Critical Decisions are Made in Start-Up Episode 14 to Rebuild the Emotional Ties and Professional Camaraderie

I really really loved Start-Up episode 14, surprising since it was a very slow episode on things happening but used the time to really give characters space to think, talk, and decide. Next week is the finale and I’m glad that not-a-love-triangle is finally done with, all that’s left is to see how and when Do San and Dal Mi get back together from the break that realistically didn’t need to happen but dramatically made sense for Do San to grow up and for Dal Mi to confirm her feelings for him weren’t transference from the letter writing days. The other two Sans got great story arcs as well that paid off in this episode, while In Jae remains the star of her own show that we will likely never see (her thought processes and regrets) but at least she made the right decision to go back to being a Seo so she could return to Grandma without feeling like she is not a member of that family. Ji Pyeong has fully embraced his oppa/mentor role with those around him, and I see that hyung reality one day happening with Do San as well. His chance meeting with Grandma really was the catalyst for everything that’s happened and I hope he finds his own happiness as his choices have brought Do San and Dal Mi their own.


Critical Decisions are Made in Start-Up Episode 14 to Rebuild the Emotional Ties and Professional Camaraderie — 24 Comments

  1. U summed it perfectly. I was confused with ep14. But after reading your explanation it makes sense. Good insight on Injae’s story. It’s a shame we dont see her story much. Everyone blaming Dalmi and mom for not telling Injae about grandma’s condition. While it’s true, it’s also Injae’s decision who didn’t want to come back as well. I was confused why she didn’t want to join the family but maybe it’s the guilt because she abandoned her father’s name. She felt she didnt deserve to be there. Next week is the final. Wow can’t wait to say goodbye to this drama. Personally i love it despite it flaws here and there. But I don’t like the fanwars and the toxicity. *shivers* anyway, I’m glad i choose to watch this because i found my new fav actor none other than Nam Joohyuk. I can relate to Dosan’s story so much more than the others, so good job Joohyuk for bring this character to life. Hope he gets an award for this.

  2. I feel bad for njh first school 2015 now start up where most people prefer the second lead to him. If i could give him advise is to stay away from dramas with love triangles.

    • I havent start watching start up yet, but I do sensing some people, not to say most of them, they preferred 2nd ML than the ML.

      I’m curious to see which side I’ll be when I’m watching it. Ha!

      In School 2015, I didn’t care about the fan wars, I liked NJH’s character from the start and root for him to be with the FL.

  3. Do san and Dai Mi’s piggy back supposed to be sweet. But I can’t feel the love, cos of my love for the 2nd lead. This is so frustrating.

  4. Arf…

    Dal-Mi’s character is weirdly written. We always knew that the 3 San were good developpers but bad at business. For Dal-Mi, she wasn’t good at anything… She was resilient and hardworking. Now, in 3 years, it looks she learnt more but still failed to be respected by her coworkers, had to be saved by Do-San,…

    She’s still the nice girl and not a CEO.

  5. I wonder what brand of rose-tinted glasses Koala has been watching this show with. Gentle Monster? Swarovski? For a while now even the hardiest stans of both the drama and its actors have admitted its gone to the pits. Yet Koala harps on and on in every post about how much she loves the drama, its writer, the OTP, yada yada yada. Sounds like she’s trying a little too hard to convince herself she still loves this trainwreck.

    • Ha, she just really really loves this show. Which is why she doesn’t even post its lackluster ratings like she’s done for so many other dramas. Speaking of which…

      Part 1: 4.573%
      Part 2: 5.255%

      • thia drama is the biggest F…..L….O….P on the hsitory of k drama. Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk have ruined this writer’s career. shes not believable as CEO.

      • You guys must love this show too, bc every single comment section here you always post ratings, thing that the ones who are enjoying it don’t care about. Koala can’t even voice her own opinion on her own blog. Get a life!

  6. I love this drama and every character, specially Da Mi and Do San, they grew up a lot since they knew each other, and about JP he’s the one who reunited them and help Dal Mi without an agenda. The sister had become more human and I just want them all to be happy.

    It’s a beautiful story with beautiful characters.

    • I agree with Koala. I love this drama. Although I’m smitten with Kim Sweon Ho, I ship Dalmi and Do San. Jipeong had 3 years to make a move on Dalmi and he didn’t. He had his chance. Also, why did it take his AI assistant Young Sil to make him but Dalmi the jewelry?

  7. Decided to watch the latest few episodes. Although, reading all the comments, I wasn’t sure whether to continue watching it anymore. But, loved them. Really liked that DS and DM made that journey to that remote place.
    Loved how DS’s mom was cheering for him. His parents are really sweet.
    Also, I don’t see the love triangle people have been complaining about. All I see is two people (DS & DM) in love and one sided love.
    Anyways, excited for the last 2 episodes.

  8. I wish i didn’t read all the comments and all the fan war talk! Or how people think this drama was a flop. Seriously one of the better ones I’ve watched this year. Agreed the pace maybe slowed down a bit as I liked the pacing and dialogue at the beginning of the drama. But it is a Kdrama after all! Maybe I just like my flawed heroes! Tortured souls. Keen to see how this drama gets wrapped up.

  9. Thanks for confirming that the rarings is totally the same as last week and therefore stable. What’s there to report? LOL! Some people sure enjoy being trolls for no reason. Anyway, not losing viewers during almost the entire run is a feat in itself these days. Oh and you forgot to mention that this is aired on cable and as such it can be considering successful enough ratings wise. Not a runaway success of course, but credit should be given where credits are due. Regardless of haters, this has brighten my days and I will have fond memories of it.

  10. The thing with Start-Up is that it started off extremely strong. The story made sense, all the small details were noticed by viewers, and you could really understand each character’s thoughts. I don’t know what happened after episode 8 or mid-way through this series, the author just decided to throw in curveballs that were insignificant and totally pushed In Jae to the side (who was very interesting to watch). She made it a big deal to have the love triangle be the center of attention, which really lost me. Nevertheless, I still enjoy the drama, but slightly disappointed that it didn’t live up to its hype or initial strengths.

    I think Suzy has improved in this drama, and I’ve seen less negative comments around lately. For the second-lead dreamers, I love HJP too, I’m sure we can all support him in his next drama.

  11. I love the last sunday episode my heart cry seing dosan still care for dalmi, im Excited for the next episode. I want sa ha and chulsan love story.

  12. Glad that the writer did not make JP character bad but instead showed he is a cool honourable man. Yong San talked with diector yoon and JP,it showed he had mature the most.

    The drama wasted on injie appearance and grossing over her character. JP is the reason i am still watching the drama. 2 more to go, hope ending is worthy and satisfying.

  13. I skipped all the DS and DM scenes, only interested in HJP and In Jae scenes. I’m just interested to see how things going with In Jae, and would love to see her reuniting with grandma, having family meals together with mom and her sister. And HJP, of course, he is still a nice honorable man who doesn’t BS but valuable advices to people. He deserves his own happiness. In Jae and JP characters are the ones that keep me going. Too bad, the writer just focus too much on childish love triangle, typical Korean drama, but forgot to develop In Jae character and totally put her aside.

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