Top 90’s K-actress Shim Eun Ha Rushed to Hospital for Sleeping Pill Overdose

Before there was Lee Young Ae, the top Korean actress who retired at her prime, there was Shim Eun Ha which is a name that no Korean over thirty years old wouldn’t have known. Shim Eun Ha was the top K-actress of the 90’s and starred in the highest rated dramas of that era including The Last Match, M, and Trap of Youth. She also did many hit overs, and over her decade long career she raked in countless drama and movie awards. What makes her legacy even more memorable is her sudden retirement in 2001 and then marrying her husband who is a congressman. Today K-ent was rocked with shocking news that Shim Eun Ha reportedly overdosed on sleeping pills and was rushed to the hospital. The media is postulating this as a suicide attempt but her family is claiming it was just an accident. She is currently in stable condition with no life threatening consequences. My heart goes out to Shim Eun Ha, whether it was intentional or accidental I hope she gets the recovery support she needs.


Top 90’s K-actress Shim Eun Ha Rushed to Hospital for Sleeping Pill Overdose — 9 Comments

  1. Oh no.. I’ve watched her dramas and she is such a memorable actress, especially in Christmas in August. I hope she recovers well. It’s such a shame she retired like that, makes me think that it was her marriage that made her retire. Maybe her husband was more conservative… lets hope this is not the case because that would be truly sad

    • @Gilgit It would be sad indeed?.I don’t know her(? guess I’m still a fetus) but if she only retired from her profession because of her marriage.Goodness how depressed she could be feeling or felt after spending a decade of her life acting.

      I know you like PSH imagine if some guy came along and swooped her and if he is conservative, force her or even by her own choice to retire.How sad would that be?After all the connections she has made, she would be having minimal to no connections with her fans who have formed a bond with her as a distant friend for years.

      An artist, being chipped off his /her wings is sad. and if she watch TV, she could be imagining how she would act in the drama or movie, memories of working behind the scenes etc etc. Ok maybe I’m being dramatic.Anyway I hope this lady is helped in the best way possible, find peace and healing and she shouldn’t have to depend on pills to survive.

      • I like a lot of actresses, I know it’s uncommon when other girls are fangirling over male actors, but here I am, a Park Shin Hye, Park Bo Young, Park So Dam trash.. I would literally watch them all day and not get tired… I could never imagine any man hurting them ever. I hope if my faves get married, their husbands would be good and never limit or restrict them. By the way, I found it very worrisome when Moon Geun Young said in her interview that she would be able to give up her career for her husband if she were to marry. I hope she doesn’t think like this anymore because no man is ever going to be worth giving up your career. Unless you want to truly retire from the entertainment industry and focus on family life from your own free will.

  2. I hope that she gets better and finds happiness.

    She is a good actress but not one of my faves (although I love Christmas in August)

  3. Whatever it was whether a suicide attempt or an accident her dependency on sleeping pills is worrisome. I thought she retired for good of her personal life but it doesn’t look this way. Whatever, may she recover soon.
    I saw her in some movies and I found her style similiar to Jun Ji Hyun or lets say other way around JJH is like her.

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