice was too boring for me and i couldn’t stand triangle and her role there.
    i only watched the main lead in bride of the century as well but liked him there. let’s see what he can show us although i’m not sure i’m gonna watch this.
    i also liked kim tae hyun in Hotel King and in my opinion he did a very memorable role there. i’ll wait until i know how many episodes and the reviews for sure.

  2. super excited for this I loved jang bori (it was like the craziest crack ever) and sung hyuk was my favorite part of it, liked him so much im actually currently watching his daily you are the only one

  3. So I get that Sung Hyuk is supposed to be the male lead (chaebol… need I say more?) but Jin Tae Hyun’s name came first in every article. Weird, huh?

  4. Who’s the male lead? Not the older looking man in Bride of the century? It can’t be right? Aren’t they born on the same day but he looks a decade older. Plus he just looks old like a father old.

  5. Jang bori may have been a high rating but i think i finished it all just because of kim jihoon. Wothoiy him i would have dropped it in a heartbeat.

    I was hopinh they would score some more notable actor, like kim jaesook or kim jaewook. Those two really need male lead roles right about now…

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