Yoochun Makes First Public Appearance to Attend Investigation at Police Station

The legal process continues for the Yoochun sexual assault allegations, multiple ones now after the bombshell first claim in early June was followed by a second, third, and now even fourth woman coming forth. The police have been investigating the claims and this week summoned Yoochun in for questioning, the first time he’s gone in for direct examination. He was flanked by two lawyers retained to represent him, and encountered a media press gauntlet camped out at the police station waiting to report on him. Yoochun was visibly tired and distressed and stopped to give a short statement that he was sorry for the worry he caused and he will cooperate fully with the police investigation. In addition to the four cases filed against him, last week a fifth woman came forth to the media to reveal that she was nearly sexually assaulted by Yoochun at a night club establishment but managed to fend off his advances and never reported the incident because she didn’t think anyone would believe her.


Yoochun Makes First Public Appearance to Attend Investigation at Police Station — 76 Comments

  1. What’s going on with korean celebrity nowdays? -_-

    #MICKY case
    #MINNIE case
    #JYH case

    The next?? ?
    Tom & Jerry case! Lolol! ?

  2. If I were him, I would feel as if walking through the inferno for this public appearance. Grilled by the media! Sad.

    That’s why there’s traditional wisdom saying:
    “My son, give me your heart, and let your eyes observe my ways. For a prostitute is a deep pit; an adulteress is a narrow well. She lies in wait like a robber and increases the traitors among mankind.”

    He should not have hung around that kind places in the first place. Now it’s all too late for him to get back his image, guilty or not.

    • Or, and just a thought, if he did this, it’s not those evil girls’ fault, IT IS HIS. HE is the one decided to molest/abuse them.

      So here’s a saying that’s newer, but actually relevant for you: stop victim blaming.

      • The main point of the saying is about men not women. Wise men won’t get involved with ppl in that kinda business the first place. Who’s blaming victim here? Besides, don’t talk as if you were jury or prosecutors. No one knows exactly who’s real victim. I’m neutral and always wonder what has led netizens to be so gullible of media. Before he’s indicted, he’s assumed innocent. But if he’s guilty, justice has to be served.

        So stop your judgmental conclusion.

      • Oh no, I’m pretty confident I understand the point of the saying.

        ‘A prostitute is deep pit. She lies in wait like a robber, and increases the traitors among mankind”

        Oh yeah, you really put the blame on the dudes with that sentence. Your entire statement is couched with the idea that it is still ultimately the women who are the wrong thing here.

        And like I qualified, I don’t know if he is guilty or not, but IF HE IS, the ONLY person in the wrong here is him – because he has done wrong. She could be a drunk, semi-naked, camped out in the bathroom, prostitute and she still doesn’t deserve to be molested.

        So I’m actually pretty comfortable with my ‘judgemental conclusion’ and your follow up remarks (to me and others) certainly do nothing to disuade me from my original post.

        Maybe you should have a think about why people are so upset about what you wrote. If you don’t understand, google ‘rape culture’ and that might be useful.

      • @Nik. You’re still circling around the same point and never got out. That’s not what the saying is about. Sigh! PYC was stupid to visit the bars in the first place. He was also accused of raping one of the said victims at his own house AFTER VISITING AND DRINKING AT THAT KINDA BAR. Enough being said, I won’t explain further and just give up on your wooden head. Go live happily with your own thinking and values. PEACE!

      • OK now I see jury is out. What about if he didn’t? Then his reputation, his career, and very possible his life are still ruined, guilty or not. It’s got nothing to do with the women, those prostitutes? You tell me you’d encourage your man, your son, or your bro to frequent those kinda bars and assure them they absolutely wouldn’t get into trouble. SMH.

        LMAO. If I were a man, I wouldn’t be so idiotic to step into those bars in any day in any case. PYC got him into trouble bcos he visited those places, even during his public service. Stupid enough.

    • yea there’s no fault on the ‘she’, especially if you’re of the mind that all women are sinful creatures, which is the worst thing i’ve heard from religion/culture. and in some countries being a prostitute is legal and not a job to be judged or at the least compared to as a pit. lastly it takes two people to make an adulterer/adulteress

      • When did I imply that all women were sinful creatures in my comment? Am I a moron to degrade my own gender? Geeeezzzzz. LMAO. Sometimes I just can’t get the illogical deduction from ppl. Don’t put your words in my mouth. LOL. I was only talking about a decent man wouldn’t have any business to do with that kinda places to begin with.

      • I think what drama2016 is saying is that the place or nature of the job might make the guy think it’s easier. I m just guessing here but I’m thinking a guy with such tendencies in the first place might think it’s easier to get away with it in an adult bar than say….a family restaurant. Or he might think it’s easier to get away with it with a prostitute as opposed to say…. a lawyer. And sure, girls or women shouldn’t be labelled bad or evil just because they work as prostitutes or at adult bars. I agree with that. And I also agree that unless a woman gives consent, it’s rape even if she’s buck naked. That doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that I’d think twice about a guy who wants to go to these sort of places or who wants a sex worker. And yes, women should have equal rights regardless of what she does but if someone I loved wanted to go into the sex industry, I’d try to stop her. Maybe these days plenty of ppl go to these bars or have polyamorous relationships but many ppl doing it now doesn’t make it okay in my book. Id like for me and the ppl I love to stay as far away as possible from such things. And if that makes me judgemental then so be it. I can live with that.

    • It’s nothing about victim blaming. Don’t read between the lines and just take my plain English. Righteous men would never visit that kinda places, celebrities or not. Period!

      • The saying implies the women who have relations with men are either prostitutes or adulterers. Why? Bc it implies sex is evil. This is definitely sexist.

      • @maira, how the heck do you get that kinda implication from the saying? The premise is to stay away from “known” sex workers and stay away from sex outside marriage. Should I explain further? My goodness! I thought the language itself is clear enough. A prostitute is a prostitute. An adulteress is an adulteress. How is that to do with being a sexist? Or are you promoting sex industry or adultery?

      • Looking at everyone’s responses, it seems no one likes your quote.

        And whatever those establishments are, they are legal and rape or assault, true or false, can happen any where. So the assumption that stuff like this happens because it is an entrainment place is narrow minded. One of the victims alleged she was raped in his own house so your quote doesn’t cover that unless you say he should never have females over.

        The only point I agree with you is he shouldn’t have visited them while in military as they have strict rules. As a free citizen, sure that’s fine. Just don’t assault anyone.

      • @Nik. That’s why I have this problem with your logic. Go back to read the saying carefully including every noun and verb. The old saying does place accountability on whoever gets involved with extra-marital affairs or has physical relationship with sex workers, consensual or not. Anyone who knows the saying well would fully understand the wisdom implied in the saying to just stay away from the places where sex workers are. The saying is never about whether the sexual relationship is consensual or involuntary. The saying is telling men that is all wrong to begin with to hang around the places of sex workers or to get close to seducers who may wreck your marriage. What’s wrong with that unless you have different values for a man to stay wise? To this point, PYC was all stupid in the beginning to frequent those bars whether he committed those alleged horrendous crimes or not.

        It’s apparent that you guys never had any knowledge of this saying at all so you all took it in a wrong way. That’s obviously suggesting that you guys just have different values as mine. No points to argue about. But there’re many ppl who know this saying pretty well and have the same belief as mine won’t disagree with me.

        Yes your judgment is offensive to me and therefore the name calling bcos you guys’ arguments here are foolish according to my values.

    • Drama 2016
      Just ignore some of the replies. You have just given an interesting analogy and saying. And people are taking it too literally.

      • I think ppl who don’t agree with drama2016 just have different values with her. But they keep forcing that values to her. Weird.

    • Holy shit.

      First of all, not all of these women were prostitutes.
      Second, ‘traditional wisdom’ tends to marginalize women.
      Third, comparing prostitutes and people who cheat on their significant others is just plain stupid. If a woman is willing to provide sex for interested men for money in and a legal and safe manner, so be it. That is completely different than someone who breaks an implicit trust and bond between two people.
      Fourth, how about he should not have assaulted these women instead? You said you are not victim blaming. Newsflash — yes you are. Looking up what victim blaming means. You made it seem like being around these women is the problem. No, the crime exists because the criminal performed the action. Again, not all of these women were prostitutes, so he clearly committed these crimes in other places. Furthermore, someone who is twisted enough to assault multiple women will and can do the same thing no matter where he or she is.

      Sure, he may be innocent. However, given the fact that multiple women have pressed charges and described a series of events that are eerily similar to one another, that’s highly unlikely. Furthermore, one of these women actually pressed charges late last year, before this thing blew up.

      It sounds like you’re a female. As a female, I am horribly embarrassed by your manner of thinking, and you sound like you live in some pristine bubble with no clue about the real world. Here’s another newsflash –> plenty of men who attend bars and strip clubs have the sound judgment to keep their hands and their dicks to themselves.

      • Holy crap of your long ass “analysis!” That’s your value. My value is to advise my significant others to stay away from prostitutes and marriage breakers in any case, legally or not. Yes, that’s what I have in mind. Being around these women is the problem to begin with for a man. Not to mention he’s serving mandatory obligation as a citizen of S. Korea.

        “Here’s another newsflash –> plenty of men who attend bars and strip clubs have the sound judgment to keep their hands and their dicks to themselves.”

        Yeah smarty pants! My GAWD! Give a GO AHEAD to your significant others to the carnal temptation of visiting those bars based upon this piece of twisted newsflash or trash. I wouldn’t. Make sure your guys all have sound judgment to keep their hands and their dicks off those women.

        I’m astonished and more than embarrassed by your shady values and logic. Where’re you all coming from with this kinda cheap thinking? LOL. So do you have a lot of so-called real world experiences to mock me? Geeezzzzzz.

      • Nice name calling Drama2016.

        Here’s the thing, if there are a lot of people who have an issue with what you are saying, and they are trying to explain why it is something that really resonates/affects/offends them, maybe, instead of being so defensive (and frankly kind of rude), maybe listen to WHY it is problematic for them.

        Stop getting so stuck on the judge and jury thing, since pretty much everyone is qualifying the guilt/innocence, and try and understand the problems people have with both the tone and inference of all your comments, which is that it is the fault of the environment (and since that’s where the shady ladies are, also the women), rather than the the fault of the perpetrator.

        One of the issues I have with your comment(s) is the lack of responsibility that you place on the (alleged) perpetrators – it’s the locations fault etc. It’s easy to see how a lack of accountability for their actions can shift to blaming the victim. And victim blaming is something that a few people have brought up.

        I really do urge you not to be so dismissive, and perhaps google ‘rape culture’, because we need to move toward a society where women feel safer.

      • “My value is to advise my significant others to stay away from prostitutes and marriage breakers in any case, legally or not. Yes, that’s what I have in mind. Being around these women is the problem to begin with for a man.”

        Yes, apparently your value is that being around “lowly” women is the problem, not that the man committing the crime is the problem.

        “Yeah smarty pants! My GAWD! Give a GO AHEAD to your significant others to the carnal temptation of visiting those bars based upon this piece of twisted newsflash or trash. I wouldn’t. Make sure your guys all have sound judgment to keep their hands and their dicks off those women.”

        LMAO carnal temptations? Are we in fcking Bible class or something? You do realize that there are perfectly functional relationships where couples are open to polyamorous relationships, right? And, you also realize that bars are just that, BARS? Have you ever even been in a freaking bar? Lastly, it sounds like you have serious misconceptions about functional relationships. If a guy wants to assault, he will assault anywhere and to anyone. It’s about power, not sex. On another note, if a guy wants to cheat, keeping him out of a fcking bar ain’t gonna do jack. So, good luck trying to ‘rein in’ your significant others by keeping them from the deplorable lowly establishments where carnal temptations run rampant.

        “I’m astonished and more than embarrassed by your shady values and logic. Where’re you all coming from with this kinda cheap thinking? LOL. So do you have a lot of so-called real world experiences to mock me? Geeezzzzzz”

        Are you fcking fifteen or something? Just because I actually use my brain, am more open-minded, and don’t devalue women that somehow this is “cheap thinking”? So what if someone who has “real world experiences” state that things I said? Do her experiences somehow devalue her opinions and worth? Please don’t procreate and spread this sort of shitty ass marginalizing sort of thinking onto others.

      • @xiaoxiu, I guess you’re coming from upbringing with communist background. Basically it’s already saying out loud you don’t have the same values as mine. You keep being aloof of all your knowledge about the real world. I just don’t buy your shitty values. Sorry not sorry. Your arguments are trash to me.

    • LMAO communist upbringing? Jeezus you have serious issues.

      “You keep being aloof of all your knowledge about the real world. I just don’t buy your shitty values. Sorry not sorry.”

      I don’t need you to buy my ‘shitty values’ lmao. It’s not my problem if your narrowmindedness blinds you. And please, don’t even try to lecture people on the ‘real world’ when you obviously have serious issues with understanding what the ‘real world’ is.

      Yes if moral compass means marginalizing women and victim blaming. Not going to bars does not equate to having a moral compass, and going to bars does not mean you don’t have a moral compass. It’s really that simple.

  3. He looks so emotionally drained and defeated in those photos. And seriously news reporters are so annoying. Always getting in everybody’s business. I feel for the guy, but at the same time, I do not. He’s a grown adult for crying out loud. He should have known better than to hang around those kind of establishments and make those stupid decisions. Now, he must deal with the consequences. I hope that he pays the price if he is found guilty. And if not, he needs to stay out of the limelight and focus on himself for a while and nail the accusers for tarnishing his career.

      • LOL. Don’t think you look pretty by mocking at ppl with different values from you. For me, those who visit these kinda bars are not respectable whether they commit crimes or not, equally for those who approve of that kinda entertainment. So who’s deranged? For me, your low moral standards say out loud. Perhaps you just got offended bcos I disapprove of your values. Geeezzzz.

    • “He’s a grown adult for crying out loud. He should have known better than to hang around those kind of establishments and make those stupid decisions. ”

      How about he should’ve been an adult and not commit a crime? Did someone force him to assault these women?

      • Here’s another jury out! LOL…Go take a bar exam and just be a pro to indict a suspect. Don’t bark on a forum as if you were the prosecutor, the judge, or the jury. Wait and see until the disclosure of the official investigation results.

      • “How about he should’ve been an adult and not commit a crime? Did someone force him to assault these women?”

        How do you know that he did do it though? Lol. Let’s all just wait until the investigation is over. I’m not saying he didn’t do it and I’m not trying to blame the victim either, but there really are people who cry wolf. I’m just trying to be open minded until the truth is revealed.

  4. What he said reminds me of Seo Bum Jo’s mom in the last episode of Pinocchio. Her lawyer keeps insisting her to shut her mouth and asking her to only give this statemenr “sorry for the worries aiv caused and will try to cooperate well with the police”. Well, whether or not the investigation shows if he is innocent, the fact he does go to that room salon while in his serving duty is already wrong.

  5. I guess I’ve spent too much time reading all the crap from the media about these K celebrities’ scandals. Rumors circulate one after another and it doesn’t seem to stop in any time soon. Now it’s really getting suspicious that K celebrities are being cherry picked under scrutiny just to cover up a bigger scandal in SK. Even more ridiculous that Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum are rumored to be present with PYC’s pact in the bar when one of the alleged rape took place. WHAT THE HECK!!!!!????? SHK and Yoo Ah In’s agency even stepped out to prove the duo’s alibi. LMAO. Seriously!!!!! Where has all the rumor started? Certainly Blossom Ent has to file defamation lawsuit against these gossipers.

  6. I follow this case news online, the victim story seem really convincing but i’m not sure if it can be proven because it happen in the bathroom, their story really sad n i can understand why they doesn’t dare to report because they work in the bar, people always regard bar girl is prostitute but i guess sometimes not, in this case what i read is the bar didn’t allow prostitution because thats ilegal n the bar doesn’t wanna be blamed, i hope the truth win n in my eyes that girl is victim here

  7. this guy look 20 year older in one picture. he should have pay the first woman money. maybe then . all these woman didnt come out. his comany bring mob to scare woman didnt help his cost. he done for in korea. time to go to china were. they welcome rape people.

  8. Wow. This is a case of “he said,she said” but people have already decided that he’s guilty without any concrete info? Going into a place like that does not make you guilty and anyone who thinks that guys in the service are all chaste is not living in the real world. Dunno yet how many of these reports are true,if the sex was consenual,or if this is a case of someone deciding they weren’t treated right AFTER the fact. And yeah, if several women talk about it or read the same info,things will become similar when they make statements. It’s hard to imagine, but not all women are ethical and there are ones out there who will cry “rape”for money or attention or revenge. Am I saying he’s innocent? Nope. Am I saying he’s guilty? Nope. All I’m saying is please refrain from labeling him a rapist until we actually have info from a reputable source.

  9. Wowww , so many people cant wait to make judgement , everything is still under investigation and most of the commenters here just said like he already committed the crime Lolzz
    A man is innocent until it’s proven he is guilty
    So hold onto your conclusion and wait for the investigation results to come out
    And by that time it’s not too late to throw stones at him

  10. There are several things that I want to cover. Not for or against anyone.

    1. There are many pieces to this whole investigation. I think this case goes deeper its layered. Beyond the initial whole mess. This case is bringing the idea of cover businesses to light. Meaning you have a legit business on the surface and the illegal one behind the scenes. This may not even be what happen here but the idea is starting to arise in the minds of the people. I think it has a lot of higher ups scared because under the table deals happen at places like these. Not all under-table the happen at clubs just saying many do.

    2. My professor once said that people are like bags of tea. You don’t know what flavor they really are until their in hot water.The reason why I think drama2016 was so adamant about her statements was that she was speaking from a certain angle, that attending these types of places (can) bring a human character into question on all sides. I think people misunderstood what she was saying and attacked and she defended back from the angle she was speaking from. But everyone was valid on both sides. The people who replied to her were speaking from the point of, people who have certain mindset or an accusatory train of thoughts towards women in these type of horrible situations. Again BOTH sides were VALID.

    (The following statements have nothing to do with the case but life)
    3. Drama2016 spoke of wisdom. All adults need wisdom. I’ve learned and observed that a lot people who say or think I’m adult: I do what I want. Tend to forget wisdom so when the consequences come they get scared and confused. When one uses wisdom it allows you to be free from certain consequences; not all, but many. Not everyone has people giving them wisdom so when people make certain decisions because they have a desire they want to entertain the ramifications of that decisions has a huge ripple effect. It affects their body, soul:mind, spirit, their families and friends and environment.

    This post was just some thoughts I wanted to share.

    • Well said! Your professor taught you well someoneonline. And what you wrote in no.3 is certainly true. People tend to forget to act with wisdom these days. We remind the children to behave and yet we don’t practice what we preach. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Koala, your pictures are absolutely nicer than other blogs…he was not looking bad actually compared to nb pictures..i feel yucky at nb pictures but in yours i cant see he was in depressed…brightness and contrast are very important

  12. My 2 cents or whichever value you attach to it 🙂


    “My son, give me your heart, and let your eyes observe my ways. For a prostitute is a deep pit; an adulteress is a narrow well. She lies in wait like a robber and increases the traitors among mankind.”

    is from Proverbs 23:26-28 of the Bible. I came across one writer who interpreted these two verses to mean that the motivation of a prostitute is to get your money. She gives pleasure in exchange for money and will suck you into the bottomless pit of debt, waiting to get more and rob you until you’re dry. Men will betray their spouses, friends and themselves if they get entrapped.

    Now, how do we apply to YC’s situation?

    First, let me talk about these women. Assuming they are active in the trade of prostitution, I am not going to pretend to be neutral about it. To me, it is a wrong way to make a living. Are they forced into it out of desperation or choose the quickest way to make money? I don’t know. Whatever I think of prostitution or the reason for their choice of vocation, they should be protected by the same laws of the country including rape.

    If YC did not rape these women and they turn out to be a bunch of schemers who are out to extort money from him, the law should also punish them for their crime. YC would then learn his lesson from this proverb in one of the hardest way possible.

    I have little sympathy for YC and this is assuming he did not rape. It is just plain and simple that I don’t have any sympathy for men who frequents sex bars and pay for sex. If the women were speaking the truth, the part about his lewd fetishes and behavior, I am even more disgusted. If he is innocent of rape, let him be cleared of the charges and get his dues from those women in court. But he has no one except himself to blame for the damage to his career and reputation.

    • And to quote yourself, “Moron Grading. LOL”

      Rapists get away with rape all the time because innocent until proven guilty works in their favour, and it’s hard to prove rape. Your “neutrality” and trust in the current justice system allows this to continue happening. Being neutral hurts victims and helps rapists. I hope you’re proud of yourself.

      • Another moronic comment! LOL

        Now I see a bunch idiotic unqualified judges handing out indictment before real judges or jury even says a word. Stop making ignorant comments. That just shows you how gullible you’re easily manipulated by the media and dumb! Just wait and see. If PYC is guilty, it won’t be too late to label him with serial rapist by then. But now what you’re doing is nothing different than defamation before he’s proven guilty.

    • LMAO please stop embarrassing yourself. You’re basically patting yourself on the back because two random strangers agreed. God, you sound so immature. This is just so sad that I’m gonna have to conclude you’re just a really bad troll.

    • Stop grading comments according to how much you agree with them lol. Please stop labelling others as idiotic and moronic. It’s too ironic lol. You want people to stop labelling innocent-until-proven-guilty-chun as a rapist. That’s fine. But then you’re labelling others for labelling and judging them because they’ve judged him.

      Please take a break away from the keyboard.

      • To this nobody. You kept your fingers off of your keyboard first when you demanded someone else to do the same. LOL. I won’t stop name calling since these ignorant commenters started out first. Now you’re joining this idiotic pact. Just get away from my post if you would like to bash me with dissing comments besides simply stating your points. Get lost..Geeeezzzzzzzzz.

  13. Look at the body language on that mike girl on his right. She doesn’t even want to look at him, she’s so disgusted. I’d feel the same way.

  14. poor yoochun indeed. it’s really sad to see he is the subject of something like this. I hope he recover quickly if he is innocent but if not, well I don’t have any good prayer for him. Men that assault women sexually or otherwise are the worst. I don’t get why they don’t see women as people that deserve the same respect they demand from them. If he is guilty of the assault, I hope he gets his full punishment. it shouldn’t be ignored because he is a celebrity.

  15. Rape is a sin,Prostitute is a sin too,but don’t forget slander and defamation is a sin too. So until the investigate from police clear,dna result out,don’t be trapped in that sin too,ok!!!

  16. @Drama2016, calling people stupid, wooden head, communist thinking is more shameful than the prostitutes. At least prostitutes know they are dirty, but you ….lol

    • How shameful?? Are you among the ones without logic or values? Those who got stuck with the idea of me blaming victims and misunderstood the saying are as headstrong as logs and dimwits. What’s wrong with the English? Geeezzzzz….What I have said was all based upon the facts. If you grew up with communist brainwash, certainly you won’t have the same values as I do. That’s well known facts to every rational grown up living under democratic systems. And what the heck with polyamory? So disgusting! I won’t hypocritically hold back about how I’m dumbfounded at that kinda obnoxious idea. Bcos you called me more shameful than the prostitutes, I would say your brains are totally damaged by your rotten thinking and your simple insult just reveals you’re 100% imbecile who has no better way to argue other than talking trash. Bullshit!

      • GEEEZZZZ maybe you should stop using GEEEEZZZ so much…it makes you sound like you’re ten.

        You are an embarrassing human being. Please go back to your cave, or grow up. Or, I don’t know, read a book or associate with other human beings who aren’t as dumb and narrow-minded as you.

      • Drama2016, after going through all the comments and reading through this war of words here on the blog, this is what I have to say to you. You are completely entitled to your opinion. Everyone here is. Some people on here may have even called you names and whatnot to prove their own point. However, you calling them names of your own and putting them down DOES NOT HELP. If you are stating an opinion, just simply state it. It doesn’t make you any better of a person by calling others “wooden head” “communist thinking” etc. While I have addressed this to you, this goes out to everyone too!

        I hope everyone here can understand that an opinion is simply just that–an opinion–it is not fact! So if someone says something to which you do not agree, tune it out and move on. Accept that others will not always agree with you–this is life! There’s no need for hate! Discouraging others to prove a point DOES NOT MAKE ANYONE RIGHT! So please, let’s keep opinions as opinions and make it a more friendly internet environment for everyone here.

        I have my own opinion on Yoo Chun’s scandal, however considering the way people are being treated on this blog I am simply going to refrain from commenting on it.

      • @Akira, when you addressed name calling, you should not have just singled me out but look at who started it first. Be fair if you would like to give out your advice. I won’t be name calling others unless they are off-putting and have insulting remarks about me personally, not focused on the topics themselves. While some ppl agree with my opinions and others don’t, that’s not my point here. It’s about restraining yourself from taking different opinions personally and lashing out insulting language or mockery on someone whom you don’t agree with. I just found out that a lot of netizens don’t have this healthy mindset and start off attacking others with different perspectives. I admit I was irritated when I called them wooden head etc. But look! I don’t eye for eye for no reasons. If ppl expect respectful language from me, they need to behave themselves first when they respond to comments. If they don’t stop their insults, I won’t just sit back watching them dissing me up. You have your take regarding what online manner is appropriate. But my online philosophy is that be nice to who are nice, be respectful to who deserves respect, and bullshit for bullshit, of course including name calling for name calling. That’s simple. So given how these foolish commenters bashed me, I’m not embarrassed to call them simpletons or idiots 100%. Besides, I have no interest in persuading ppl to agree with my opinions from the very start. No one will change my views here. Just don’t mess around with me.

      • @Akira +100 Finally someone who can talk sensibly without using rude language!

      • @flowergirl and Akira, I’m frankly telling you both. I don’t feel bad using “rude” language (by your definition) to those ignorant commenters attacking me first. They were the first starting out with rough words something like “fucking” and called me 15 years old etc. just bcos I posted a comment quoting a saying they never heard about and disagreed with. This would be my last response to anyone who has problem with my comment here. I don’t want to waste my time on someone or something useless bcos who cares. Basically I don’t know anyone of you and you’re totally irrelevant in my real life. Your opinions have no bearing to me.

        Before you start preaching to me, READ COMMENTS ACCORDING TO CORRECT TIMELINE about my thread and figure out who started getting offensive first. Be sure to call out the right person who stirs the pot first. It’s so annoying to read any biased comments calling me out alone for something you don’t agree with. I’d greatly appreciate it if you don’t bother to respond to me and just leave me alone. ANNOYING much! SMH!

      • @Drama2016 I only replied under your comment so that it would be under Akira’s post and so that Akira would notice it. If I could have replied directly to Akira then I would have. I never singled you out and called you rude. You assumed that–the same way the second poster (Nik) assumed something else of the quote you posted.

  17. Judge not because non of you know what really went on. He was brave enough to face everyone. Being out on display guilty or not is the most terrifying thing.

    • It is not like he has a choice, consider those girls sue him for assault.
      But yes, K-biz anti is scary in general, guilty or not.

  18. I hope so much respect for him and his acting career before. I wish he would have made a wiser choice not to assault others and sink his career to drain.

  19. five women?! There is too much evidence based on his visits to such establishments, the verdict of the first women’s case, and now the accusations made by four other women. Accusations that shouldn’t be taken lightly, when you keep in mind how hard it is for women around the world, let alone a country still very male-orientated like Korea, to come forth about sexual abuse and such.

    Even if not every single actions he has been accused of is true, you cannot refute that there is some truth in all of this. And if there is even a grain of truth to all the accusations, that single grain is enough to show that he is not a man, but a monster. Because thats what we should view sexual predators as, monsters.

    I can’t even bear to look at his face now, its heartbreaking and revolting at the same time. Breaks my heart that someone I looked up to for being a talented entertainer, a role model, as public figures tend to become for many young people, to know it was a lie, and that such a person was capable of such abhorrent actions.

  20. This was a dumb inane pearl of wisdom. Who made this quote? The woman always get blamed for a man’s behavior…especially by these celebrities who think they are Gods. The girls who said they were raped, which is an act of violence as is slapping your fans, probably didn’t think, being raped was in their job description. Man this wisdom, seems prejudicial towards women, try as one might to back track .

    Hope this gets resolved soon and justice prevails. I won’t hold my breath.

    If I were Micky and he did indeed rape these girls, I would be fearful of these club owners more so than his fans. He sure drug their business through the mud, which they were already wallowing.

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