More Dashing Stills From Bazaar Korea Pictorial Featuring Lee Min Ho


I’m thrilled for Lee Min Ho in doing so well with Legend of the Blue Sea.It doesn’t feel like a role tailor made for him but he’s delivering a serviceable performance so far and there is hope he can reach a higher level as the drama deepens in emotional heft. This may be his last performance and role before military enlistment and so far I think it’s a well made match. He’s got the confidence and charisma to make conman Heo Joon Jae believable as a character, while making me feel concerned that he keep treating his mermaid weirdo Shim Chung with heart. Lee Min Ho is featured in the December issue of Bazaar Korea and the magazine released additional stills to satisfy the most ardent fan. Visually he’s one of Hallyu’s most alluring male leads and I’m glad he’s going to leave for military hiatus on a gorgeous high note.


More Dashing Stills From Bazaar Korea Pictorial Featuring Lee Min Ho — 10 Comments

  1. I think he looks quite young in LOBS. Somehow younger than heirs, wish he would do more dramas like the past times. LMH definitely shines more in dramas..why don’t choose a down to earth, small budget project next time.

  2. my heart skipped when i saw this pictures,he has always looked handsome in all his dramas expect heirs he lost his charm trying to play a teen in that but he is now becoming himself again and it makes me happy.
    Lotbs might still be a little shaky in it’s plot but he is owning his character and not letting jjh outshine him,i have a feeling he will come back an even greater actor after military,he needs that 2 years off show biz.

  3. I never get the vibes of the many “Oh My God, Lee Min Hot” that many drama bloggers since I don’t really find him that handsome. But LMH does come across like a gentleman and a genuinely nice guy and therefore, it is always a pleasant treat to watch him on screen and in stills.

  4. Everytime I see him I will think of the pgrass that koreans like to use “he must have saved the country in his past life”. His mum must have saved many countries her past life to produce such a fine looking man.

  5. I always find Lee Min Ho and Ji Chang Wook looking so much alike. But in my case, I prefer LMH though both actors are incredibly gorgeous.

  6. lee min ho oppa does it for me… he was the first actor that made me like kdramas nd he has not lost his place in my heart! keep shining uri min ho oppa…

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