Kim Tae Hee and Rain Deny Reports of a Christmas Eve Wedding

Time for another update on the love life of top Korean star couple Rain and Kim Tae Hee. Many of the famous couplings that have shocked K-ent in the three years since these two open the flood gates three years ago have called it quits, yet brainy Kim Tae Hee and brawny Rain continue to chug along. I really didn’t think they were ill-matched, and actually felt they must have been quite serious to admit so readily to finding love with each other.

Being in their thirties has also made the media turn on wedding watch immediately after they started dating, only to keep heating up whenever one buys a house or when Rain converted to Kim Tae Hee’s faith of Catholicism. The latest on dit is that the couple is planning to tie the knot this Christmas Eve on December 24th, which sounds super romantic and all. But Kim Tae Hee’s agency quickly refuted that report and claims she’s got no plans to get married on that date. Bummer for me as a fan, I was so hoping to ogle gorgeous wedding pictures.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if they did get married according to this report, but chose to deny it now and try to keep it under wraps. Won Bin and Lee Na Young did that earlier this year and held a very personal wedding in the countryside. Somehow I see an ornate church wedding for Kim Tae Hee and Rain, with lots of candles and flowers.


Kim Tae Hee and Rain Deny Reports of a Christmas Eve Wedding — 4 Comments

  1. Somehow can’t see a Christmas eve wedding as well. I think that is the busiest season in the Catholic calendar. In some places, you can’t have a wedding on a Sunday as a priest would be too preoccupied with parish work.

  2. These wedding rumours b/w KTH and Rain is basically an every month occurrence now tbh. K-media comes up with news flash only to have both agencies deny it in a matter of minutes. They look like the forever couple to me, more than any other announced since. But I’m hoping they’ll allow us to be a part of their wedding even through just pictorials. They’re gorgeous together, I really want a Ji Sung-Lee Bo Young type sweetness <3

  3. I just wish for them to get married soon. They are at the right age of marriage, especially Kim Tae Hee. I think this couple will follow the step by Won Bin-Lee Na Young. But even it is a private wedding, I hope they will share their pictorials with us. Knowing Kim Tae Hee, I don’t think she is a person that will freely speak up about personal matter. They might be just announce their marriage few days before wedding.

  4. I hope they get married soon, it’s tiring reading all these rumor about them. But on the other hand, i don’t want my kim to marry just yet, i don’t want to lust after another man’s wife lol. Anyway if they marry, i’ll surely congratulate them, but they should share their wedding pics too, that way, i’ll remove rain pic and put mine haha.

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