Baekhyun of EXO in Talks for Moon Lovers to Play a Young Prince

I knew it was too early to get complacent, to start thinking that the upcoming K-adaptation of time-traveling C-novel Bu Bu Jing Xin (Startling with Each Step) was going to be all good casting news. It was off to a fantastic start, first with the additional of Kang Ha Neul, followed by Lee Jun Ki confirmed to play the male lead 4th Prince equivalent role. Now the third prince has been revealed and it’s reportedly going to be boy band EXO’s member Baekhyun.

I have nothing against idols acting on principle, I simply have come to accept that most suck at it and only the rare specimens have the double dose of talent to be good at both singing/dancing and the expressiveness of acting. Sadly the EXO member in talks for this drama isn’t D.O. (Do Kyung Soo), if it was D.O. I’d be all for it. Baekhyun hasn’t done a drama before so if he’s confirmed this will be his first K-drama role. I’m so not wanting to let him experiment using this drama as the vehicle.


Two awesome princely castings out of three so far ain’t bad, at least the odds are still weighted towards the promising side.


Baekhyun of EXO in Talks for Moon Lovers to Play a Young Prince — 32 Comments

  1. Ok, wait! Who will be the female lead? It is the most important. I can’t even guess someone. Looks like they will court a younger actress. Any rumors for female lead?

  2. I want to give him a chance, maybe he will surprise us later just like what D.O did. I think, the female lead role is the most important role in this drama, and i want them to cast a very good young actress for this role. Maybe Park Shin Hye, Jung So Min or Han Hyo Joo maybe.

    Thanks God, Jin Se Yeon is already confirmed for another sageuk drama.

  3. I’m confused now. The only young prince I could think of is 14th prince who was like the youngest out of the main princes. The 14th prince is like a war hero of some sort; he went to war and led the army and he almost became the Emperor without 4th prince playing dirty.So with a face like Baekhyun how he is going play that role. Are they going to add additional princes into this?

      • If this is the direction the casting is going to start following, that doesn’t bode well for the drama. I am not anti-idol acting, but I don’t want this to become a situation where companies force in their idols, just for the attention.

    • It’s confirmed he’ll be the 10th prince. He’s acted before in a musical and web drama and was alright in both, and the 10th prince suits his personality well.

  4. Jung So Min, Yoo In Na, Yoon Eun Hye. I mean they’re soo similar to Liu Shu Shi,in both looks and acting, so director please make a good choice!!!

  5. I think EXO fans are the only ones for this. I know idols can prove people wrong, but he’s only being chosen because he’s from a popular boy group. I wasn’t impressed when I saw him in EXO Next Door web drama. And I don’t really see why SM Entertainment has to stick all their kids into acting at the same time they’re all off touring in Japan but whatever everyone gets a movie!

    • Ermmm. I am a hardcore EXO fan but seriously, I don’t think any of them should venture into acting except for Kyung Soo. I saw BaekHyun in END and he was painful to watch in that webtoon drama, even if for a minor role.

      • Oh really? You’re probably in the minority since EXO fans are creaming themselves everywhere else :/ They’re just so happy oppa’s acting in something big nevermind the project.

      • Kyungsoo was very bad in END i don’t see why are people praising his acting he was painful to watch

    • I think we shouldn’t judge his acting until we see him act. It’s his 2nd opportunity, though most likely now will be his first acting role.

      I am equally hardcore and my bias is D.O.
      Honestly, D.O. sucked in ep1 of It’s okay, that’s love but by the latter episodes he prove that he’s not in the drama simply because he’s from EXO.

      When D.O. got casted in Cart and it’s okay that’s love all of us fans were super worried for him and in the end he prove everyone wrong.

  6. To be fair, he was ok in his small comic role in that Exo webdrama….but I don’t think he’s sageuk material. Oh, well, it could be worse.

  7. Can Moon Chae Won be the female lead?! Pretty pretty please! I know she will be doing Goodbye Mister Black, but I really miss her in saegaks. Will she be done with Goodbye Mister Black by then? She should just ditch GBMB and do this drama instead. My ultimate dream couple pairing has always been Moon Chae Won and Lee Jun Ki. *_*

    Otherwise, Park Shin Hye, Jung So Min or Son Ye Jin please!

    • @Sarah I miss her as well and I hope to see this pairing. She was so awesome and pretty in The Princess’s Man. But, it looks like this drama can either be great or a big gigantic mess.

      • I loved The Princess’s Man so much! She was amazing in it! But, I do agree wit you. There are just way too many characters! But, I will still watch it when it comes out to see if it’s worth the hype.

  8. I am all for Jung So Min or a relatively newbie like Ha Yeon-Soo? I loved her in Monstar and was looking forward to seeing more of her.

  9. I am not surprised. The moment they cast Jun Ki as the 4th Prince, my hopes for this drama sunk. Not interested who gets cast in the minor roles, they will not make or break the drama.

  10. The moment they cast Lee Joon Gi as the 4th Prince, my interest in this drama increased 1000%. Fighting Joon Gi,you are one of the best in k drama land

  11. hong jong hyun is just added to the cast assembly. this makes me wonder is this the same drama which has the universal studio founding (-_-‘) shin hye-ah just keep yourself busy with school, hyung filming and cf events

  12. I think more than who they are going to cast, right now I want to know what kind of film will it fall under. A romantic comedy, historical intrigue, or maybe a mismatch of everything.

    Great casting cannot guarantee a great film, the scriptwriter is not someone I am keen on so I’m keeping expectations low.

  13. Not a fan of EXO, perhaps even an EXO anti sometimes (bcos I think they really suck in live performances LOL). But I’d be curious how this kid plays out in his first drama. He actually looks cute and may be ok for some younger prince (10 or 13?) But not Prince 14 though.

  14. I like Baekhyun, but I’ve never seen him act before. I think he would be best as the goofy 10th Prince since it fits his personality best.

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