K-ent Stars with Top Grades and University Degrees

Korea loves its stars for being all-natural beauties and/or super smartie pants. That’s why Kim Tae Hee is basically untouchable, going to Korea’s top university Seoul National and even twenty years later looking like she did in high school. Ability to get good grades in school, which isn’t necessarily correlated to intelligence and definitely not to EQ, doesn’t a good actor or actress make, but to K-netizens it remains one of Korea’s barometer’s of value.

Aside from Kim Tae Hee, the other handful of top university graduates are fellow Seoul National beauty Honey Lee, who is also taken as she’s dating Yoon Kye Sung. Kyunghee University beauty Han Ga In also has the brains, scoring 384 out of 400 points in the college entrance exams. On the men side, Kim Jung Hoon is a Seoul National college student but decided to leave to pursue his acting career full time, and on the other side is Lee Sang Yoon who graduated in the Physics department also from Seoul National. Both men are still available so scoop ’em up ladies!


K-ent Stars with Top Grades and University Degrees — 13 Comments

  1. Well, I guess being an actor, grades doesn’t really matter lol. But nice to see celebs who has good grades during school. Miss Koala, you forgot Lee Seo Jin. This man is on another level of all celebs you mentioned. Came from wealthy family, did his master from American university in difficult major and he was one of the executive of rral company. Unfortunately or fortunately, he met his lost bro Na PD XD. Waiting his grumpy in action mode on in Three Meals A Day with newly wed of another smart guy Eric and the lovely giant Yoon Kyun Sang and his cutie cats.

  2. can Kim Tae Hee and Han Ga In utilise their intelligence or degrees in other professions.Or if they must stay in entertainment, use their beauty in other fields such as commercial film and magazine pictorials.And NEVER come back to kdramaland?How can actresses with about decade plus experience only improve only to the level of rookie actors..always being outacted by their male co stars..others even younger than them.

    • Han Ga In hasn’t been in the drama scene for the longest time. And Kim Tae Hee is not as bad as you make it out to be. Lmao. I think she’s actually improved quite a bit.

    • it’s funny that you mention this about intelligence and degrees… When did a female actress ever recognize or make more money as her male counterpart in Hollywood? It has been known for years that Actresses don’t make as much as Actors in North America. Same in South Korea… As a female, one will always be respected if she has a prestigious U-degree like KTH… We are talking about respect here… not how much they earn… An U-degree does not equate money earned…

    • Is she still in KAIST? I watched her in a variety saying she much prefers acting but as much as I love her the roles she’s getting are not helping her. I sincerely hope she finishes her study first.

  3. Kim Tae and Han Ga always get criticized for bad acting. They probably should have pursued what they are good at.

    • Well, assuming they already have everything, it makes sense that they’ll want to pursue something they love doing.

  4. So this list doesn’t count those who graduated with film&theatre (arts) major? I think any active actor or actress completing their uni and getting a degree is commendable. It means they value and see importance in education. And to the most of them, acting isn’t just a money making piggy bank, but a profession.

    • @gilgit You have said it all my dear friend.Also among the actresses, the only admirable woman from that list deserving of respect as a CREDIBLE actress who is also brains and beautiful is Honey Lee.

      She got a degree and masters degree in Traditional Korean Music which apparently is one of the most difficult majors in the arts.Won Miss Korea and number 4 Miss Universe.All rounder she has works in musical theatre, variety shows aside from acting.

      Still with all these accolades, she takes her profession and commitment as an actress seriously.Not taking acting as a side job, or just another medium to help in maintaining top star status.She is active in both film and drama every year. She is not afraid not to look pretty, or play safe in choosing her roles or in her acting.She can go all out, and get down and dirty as a country farmer.To acting as femme Fatale, to Queen..She can act seamlessly in melo,comedy, historical etc.She is not greedy for first lead roles, when she has the acting chops to actually act as first lead.

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