tvN Sat-Sun Drama Start Up with Suzy, Nam Joo Hyuk, and Kim Sun Ho Launches with 4.278% Ratings in Episode 1

I totally forgot it was premiere weekend for tvN and confess that I haven’t had a chance to watch the first episode yet so will reserve my opinion and commentary until tomorrow. This Saturday saw the premiere of new tvN weekend drama Start-Up and the initial ratings are on the low side for this time slot on the network. Starring Suzy, Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Sun Ho, and Kang Hana, the drama is about the dreams, struggles, and successes of the young generation of South Koreans aspiring to hit it big in the tech sector. The drama is from the screenwriter of While You Were Sleeping, Pinocchio, and I Hear Your Voice which has a distinct style that I love a lot in her storytelling. If you’ve watched the first episode let folks know what you think!


tvN Sat-Sun Drama Start Up with Suzy, Nam Joo Hyuk, and Kim Sun Ho Launches with 4.278% Ratings in Episode 1 — 58 Comments

  1. I just finished ep 1. I must say Kim Seon Ho and Nam Da Reum stole the spotlight from main leads. Especially, Nam Da Reum, this boy grow up very well and handsome. I just wish he would be casted as male lead in a highschool romance drama soon. He is old enough (18) to lead a drama on his own. Even idols around same age with him are now become male leads in school dramas. Nam Da Reum has everything, including charisma,talent,experience and visuals.
    For main leads, It is Suzy again acting very bad. I’m not even surprised with her poor acting. Kang Hana is very good, she should be FL instead of Suzy.

    • I was impressed by the young actor playing young Han Ji-pyung. Haha…I’d rather watch him instead of Nam Joo Hyuk for the entirety of this show.

    • We should do a petition to have casting Nam dareum as male lead in a drama soon. The boy got everything. In every drama he acted as young version of male lead, it was not enough for me. I always wanted to see him more.
      How much do we have to wait to see him as main lead?

      • i love Nam Dareum
        very talented and handsome
        but he is extremely short

        the dramaland will not be easy for him, now that he is an adult
        He will need to stop doing schoolboy roles.

        I just hope the koreans can ccept him, and forget their high standards about height

      • @poripa
        Really? NDR is short? I didn’t realize it. What is his height? Probably it’s because he is still a minor. He would grow taller.
        He was always doing schoolboy roles because those are the only roles he got offered. He would get more offers soon,I’m sure.

    • Episode 1 is good. Nam Dae Rum and Kim Soen Ho are the best performers in episode 1. Got me confused as to who’s the main lead.

  2. Hope some Suzy fans who have downplayed other actors’ or actresses’ star power will be more humble now. 4.3% is pretty low considering she’s supposedly an A-list actress. Shows she needs A-list male leads like Lee Jong Suk, Kim Woo Bin, and Lee Seung Gi to have high premiere ratings.

    That being said, I really enjoyed the first episode. For me, this may be PHR’s best-written pilot episode. Hope the quality remains until the end.

    • Exactly! Even Tale of the nine tailed’s pilot episode rating is higher than this, Nine-tailed aired at not very good timeslot. This one aired at weekend TVN timeslot, with less competitors, it has only Search (OCN) and More than friends (JTBC). And,Start-up has popular leads with very famous writer and director.
      How I wish second leads Kim Sun Ho and Kang Hana are main leads instead.

      • Yup, the fact that tvN weekday dramas RoY and Tale of Nine-Tailed both had better premiere ratings than a weekend prime slot shows Suzy herself star power is not as big as what her fans say it is. The drama before Start Up premiered with >7% and other A-list stars with this exact slot brought in 6%-7% for their opening weekend.

      • Isn’t Start UP taking IOTNBO’s slot which premiered over 6 pc ratings..

        Anyways,the 2nd episode will decide the course for the ratings may either go up or remain stagnant..

    • Yes, We need NDR as male lead asap, not young version anymore. I can also watch any drama where NDR as male lead.
      You’re right, former child actors Yoo Seung Ho, Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Yoo Jung become main leads when they were 18. NDR deserves it too. And, I also think NDR’s visual/looks is A+ for his age. Not to mention how well he can act.

      • Actually, YSH, KSH, KYJ and YJG became main leads at an age younger than 18. For instance, So Hyun was only 16 when she became lead for WAS2015.

        Hence, I understand the frustration for NDR. He is long overdue for a main lead role. What the PDs and writers stop from giving him a main lead role?

    • The ratings are low because 1st-Tvn is a paid channel so its not available in many housholds
      2nd-It has scheduled to release on weekends Saturday and Sundays … Koreans usually go out on these days
      3rd-The drama has been divided into 3 parts
      The rating is pretty good for a cable drama
      Also its been trending in many countries around the world on Netflix and other sites
      Please stop blaming her with your lame words

      • So, could you explain the ratings of dramas which previously occupied said timeslot. I mean look at the huge ratings of Goblin and CLOY.

  3. Koala, you should also write other weekend drama who premiere last night with this one. Its name is Search starring Jang Dong Yoon and Krystal. I personally enjoyed Search more than this one. Search is in OCN, so the rating is not be as high as TVN. It has only 10 episodes. But, Search is doing well on its own with lesser known casts. It fills with adventure, thrills and excitement.

  4. Suzy fans are being delusional again saying how good her acting is. I can’t help but laugh.
    Considering she acted her first acting project Dream High in 2011, all these years, she acted only main roles, her acting improves from F t

  5. Suzy fans are being delusional again saying how good her acting is. I can’t help but laugh.
    Considering she acted her first acting project Dream High in 2011, all these years, she acted only main roles, her acting improves from F to D.

  6. First episode is actually quite good. Of all PHR’s drama I’ve watched, imo, this is the best pilot episode. I really love the back story. NDR really deserves a drama where he’s the ML and no longer the younger version.
    Also the cinematography is quite aesthetic. Looking forward to episode 2.

  7. for me i love the start and i hope the plot will maintain interesting till the end.Not a fan of suzy but i her like in this drama.the character she play suit her,yes nam da reum and kim su ho stole the spotlight and kang hana really suit the chracter for second female lead.Lets see what next episode will bring us

  8. It goes to show that Suzy is an overhyped actress. She was never a draw like what K-media portrayed her to be. Sooner or later, she will be overtaken by Yoo Jung and So Hyun who are powerhouses of acting and visuals.

      • Knetz are into YJ for hate honestly which I find weird because she is a true talent and visual. Meanwhile, SH is very good in keeping up a very clean image.

      • @rose..yes in alternate universe but not in S. korea. your delusion about kim yoo jung is something. Wake up. she only gets trashy project like backstreet rookie.and 1% clean with passion thng
        Suzy is PHRs favorite. She gets the best role. She may not be the best actress out there but who cares?
        Stay jealous of Suzy

    • @myrrana At least Suzy is loved by top writers and producers unlike your Kim faves who get stuck with mediocre trash dramas the likes of Backstreet Rookie and Radio Romance lmao. Also, don’t get brave talking about ratings when Yoojung just came from an utter FLOP for the second time in a row lol.

    ps They split ep in into 2 parts..lmao..rating its 4,4%..highest its 5% nationwide

    • Is 4.416 and 4.553, not sure where you get 5%, nationwide.

      If the story is good there is potential but I will not say Suzy is the rating magnet. She has been very lucky with her MLs so far, even NJH is one of the more ‘well-known’ ones for his generation.

  10. I love it!!!! let’s hope it keeps the momentum. 4% is a good start,I’m sure it will get better if they maintain this quality of storytelling.

  11. Wow the cinematography, the story unfold with some surprises and comic, makes me forget about the pandemic we are now having. Pandemic go away, we want to go out and play.
    As always, NDR always delivered his acting top notch. This is the type of actor that director will cast 2nd 3rd time and forever. His future is bright soon when he can (he maybe want to enjoy school life n friends) definitely male lead role.

    Seon Ho absolutely good, acting out the emotion so well. I do hope, that he being the one who help Suzy out will end up with Suzy. Haha…dream on cod i am not the writer.

    Hana was good too. Suzy is ok, watcheable.

    Ratings – many factors affect it, like competition drama, easy to watch or predictable drama usually high ratings (i am one of them that contribute cos no need to think n i van do other things at the same time). And i don’t quite believe in ratings and i have no basis to judge on it. So i just enjoy good actors, actresses, directors and writers good and hard work (sometimes they only sleep for 2 to 3 hours when producing dramas).
    In this drama, got to know that orphan are kick out when 18 where the cannot sign contract or open a bank account. If true hope SK can rectify this for the wellbeing of orphan who has no one to rely on. At least let the orphan stay in orphanage till 21 years old where he can sign contract to rent room and open bank account.
    I like this writer cos she brings out some social or moral issues that helps better our society.
    Looking forward to ep 2 and 2 days 1 night variety show.
    Have a great weekends.

  12. HA HA HA HA HA HA FLOP looks like the future of kdramas are the 3 kims (yoojung,saeron, sohyun) suzy fans are so arrogant and downplaying actresses saying she’s better lol wer r u now?? she’s bot an a list at all lol

    • Saeron? not hating on her because she seems to be a good girl but how can she be “the future” of K drama when she doesnt have any project? I agree with KSH but saeron and yoo jung? noooooooo

      • @KES
        UR agreeing or disagreeing doesnt count as ur one from millions and its ur personal opinion u r not god to predict future
        the best one will make it and if all the 3 deserves they will make it u just keep on hating in this blog

  13. I’m not a fan of actors but the 1st episode of the drama is really good. The kid actors are also great. I never bother with Suzy’s acting bc I saw K-actresses who got it worse. Plus ,I think Suzy suits the character very much.

    I also do think the drama is good for a cable channel especially when they got split episode. Even main channels nowadays got poor ratings.

  14. I watched it when I saw it was trending in Netflix in our country… With no biasness, I don’t get the hate and toxicity in this comment section when the 1st episode is really good. Dalmi, Dad, Grandma and Jinpyeong are the hightlights. It even made me tear-up and laugh in this.

  15. true seems like knetz are more into actresses like kim yoo jung and kim so hyun especially kim yoo jung where are arrogant suzy fans now?? her drama is flop

  16. Park Hye Ryun writes so so well. I just wish she wasn’t so fixated with Suzy and use her again and again. Cos truly ep 1.. she’s the weakest link. Sigh. Really like Kim Seon ho. His younger self and his interactions with kim hae sook are my favourites parts of the ep. Such good acting and chemistry from all three. Let’s hope Nam Joo Hyuk bring the goods in tonight’s ep. Looking forward to it.

    • Yeah. I wish she collaborate again with Kim So Hyun and write her a 16-episode drama. I also hope that she pairs her up with Lee Jong Suk or Yeo Jin Goo.

  17. First time to watch a PHR penned Drama and wow, pilot episode is Good, im liking it I will look forward to succeeding epsiodes.

  18. Suzy is okay, Kang Hana straight up ate up her part and blazed through. Suzy is servicable but I don’t care for her Candy struggles. Dad made poor choices, she struggled, mom left with sister for good life makes her story cliche, not relatable. At least Hana’s story has layers. Was that a conscious decision to give more complex role to second lead, I wonder. I totally see how Lee Bo Young’s character dynamic from I Can Hear Your Voice has traces here in Suzy’s Dal Mi but Lee Bo Young was seasoned actress as opposed to Suzy and infused more charm into it. Hana’s character mirrors Lee Da Hee quite a bit and she is doing it justice. Nam Joo Hyuk wasn’t even there. I really don’t care for the romance for now. I wanna see Hana’s story, in a different universe you could make a whole drama putting her in the center.

  19. I really enjoyed Episode 1. The storyline is interesting so far, has an old school K-drama feel – good pacing, pleasing, not overly dramatic but with several touching scenes. Suzy is attractive and looks right for her role. Will definitely watch the rest of the drama.

  20. So much hatred on this site, it’s disgusting. It’s not even constructive criticisms. All I keep seeing are ladies wishing an actress to fail. Having joy thinking a drama is gonna flop. SMH. I personally think that Suzys acting improved and the role is tailor made for her. Enjoying this drama & the bitterness it’s causing some “fans”

  21. some talented actors stay behind the plot and carry it well, then again some get the lead part I don’t know how or why!
    It’s unfair….

  22. Lmao the jealousy in the comments.. No matter how much you want Park Hye Ryun to write for your faves, she chooses Suzy because Suzy is the most popular actress of her generation. Kim trio and others wish to have even half of Suzy’s relevance. Stay pressed.

    • Kim So Hyun is also a fave of PHR though.She has worked with her in 3 different dramas. Sooner or later, she will star in a PHR drama because her talent and visual are irresistable.

  23. Suzy slayed her character so gracefully and yes she’s the best choice to be in this drama but the story lines should be the other way around with herself and Kang ha na but anyways it’s only episode 1 so far so excitement is well awaited for the twist of her character. Suzy is indeed well deserved her top position as a star of this drama. Haters waited so long to put in their vicious comments about you no matter what drama you’re in, it’s in their nature and it shows what kind of people they are in real life. Instead of waiting for the drama to finish before judging lol they started right from episode one, so ugly and are very unappreciative people, so narrow minded.

  24. Suzy’s so beautiful and her character suits her well, they’re lucky to have her in this drama, one of the top Hallyur star? Haters will always hate but they’re only a minority so it doesn’t matter. Soar higher Suzy can’t wait for next episode?

  25. ms. Koala should write more articles about Kim So Hyun and Kim yoo Jung so that they wouldnt have to bring their names in an article about suzy.
    Kim Yoo Jung fans are shameless, truth be told. Fond of badmouthing other actresses. so insecure because their faves got two trashy dramas in a row. Cleaning cleaning and Backsh*t rookie

  26. Suzy is perfect for the role as Dalmi,I see no prob with her acting.She’s good & find her even better. Seems like some would never appreciate her & would always see her as mediiocre & lame as an actress.But as the saying goes,you can never put a good man down!

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