Dispatch Releases Bombshell Report that Seo Ye Ji was Kim Jung Hyun’s Ex-girlfriend that Demanded His Cold Behavior on Set of MBC Drama Time

The fallout and alleged reveals continue to dig up painful memories from three years ago in 2018 on the production of MBC drama Time. Male lead Kim Jung Hyun was noticeably awkward and reserved with female lead Seohyun at the press conference and then departed the drama midway reportedly due to mental health issues. He got both flack for being rude and irresponsible if that was just an excuse, as well as sympathy and consideration for his wellbeing since he did look really gaunt and ill and that can’t be faked. The world moved on until this week when it was all brought back to the front pages of K-ent with first the insider account that Kim Jung Hyun left the drama because he could not do romantic scenes with Seohyun and was actively avoiding her and made the entire production awkward and untenable (summarizing here). That report also claimed people thought it was due to Kim Jung Hyun’s then girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend) making such demands of him that caused him to behave that way on set and during filming. Now Dispatch as involved itself and the breaking news Monday morning in Seoul is the reveal that the ex-girlfriend was reportedly K-actress Seo Ye Ji. Dispatch’s post contained text messages between her and Kim Jung Hyun as well as production crew interviews, basically saying that Seo Ye Ji was so controlling and Kim Jung Hyun agreeing to all her demands to have zero contact with females on the set and to reduce the romantic scenes to zero. If true then both of them need some therapy on how to have healthy, non-controlling, and confident relationships without resorting to insecure behavior for personal reasons that impacts an entire filming production. What Kim Jung Hyun and Seo Ye Ji are like dating each other is totally their own choice and no one should judge, but it cannot seep into affecting their professional jobs IMO. Again, this is what Dispatch is reporting, no response as of yet from Kim Jung Hyun or Seo Ye Ji’s sides.

Seo Ye Ji: Rigid Kim, refrain from all physical contact. 

Kim Jung Hyun: Yes, ma’am. 

Seo: Report what you did today?

Kim: I didn’t say hi to female staff. Totally acted uninterested in anyone else. Told the PD that there can be no romantic scenes.

Kim: Only you can touch my hand. 

Seo: Do everything without passion. No physical contact.

Kim: Yes, ma’am. I’m Rigid Kim! 

Seo: Are you behaving yourself? 

Seo: How did you greet people? 

Kim: (sent a video) I didn’t even say hi.

Seo: You don’t have to say hi to them anyway. If they do it first then you can respond curtly.

Kim: I keep reading the script, doing nothing else. 

Seo: Tweak the script so it doesn’t have any romantic scenes.

Kim: Yup, I’m reading the script.

Seo: Okay, do your best. No romance or physical contact. 


Dispatch Releases Bombshell Report that Seo Ye Ji was Kim Jung Hyun’s Ex-girlfriend that Demanded His Cold Behavior on Set of MBC Drama Time — 154 Comments

    • But my dude, if you don’t have a brain, balls or a backbone and you’re gonna let your girlfriend dictate and/or destroy your life and career, then I don’t know what to tell ya. Now said girlfriend has landed herself a nomination at Baeksang and look where you are. Hm.

      • How in the world has a Baeksang nomination got to do with this?

        She’s just as messed up and if you don’t see that, I don’t know why to tell ya. Said “ex-gf” could win a damn Oscar and she’d still be as big of a biatch as she is now with zero Baeksang or Oscars. Hm.

      • @Aurora

        Oh? So you’re holding back on slamming her but have no issues slamming him?! Gtfo with that.

      • This is a disgusting comment. If he’d made the demands of her, you’d be falling all over yourself to get the pitchfork instead of jeering at her to get some ovaries.


      • There is irrefutable video evidence of him being a dick to his former co-star plus testimonies from production staff et al who are supporting that wronged co-star. An insider has also mentioned that this is an issue he has with women. So yes, he can be criticized. However, this case so far only has texts which the ex-girlfriend’s camp can easily claim to be fabricated to smear her name. When more info/evidence about said ex-girlfriend is released, she’ll get it too.

      • @aurora I’m lol at people thinking you’re defending her when I know you’re not a fan. Great Scot, if only they knew of those Twitter spats with her overbearing fans who attribute the success of IOTNBO to her, bash her Hallyu co-star like he’s a nobody, bash their agency and act like she’s the greatest thing that ever lived. Even now, they’re on the bird app cursing Dispatch and breathing fire at her agency to defend her.

      • Ohmigosh, yes! Hehehe, I also see some of them are trying to come for him again for his nomination. They should just focus on their girl.

      • He IS a submissive man, that’s all. There’s always an option to be a submissive man.

      • what a tone deaf, completely insensitive response. it’s very clear he was being controlled/abused in that relationship. he owes the entire time cast and crew a big apology, but the bigger bad here is definitely her. that baeksang nom may be her last if this turns out to be true.

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  2. That’s… fucked up.
    But also if it’s true, I wouldn’t necessarily be shocked. I dunno, I get that vibe from SYJ. Whatever KHJ did to his costar is messed up, but I’m also glad he’s done with this relationship (if he is). That’s different level WTFuckery

    • “If it’s true?” Didn’t you already decide that it’s the truth and attacked someone’s comment above after assuming that user was defending her? You backtracking here is a different level of WTFuckery. Hypocrite.

    • There’s nothing wrong with Butterfly offering their opinion on a celebrity’s perceived character on a kdrama discussion portal. We’re all here airing our opinions about this rumour. Everything is up in the air and it’s ok to have a civil conversation about. Relax guys!~

      • @M

        Just as it is his/her right to offer his/her opinion on this general topic so is it my right to offer mine. No one needs to agree, it is MY opinion and I’m entitled to it. Yet look at the hostile manner he/she and that other user accosted my comment and even called me names when they don’t know me from Adam. Everyone needs to relax, indeed.



  3. The whole “Yes Ma’am” thing made me think about dom-sub relationship lol.

    I don’t know if I can trust Dispatch, but seeing how other actors and staffs from Time liking and commenting on Seohyun’s latest post made me believe they’ve suffered together because of him back then.

    • Exactly like a dom-sub relationship! Lol.

      I also don’t know if Dispatch can be trusted. Which is why I’m holding back on slamming the alleged ex-girlfriend before more info is released.

      • Ah yes, that’s right. Women are saints who can literally do no wrong. Y’all wouuld have crucified him as an abuser with less information. HYPOCRITE!

      • What? You are basically destroying Seo Ye Ji. Either way, you don’t know the truth so how can you make conclusion.

        Is maligning others your full time jobs?

      • Maybe the crew from “Its okay not to be okay” might just stand up for her. Though… I seriously doubt that. Lol

    • @Rina exactly!!! But this does not mean KJH should be absolved from the horrible treatment he gave to Seohyun and the hell the writer and the rest of the production team went through to accommodate his unreasonable demands. They are both vile.

      • It definitely does not absolve him. He behaved like pond scum and doesn’t deserve to call himself a man, TBH. But let’s call out toxic behavior regardless of gender. I’m sure someone’s going to come out with a sob story about hhow hhe MUST have cheated on her at some point for her to behave that wa. I only feel bad for Seohyun who literally got humiliated by this toxic pair of losers.

      • The guy was going through mental health issues… He is very sweet with his cloy and mr.queen co-stars and even with his school 2017 and Waikiki co-stars… Its only in time he was like that… So it’s obviously not just him being an asshole…
        We don’t even know if kjh dated syj and if all these are true… But his change in behaviour was there only in a single drama and he took a break of an year due to mental health issues… For an upcoming actor it’s very important to keep working and he was getting praised for his performances when he had to take a break…

  4. i don’t know how anyone can read those texts and not see how emotionally manipulative they are. unless there’s more revelations that this was something they both did to each other, that’s classic emotional abuse. i won’t excuse his behaviour towards the time staff and seohyun but i also feel sorry for him if this was the relationship he was in and his mental health was already suffering either because of it or if it got worse because of it. but i don’t think people will be able to discuss this whole thing with any sort of nuance or empathy.

    • But she had some pretty passionate kiss scenes in It’s Okay, so she can do kiss scenes but he can’t even hold his costar’s hand? Smh.

      • @bbc – I wondered about that. Why is she allowed to do kissing scenes but not him? And why did he sign up for that drama anyway, instead of one that had no romantic scenes from the start? There are plenty of dramas like that in OCN. Combination of a lot of bad decision making made him shoot himself in the foot with this one.

      • Correct me if I’m wrong but the person you’re dating shouldn’t have that control to allow or forbid you from doing your job though. Especially when that person is also in the same industry and knows how the job works.

        Not sure the timeline of their relationship but @bbc and @Adal are right. Why could she do romantic scenes in LL and IOTNBO but he wasn’t allowed to? If this news is indeed true, she sounds really messed up and manipulative.

    • Yes, if this is totally true then he is really wrong to Seo Hyun and TIME production team and he should apologize to them but there are many people still think that only women can be victim in a toxic relationship, not men.

      If man is a victim they call him as sissy/chickened out and all other insults.

    • He needs to apologize for the part he played and she is total bad news if this has an ounce of truth to it. Men or Women, you don’t get to do this to another human being you are in relationship with.

  5. How could Dispatch get their hands on celebrities private messages? Isn’t this invasion of privacy? Why do I feel that his agency wants to destroy him so that no agency would want to sign him?

    If this is true, his unhealthy relationship with her thankfully ended. Their profession is acting so even if they hated their costar in real life they should have no problem acting lovey dovey on screen.

    I’m pretty sure KJH already learned his lesson which is why he did some time off after his character was killed off in the drama.

    I don’t get why the press is dredging the past except it’s pretty obvious that his agency is pissed that he wants to leave and sign to another agency.

    Stars whose career are on the rise usually wants to change agency and that’s when contract dispute leads to derailing their career.

      • Ding ding! I would sue KJH if I were SYJ. She just got a huge nomination/IOTNBO as well. Or if this is false, I would sue Dispatch. I bet this will be settled down privately, and taken down soon. Tsk tsk…if he’s playing the victim card. Not cool. Relationships are tricky/messy, and they were both seemed toxic for one another but they are exes now so what’s the deal? Seems like a ploy to destroy someone’s reputation/career.

        Also, who would want to work with O&Entertainment? Damn, Korean agencies are shady/gross, disturbing how b/c their cilent wanted to get out, they threaten him.
        I’ve heard cases where agencies force actors to do projects/other stuff even though they’re physically tired/ill. I think KJH had a breaking point, thus leaving Time.

    • EXACTLY!!! Especially that invasion if privacy part. How in the world can dispatch release those? If it’s true then dispatch is going to face legal issues

      • Yeah i’m confused as to how they got their hands on these….was it sent from some random person or someone from his agency or KHJ himself which would be extra puzzling? also saw on another site that they stated “they verified the authenticity of the messages through various channels”??? I doubt many people will even be thinking of this.

        The general consensus about this Time situation before this seemed to be that his agency was just trying to sully his name but I wonder what the public and industry reaction will be since this is such an explosive allegation with “receipts” released through Dispatch. I think most people will assume this is true because his behavior was SO odd and SYJ’s recent role in IONTBO does NOT help her case. What a mess!

  6. Wowee. The dirt keeps on coming. Psycho gf controlling this dude. When I see comments like “mental actress” I straight away thought of her. Lydia1, I don’t doubt you anymore.

  7. Hmm…both could be right or wrong. Either way, not here for this gaslighting and blame towards a woman. It could have been both people weren’t right for one another. KJH’s agency or himself is going to come out this not well. It’s a two way street. Plus, he was dealing with health disorders and issues so clearly there were other issues. In terms of acting cold on set, and what not, seems like its his issue and he dealt with after a 11 month break. Eh, also Dispatch violated privacy law, so they’re going to get sued. Tsk tsk…

      • Of course, if both are at fault then yes. Blame isn’t one way. The only thing I’m worried about is Korea tends to be harder on the women, and KJH’s career if SYJ’s suffers should also go down too. He shouldn’t’ get away from this scoff free if a petty gf issue was at play. Lee Byung Hyun who is notorious for his personal life, and has done worse allegedly is still able to work.

        Seems like some folks will run with b/c she was this/that, that’s why he was that way. When KJH had underlying health issues/mental issues either from overworking/etc, and he dropped out of Time. Is that relevant information to bring up now, me thinks not? If his agency has issues with him, deal with it in private not air it out for rumors/making it a bigger issue. Now its become an issue where multiple parties are coming out/being blamed, and making this a huge commotion.

  8. I am loving all this drama. Better than all 2021 K-dramas combined so far. Fight Club in K-drama Land. Buckle up ppl. Seo Ji Hye better watch her back from Seo Ye Ji. Cersei vs Darnerys. KJH is like Joffrey. Lol.

  9. Okay I got confused for a moment sorry haha, I thought the ex that they were pertaining was her co-actor in CLOY Seo Ji hye like I thought they just denied it. But oh good lord it was Seo ye ji of IONTBO, I was taken aback for a while like whattt?let me read some comments then!!Anyways I freakin lovin the drama hahaha

  10. If this turns out to be true, they sould not be called actors, both of them. This is really disrespectful to this art and so unprofessional.

    • Welcome to the entertainment business buddy. It’s a dirty cesspool whether it’s Hollywood, Bollywood or Koreawood. Same. We are just consumers who watch waht they churn out so supporting their trade. There are no morals in showbiz.

      • Yep, just look at Britney and Demi Lovato at Disney. Abused and used. Same for Corey Haim and Corey Feldman. Child molestation, rape, sodomy, Weinstein, etc need I say more?

      • Yes @Lydia1, spill the Korean tea? Jebal. Huge respect to you. You are the best thing in Koalasplayground besides Koala herself.

      • If only more people were aware. Hollywood and CAA (the issue where a lot of misconduct occurred). Look at where the big names are, CAA so its shady for sure. As for Bollywood, its nepotism heavy so yeah its just bad in every industry. In Korea, a lot of cases are tied with big cooperations/police. Which is how s3xual @ssaulters can still work in the industry and still get mains. Look at The X Files in Korea, it leaked and it had shady/private details of the very famous there. Or the famous Jang Ja Yeon’s case. There are PDs/etc, on that list. Mystic Pop Up Bar’s PD was allegedly on the list too, and he has a new JTBC drama with Soo Ae soon.

        But it was more forgiving on men, then it is for women 100%. Kim Min Hee is a NY Times Best Actor List, and yet she can’t work in Korea. What SYJ wasn’t right, but to gaslight her, at her career high, and all of this stuff rn just seems so gross to me. So what, a woman is cold/stand off-ish, you don’t need to like your co-stars. It’s acting after all, as long as you show up on time, do your job well, and don’t cause any issues. As for KJH’s case, it can’t just be the gf issue. It seems like he got way too into his role which was heavy/dark/lack of sleep/eating and constant demands didn’t help him. Perhaps, being a main leading/famous actor isn’t it? Not everyone can handle fame well.

      • …Polanski, Woody allen, Mario Testino, Bill Cosby, Stephen Collins ( 7th to heaven) Armie Hammer,…

    • Let’s see if her antics from her other drama set gets revealed too with this saga. The stories evolved from there weren’t pretty as well. Anyway – No sympathy from me. I’m with the underdogs. Those who are paid the least, work the longest hours, do the hardest work, paid pittance yet still need to subject themselves to talk down from these so called celebrities and their temperamental idiosyncrasies.

      • I read there were rumors also of her being a school bully but it got buried by the kpop idols’ own bullygate or her agency hid it pretty well…

      • Mean to say huge respect to you here Lydia1. Hehehe. Please do spill the Korean tea. Please do give us hints who are the real nice humble actors/actresses though. I’m so scared some of my faves are sleazeballs irl male or female. Yikes.

      • Now im curious if my faves are also a-holes in real life (or no one would bother with them since they are not famous ?)

  11. People don’t be sheeple and follow the herd. Look at the news to understand WHY the sudden spate of mud slinging against KJH? His old agency has just started a legal dispute with him, as he is trying to shift to a new agency. The timing of the negative articles is perfect, isn’t it?!

    • That’s why Lydia1 said KJH should shut up and serve out the remainder of his contract quietly. If he doesn’t have the mojo to fight back, don’t stir up the dragon in the first place. Once an agency turned on their own in this vicious way, it’s no turning back. The guy must have done them dirty so they are doing him dirty full ammo. Some serious shite must be have happened behind the scenes. The feuding parties always have the option to settle before going public. Obviously, the mediation or settlement process broke down somewhere hence the MAFIA Vincenzo style attacks. Lol.

    • just read more details on another site, i’ve read tons of celeb gossip from different countries over the years but never come across something like this.

      Wow, if this is true, they both need serious help and need to apologize to Seolhyun and also everyone involved with the production of the drama. SYJ will most likely suffer more from this but both of them are at fault here, he could have easily ignored her, broken up with her, LIED to her if he didn’t have the balls to do any of that and then when apologized in advance before the drama aired LMAO. It’s just crazy to me that he bombed his own role and potentially messed up his own career for her demand. I agree they seemed to have a very, VERY unhealthy master/servant relationship going on, this is just too extreme.

  12. Tbh his actions towards Seohyun and the rest of the staff and cast of Time are inexcusable, but if this is all true I also feel bad for him as these messages clearly show that he is a victim of an abusive relationship. I don’t think people understand how difficult it is to get out of an abusive relationship. However, he should apologize to everyone involved in Time since he and his ex caused them so much trouble and made them suffer during the entire production process.

  13. I’ve noticed that a lot of k-dramas push jealousy as a sign of romance and love when it is actually a truly insidious thing. I don’t know if this was an emotionally abusive relationship or if we don’t have full context (I have trust issues with Dispatch). This actress certainly didn’t have any issues having romantic scenes in either Lawless Lawyer or It’s Okay.

    And, yeah, I think this is all about the war the dude is having with his agency. He should have just peacefully stayed for the add’l 11 months they requested be added due to his hiatus.

  14. WHOOOOAAAA This news just got juicy!!! With all the recent bullying news happening to be true with other stars…I can’t help but think there is some truth to this…All sides, your responses?? If this is true…damn…no wonder SYJ played jealous Go Moon Young so well!! And KJH is the real life Moon Gang Tae! And this would have ruined IONTBO for me. LOL

  15. If true, these two shouldn’t be given anymore opportunities in this entertainment industry. How unprofessional! Pretty funny that her (SYJ) true personality is like that of the character in IONTBO. It’s no wonder she played the part so well. Lol And here people were giving her credit for being a good actress. NOT. He’s an ass too for letting a girlfriend bullying him into douchebag behavior towards his co-star. They should pack their bags and leave if this is all indeed true info released.

    • Personally, I was/am rooting for Shin Hye Sun anyway. Or anyone else but her. But could this really affect her chances to win?

      • Hope so, SYJ doesn’t deserve the award if she is indeed a psycho girlfriend in real life. ?

      • @Peppa

        Now if she doesn’t win, her rabid fans will claim it’s because of this scandal. Lmfao.

    • She doesn’t stand a chance against Kim Soyeon and Shin Hyesun (I didn’t watch Brithcare Center so Idk how UJW fared) anyway her nomination could be revoked too for all we know, it’s not like Baeksang only considers the acting performances.

      • Oh really? They consider real world issues too? Hoping real hard that her “stain” doesn’t indirectly touch the other well-deserved nominees of IOTNBO and affect their chances of winning.

      • They consider ratings and impact also, does that make someone or a project one of the best at their respective categories? Of course not lol but the Extracurricular male lead didn’t get nominated in the Best New Actor category because he was accused of being a bully few weeks back. No one can convince me he is worse than Kim Youngdae and Song Kang who are also nominated lmao

      • Putting aside her real life drama, I find SYJ gave the strongest performance among all the nominees.

        Kim So Yeon went full makjang in Penthouse. Whenever I happened to watch clips of hers from Penthouse (especially in mute), I find her facial expressions OTT and comical. But I do understand that since Penthouse is a makjang drama, thus her performance as such was called for. She’s a good actress nonetheless.

        The only nominee I can’t compare SYJ with is UJW since I totally didn’t watch her drama (Birthcare Center).

        I find SYJ stands a high chance to win if not for this scandal. And sincerely, my comment has nothing to do with whatever mess she is in now but solely on her performance in IONTBO.

      • @Alexa..Nope SYJ had no chance against KSY…Going by ur logic World of Married actress shouldn’t have won it because she went fully makjang..If diversity would have been the decisive factor, the award should have gone to Son Ye Jin instead who portrayed so many emotions in one single role as Yoon Seri..
        Korea is more into serious , relatable types of role I guess..So Kim so yeon it is.

      • @Val

        Please don’t get it wrong. As I said earlier, “I find” SYJ gave the strongest performance whereas KSY went full makjang. That comment is based on my opinion, my preference. I didn’t say SYJ would win, but I find that she should win.

        Surely and as @OCKoala stated below, SYJ not going to win. The award pretty much locked for KSY despite that I find her over-acting. And tbh, I don’t like the performance of last year’s winner too (Kim Hee Ae). Same issue with KSY, she went OTT but again as I said, both dramas are of makjang theme, so their OTT performance totally expected for such roles.

        The one actress I find deserving of a nomination but was snubbed is Moon Chae Won. She was great in FOE.

      • @Val

        Apologized. My earlier phrasing did sound like I said SYJ would win. My bad. What I really meant is that she would not win but should win. Sorry for the mis-phrasing.

      • Oh God same, I thought MCW was snubbed too, but I guess TVN lobbied for SHS harder because her drama had way better ratings and she’s a good actress overall. AFAIK, there’s a limited submission per channel, though if I am wrong feel free to correct me.

    • She doesn’t stand a chance against Kim Soyeon and Shin Hyesun (I didn’t watch Brithcare Center so Idk how UJW fared) anyway her nomination could be revoked too for all we know, it’s not like Baeksang only considers the acting performances.

    • How awful for her if that would to occur, as IOTNBO was a team effort. As for the nom thing, if Ha Jung Woo (granted bigger name) is still able to work and be a big name/get wins/noms still. Anything is possible. He had a scandal w/ medical drugs which Park Si Yeon had jail time for. Meanwhile HJW was able to get away from it scoff free. Gold Medalists is KSH’s agency too, so they better do big damage control now!! Also ironic is Kim Soo Hyun also had rumors of him not being a good cast worker/bad manners, and he’s a big name now. So honestly, this could get buried in a week or two when another bigger issue comes.

    • I don’t want SYJ to be a bad person, but I was rooting for Moon Chae Won (who gets snubbed all the time) in all the awards she got this awards season.

      • Birthcare Centre ended up surprising, but I honestly think she should’ve gotten a nom so either Kim So Hyun or Uhm Ji Won had to be out. Moon Chae Won is awesome! Under-appreciated. Ugh. She was amazing in Flower of Evil. I’m sad that she got snubbed. Lee Joon Gi was great too, b/c he was backed by her as well. How do you nominate Best Drama/Actor but not Actress too?

      • @Pam I agree that MCW is an excellent actress but all the nominated actress for Baeksang deserve the nomination. UJW is great in Birth Care Center as well as KSH in River. No outs, all in. Why does it have to be only 5 in a category though? I wish they could make it 6.

      • Reply to @Allin : I know the others are good too, but MCW has been snubbed in every award show. From AAA to APAN, now this. If I’m not wrong, Flower of Evil is the highest rated drama in mydramalist where the female lead actress is not nominated anywhere, despite the chemistry between her and the male lead being really essential for the drama. I’m honestly happy for Kim So Hyun since she’s getting recognition (especially after the scandal of her drama male lead that caused her to refilm so many episodes), but if she or rhe ither actors weren’t nominated, they either still have hope for APAN next year or even TV station awards (Kim So Hyun). Not sure about Uhm Ji Won.

      • @123 girl That’s really unfortunate ? That is why I wish that they can make it 6 nominees if only it’s possible. But for me MCW will always be a great actress with or without an award nomination.

  16. Yooo, who is this poster Lydia1? Is she some insider?

    @Lydia1 – drop all the tea please! Who can we trust and not trust in the K-ent circles?

    • She works in the k-ent industry. Some of her hints/predictions/inside info are so damn accurate it’s beyond scary. That’s why her status gone up to being legendary.

      • What else has she hinted at or predicted? Not about to go through every comments section to look up her comments.

      • K-celebs better be nice to their make-up artist, hairstylist, fashion stylist, coffee girl/boy, production crew, highest to the lowest, cleaners, etc. They can come spill teas in Koala’s blog. Hahahaha.

      • @Lila, the most obvious is Seo Ye Ji being difficult on set, being cold & mean to cast/crew. She didn’t name her per se. Just hints but discerning fans easily guessed it. Another e.g. was Irene. 80-90 of celebs who aren’t innocent angels unfortunately are female celebs. There are a few male actors but they are only cold or abrupt when not in public or not doing PR work in front of camera. Besides, Lydia predicts who’s in or out in ML-FL pairings, the timing but never reveal the reasons.

  17. Some additional thoughts:

    1. The first release about why Kim Jung Hyun really left Time was clearly from his current agency which he is trying to leave. Hello, no one is that stupid to believe otherwise. They helped him bury the story when he left Time, but now it’s a free for all.

    2. That his agency leaked this negative story (douchey) is different than whether it’s actually true or not. From all accounts, it’s true as the same rumors were around in 2018 but not reported on likely due to his agency quashing it. If true, it’s just so disappointing.

    3. The second story about Seo Ye Ji being the ex-girlfriend in question who controlled Kim Jung Hyun to act like a total Bubble Boy on set and in character is reportedly leaked by either Kim Jung Hyun or his camp. Because it contains text messages (who else could have them but for the two people texting) and also because it paints Kim Jung Hyun in a better light. Anyone can see he’s either an abused boyfriend or totally brainwashed to think this type of request from a girlfriend is in ANY WAY reasonable and acceptable.

    4. Seo Ye Ji – this is dicier – if she and Kim Jung Hyun were totally fine with their dynamic (she’s the dom, he’s the sub), that’s between two consenting adults and I have zero opinion or judgment and neither should anyone. If we found out what positions our faves stars liked to do in bed how dare we judge since it hasn’t nothing to do with their ability to act. The problem here is that their “personal dynamic” did indeed hinder his ability to act on the drama Time. That’s why this would leave to commentary and judgment, because he had one job (act in character) and audiences pay for it (watching dramas with commercials) and he couldn’t do it professionally because he was catering to his then GF’s demands that breached from personal to professional and impacted a lot of other people.

    5. Seo Ye Ji was never going to win the Baeksang Best Actress this year (it’s going to Kim So Yeon), the question is whether this will have impact on her casting in near term projects.

    6. I would rely on the actual contract terms between Kim Jung Hyun and his agency for which side is in the legal right on this dispute – can he consider the contracted ended now, or does his 11 month hiatus after Time not count towards the contract term and therefore extend it that period longer. It’s black and white and shouldn’t be an issue of which side we like better. If he wanted out and his contract terms stipulate otherwise, he needs to negotiate an early exit or finish his term for what is less than a year left.

    7. This is a sad news all around, it feels like Kim Jung Hyun should have never accepted Time if he wasn’t comfortable doing a romance drama (and the script cover said it clearly “a man and a woman’s love story”), and if his agency picked the drama for him then he probably should have done more to act out the role regardless of his personal discomfort. And if he was an abused boyfriend who could not say not to the demands of his then girlfriend, I just feel so sad and wish that the relationship ending set them both free. Toxic relationships ruin lives.

    • Well said. This is not a black and white issue. There are many factors and issues at play. On a vapid note, I am very worried about Island and Seo Ye Ji. Kim Nam Gil is in it, and he is friends with Kim Jung Hyun and as well as interacted with Seo Ye Ji before. I just hope that everything can be shed to light, so we don’t see any more discouraging or incriminating information. Now that would be career ender. Regarding, Kim Jung Hyun, I worry that his mental health will deteriorate even more after this issue. Seems like a case where the dirty stuff regarding fame shows that its not all flowers. Even in Hollywood, actors are forced to become stars when they don’t want to be, and how this has ruined or killed them in the process.

    • Thanks for the clarification.

      It would have been better for him to just finish his term with his current company rather than the current mess that was created due to such dispute which could have been ironed out since everything is clearly black and white.

      Speaking of that, O&Ent did quite well for him, in term of milding down those rumours due to his exit from Time as well as securing him two back to back high profile projects in CLOY and QC.

      Too bad, it all come down to this.

    • #34 is such a bad take, I can’t even.

      Imagine that the roles were reversed, and it was the male ordering the female around. Would you still say that “if they’re totally fine with that dynamic, that’s between two consenting adults?”

      The main thing about abusive and toxic relationships is that the victim of the emotional abuse feels he/she cannot get out, which is why he/she has no choice but to stay or follow.

      • I get what Koala is saying about two consenting adults. If it was indeed an abusive relationship, then that is horrible. But if it’s a consensual Dom-Sub relationship then that’s different.

        I actually took a Marriage and Family Therapy class focused on sexuality and we had a few lessons on BDSM. You’ll be surprised on who is in such a relationship and what they are willing to go through.

        The difference really is based on if it was consensual or not.

      • @Vegaspink it was clearly not consenual that could be categorised in that dom-sub thing..Man literally tried to take his life because of all the things girlie put him into.

      • @Vegaspink. But that’s the deal— how can you say there is consent when you are being emotionally manipulated or abused?

        Again, I repeat the question, if the roles were reversed, would OCKoala even be bringing up a Dom-Sub relationship angle? Heck no. We are giving passes in this case because the emotionally manipulative and abusive person is a woman?

      • If he indeed had mental health issues and did try to take his life then, it is abusive. I’m not saying it can’t be.

        I just can’t tell the whole relationship from the texts. I don’t care if it’s woman to man or man to woman, I just can’t see the whole picture yet with just the texts alone. That’s why I said it could be a dom- sub relationship.

        As for the man vs woman mentality, I’ve personally seen a dom-sub relationship where it was an everyday office woman who is a dom and a military man who was the sub, that’s why I also didn’t rule out the possibility of the dom-sub relationship. I mean, the sub would literally just speak when he was allowed to speak and even just sit on the floor while the dom on a chair in front of a whole auditorium of students because that was their consensual relationship.

        But again, if it’s as bad as he trying to take his life, then I’m glad he got out of the relationship. The Knetz also need to get off his back over an abusive relationship.

        Again, I said I see why Koala could also think of the Dom-Sub relationship from the texts. This Koala post is literally the first time I even thought of the relationship being possibly dom-sub. I initially thought it could be abusive but then again, with the texts alone, I couldn’t rule out the possibility of BDSM.

        Both Koala and I are saying it’s a possibility and not that it is the only answer.

      • @melone, I will turn the question back to you. Would a dom-sub relationship only be with a man to a woman? It could go both ways. That’s why I didn’t rule it out. Same with abuse. It could go both ways. I’ve also seen such abusive relationships in my field of study in college.

        Manipulative and abusive relationships are definitely not to be taken lightly. I’m not giving a pass to SYJ at all. Whether it was abusive or dom-sub, she clearly is already guilty in my book. The only one I’m considering now is KJH. If she manipulated and abused KJH, then she should be punished and I hope KJH does well. If it was dom-sub, SYJ is still guilty for affecting not only his work but also those of who he worked with.

        Again, read carefully, Koala and I are in no way defending SYJ. I don’t think SYJ is innocent at all. We just said a dom-sub relationship is a possibility. I would literally give the same thought and consideration if it was a man being in the situation in SYJ and a woman being in the situation of KJH. If the story is a blind item of A and B instead of names or even just the gender, I would still question consent JUST from the texts ALONE.

      • Also when I said I’m considering KJH. It’s because I don’t want him to be blamed if he was in an abusive relationship.

        I just can’t rule out the possibility of consent from the texts alone.

        Again, not considering SYJ at all. Just KJH and the degree and weight of his responsibility.

      • I forgot to mention this but while I did say a Dom-Sub relationship is a possibility I lean more towards SYJ being abusive when paired with the timing of the mental health problems and KJH trying to take his life as pointed out by @val. Honestly, this is the first time I learned that he even tried to take his life.

        It’s the combination of timing with the mental health problems and KJH trying to take his that makes it more probable to be abuse.

  18. How did they acquire such text messages? Is it a private matter? Once upon a time we were taught that messages are private matters. I think we have to wait for the truth to come to light. KJH is sick that time and there has not been any reports about him dating SYJ

  19. Seo ye ji is freak control and dangerous, Kim Jung Hyun is weak and mentally ill she’s exploited him for her madness. An unfortunate guy who feel into the hands of a monster

  20. Hmmm….What I don’t get is why is such big news like this not covered by soompi? I only learnt about this from AKP and Koreaboo.

    Anyway, this is completely messed up on all angles.

      • Probably because soompi tends to be more professional in their reporting and tend to use credible and confirmed sources. They don’t really report on rumours unconfirmed by the people actually involved or from trashy tabloid sources like allkpop. Even though all of the information so far has been shocking and I think there is more truth than lies among it all, none of the parties involved have actually confirmed or released any damning statements enough for soompi to report on them.

      • may be because they still have some sort of media ethics and dont want to be part of the character assassiansion of celebs without any solid proof…
        allkpop and koreanboo are like 3rd rated gossip sites…

  21. Much as I like KSH, IONTBO was the only show of his after DH that I didn’t watch because for some reason I couldn’t stand SYJ. ? Hope KJH apologize to Seohyun, the production of Time, and his fans. Hope his dispute with his agency get resolved so everyone can move on. He’s a really talented actor and it’s a shame if he takes a break from acting. That said, I hope he gets some therapy and has a better relationship now with his girlfriend.

  22. The more I think about it the more I don’t believe this. At that time KJH wasn’t that big of a star to be able to tweak the script on his own.

    SYJ herself had a love scene with her costar in Lawless Lawyer. I don’t think she could demand such a thing from him. Maybe no flirting is what she meant.

    I just find this really mind boggling. The agency not only threw KJH under the bus but dragged SYJ as well. Two birds with one stone. The way his soon-to-be former agency works reminds me of the dirtbag agency manager in Record of Youth.

    • Don’t make excuses for two irresponsible people. Between them they brought alot of grief on others physically and mentally. After what his agency has done for him, what right is it to brand them dirtbags? The tired manager who always put on a smile at every whim and whine of the celebrity; who doubles up as a punching bag when they are in a bad mood? The ceo with less than stellar connections who still tries hard for the artist even after a fiasco of that magnitude in 2018? Its not about being about a big enough star but more backing production into the corner with “if you dun do this I won’t perform” when everything is contracted signed and needs to be delivered with a certain timeframe. The pressure… If production were served this ultimatum from crazy ex from the start, don’t you think they would have changed him out in a heartbeat than forging on till 4 episodes were left? So now that he finally has 2 hit dramas back to back, would it kill him to repay the favor for those people who pull out all stops to help him cover up for his bad attitude and averted a lawsuit against him after that drama? Its just 11 months more. Let’s hope its not his new girlfriend that pressuring him to make these stupid ass decisions. Live by his women. Die by his women. *rolleyes*

      • Right on! This happened while production was ongoing. They were backed into a corner. And it does seem like KJH became physically sick due to what was happening. Staff witnessed him retching. Who knows how forthcoming he was to his agency at the time with the reason behind his not wanting skinship scenes. It was awful judgement on his part, but people who are manipulated by their significant other, threatened to be dumped, etc… can act irrationally. It was a toxic relationship and since they ended things, he seems to have had no problem doing skinship and acting like a respectful colleague during CLOY and Mr Queen. I think Seo YeaJi somehow comes out looking the worst in all this.

      • are you saying that an upcoming actor from a not so big agency had the power to threaten the production house, the channel and the crew and make them rewrite the story?
        even ji chang wook at his peak didn’t had the power to make the writer of k2 give him a better character development and he has indirectly shown his disappointment in how k2 turned out at the end but kim jung hyun( a rising star in 2018) who still isnt as popular as jcw( who isnt doing so well now) had the power to make changes in the script and demand the makers to cut short romantic scenes in 2018? at a time when he just started his career and didnt had a strong fanbase…
        kim jung hyun would have been simply blacklisted from the entire industry if he had so many tantrums… big companies and production houses have the power to do so… sm entertainment blacklisted the ex-members of tvqx for years and those members were much bigger than kim jung hyun and couldnt do anything…

        even if kjh took a break of 11 months he was working nonstop before that and gave 2 back-to-back praiseworthy performances after his hiatus.. he is the only know actor in that agency and the agency could have also let him go if that’s what he wants considering how much money he made them… they both benefited from each other… if the angecy was good at covering up for him and getting him good projects then kjh also made money for them and gave consistently good performances… kjh managed to rise back after all this and the agency managed to get projects for him mainly because he is that talented… he didnt get projects based on his looks or had big fan following like idols… the guy is a very talented actor…
        you are saying as if kjh did nothing and every hard work was done by the agency while he was having a field trip with his shrink…
        the guy was going through mental health issues…

  23. Kim Jung Hyun should apologise to Seohyun and the staff properly since now he seems to be in his correct state of mind…But I don’t understand how feminist are playing their cards to protect Yeji as if gender matters in a manipulative relationship..She used to abuse him mentally, demand pics and videos from the set to keep a tab on him.No wonder it took a toll on him and he had to leave a lead role at the peak of his career post Waikiki..Now people accusing him of dragging yeji..I mean why not?? When she was the root cause of all this…Yes he was a grown up man but it’s really scary to be in such type of relationship.. Imagine if he was a girl would people still sided with his abuser as they are now trying to protect Yeji…?

    Out of all this, Seohyun was the ultimate victim ..it was so unfair to her because of these two crazies
    However Kim Jung Hyun was a victim too…People shouldn’t invalidate that..
    Mr. Queen had tonnes of kissing scenes but his current gf seems to be supportive of him ..It was even reported that Jihye was there for him during his difficult time..

    There was a blind item in 2018.. titled ” A gf scarier than a ghost”. Apparently..it ‘s not the first time Yeji did to her bf..The article said, whoever she dated would end up being in a hospital…
    She really seems like a psycho.

    • What? Whoever SYJ dated ended up in a hospital? That’s a pretty big accusation…I mean there were rumors of SYJ and KSH dating back then…but he didn’t end up in the hospital…they still filmed IONTBO years later with even more intimate scenes…so really we don’t know the truth..

      • You must be a delulu shipper thinking Kim Soo Hyun is in love with her just because they did some intimate scene..
        That blind item was from 2018.. There it was mentioned “her ex idol turned actor bf suffered a lot and the current one (which i presume KJH) is also going through the same”.

      • There you go! Assuming i am a delulu shipper already when you don’t even know me. Shows how much you know about truth. Clearly your only jumping on the hate band wagon.

  24. Ooh what a couple, I mean they both work as actor,
    1. Why you are being sensitive and controlled to your couple work??
    1. Why do you accept the demand to controlled your work??

    God dammit, this just reminds me of my coworker gf who keeps calling use to talk about our work, like seriously, talk it between yourselves and you are being a bother

  25. This is not true I guess. Just look at their convo. Its like a submissive and the dominant. ??? kmedia and knetz are the worst. Always trying to make issues and to put artists down.

  26. its so funny how this drama unravel years ago and now dispatch trying to wreck all this stars career anyway whatever the truth the dispatch is laughing in the back letting the public judge and criticize everyone but im still tuning for this drama better than any makjang drama that is showing

  27. This is an abusive relationship plain and simple. If the roles were reversed, the reaction towards the abuser would be more negative.

    To me this is worse than the bullying allegations against other actors because it was fairly recent.

  28. This bitch is psycho. If the genders were switched, the controlling/manipulative man would be dragged to hell and back. I feel bad for Kim Jung Hyun being in such a mentally abusive relationship, but this still does not excuse his unprofessional behavior on set.

    • YES! And here you have people defending Seo Ye Ji by saying… it might be consensual! WTF?

      In an abusive relationship, there cannot be any real consent when the victim is trapped in such a relationship and is being emotionally manipulated that he/she is in the wrong. That’s classic emotionally manipulative behavior.

  29. Rumor has it that he is currently dating his CLOY lady and he wants to move to her agency. The smart move would have been to stick it out with the current agency but he is pushing for his exit. So it makes me wonder, who suggested the change of agency and why hers? If she suggested he joined hers, then is he weak towards women and allow them to control him? This is just me supposing.

    • This is, of course, conjecture but Seo Ji Hye is 6 years older than him. He may feel comfortable with women who dominate him. Let’s just say that, for me, he does not have a masculine aura. I didn’t like him in CLOY.

      • The amount of victim blaming yikes.. What’s wrong if he wanted to move out of his agency and join his gf’s?? ..Kim Woo Bin did too…

    • This is veering toward victim blaming. Would you be saying the same thing if the male is the one dominating the relationship and ordering the female around? That it only shows the female is “weak”

  30. I didn’t even know that both were dating ! If acting is a profession , both are guilty of no professionalism . If they can’t accept that acting emply to make contact with a partner , they should change their job and go to work in a factory , … Their dating style is private so i don’t care . Even if i like the dramas of both , if they are blacklisted i will not mind . Some actresses suffered from an unfair treatment in the past for less than that .

  31. It looks like a game for them… She didn’t threaten him or used emotional blackmail in these messages if he didn’t do it.

    Anyway, I think there are 2 differents issues, the relationship and the way he acted with Time’s production. The first one doesn’t excuse his behavior on the set.

  32. Why are people always so quick to jump to conclusions and sadly women are often so quick to bash other women. I don’t know how true this latest piece from dispatch is or how genuine those text messages are but KJH managed to drag his ex into this dirty mess and successfully shifted the media focus away from himself. He pretty much got himself out of hot water and turned himself into a victim in this whole drama. All started with conflict between him and his agency and in the process so far 3 actresses have been dragged through the mud. Makes me sick how disgusting the entertainment world can be.

  33. Assuming it’s all true (which it can also not be) I think let’s not discount the possibility that he did had depression after all the stress – his response on texts may reveal that he was ok to follow through but facing external pressures and the fallout from the issues at the drama set would have also made that possible – i said that because I recall vividly how physically gaunt and dead his eyes looked, he looked like he was in misery and although nothing excuses the utter lack of professionalism, I do feel we should have empathy for mental health – including for everyone involved particularly the female lead. I say this because often in abusive relationships things look fine even within the relationship but clearly the toll on the person can manifest subtly and over time. seeing that he had perfectly no issues in previous works (2017 with KSJ where they had chemistry and appropriate skinships, and also later on on CLOY and mr queen, time was really out of the norm. Obviously they broke up and he’s still super unprofessional to let his private life mess up his work ethics, I personally don’t think this should be a career destructive case. That in point, he should man up, apologise massively to those affected and make sure these don’t ever happen again.

  34. There’s something you all overlooked in this abusive ex-lovers case. Yes. Both are abusive in their own way. Kim Jung Hyun was abusive and manipulative to Seohuyn on the set of Times. Forget other female staff, many arrogant main actors abuse them on daily bases, it’s Korea after all. Actor’s star status, place in industry, gender, age is most important, not someone’s feelings.
    I carefully analyzed all the info out there. If you think SYJ manipulated her then boyfriend KJH to harass ( yes, harass, degrade) his female co-star in Time out of womanly jealousy, you are very naive. She did it to hinder and stop the career of a pretty actress/ idol she hated. She used her boyfriend to bring down the rising actress. From what I read about SJY, it’s not the first time she
    used her boyfriends in such way. She always gets what she wants, just like her character in IOTNBO.

    • @Marina. Wow. Could you please elaborate on SYJ’s other ex-bfs and how she used them to to bring down her perceived rivals? Gosh this actress is so notorious. I’m not a fan of anyone in this saga. Just curious as I’m not Korean & not well versed with all these insidious practices in K-ent. Thank you!

      • There’s a rumor circulating in twitter that SYJ used to date the PD of Four Men and she wanted or was supposed to be the female lead for it but the role went to Nana. So SYJ then apparently made his ex-bf PD as living hell to the point of hospitalization and the production was halted altogether.

      • I’m not Korean either, but as a long time internet researcher for a (political content, not entertainment) TV show, sometimes I stumble across interesting (for me, personally) info.
        I’ll try to link Soompi article bellow. It’s a simple factual post (nothing of scandal here) about drama Four Men. In this article among other names, we see the name of Nana (FL) and Four Men’s PD who left the production. Why this drama?
        Some “insiders” claimed that SYJ did the same (behind the scenes) to this (now cancelled) show (made some lives miserable) in order to get rid of Nana, because she wanted the FL role herself, and she was VERY close with the PD at the time. But he didn’t give her that role and she got really pissed at him. Looks like there’s a pattern of SYJ’s manipulative, vicious and self serving behavior.


      • @Marina. Thank you so much! You have opened my eyes more now to what really happens in K-ent. So it’s true that PDs have some sort of power to give FL roles using their discretion. I wonder how many actresses have slept/date/sugar babies with PDs to get coveted roles. Phew! Hot stuff here in Kwood.

  35. Jiminy crickets. Not surprised to hear main actors verbally or physically abusing staff. The Korean former deputy ambassador to NZ was accused of sexually assaulting a local male staff. He fled to SK but was never extradited coz he has diplomatic immunity. It caused a rupture in the 2 countries’ relations but shushed up by the respective governments & mainstream media. Interestingly the Foreign Minister of SK was a woman at that time. She protected him & refused to let him face trial in NZ High Court. He is now working in the Philippines as a Consul General. Shows that if someone more powerful is behind your back, you are free to abuse anyone without consequences.

  36. Some weeks ago. I and my lover broke-up but i am happy today that we are back together by the help of robinsonbuckler11 [@] gmail. com,,,,,,,,????

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