Jinyoung Joins Park Bo Gum, Kim Yoo Jung, and Chae Soo Bin in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

KBS has done well with casting upcoming youthful romance sageuk Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, despite a tiny blip in the middle. The leads for the manhwa to drama adaptation has finally been confirmed, with Park Bo Gum pairing up with Kim Yoo Jung as the leads while Jinyoung of B1A4 and Chae Soo Bin step into the role of the second leads. Park Bo Gum passed on Entertainer on SBS to do this drama, which makes so much sense after Hyeri got cast since it would just be a refresh of their Answer Me 1988 acting together, and in this case he gets to romance sageuk IT child actress now grown up in Kim Yoo Jung. Initially it looked like popular young idol-actor Yook Sung Jae would sign on as the second male lead but he ultimately passed but I’m not terribly disappointed since I like Jinyoung as well for his puppy cuteness and ability to sell his own brand of boyish angst. Moonlight Drawn by Clouds is also confirmed to air on Mon-Tues to premiere in late August following Beautiful Mind

Since it’s a sageuk there’s bound to be veteran actors playing various royals and ministers, and in this case it’s Chun Ho Jin and Jang Kwang.


Jinyoung Joins Park Bo Gum, Kim Yoo Jung, and Chae Soo Bin in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds — 19 Comments

  1. I’m so much looking forward to this sageuk with such adorable young cast. I did not watch Reply 1988 at all but bet on good critiques on PBG and also irresistibly classic charm of KYJ in historical drama. 2016 seems a good year of K drama for me. Since DotS brought me back K drama viewership, I’ve been able to enjoy a few interesting dramas such as Another Oh Hae Young and Prison Flower. Thanks Koala for keeping us posted with new promising dramas coming. I’ll definitely check this out with Uncontrollably Fond, Mirror of the Witch, and W. So excited! BTW, I bet this drama will definitely draw a swarm of fangirls of B1A4 to watch, just like High School Love On. LOL

      • Another oh Hae young is exceeding my expectation. I wasn’t the one for exaggerating and tacky rom coms such as You Are Pretty and Come Back Mr. that made me cringe most of the time. But this one is ridiculously sophisticated amidst all hilarious antics. The cast are great! I started out of boredom and now got hooked with each suspension.

      • Just started to watch Mirror of the witch. The 1st ep was so intense and reminded me of The Moon Embracing the Sun but obviously a total different plot. I love it. I shouldn’t have watched it in the midnight. LOL

    • Is b1a4 even the kind of group that has those many fangirls? High School Love On was a huge ratings flop, fans can bulk buy albums but they can’t save drama ratings because Nielsen ratings are not so easily manipulated.

      • B1A4 is popular among teens and very popular in S. Korea. I never related casting idols to raising the ratings. Did I ever say so in my comment? I didn’t say HSLO was a success either. I just made a comment that Kpop fans would swoon over to watch their idols’ dramas even they are not used to be avid drama freak. LOL. Another example was Morrim School that was a rating flop too. One of the main purposes for Kpop agencies to get drama projects for their idols is to expose idol groups to larger audience and therefore expand their fanbases. This works for INFINITE whose members were the male leads of HSLO and also works for VIXX of which one member was the 2nd lead in Morrim School. It’s all about money.

      • …money for whom, though?

        If idol dramas have such poor ratings, networks have no reason to risk their money and make them the leads – a handful of hardcore fangirls isn’t worth ratings being in single digits and causing major commercial losses for the networks because advertisers either don’t want to be associated with them or want ads/PPL at a discount.

      • @Gina. I understand most of the readers of this blog are not Kpop fans and are only concerned about drama. So most ppl here despise idol actors bcus most of them suck. But I’m talking about the purposes for idols’ agencies to get them cast for dramas that are not their main career focus.

        The money I’m talking about here is the higher popularity of these idols thanks to their exposure to extensive audience of dramas. Many many many many many many new fans came to know these idol actors/actresses through dramas and eventually became their Kpop fans who would go to their concerts and buy their music products. That’s what I mean. I know many wish these idol actors would be just idle in drama land. But that won’t happen in the Kpop/kdrama industry practice. so CHILL!

      • yeah but if idol actors are ratings fails despite having the ‘wider exposure’ you cited, then there’s no reason for a network to cast them at all.

        Sure the kpop companies want more exposure for their idols but no matter how many fangirls they have, if that translates into low ratings, why should the networks give it to them? They’re not Hallyu charities.

      • As a kpop avid observers (i love the drama between the fans), as I know even though B1A4 quite succeeded in their early debut but they’re not really that popular in Korea. With so many competition and now with some group that get so much popularity (EXO, BTS, IKON….) they are not have that big of fandom. To maintain their popularity, each member focusing their individual activity and succeed at it (Baro acting, Jinyoung acting and composing, Sandeul variety and singing). If you worried that their fans will try to manipulate ratings or anything, don’t. The fandom even though they’re not that big, it is quite known with good manner ad professionalism.

  2. I just hope the queen is not a bitchy queen. You know.. like “so.. do you love my husband, the king? Let me arrange a meeting with you..” cool as a cucumber!

    • It would be soooo refreshing if the crown princess was cool. Like she’s platonic friends with the crown prince; they have no romantic feelings for each other, but as mutual victims of an arrange political marriage, they sympathize and respect each other. I would love it if the princess became unlikely friends with the heroine, and/or had her own narrative arc.

      • Chae Soo Bin is a good actress so I hope they use her abilities well and don’t just write her as a typical bitchy second lead.

    • From a little info that I read. The queen’s character is not a bitchy one. She love the king and feel guilty because her family is plotting to kill him. It’ll be better if she befriends the heroine.

  3. MAN. WHAT A GOOD LOOKING CAST. If nothing else, eye candy for sure. Please script writer, do a good job!!! My feels are ready

    • Honestly speaking, a lot of fans are worried about the drama because of the scriptwriter but let’s all hope that it will turn out well.

  4. I wish nothing but success for this drama since its both 1st starring role of Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung and I hope they will have a smooth filming process.

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