Preview for Episode 14 and the Cast of Goblin Basks in Camaraderie as Filming Nears End

I don’t know how other fans of Goblin are handling the lead up to the finale three episodes but it’s been hard for me. Between rewatching the major moments from all the aired episodes, which actually makes the waiting worse, there’s a melancholy that comes from fretting that audiences won’t see anything as ambitious as this again soon. Screenwriter Kim Eun Sook has proven herself yet again to me, that she can deliver a drama with her usual snappy dialogue and seemingly superficial quips but add deep pathos and sincere humanity to round out the fictional proceedings. I don’t perceive Goblin as perfect but it touches my heart in a way that feels narrative thought out. I care about all the major characters and their struggles, so even if the resolution requires some leeway in logic or consistency I think I can spare it. Now that’s when I know I love a drama truly.

Preview for episode 14:


Preview for Episode 14 and the Cast of Goblin Basks in Camaraderie as Filming Nears End — 19 Comments

  1. I know, I know!

    Kudos to those at TVN (or wherever) and their partners (like DramaFever) turned an end-of-series challenge (behind schedule, exhausted actors) into a global social media opportunity.

    Four of the top 6 or 7 posts on my Facebook feed right now are from DramaFever – three show clips and a news story related to the show. Earlier in the week, I dug into the comments on just one of their posts. Hundreds of Goblin fans from around the world (close to 1000) commented on just that one post.

    And did you hear that the live recaps on the message boards last Friday nearly crashed They’re not going to allow live recaps for the last three episodes. They are setting up a chat room for it.

    • I don’t necessarily think that’s true. This drama is aired on TVN, which is different than MBC, SBS, or KBS. This means, I think people pay to see this channel, while the others are free. The highest rating drama on TVN was Reply 1988, which only received 18% or a little higher. For dramas aired on paid channels, they probably won’t ever get as high of ratings as those that are aired on the free channels. Of course, Goblin and other TVN dramas are doing better in terms of ratings that let’s say, Uncontrollably Fond or SHR.

    • Nah, the current lead actress is great. No one would beat her acting especially in the last scene on episode 13 (the crying scene).

    • This is how I saw the lead actress’ crying scene (extremely subjective, of course).
      The goblin vanished. The bride stood there kneeling. Her eyes were completely dry. (Everything was fine here, since she had to look shocked.) Then she bent forward (in a failed attempt to show pain), lost her balance in the process and quickly tried to recover her initial position. The camera zoomed out preventing the viewers from watching the bride’s crocodile tears. I thought, that was one of the worst crying scenes I have ever seen.

      To me, the cast is the problem in Goblin, and because of them I can’t love the characters and I can’t ignore some writing mistakes. I keep watching out of a sort of curiosity (thanks to the writer and director), while skipping scenes here and there.
      Kim So Hyun, Kim Min Jae, Lee El, that eunuch (I can’t remember his name) and, sometimes, Gong Yoo are the only ones who actually know how to portray their characters in this drama.

  2. I’m loving this drama! I’ve been going back and watching clips from past shows. Too funny. This cast is wonderful. I can’t believe this is the last week. What to do? Sob.

  3. I find this drama a bit better than legend of the blue sea, because they don’t stereotype the characters like how they did to lee min ho where his character is the same pretty flower boy character so he’s basically stuck with that and won’t be able to broaden his character roles. plus I was thinking that for ep 13.5, they could’ve just showed us romances between the otp where they went out on a picnic and just talked about their lives and get to know more about each other like normal couples. now that would’ve been an episode that I would’ve watched and loved.

  4. I love this drama so so much.

    Watching it again is great, i am getting antsy to know the resolution, but on second watch i feel like I appreciate the drama even more, some details which I ignored the first time around has suddenly taken a new meaning.

    The pain of immortality and the poignancy of the love between Shin and eun tak make this drama a success for me.

    I had previously dismissed KES as an entertaining but fluff writer. I am glad to be proven wrong, i havent felt this level of emotional connection to a drama in years!:)

    It’s wonderful to have a drama with actual substance and not just stuffed with pretty scenes. Although this is probably the prettiest drama i have ever seen!

  5. It’s opposite for me … I feel distant towards each character relationship, I just can’t suspend my disbelief and feel emotional connection, because their emotional connection feel contrive. And when i can’t fully engage emotionally to a character, I can’t even feel to hate the evil character, that’s a major break or make a drama for me. It’s surprise me, because I’m used to fully engage for intriguing character even in the most uneven character development .

    • For me i hooked to this drama because of gong yo n lee not bcoz of the otp.despite the good storyline they gave the big impact to this drama.i can feel the romance like wat kim eun sok did to both dots otp

  6. You know, as much as I can’t wait for the finale, I don’t want it to end. I lost count how many times I replay all the episodes & yet I still enjoyed watching it like the first time.

    Honestly, I can’t believe a k-drama can produce something like this and… coming from Kim Eun Sook nonetheless. I just can’t believe that she wrote this. I didn’t finish DOTS because it was too crigey while Heirs & SeGa were too makjang for me, I just couldn’t stand it. Plus, the PD is just amazing. It’s like a match made in heaven. I’m happy that tvN took a chance with this project. Thank you for existing tvN!

    But I’m so happy for the casts especially Gong Yoo & Lee Dong Wook. Both of them rise to Hallyu fame with Coffee Prince & My Girl then unfortunately involved in a number of unsuccessful projects.

    I’m glad that Goblin help them to achieve the commercial & critical success because they certainly deserve it.

    • I’m totally with you on the PD front! It’s the first ever show which made me question who the PD is. Really good story coupled with amazing directing and cinematography. Eager to see the ending…..and if, just if, it doesn’t live up to expectations, I’m more than happy to let it end at ep 13.

  7. I absolutely think this was the best show from 2016. I think the PD cast the characters quite wonderfully, particularly for Goblin, Goblin’s Bride, Grim Reaper, and DeokHwa. I don’t particularly love Yoo In Na in the role, she was soo cool denouncing EunTak’s aunt in the earlier episodes, but I didn’t think she could carry the emotional/crying scenes that well. I also can’t invest that much into the relationships between the characters…

    I find Goblin & his bride more of respect/family love/companionship than romantic love. Between Goblin and Grim Reaper, they have awesome camadarie, but I also don’t find myself oohing and ahhing to the same degree as others have been online. I wish they elaborated more on Wang Yeo and Sun’s story and how she came to love him so much. In their present timeline, I find that their interactions have just been composed of lovey-dovey stares turned to cryfests without any weight to their love except for the love story in their past lives. This sounds really critical, but I do really like the show lol 🙂

  8. I feel major withdrawal syndrome after Jealousy Incarnate ends. Now I’m pretty sure i will have it more severe than before. I hate KES previous works (except city hall) but this one makes me fall so hard. She should only writes this kind of fantasy story from now on! It’s still has her cringey style, but i don’t know why it doesn’t feel too over. Maybe because how the actor/actress portray it or just because of the characters (a 19 y.o girl and 900 y.o goblin who never fall in love before).
    Can’t wait to watch 3 last episodes

  9. I dont want friday to come because i am not ready to say goodbye. I can’t believe that I’m not going to see gong yoo every week. I’m not ready for this. He’ll probably not do a drama for another 2-3 years. And that just makes me cry.

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