C-stars Yang Mi and Liu Wen Attend 2017 Met Gala in Contrasting Fashion Gown Styles

I still remember two years ago when the Met Gala‘s theme was China: Through the Looking Glass and half of the fashionable C-stars were in Manhattan for the coveted event. For the 2017 Met Gala only actress Yang Mi and model Liu Wen walked the red carpet for an evening celebrating the groundbreaking fashion of famed Commes Des Garcon head designer Rei Kawakubo. Liu Wen is a top model and always looks great in whatever she wears even the most outre or odd outfits, but as a top actress Yang Mi’s style needs to go glamour and classic beauty and her custom made Michael Kors outfit at the Met Gala really left me scratching my head. C-netizens described it best as “Yang Mi turned into a human sushi handroll!”, lololol. I think Mi Mi looks gorgeous with her hair and makeup, and actually attractive even in this black and flesh colored sequined dress, but taken as a whole the dress is a total misfire for me.


C-stars Yang Mi and Liu Wen Attend 2017 Met Gala in Contrasting Fashion Gown Styles — 8 Comments

  1. I actually like Yang Mi’s more than Liu Wen’s, it was more in keeping with the avante garde theme, the bombastic overuse of sequins, the over the top necklace and the bold lipstick.

    Liu Wen’s was safe albeit with mild allusions to the theme, and I HATE when the starts play it safe at the Met Gala.

    The point is not to look good, it’s to go with the theme and stand out. My favs were Rihanna and Katy Perry. I also like Cara D’s look but it was much better suited for last year’s theme Deux Ex Machina

    • Katy Perry’s outfit was a mess on all fronts but at least she didn’t play it safe. Lily Cole and Rihanna (who was having fun with her outfit!) were my favorites . Tracee Ellis Ross stood out for me also.

      Pharrell and especially his girlfriend presented a direct homage to Comnes de Garcon through her outfit but everyone made fun of her for it which was pretty annoying. There were so many random and underwhelming outfits as usual but the MET wants the celebs and media attention (and designers want exposure) no matter what so it’s probably not going to change.

  2. I love Yang Mi’s makeup and hair. She looks heavenly, but the flesh colored part of the dress reminds me of surgical bandages.

  3. I think Yang Mi’s makeup and hair styling is great here, but the dress is a no for me. The black part is great and gives me Breakfast at Tiffany’s vibes (Yang Mi also once did an editorial that was Audrey Hepburn-themed which I absolutely loved), but the flesh-colored part just seems off-putting and doesn’t look right. Liu Wen looks great as always.

    But I really wish that more of the guests followed the theme. Rihanna is always slaying at the Met Gala.

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