Zhao Li Ying Hides Belly in Latest SNS Pic and Alleged OB/GYN Pregnancy Report Leaked Online

At this point married C-ent couple Zhao Li Ying and Feng Shao Feng need to announce they are expecting a baby before there is even more intrusive digs by netizens or tabloids into their personal lives in order to prove they are. Zhao Li Ying posted an update on her Weibo account showing off a new cell phone the Magic Z for a brand she is repping and it’s so obvious with her covered up in a hoodie while holding the brand folio over her front belly to fully conceal herself.

The awkward pose is clear she wants to hide her much discussed pregnancy, as she did earlier in August when the rumors were swirling and she posted a picture of herself with a wide leg stance as if to refute being pregnant with standing with her legs split. I feel bad the couple has this need to stay silent on it because netizens are annoyed and want to prove they are indeed expecting and this week upped the ante by posting online a OB/GYN medical report allegedly for Zhao Li Ying at a six-week pregnant checkup. If that is indeed a genuine medical report then it’s such a violation of her privacy, and if it’s fabricated then it’s just plain frustrating to see how much churn is in this story.


Zhao Li Ying Hides Belly in Latest SNS Pic and Alleged OB/GYN Pregnancy Report Leaked Online — 9 Comments

  1. I didnt even think she was hiding her belly in that pic since for promotion she needed to hold up that sign.
    As per the constant pregnancy rumors, they seem so all over the place. For months now she has been “3 months pregnant” I am about to finish my own pregnancy and ZLY is still 3 months pregnant. To me she just looks skinnier and skinnier plus not showing at all during her recent events. Whether she is now 6 weeks pregnant or not, who knows. But she does seem very upset over these constant rumors per her last weibo post.
    I dont know why people are so desperate over this. If she is pregnant it will eventually come out, not like you can hide it. Everything has it’s own time. I myself didnt feel comfortable telling my family about my pregnancy until I was well into my fourth month, call it silly superstition but it is up to the mother to decide when it is a good time.

  2. Prove has it that the baby usg pic were photoshopped. They photoshopped ZLY name into it to make it look like hers.

    People seems so eager to see ZLY’s baby. Don’t worry she will have a beautiful baby sooner or later 😀

  3. I find it rather weird that you, Koala, say it’s violating privacy, yet you post it here.

    I find this whole is she pregnant or not very hurtful for her. Because who knows whether she has been trying to get pregnant and maybe met problems which she doesn’t want to share. Because… duh… it’s private. There is this constant expectation that women should’ve children and be able to have a child as soon as they are in a relationship and/or married.

    But nobody is thinking about possible problems behind the scenes. And the pressure from obsessed people who have nothing to do with her marriage aren’t helping either.

    So yeah there is that.

    IF she is pregnant than she doesn’t have to reveal anything. She should just let them keep guessing.

    • Exactly. I don’t get what’s with this idea that netizens can demand confirmation of whatever rumors they want to peddle at that moment. Reminds me of the PSJ and PMY mess this summer with both getting hate because they didn’t prove some random netizens right about being in a relationship. Even if they are pregnant, the couple has a right to not reveal it. Everyone should butt out, including Koala.

    • I dont get it myself why ppl so hype up abt her being preggy. Its one thing if we thought she’s single but both ZLY & FSF have come out clean with their relationship & are legally married, so what’s the problem if she’s pregnant…until I realized there are group of people who are trying hard to proof that ZLY trap FSF to marry her by using her pregnancy. These people are not happy that ZLY who comes from a poor background got herself a guy from Shanghai elite/aristocrat, so they are trying to justify FSF readily marry her for the worst reason instead of they both are simply in love with each other

  4. They just pulled a SongSong couple move by announcing their marriage lol. If a baby is on the way, no need to hide it. I don’t get why celebrities hide it. Being a celebrity you should know there is no such thing as privacy now a days. The media platform has taken over and even you can google a normal person online and see what’s going on with their lives. If they truly want to be exclusive, disconnect from the media. If not, expect that people will dig to find out.

  5. I don’t think she is trying to hide. According to superstition, not good to announce pregnancy too early, have to wait till baby is stable

  6. Well, she is confirmed to be pregnant. Congratulations to her and her husband FSF.

    They are smart to play up the media, all the way up to the premier of their drama together. I don’t think the couple should get all the crazy hater comments on why she did not tell the world about her pregnancy. Everyone should have just wait for them to announce it. I am not sure why there are so many negative comments on how ZLY handled the pregnancy.

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