Entertainment Reporter Adds More Details to Kim Jung Hyun’s Unprofessional Behavior Filming Time Including Everything Was Normal At the Beginning

The truth behind Kim Jung Hyun‘s cold and odd behavior filming MBC drama Time, which the public witnessed first hand at the disastrous press conference, is likely wrapping up. Once the truth is out, including why he acting that way, the only thing left is seeing if the public will accept his apology and let him comeback at some point in the future. A top entertainment reporter covering this story has written a final article sharing additional details to flesh out the goings on during the filming. The reporter said it was important to share because what happened was so unprofessional, being unable to keep one’s personal situation outside the workplace and creating such a negative tidal wave of consequences for others. First off, the PD and screenwriter have high praise within the industry for being good people. The PD kept telling Kim Jung Hyun to take care of his health first when things started to go wrong, basically “your health is more important than a drama”.

Kim Jung Hyun initially wasn’t acting cold and awkward, and it’s proven by the script reading stills when he’s comfortably leaning close with Seohyun with an easy smile like normal costars would. His chemistry with Seohyun was actually quite good at the beginning of the drama as well. But then his behavior started to get weird and the crew noticed and was upset about it because it was causing problems, but Seohyun was genuinely worried and thought maybe she was the cause of it. The crew did believe Kim Hyun Jung was not well physically and emotionally at that time, so that was not an excuse. But the reporter says that the text messages between Kim Jung Hyun and now ex-girlfriend Seo Ye Ji absolutely show that she was gaslighting him (“I make you happy, right, so do this to make me happy”) to not interact with any women on the set including his own costar Seohyun. The reporter says ultimately the responsibility rests solely with Kim Jung Hyun as he chose to do Seo Ye Ji’s unreasonable demands and impact Time, but Seo Ye Ji’s unprofessional demands really shows her bad character.


Entertainment Reporter Adds More Details to Kim Jung Hyun’s Unprofessional Behavior Filming Time Including Everything Was Normal At the Beginning — 57 Comments

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  2. I think the company he would eventually join will be important for him to be able to come back. They must have connections for the production to allow him to join, and if it’s a great production maybe as a minor supporting character. And there’s always webdramas or indie films, he still have many fans and a small productions would benefit. And if he can come back, people should also allow Ye Ji.

    • What they can’t take away from him is his acting skills. Jang Hyuk faked medical test, Kim Mu Yeol tried to play the poverty card to get out of serving in military once and overcame that scandal because they simply were too good at their job. And this guy apologized without any attempt at trying to shift blame. I see him surviving this if he can follow through with that apology sincerely.

      • These are all found online, so this isn’t brand new info. Also their names are written that way b/c I don’t want their ‘fans’ to find this.

        JUng Eun Ch@e: Had an affair with a married man
        G0 HyUn Jung: Rumored as a head strong person to work w/, PD (Hitting them) incident from Return/Dropped from the show
        L33 J!n Wook: Sued and jailed his accuser despite the heavy evidence that says otherwise
        H@ Jung W00: Used his brother’s name as a scapegoat, when he was illegally using way above the propofol amount (Park Si-yeon got jailed for this)
        L33 Byung Hyun: Ordered a hit on an innocent person. A top actress’s husband testified against him. Cheating and being a horny creep.
        L33 Mi S00k: Is named in the famous Jang case as someone who allegedly forced the actress to do shady sh!t
        P@rk Sh! H00: Those pics. Also recent conference said creepy stuff regarding looking forward to a nude scene from his FL.
        Ju J! H00n: Drug scandal, has recovered from it. Broke up on not so well terms with his ex. He was lucky it died down, and he was filming Along w/ the Gods with hit big.
        L33 M!n Ki: His case w/ the whole ordeal was shady like many of these cases are. Allowed his friend to sleep w/ the lady but allegedly didn’t tell her. Also rumored to be the ML who squeezed his FL’s breasts to check if they were real.
        Kim R@3 W0n: Manhandling of some of his females: the vids are online for you to judge yourselves. Allegedly the actor in the blind item who yells at child actors.
        G0ng Hy0 J!n doesn’t like him lol (Altho she’s kinda haughty no offense, those cheap looking re-made stuff, and selling it for big $$ lol/Also she called out a fan by posting about her old drama/Seems like she’s blunt/brusque in rl/has a lot of celeb female pals)
        Kw@k Si Y@ng: Again, not to the level as this other actors above. But was on a realty dating show (diff. name), and was a playboy/pick up artist. Despite the bf energy he gave in We got Married.
        H@n Hy0 J00: Covering military scandal w/ her dad. Thinks highly of herself, which some K-netz found her snobby for.
        L33 Kyung Y0ung: Got jailed, and was banned by MBC. He’s still in huge/big projects/films/etc and gotten Korean Oscar noms for them.

        A selection of some stars who either went on to be top stars, and/or still able to work as leads in well received shows and/or getting good offers still. If KJH/SYJ aren’t still able to work, it just show the hypocrisy of the K-industry. I think the only difference is this scandal involving KJH/SYJ involves the drama production which stars actors that the public knows. The other cases listed above are majority non celebs, so celebs can either buy/destroy/drop/silence their accuser either through jail/$$/pressure. I bet a lot of celebs w/ skeletons in their closet are shaking rn b/c it might come to them unexpectedly like it did for KJH/SYJ. Those texts being leaked either way is invasive/creepy.

  3. How come k-entertainment reporters are not reporting on how those text messages are obtained? It’s odd how it’s all a-ok that private messages were leaked and no one bats an eye. I remember that happened with the Ku Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun divorce too.

    • Probably cause Kim Jung Hyun likely exposed the texts himself. Only Seo Yeji & himself had access to it. Those texts came out in light of his bad behaviour & those texts allowed him to come out better as the victim. It doesn’t require 2 parties to consent for these messages.

      With Ahn Jae Hyun & Goo Hye sun they themselves leaked the texts. Goo hye sun was the one who posted the texts through Instagram first. While Ahn Jaehyun let his agency to release it.

      They were private messages for sure. But it’s not that odd that no one is talking about it. If dispatch had illegally obtained it then Seo Yeji & Kim Jung Hyun could sue them.

    • Many people are saying that it was done by kjh .. Although i won’t disregard that fact..But remember the Jo Jin Moo chat leak scandal..Those texts were released 7 years later.. Obviously they werent revealed by Jo Jin Moo or Jang Dong Gun cause it totally revealed their trashy personality. So it is possible a 3rd party did that..Just think of it Kim Jung Hyun never dragged Seo Yeji in his mess even 3 yrs ago when he was getting loads of backlash back then too..but his company was at his side at that time..Thus i think it was his own company this time who paid Dispatch to do it so as to show that how they cleaned up after his mess by hiding the gf matter..

      • I’m more inclined to believe he released it since the leaked texts puts him in a better light as the victim manipulated by a psycho ex, spineless or not. The content and timing are too specific for it to be hacked by 3rd party. If his agency was trying to bring him down, no way would they do something in his favour. And how would the agency have access to his private texts, unless he shared it with them.

      • Lol no …He is getting mass cancelled in korea but the difference is he has only one issue unlike her.. Everyone is mocking him for being weak, coward, a fool..Maybe I -netz are a bit being lenient but you can go and see top comments from K-netz with thousands of upvotes like how much they are blaming him…Public have become more angrier when they knew it was because of a man..Korea is a conservative country and they are still hung up on that part abt toxic masculinity expecting male victims to man up.
        The thing about his gf was brought out by HIS agency..They said, during time the company helped him to clear up his mess by hiding his gf issues..Then boom next day came the Dispatch messages.. Isn’t it apparent??
        I already told you that it is very much possible for a third party get those texts just like it happened in Joo Jin Moo scandal.

      • I heard in korea katalk can be easily access specially during investigations thats why some artist use telegram.

  4. What exactly was added? NOTHING. He was mentally sick and his agency encouraged this project even though he was not in the right emotional frame to deal with it. A very manipulative girl made his life on set a living hell demanding crazy stuff that he wasn’t able to refuse because he was mentally sick. He apologized multiple times (but some claim that the apology was insincere even though there are reports of him apologizing to SH and telling her that he was having a hard time because of his mental health – there are even reports of a suicide attempt!!), but go ahead reporters just keep squeezing this piece of news until he actually succeeds and commits suicide. Then I’m sure everyone will act apologetic and feel sorry and ask themselves why it happened…

  5. He already apologised! Why is the reporter still commenting. It’s up to the TIME’s crew whether they want to accept… not some unrelated people. Mental health is a real thing. All these nasty comments from reporters and netizen had drove celebrities to commit suicide. Also, he has seemed to be professional for CLOY and Mr. Queen (unless there’s additional reports). Whether the Kdrama industry is willing to give him a 2nd chance is up to the producers and directors. But all these shaming and bullying online has to stop.

  6. Why do they have to dig out such a old news? And keep on at it? Is there no newer news to report…This guy is already paying for his unprofessionalism.. His ex-GF may be controlling but he was wrong to allow it to affect his work. The media should ust move on..

  7. If this was the US, then the messages would make him look sympathetic. There is more of an awareness of mental illness, domestic abuse, dating violence, and personality disorders. But it sounds like from the korean POV, the texts were emasculating? and like “how can he let a woman do this to him? where are his balls?” rather than “my goodness. He was victim”. It looks like he was professional before and after and this was just a terribly dark period in his life. I hope he can continue to act, though would caution any production to put in clauses to prevent him from asking for script or line changes and a high penalty fee if he causes disruption.

  8. Let’s go back to these articles once either Ye Ji or KJH lands a new project. Interesting to see how this news really impacts their careers and who between them can come back first. Maybe YJ can go back to Madrid and finally go to school and get her degree. KJH can pursue his other interests outside of k-ent for now.

  9. Totally! It was his drama as a lead. Don’t make sense that he will try screw it up and give up before the finishing line. He probably was helpless. And he took a year plus off to rest. Johnny Depp was bullied by Amber Heard. Instead of asking why and shaming him… his fans supported him.

  10. I think yeaji the one at pitfall here she being sued for million dollar advertisement having fall for baeksang cancel drama and many baseless accusation is being publish hope girly will not suicide cause the mental depression her ex give her well i mean they both inflict it to each other but the witch hunt happening is so ugly i think her career is over compare to Kim Jung hyun cause we know men can have many chances cause they will always be forgiven by his fans

    • There is a saying..”As you sow so shall you reap”.. All those brands included a moral clause.Thus if your image screws up u gotta pay hefty fine..I got to know Kim jung Hyun doesnt have any current ongoing cfs, so he is safe from that side..To be honest, he had that only Time allegations against him..So u can’t compare Yeji who has like 5-6 other accusations apart from gaslighting him..Not saying all of them are true but her company should have clarified by now… Also, If yeji simply apologised that she indirectly may have had caused trouble to the
      drama team (come on her instructions were clear on the chat) , this wouldn’t have escalated so much..
      Remember Irene?? Her scandal was also quite big and she was mass cancelled both in korea and abroad.lmao..even billboard talked abt it.However, she apologized and the other person forgave her. And no brands dropped her..But again allegations against Yeji are nothing compared to Irene’s.

      • Don’t bother replying to trolls. They don’t understand English at all. Obviously using shoddy translation app. Not using punctuation marks at all. peym and Ulikeiu same person.

    • LMAO this is not about men and women. Get a grip. KJH acknowledged his mistake and owned up to it at least. What did your precious SYJ do?

  11. Yeaji career is over sad she talented her being sued with multimillion advertisement and cancel drama hope she didnt suicide the mental depressionns she having cause of her ex i mean they brought it upon themeselve but atleast this kim jung hyun can recover we know men can have many chances cause fans forgive them while women one wrong and its their pitfall

    • I’m amazed one can write a full paragraph without s single full stop or comma. ESOL tutors can advertise here. Lol.

  12. This never ending saga of being control or whoever fault is this just make them pay the damage the dispatch or whatever management is just making money in wrecking their career we forgot this people are also human people just want hear whatever they want to hear so that why this fiasco is getting attention so much they release many baseless rumour to fuel the pitfall of this actors anyway korean are like that they like to cancel people

  13. I don’t know why my post disappeared…so again i am writing this..Yeji fans are blaming Kim JungHyun for her downfall..I mean, i agree all this saga started because of the dispute with his agency..but he has got nothing to do with other countless allegations against her..People are saying only he could have leaked the chats..No .. that’s not 100pc true.. Because then Jo Jon Moo must have leaked his own 7 year old chats which revealed his and Jang Dong Gun’s trashy persona.Right?? So it’s completely possible that the kjh -syj chats were leaked by Dispatch..I am side-eyeing his agency ..They hid it that time in 2018 but now to support their claim that kjh fucked up because of a woman, they paid Dispatch to do the job..Kim Jung Hyun didn’t blame yeji back in 2018 when he was getting quite some backlash and nor did he mention her in his letter this time…

    • Not only JDG and JJM’s case but also bunch of those idols who went to jail after their chat got leaked about how they drugged women and took videos of them and shared with their circle of friends.

      • Other idols’ chats were still in a group so the probability of leakage was higher..But correct me if i am wrong..Jo jin Moo and Jand Dong Gun case inclided private messages between 2 people just like it was with Seo Yeji and Kim Jung Hyun..Jo Jin Moo was apparently blackmailed by a hacker who got the those texts..Thus in this kjh-syj issue, i believe it is his company’s doing

  14. I saw few k-netz commenting that if Gold medalist defends Yeji , they would take Kim Soo Hyun down with her..??..I wonder why??Like i know he was rumoured to be her ex but what this case has got to do with him??

    • Because they are in the same agency and she dates the last year his cousin and partner, who is also the CEO of the company.

  15. From all I’ve read on this case, the truly shocking thing to me is the exposure of private texts to the media. Which leads me to the question – what is the expectation of privacy in S. Korea for celebrities and private citizens? I think the EU and probably Australia has one of the highest privacy policies in the world, with Canada and the US coming close. If the public sees nothing wrong with reading texts meant for one’s lover in the media, then I’m not surprised that S. Korea has one of the highest suicide rates in the world. Due to the pressure to conform to what is societally acceptable, and the stress caused by walking on eggshells all the time. Another question, if one party reveals private content to the media, can the other party sue for a breach of privacy? I’m asking generally, not referring to this specific case. From articles I’ve read since the scandal, not only has the press combed through SYJ’s past education, they’ve had a field day commenting on her past relationships, life in Spain, even plastic surgery. So does this witch hunt turn SYJ from abuser to victim? It’s one thing to punish an individual for bad behavior, it’s another thing to troll through their lives, not giving said individual space to breathe. This hive mentality that I’m seeing is truly terrifying and somewhat distasteful. If it has been proven that she’s somewhat responsible for the fiasco in TIME, then production has every right to sue for damages and be awarded compensation, they can also ask for a formal apology – that is their due. But this whole scenario of articles based on rumors of past relationships, anonymous rumors from folks in the industry who aren’t bold enough to put their name with the articles, insults on her looks and plastic surgery, is taking things too far, imho.

  16. @Lydia

    If you do swing by here and see this, could you kindly share some insights or hints (if you can) on what’s happening at gm? Is it still a faction war or what? I saw girlie’s i-fans on Twitter claiming she was preparing to sue. Thanks.

    • Lets see. Its gone way beyond the gaslighting. She has 5 cases against her now. Gaslighting (kim jung hyun/yunho), gapjil (power abuse against employees), falsifying of academic experience (this is the messiest, so many he said she said), tanked a movie in 2017 (Another Way) and brought cursing to director/production causing the movie to be pulled early from theatres. She said in an interview that she almost died of gas poisoning as they burnt real briquette whereas director said the smoke was created by fake smoke effects and she was briefed beforehand the scene and that its safe. She refused to rectify the lie and exaggeration causing outrage with the korean public over the production’s recklessness then. Lastly stealing from the bank account from someone she knows in Spain to buy an air ticket to barcelona. I am not sure how she can refute all five cases against her. To be honest imo – its very hard for both of them to recover from this as their image is completely destroyed in the eyes of the public. Its hard to see them in roles playing a different characters when their personas are now larger than the productions. The penalties expected from her endorsements fallout is estimated to be around USD2.7mil and now the biggest headache upcoming is her new movie with Kim Kang Woo that will open on Wed. If that fails miserably, GM might face one more lawsuit from the movie production company that her compromised image caused a massive loss to potential ticket sales. All in all its a headache for GM. P.s – on a lighter note, there’s articles coming up now on Park Seo Joon being an iron wall to her charms in Hwarang. And how Park Hying Sik didn’t succumb either. This is what I mean by having a persona bigger than a character. This is not hollywood and its Korea. No one can see her in any other light than a “mythomaniac (coined by netizens) and a mind manipulator. Both will remain cancelled till a miracle happens I guess.

      • Correct me if i am wrong…but didn’t her movie Recalled already released and it is selling quite some tickets at the box office ..even no. 1 in some sites..

      • It’s probably more believable for Lydia to get sued. Sound like she is the same troll in Allkpop.

      • Yikes. This is bad bad bad. All those other allegations have nada to do with KJH yet her i-fans keep blaming him and playing the misogyny card. I noticed Shurink hasn’t dropped her yet which is a surprise. And her i-fans kept monitoring ticket sales of Recalled which seemed to be going up. Based on your experience in the industry, what do you think GM’s options are to get out of this mess without it affecting their other artists?

      • This is tricky. Her case is quite unprecedented. Can’t say how it will go. Either way any shots fired from her camp will lead to more retaliatory measures from those who chose to speak up. He said she said… its tiring for readers. Lol. A lot of ppl in fact are sick of talking about this and all the shenanigans revolving around this fiasco

      • I know, right? I’m tired too. I thought Koala was done writing about it. Then this post sprang up, which doesn’t even add anything new and reads like another rehash. Sigh.

      • @Lydia. I bow down to you again. I have read the Naver post about Park Seo Joon being polite but didn’t warm up to Seo Ye Ji during Hwarang filming. Netizens commented on PSJ & SYJ awkward kiss scenes too. Good boy PSJ for staying clear of SYJ.

      • @Lydia1, glad you swung by! In an unrelated item, could you please provide more info on why you said Nam Ji Hyun will go on hiatus once she’s done filming Witch drama? She’s been spotted by FN Star Reporter at the filming site who then snapped her photos. Normally low-key projects like this don’t attract paps but I’m curious why she’s been followed by paps. Are there good news on the horizon concerning NJH? What’s the goss on the street?

      • @gossipgirl – no goss really. Just that most artists only do 1 drama a year at max. As its really tiring and they need time out after to get out of their characters and destress. Some will do a movie + 1 drama. 2 dramas a year is crazy taxing 🙂

      • @Lydia. Thank you so much. You are so sweet & sharing. Now I understand how drama filming works. I really admire those who shoot back-to-back 1 drama + 1 movie per year like Park Bo Young. She started filming Concrete Utopia on 16 April right after DAYS filming ended I assume. Respect.

  17. You know Koala…seems like KJH was a victim of an abusive relationship. Such relationships cause a lot of mental and emotional damage. Your tone is really invalidating to KJH’s experiences and others who experience similar situations.

    As for SYJ…leaked text messages seems to indicate abusive behavior. However, I think it’s important to note that people can change with time, different relationships, and through therapy. This was in the past. Is it fair to believe that SYJ still behaves without giving her a chance to prove otherwise? I’m not excusing her past actions…I’m just confused over Korea’s bizarre obsession w/ canceling people due to past events w/o 100% proof and second chances.

    • I think we could only make assumption that he was in abusive relationship based on the parts of leaked chats.

      Still, to me, it kinda weird that Seo Ye Ji’s agency said the chats happened was because Kim Jung Hyun requested her to avoid skinship first because:

      1)While Kim Jung Hyun really had very little skinship scene with Seo Hyun in their drama TIME and even kind of really cautious with her in the drama bts, Seo Ye Ji had hot kiss and bed scene with Lee Jun Ki in their drama Lawless Lawyer. Not to mention she had no problem being all touchy with Lee Jun Ki in the drama bts.

      2)Let’s say it understandable she felt jealous with Kim Jung Hyun female lead in TIME, why she also told him not to greet the female staff? That is the most weird thing ever. Greet a person with different gender doesn’t necessary means you have to kiss or hug that person. As an actor, acting cold to your romantic partner in your drama is one thing, but to act cold to staffs behind the scene is just rude. Such a nonsense behavior she told him to do.

      Or maybe they just had a really toxic relationship with each other in that time since we don’t know the full chats.

      Kim Jung Hyun was not totally healthy in that filming time either.

      I remember read in his interview that mentioned about his insomnia, eating disorder way before 2018. I once saw his filming schedule in 2018 from his fan’s account and it kinda compacted.
      I also read his mentioned in his interview before that before filming drama TIME, he kinda mentioned that he felt tired but his agency just make him go to Hong Kong in some period to “clear his mind”.

      If I’m not mistaken, his contract with his agency will just be until this May. And then the agency accused he kinda “violated contract” because of his hiatus for almost a year before this in the news.

      Maybe he really tired and can’t stand anymore so although he know they will spill his secret that can ruin his image as actor, he don’t care and just want to get out from this agency.

      Maybe he is kinda “ungrateful” with his agency since they covered for him about his secret but surely it not hurt much to pay attention to their talented actor wellbeing if they really want him to continue to work with them=_=

      • Victims of extreme toxic relationships are actually mainpulated not to interact with people of the opposite sex (and/or same sex accordng to their sexual orientation), even though it’s in a professional sphere due to their partners’ excessive jealousy and possessiveness.
        My mom worked at a clothing shop and the tailor whose wife also worked there was nice to her in the beginning. However later he started acting very cold to her and my mum now thinks it’s because of his wife’s meddling. The latter lady wasn’t the nicest person.

    • Koala doesn’t care about men in abusive relationships or mental health particularly when it comes to men. She was very dismissive and condescending about Ahn Jae Hyun too, when it was revealed that Gu Hye Sun was the one who was overly suspicious and controlling in their marriage which worsened AJH depression. Koala is the typical boomer ahjumma.

  18. Unless an actor/actress is a rapist, abuser, pedophile, murderer, big bully or some severe criminals, I don’t care much. I still will watch him/her projects if he/she is a talented actor/actress. I think if Dispatch leaked all Korean entertainers private chats especially few years ago, then not only Korean actor/actress even Korean singers/comedian will have their dark secrets coming out LOL.

    If Seo Ye Ji want to continue to be in the K-ent industry she should apologize like Kim Jung Hyun. At least write words like “I’m sorry for my bad/immature behavior that trouble everyone”, “I realized about my mistake” or “I will reflect about my mistake” then go hiatus until there is a chance for comeback.

    But until now there is no apology letter or any statement from her that mention she sorry or something like that. If I’m not mistaken, the last statement was her agency’s statement that kinda tried to shift blame on Kim Jung Hyun.

    Is it that hard to apologize? Then there are news about her lying about her education and all other negative news followed. It’s a mess.

    I 100% believe the one leaked their private chats to Dispatch is his will be former agency. There is no reason for him to leaked the private chat that turn Knetz from supporting him to bashing him and mocked him as “spineless guy”.

    • KJH has raw talent, but he’s a sensitive soul, & the biz tears up people like that. It seems like even a move to Culture Depot would’ve meant more expected of him (Hallyu star levels), and I just don’t think he could handle that.

      It’s likely he or someone in the know released those texts. Dispatch said they were alerted of the texts back in 2018 when he whole issue arises. After that, dunno what happened? But I assume someone (KJH himself) leaked those texts or gave permission. It’s ironic how no one’s talking about that being an invasion of privacy. Wonder if a lot of actors rn are shaking in their boots as their private talks can be leaked anytime.

      As for SYJ, she has to wish/hope that she can go the prickly route of getting a meta role, and thus showing how she’s changed. But that could take years, which means she can still work but in weekenders/daily dramas. I don’t think her high pride will take that lol. Either way, its gonna to take yrs to see what’ll happen to both their careers. Perhaps they might just quietly exit from the industry. Behind every person is someone who supports them/backs them, so I wouldn’t be shocked if its in an indie film (they can take more heat for their castings than dramas).

  19. the fact that Korean media as well as this site is completely ignoring kjh’s menatl state during that time is alarming and shows how insensitive people are towards mental health… even someone in this comment section who claims to be a part of Korean entertainment industry is blaming him and telling him to suck it up and go on with his agency as if he didnt make any money or did no hardwork for the agency… going by the rest of the celebs in that agency its pretty obvious that kjh is the only one making money for that agency for years but he is the villain just because he wanted to move to a better agency… it also doesnt matter that the agency might have leaked all this to sabotage his image and push him to the corner but he should just suck it up and should have just stayed with the agency…
    till now except for time drama, kjh havent had any sort of unprofessional allegations against him… its common to have other allegations come pouring down on a kceleb if he/she gets one allegation against him/her… till now except for this time fiasco there is literally nothing against kjh but apparently thats more than enough to bully a guy who went through multiple metal health issues… doesnt matter that he already admitted to his problems and openly apologized years ago, and apologized again just because he wasnt in the right state of mind…

  20. Wasn’t the PD of 2013 Princess Aurora makjang drama fame, he originally made an offer to Jeon Somin for the female lead, but her declining the drama and went on to do rom com Top Star Yoo Baek, she dodged a bullet with this male lead. Poor Seo Hyun, dude was nice at first but became cold, treated her like the plague and eventually left the drama leaving Seo Hyun to carry it by herself.

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