Big C-ent Dating News as Famous Stars Zhao Li Ying and Feng Shao Feng Caught on a Date

K-ent has been having too much fun with big star dating news this past week, time to share the buzz with China and it’s a doozy at that. Top Chinese stars Feng Shao Feng and Zhao Li Ying were spotted all masked and trying to look incognito while out on a date, but their cover was blown multiple ones. The first being they were wearing matching couple’s jackets, then they headed out driving a flashy yellow Maserati (which license plate was later tracked to be Feng Shao Feng’s car), and finally the video snapped of their entrance back to the hotel was easily identifiable due to fan’s familiarity with their physique and walk.

This would be Feng Shao Feng’s third big dating within the industry news, first Ni Ni and then Jelly Lin, and fourth if you count the rumors with Yang Mi. For Zhao Li Ying this would be her first dating news aside from the rumors with Chen Xiao early on, and like most dating news Feng Shao Feng and Zhao Li Ying recently worked together on the 2018 C-movie Journey to the West 3.  I hope it’s true, totally game with them being a couple and love watching pretty new love blossom.


Big C-ent Dating News as Famous Stars Zhao Li Ying and Feng Shao Feng Caught on a Date — 48 Comments

  1. On one hand I’m happy He and Jelly aren’t a thing anymore on the other hand he starting to look like a serial dater. Hopefully not and they last a long time because they make a beautiful couple.

  2. According to Li-Ying fans on Weibo, this was taken few months ago (when they were still filming for their movie). It’s definitely NOT a recent picture as Li-Ying has cut her hair short and it’s straight. So the hairstyle doesn’t match. Also, there is no left knee injury. The hoodies are given by the production team to all members from the movie. Everyone from the movie has it. Third, apparently the assistants are also there. So it’s either just some photos of them taking a diner when they were shooting for the movie months ago, or it’s not Li-Ying at all but somebody else (co-worker) from the movie because fans claim that the woman does not resemble her.

    Anyway, whatever. I don’t have good feelings for this guy. He literally has rumors or is romantically linked with ALL his co-stars. It’s ridiculous. From Ady An, Myolie Wu to Yang Mi, Victoria Song, Ni Ni, Bea Hayden and even Li-ying now.

    • Im glad. This man looks gross, i didnt even finish any drama with him. It’s good for dating, but Liying deserves good man. I dont have anyone on mind. Yang yang is too young. Both looks good in their cf. William probably has a gf (we know rumur has it). Ah as long as it’s not FSF haha

    • Really??? I’m shipping her with William Chan. Especially their recent turn in Happy Camp 20th Anniversary…..He looked at her meaningfully when asked by a fan for his telephone number, and who is his ideal type among his co-stars.

      • Do you really want William then? If fans don’t like FSF for hsi rumoured dating then William is even worse.

        Rumour has it he was dating AB for years then did a movie with Charlene Choi and they started dating, only she was also married at the time and it cause the break up of her marriage. She got divorced and a couple of months later they were caughtand admitted to dating only a few months.

        Hence why Charlene and William only went on Run Brother when AB was away and why they do have any work with either AB or Ronald.

    • There were no confirmation that they dated each other regarding ZLY and ZH. ZH previously dated Zheng Shuang. Now hes dating Gulinazha.
      As for Willam he was dating Charlene Choi of Twins but they broke up.
      These news of ZLY and FSF doesnt look quite legit. But anything is possible i guess.

  3. please don’t let this be true. This guy is gross….he’s not stable – because he seems to be playing around!

  4. Perfect timing for such a rumor since both of them are leads confirmed for the drama adaption of the novel Legend of a Concubine’s Daughter, Ming Lan

  5. I agreed with you. I would say FSF is a playboy. Zhao li ying just had one boyfriend before who’s Chen xiao and from then on there’s no more rumours about her dating with others. She really deserve a better man! Let’s just fingers crossed that they are just friends……

    • Stop masquerading fake news as truth. The so-called relationship with Chen Xiao was never confirmed, it’s mostly just for PR. Are you freaking serious about her never having dating rumours with others? Do you truly follow her career since her shot to fame in New Princess Returning Pearl at all? She already had dating rumour with Gao Zi Qi (her co-star who played Xiao Jian, now Chae Rim’s husband) back then and people said it was her most legit relationship to date. After that, she had a series of dating hullaballoo with almost all of her co-stars in every drama series. From Chen Xiao, Hans Zhang, Wallace Huo to FSF now, not to mention her alleged CEO boyfriend Wang Hao whom her fans would love to erase his existence. Just recently before the sighting with FSF, she was just entangled in dating rumour with her manager. It’s so hilarious to me people quickly drag FSF for his dating history and act like ZLY is an innocent virginal goddess who deserves better.

  6. Lmao koala is seriously misinformed if she thinks this is ZLY’s first dating news aside from Chen Xiao. I guess Gao Ziqi is too irrelevant so he doesn’t count, those vacation pictures with Wang Hao don’t count either. What about the time when everyone was so sure she was dating Wallace Huo until her pictures with CEO Wang came out and Wallace confirmed his marriage to Ruby Lin? She and FSF suit each other, stop acting like she’s too good for him.

    • What is your problem, seriously? Every lead actor and every lead actress has dating rumors, so what? ZLY’s dating rumors were never confirmed, so don’t make her sound like she is a s*lut. FSF was the one who pissed people off, when he started dating a much younger girl. Plus he changes his girlfriends like other people their underwear. So what? It’s his life and it’s not like nobody knows what his dating history is like. So I wouldn’t choose him as a boyfriend, but I can still enjoy his acting. You can support him, but you don’t have to badmouth ZLY to do so!

      • Why are so mad? Did I ever call her a slut? Stop putting words into my mouth. I don’t give a fuck how many people either of them date. One, I simply corrected some wrong info written in this article that ZLY fans keep perpetuating: first, they think that ZLY and CX being a thing is legit, which is untrue, and many times they use this unconfirmed rumour to bash Michelle Chen as the third wheel that destroyed their precious imaginary ship; second, she has a bunch of dating rumours on her own and this is not her first like koala stated. Two, I pointed out the obvious double standards people apply to FSF and ZLY. They drag FSF to the mud about his dating history (even though he only has what? 2 public relationships?) while conveniently ignore ZLY’s very own multiple dating rumours. Lol@ pointing out the truth is called badmouthing now.

    • Zhao Liying is a good actress and hard worker, but she isn’t very appealing to men because of her personality, which Chen Xiao, Hans Zhang and William Chan (and maybe other co-stars) have pointed out. Fans should see past her drama characters to her actual personality. So stop saying Feng Shaofeng is too good for her.

      • *saying she is too good for Feng Shaofeng. A relationship between two people isn’t about their popularity, looks or acting skills.

      • ZLY is known for being sharp tongued hence the nickname Xiao Dao (“little knife”), so what if some guys can’t handle that and prefer more sweet tongued girls? To each their own.

      • ZLY is known for being sharp tongued hence the nickname Xiao Dao (“little knife”), so what if some guys can’t handle that and prefer more sweet tongued girls? To each their own.

  7. This article broke my heart for two seconds lol but doesn’t sound legit. I thought she said she would like a non celebrity bf??? Watching Princess Agents now and so in love with her and Lin Gengxin.

  8. LOL! Leave FSF alone. Just because he goes out with girls doesn’t mean he is dating them. I mean even if he is a playboy,he is not a PIG to date EVERY SINGLE LADY that he acted with. There is something called friendship and partnership and people need to learn it. I think FSF only dated NiNi seriously and the rest are just friends.

    I am quite sure Jelly Yin was public stunt to promote the movies,which succeeded since both of their movies did well in box office be it because of rumor or not.

    • Late in this party, but I agree with you here. If ZLY and CX never counts, because they were never confirmed, then isn’t that the same thing with Feng Shao Feng and Jelly? Why are people biased for? Did FSF or Jelly came out publicly and say, we’re dating? O_O
      I don’t get what’s up with all the FSF is not good enough for ZLY.

      And about Michelle Chen breaking up ZLY and CX, I thought ZLY was caught flirting with William Chan behind the scenes that was messy enough to caused Chen Xiao to be mad and Ah Sa to break up with William? ZLY was also known for dating all her co-stars, just as much as FSF. Even known for dating Wallace Huo and honeymoon with a married CEO that doesn’t really count.

  9. I heard that this dating rumor was debunked. The photo was taken back when Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng were filming the “Monkey King 3” (西游记女儿国) and the whole cast and crew were going out to eat dinner together. As for the matching jackets, the whole cast and crew all got the same jackets as a “we are a family” thing.

  10. Oh la la….why all the hoohah? They are both single and they are both mature, responsible adults. They can date whomever they want. So long as both are happy. It is normal that people shipped couples together. Doesn’t mean that they date.
    It is not like they harmed anyone? Did they break anybody’s family? Actors and actresses are human too. Come on guys, stop this bashing. Neither have confirmed. Let’s just leave them alone. This is just the media stirring up nothing into something!!!!

  11. Will take this news like a punch of salt. As both are in a couple of new shows so this could just be PR. But until they have dated for over 2yrs, I dont trust Feng Shao Feng in relationships.

  12. I like ZLY so much who has multi potentials beauty, cuteness, talented and outstanding actress that when you see her in every scenes you will focused on and enjoy it. I believe she deserve more better guy than FSF and all of these news about her is just rumors.

  13. Wow so much bad mouthing…..As a personal friend and insight into these useless comments..ZLY yes she is entitled to have a sharp tongue only if she sees injustice to what happens around her.. I also have a sharp tongue especially when people make up bull…. stories. She is a hard working actress and is entitled to have some time out with friends. I would like to point out that we are all imperfect human beings and we all have our own agenda in life so who are we to judge her on personal life… and that of her co-stars… Leave the girl alone….There is a song I personally like to ask peopleto listen to.. ‘ The man in mirror’ by late michael jackson.. These actors/actresses work really hard to entertain us fans with their dramas and movies….why are their out there that have nothing better to do with their time gossiping and using their tongues to destroy people lives…especially these high profile entertainers, so if have nice things to say about someone then say it and if you don’t have anything nice about someone then don’t…keep it to yourself

    • halelujah praise the lord.who are you to charge people.they deserved to be happy just like you leave them alone they both good people.zhao li ying is the best chinese female actress and strong.she speaks her mind thats why we international fans loves her im no chinese but we follow her dramas its enjoyable and its worth to watched.

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