Aaron Yan Holds Packed Birthday Fan Meeting and Cries Tears of Joy After Ex Outing Scandal

I love a resilient and upfront attitude to facing scandal and really how can a star expect to keep in the public eye career nowadays without being forthright. Taiwanese actor-singer Aaron Yan held a 500 person birthday fan meeting this past weekend, deciding to go forward with the event a week after being outed by a vengeful ex who shared intimate pictures and called Aaron a three-timing cheater. In the intervening days, Aaron’s agency and Aaron himself has apologized for the tabloid mess but claimed that there was no cheating as the three individuals Aaron was pictured dating were during successive periods with no overlap. One of the guys even gave an interview exonerating Aaron from the cheating, saying it was the other guy who couldn’t handle being broken up with and decided to go nuclear on Aaron’s career with his choice of relationship partners. I find Aaron charming in dramas and a really talented singer with all the musical instruments he plays and a great voice, and could care less who he dates and really even if he did cheat that’s between the couple and hardly paints him as dastardly. To know he likely didn’t cheat, but did date a lot, makes this whole episode seem even more distasteful and I’m glad Aaron is staying strong and has plenty of fans who packed the event hall to support him.


Aaron Yan 33rd Birthday Fan Meeting:


Aaron Yan Holds Packed Birthday Fan Meeting and Cries Tears of Joy After Ex Outing Scandal — 6 Comments

  1. See? No backlash or fall out over this if not he most likely garnered more fans me included. Didnt know him before but I do now. Glad that his fan meeting packed out because he definitely has a loyal following and a whole lotta love! I still think heโ€™s superrrr hot ?

  2. I am so happy for him. I am actually commenting. At least something good came out of this. I hope his parents forgive him and come to terms with it.

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