tvN Drama My Ahjusshi Won’t Air This Week to Catch Up on Live Filming

I think tvN is doing the right thing and hopefully networks adopt this as a rule forever. Currently airing hit Wed-Thurs drama My Ahjusshi (My Mister) will not air this week as the production scrambles to catch up on live filming. The drama had to re-film many early scenes when supporting actor Oh Dal Soo was abruptly stripped from the drama after his serious sexual harassment allegations. I’m still waiting to marathon the drama once I get in the mood but I’m definitely planning to watch this thanks to liking both leads Lee Seon Kyun and IU as well as the great feedback from audiences watching along. I’m sure viewers will be fine with the one week preemption if it means the filming isn’t rushed and no one on the cast or crew will be taxed unnecessarily in order to produce entertainment at the sake of health.


tvN Drama My Ahjusshi Won’t Air This Week to Catch Up on Live Filming — 26 Comments

  1. What are you talking about Ms. Koala? NOOOOOO….I am definitely not ok with the pre-emption. I am already suffering the long 2 weeks wait ??? This drama is LIFE and you definitely should watch it, the best offering so far this year. LSK outdid himself since his last stellar turn in “My Wife Is Having An Affair This Week” and IU (I could not belive I said this) is impressive beyond words. I am living for this show and already dreading that it is nearing the end. An exquisitely brilliant drama ❤️❤️❤️

    • IU give the best acting of her life. Every facial expression feels spot on and sincere. Enough to makes me shed tears in every sign of struggle and pai. in her expression

  2. Oh f*ck i love this drama so much. Along with LIVE which i have to catch up soon, this drama is my crack on going drama

  3. Best show of the year. It has depth, emotional intensity (without sinking into over-sentimentality) and an overall, almost poetic sense of melancholy. A generation of older folks washed behind by new tides of change, fast-pace and self-centered people, but still clinging on and not losing hope, resilience and the ability to care.

  4. This drama surpassed all expectation. Back then, when so many were negative with the casting of IU opposite LSK because of the age gap and now, a lot of viewers are rooting for the romance to happen for them. That shows how great the writing is. To be able to bridge the difference, the sensitive issues with so much depth and nuance and delicacy. And I dare to say this drama is even more romantic that the marketed rom-com “Pretty Noona” even without any physical contact between the leads. The acting, writing, directing managed to imbue that melancholy and romantic feel and I could not imagined myself saying that IU has the best off-the-charts chemistry with LSK. Who would have thought that?

    I am thoroughly impressed with the deft writings of this drama. Tackling ordinary everyday life issues without going overboard.

    No words to express how fantastic and awesomely rewarding this show is.

    • I think in pretty noona, Son Ye Jin is selling the chemitry between them,guiding Jung Hae In to have on screen chemistry.

      But in My Ajusshi, both IU dan LSK seeling it with their glance, longing looks, etc. i feels so guilty my heart flutter everytime. I thought PDH wasn’t supposed to fallin in love with IU’s character, more like admire. But the way LSK express emotion through IU’s character is just makes my heart weak. Lol

      • To those who have not started to watch, don’t mind what you hear about there being romance or no romance, because it will just confuse you. The production team was being purposefully vague with their words. Just enjoy the story as it unfolds.

      • Definitely not expecting romance out of this gem but boyyyy…..I never expected IU and LSK to have such combustible chemistry.

        Everytime there are in a scene together, they just exude so much feel and tension even without dialogues, let alone physical contact. After giving us those glances, frantic running and slippers conversation, I could not help but asking for a romance.

        Putting that aside, the fact that this show tackling ordinary subjects without selling any grand premise like supernatural, deity, fantasy or makjang, and still manage to be so captivating is super super ah-ma-zzing. ??

      • @Mischa, @KS, in short, their feeling for each other is ambiguous. Haha… This writers is sure know how to tease the viewers.

    • I totally agree. They said there wouldn’t be romance ( which I was fine with initially), but due to the human connection they’ve built between them episode by episode, I’m praying for romance to happen between them. I want these characters to find happiness and acceptance and if that leads to romance I do not mind at all. They’re adults.

  5. I dare to say this is the most impressive drama of 2018 so far, 2nd is waikiki, 3rd is just between lovers. Misty was amazing til the final, the final really destroy how good the drama was.

    I feel like there are so many drama these days, cable network has many drama as well. Its hard to catch all of them, so only few make buzz stand out.

  6. Dear Koala, please start watching soon. I don’t think this is the best drama to marathon as there are just too many nuggets to be gleaned from every episode and it takes time to properly “chew” them. It is so melancholic without getting depressing, lovely and romantic without any of the usual tropes, bleak but not without hope. Words can’t describe the emotions I feel about this drama. Each episode seems to be better than the last, a testament to the tight writing, even after 12 episodes have aired. And yes, Lee Sun Kyun is even better here than his last brilliant performance in This Week My Wife Will Have an Affair. IU matches him perfectly and their chemistry is simply hard to explain.

    • Exactly. Can never find enough and right words to describe how beautiful this drama is. There’s the ethereal feel about it. My Ajusshi has officially destroyed me for being this good, I keep on wanting more.

    • Agree. MA is too intense to be marathoned…. you need time to digest each character’s emotions & reactions. Start watching now, take a break in between episodes before your mind gets all drained… By far the best written drama in 2018!

      • I think in terms of writing, for me Park Hae Hyoung has competitor in Noh hee kyung. Second is Jung Seo Kyung who wrote mother.

      • I am surprised that MA coming from the same writer of Another Oh Hae Young because I really hate that drama. I never expected she could create a polar opposite female characters which I reacted in complete opposite.

        At the same time, big prop to the PD. From Daemul to Misaeng to Signal and now MA, he is certainly one of the best in the industry.

  7. oh nooo! my beloved My Ajussi is no show next week?What am I going to do? what will I watch? this is the only ongoing drama that I follow every week because the characters are so relate-able that I feel I am watching my own life,especially I despise people who are in the position who don’t deserve an ounce of it,while those who are qualified are left in the field to rot because they don’t have the influence only talent.Which is why I love MA, that every episode had me experienced catharsis and be grateful for my own GD life!

    • Would you believe it if I told you this drama is all of the above and then some? It is a thriller drama because there is espionage and wire-tapping and threats of murder. It is slice of life because we see very real interactions between characters, be it between family members, couples, or friends; nothing is makjang or gratuitous. And it is healing, most definitely healing. And if you crave romance, you can find it there, too if you look with the correct lens. 🙂

    • But I also need to warn you that there is also affair, revenge, violence, and dirty corporate politics. Don’t let them scare you away though. They are all very very well done. And the OSTs are one of THE best!!! Every single one of them.

      • I am late with the reply. You said them all and you said them best ??? Could not stop gushing about this drama. And yeah, the OST is awesome especially the one they released this week, “There is a Rainbow” by Vincent Blue. It’s on repeat mode of my playlist. Everytime I listen to it, I feel like that is Dong Hoon’s inner voice since the lyrics parallel with his struggles and be reminded of the scene where Ji An frantically running to catch him on time at the cafe. Whoosh… Too much feel.

    • A slice of life with a little throw on office politics but most of all a healing drama. Trust me, it’s unbelievably rewarding.

  8. AHHHHH! I am okay with this in theory, but I will go through serious withdrawal this week. This is one of the greatest Kdramas of all time, and I look forward to it every week. Also, since the main streaming sites are no longer providing the selection of Kdramas they once did (ARGH), my Kdrama watching has been drastically cut and this is the only drama I’m even watching right now. Oh well. So long as it keeps up its quality, I will survive.

  9. the best drama of the year, dare say one of the best of all time. Truly superb in every aspect. One of those dramas you know know how to explain to people because it is a feeling that GETS you. Highly recommend.

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