Taecyeon Completes Military Service and Wins Lifetime Pass from K-netizens for His Civic Duty

Human golden retriever and earnest puppy Taecyeon completed his military service today and was discharged with plenty of fans present to welcome him back. Also there was his 2PM group mate Chansung which is so awwww I can’t even with the hand holding and hugs. Taecyeon didn’t just serve, he did so with plenty of accolades all deserving. He could have been exempt due to holding a US permanent residence but he gave up his green card and kept his Korean citizenship as a sign of his willingness to serve. He enlisted in active duty in the army and even won early promotions for his hard work. All of this has permanently endeared him to the hearts of K-netizens and short of him committing a felony he’s got a pass on his entertainment career as long as he’s seen as making an effort and working hard. And if there is anyone who does both already it’s Taec, so welcome back big boy and I’m looking forward to continued improvement as he is returning solely as an actor from now on.


Taecyeon Completes Military Service and Wins Lifetime Pass from K-netizens for His Civic Duty — 4 Comments

  1. Its such a relief to see there are still celebs like Taecyeon in K-entertainment.
    Waiting for your comeback drama.

  2. Proud of him. He wants to make a comeback with a drama, not in variety, and although I love him in both I think it’s a great plan.

    I hope the shield protects him or that comments are less harsh when he is announced for a drama because he hasn’t always had the best responses as an acting-dol.

  3. an action drama with SJS (same agency) will be great. anything to show off his nice physique and muscles will be excellent. his acting still needs improvement but his big body will certainly gain lots of points depending on the genre (e.g action, thriller, or even comedy?) 🙂

    • I would like to see him in a comedy. Iirc, he was always the tough guy in his previous dramas. It would be nice to see him in a comedic role. I remember liking him on variety shows. He seems very nice.

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