Joo Won and Lee Da In are Refreshingly Delightful as the Male Lead/Second Female Lead OTP in SBS Sci-fi Drama Alice

I’m super loving EVERYTHING about Alice, even if it’s a story about a mother/son duo kick-assing everything back to the way it is and saving humanity from wonky time-travel shenanigans. Kim Hee Sun and Joo Won are the oddest yet totally believable mother/son leads of Alice, trust me it makes sense when you watch it but I can see why the production didn’t want to tip their hat that their big name leads won’t have a love line. And please don’t suddenly make her 2020 character a doppleganger and not the real mother either because also ewwww maybe falling for a woman who looks just like his mother. Anyhoo, back to the adorable perfection that is Joo Won with second female lead Lee Da In, two episodes in and their banter is so charming, and it’s banter and not bicker because he doesn’t bicker, even getting words out of him is hard hahaha. I’ve never seen Lee Da In onscreen before but she’s got such endearing presence and her chemistry with Joo Won is such slow burn despite their years growing up together from high school on. He also lurves her in the limited way he knows how and it’ll be interesting to see how it grows once both of them start getting into the mystery and conspiracy.


Joo Won and Lee Da In are Refreshingly Delightful as the Male Lead/Second Female Lead OTP in SBS Sci-fi Drama Alice — 7 Comments

    • She did it on purpose, to show her authority, that this is her blog, she can make mistakes as many as she want.

      btw, Joane, where are you? You should be present here to show your hate towards a girl like Lee Da-in

  1. The show has no love line between Joo Won and Kim Hee Sun…Lee Da In is also listed as an ally, this show may not dwell much on romance. I’ve kinda followed Lee Da In since her stint in My Golden Life, I like her. She is right amount of sweet and bubbly to Joo Won’s stoic lead.

  2. Well i take for a not bad enough to have a love line with his “not actually his real mother”,the real has died,it’s a kinda like her twins?haha just relax and watch it,alice is so real for god damn sure

  3. I’m watching EP4 and there is something off with the acting of Joo Won (or the direction given to him) if the premise is he does not feel emotion, on the contrary, his eyes seem to feel too much. There is something off with the acting of KHS too in some scenes where she acts and sounds like a bratty person instead of a competent scientist. There are some extraneous scenes at the lab and with her sister. That said, the premise of the drama is interesting and I will continue to watch.

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