Young Lovers Joy and Lee Hyun Brighten Official Posters for The Liar and His Lover

I can’t help but feel the first sweet stirrings of young love memories whenever I see new updates from upcoming tvN drama The Liar and His Lover (She Fell in Love with His Lies). Joy and Lee Hyun Woo look the parts of a young high school ingenue and a young but musically experienced prodigy producer, but even nicer is how the production is beautifully presenting the romance with such soft effervescent tones. Sure, K-dramas can and often do bait and switch but if this drama sticks with the source manga then it should be nicely melodramatic without veering into overblown. The just released drama posters are filled with noticeable emotion, from Joy’s infectious wide smile to Lee Hyun Joo’s interested soft gaze.


Young Lovers Joy and Lee Hyun Brighten Official Posters for The Liar and His Lover — 10 Comments

  1. I’m watching it for the female singer, I’m not familiar with her but her smile is just so bright and genuine. The male actor looks disinterested in the poster, he didn’t really capture that subtle, intrigued expression very well. Anyway hope it’s good!

    • tsk. downgrading people looks comment.

      i dont get the obsession about small face. this is such a korean mindset. she is smiling goodness sake. of course her face look bigger.

      i personally think her smile is really pretty and contagious

  2. Takeru satoh who played Aki (the japanese movie) is really strong character for me… he has that vibe being the cool and depression musician.
    I hope i can see hyunwoo differently and do not compare him to my precious takeru ?

    And hopefully this drama has really good soundtrack like the movie. Even after all this years, i still consider the ost of the movie are the best among all the soundtrack i ever heard ?

    And for joy,i dont know about her (not a fans of k-idol anymore) but i hope she can play it well. Bcus sakurako ohara voice is very beautiful as riko.

  3. Rarely can actors who have no roots in music realm nail the roles as musicians unless they are extremely talented in acting. One prominent example is KWB in Uncontrollably Fond. KWB’s scenes as a hottest rocker on stage were such a huge joke that I could only shake my head. So far in Kdrama I only found the interpretations of those who with music talent are more convincing as pros in the music industry. Beast Junhyung as the male lead of an idol in Monstar is the proof. Now ppl whined about Lee Hyun Woo’s lack of aura as the melancholy musician. But I’m still looking forward to seeing his performance as a talented music producer. He’s a musician, a singer, and a rapper himself in real life. Therefore I’m willing to bet on him unless the script is as crappy as My Lovely Girl. LOL

  4. Hmm well he certainly gives off a different feel than the actor in the j-movie… Even comparing to the manga I can’t really think of Aki when looking at his face in the promotional poster…
    I’m still curious though so I suppose I will check it out ><

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