Zhao Li Ying is Radiant in Purple at the Press Conference for New Fantasy Zhu Xian C-drama Qing Yun Zhi

Actresses definitely have pressure to stay thin but sometimes being teeny tiny doesn’t do couture justice. C-actress Zhao Li Ying is about to embark on a huge promotional campaign for the biggest summer fantasy period C-drama on the horizon the new Zhu Xian called Qing Yun Zhi. There’s already fandom annoyance over who is the female lead, Zhao Li Ying or Yang Zi, but aside from that anticipation is high for this big-budget swashbuckling adaptation of the popular same name novel.

Zhao Yi Ling certainly gets the first win out of the promo gate by selecting an exquisite dark purple and nude contrasting striped gauzy evening gown for the press conference. I love this dress instantly on sight but even finding Zhao Li Ying so very pretty in it, her petite tiny frame really doesn’t do the gown justice. A few more pounds on her would have filled out the top nicely as final finishing touch. Nonetheless this is one of the more unique and pretty dresses I’ve seen in months so great taste on her part or thanks to her coordi.


Zhao Li Ying is Radiant in Purple at the Press Conference for New Fantasy Zhu Xian C-drama Qing Yun Zhi — 22 Comments

  1. She would have looked even more gorgeous if she put on a few pounds. Did she attend Chen Xiao and Michelle’s wedding? It just goes to show they are not even close in real life. I remember many were shipping her with Chen Xiao.

    • Well according to Sun Yao Qi, Chen Xiao and Zhao Li Ying have dated before.. Which makes sense judging by the amount of times they were caught hanging out together back then. Must’ve been a bad breakup though since she wasn’t at the wedding and they are barely seen together now. Sad for those who shipped them LOL.

    • Some people are naturally thin. She’s always been this skinny since she was a kid. I hate skinny-shaming just as much fat-shaming. Let people be.

      Also, why would she attend? That actress confirmed Chen Xiao cheated on her by saying “meeting the wrong person at the right time is unfortunate” when congratulating Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao on their wedding. Meaning what fans knews, Chen Xiao was indeed caught cheating with Michelle Chen when he was still living with Liying in Beijing

      • Proof of that or just rumor? You know there are always lunatic drama fans enjoying spreading unfounded rumors online. Then why did Chen Xiao have to adamantly dismiss his romantic involvement with ZLY several times in public? At one time in the interview, he even snickered when asked about CP with his costar. (BTW I don’t know exactly what Chinese ppl mean by CP or PC? LOL) Could that be just one-sided? Everything about his romantic relationship is speculation. If he did have cheated on someone, then he is definitely a jerk. But proof?

        I always laugh at shipping games. Fans like to live in fantasy. Hmmmmmm

      • @Chloe, so that is he proof? That is why I can’t help laughing at all the gullible fans taking random tabloid by paparazzi so seriously. LOL

      • How is it random? A guest at Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen and their close friend wrote on weibo that he cheated

      • I don’t know whether CX cheated on ZLY or not (I was under the impression that they were on-and-off), so let’s give him the benefit of the doubt that he started dating Michelle afterward. Which is totally fine. Now what annoys me is how he claimed that the entire thing he had with ZLY was just a PR stunt. Neither of them had ever admitted anything, but based on all the signs, they were definitely dating at one point. They were seen traveling together often, holding hands on the red carpet (even though technically his female lead was somebody else), many weibo interactions, he visited her on set (more hand-holding), etc. etc. If you’ve been denying it the entire time, just continue denying it, even after breaking up. Why say it was just a PR stunt in order to make yourself look better? Even if you don’t love the person anymore, out of respect for her, just don’t say anything. For her part, ZLY hasn’t said a word about anything. I hope her current boyfriend treats her better, because she deserves better.

        I think Michelle is a very sweet person, and I do wish her the best. I hope that he really settles down after marriage and treats Michelle well. If you choose to marry someone, don’t just love them intensely during the honeymoon period and then fall out of love so quickly.

        TLDR: I think he’s a douchebag with how he handled things, but I do wish Michelle the best.

  2. Was not a fan of the book too ling and excessive amounts of flowery words. Pretty sure Yang Zi character is main though. But they are billing ZLY as main because she is the more famous of the two.

    I was a fan of YZ character in the book so I will still ship her with lead guy.

    That said, I am not a fan of that dress. It looks like a curtain to me. She does not look good in it, it clearly outlines her lack of proportions. The 2nd dress that night looked way nicer on her. Her make up and hair is on point though!

  3. I believe she shed about 8 pounds for her role as a slave in Princess Agent which was being filmed at the time of the Zhu Xian event, but she’s always been quite petite. Do wish a few more pounds on her but nonetheless, she looks gorgeous!

  4. The fact that there’s still those who support cheaters boggles my mind.

    Anyways, I will always stand behind Liying~ she’s absolutely stunning!!

    • IMO, otsiders with so little information about their relationships and the troubles don’t have the right to make judgments. This is just the perspective of someone who isn’t a fan of any of them.

  5. I like her dress, she looks good in it to me. There are people who dislike her, saying she has a bad character, but for me i like her because i find her acting skills extremely good considering she did not graduate from any acting academy.

  6. She is a great actress but with aloof personality off screen. I like her dramas with Chen Xiao and Boss and Me as well.

    • She looks gorgeous! But there were lot of not good things about her off screen
      Anyway good luck with her new project

      • I think she is just too honest and free with her opinion. Honesty is not rewarded. She seems really nice to me, but then again I am also one of those people that appreciates candid honesty. But in the end is her acting that I like the best.

  7. pretty girl but looking at the photos, i just really really wanted to cover her ear, its sticking out. :<

  8. Honestly, like who cares????!!!! Not my business. I’ve never had any interest in celebrities’ private lives, specifically he said she said and whatever. LOL..I’m just amazed how fans can take all their love lives so personally and appear emotionally frustrated with all the rumors that are not in the favor of their biases. This is nothing different from idolatry, worshiping a human being as a god.

  9. Even if CX cheated, she had so many rumors with other actors as well. She claimed not to be close with him but it’s hard to deny, considering youtube videos like him challenging her on ice bucket…etc. He also deny it as a stunt as well.
    Sounds like both of them lied but we outsiders don’t need to know the real reason. 😛

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