SBS Fri-Sat Drama Taxi Driver Speeds Into Potential Hit Territory With Ratings Rise Through 4-Episodes

Okay, I’m getting into the Taxi Driver cab now that it’s got certified buzz and good reviews. The newly arrived SBS Fri-Sat drama started off with controversy by featuring a bad guy that committed a crime too similar to a real life cast, not to mention to pre-premiere hot mess with April‘s Lee Na Eun when she dropped out due to bullying controversy and Pyo Ye Jin came in quickly and the cast re-filmed. The drama premiered to 8.7%, 10.7% ratings and now the latest episode 4 got 11.5%, 15.5% AGB nationwide which means double digits for a Big Three network drama. Congrats to the cast and crew, this was tangentially on my radar for personal reasons namely Lee Je Hoon and Esom are not my baes so I’m not automatically hard wired to check out their dramas but a good drama should incite any viewer’s curiosity and mine is now piqued.


SBS Fri-Sat Drama Taxi Driver Speeds Into Potential Hit Territory With Ratings Rise Through 4-Episodes — 10 Comments

  1. Totally into this Taxi drama. Glad I got on in EP1 and got hooked. This type of drama is a goldmine for the writer and cast since lots of stories to explore. Must feel like Disneyland for LJH on the many characters that he can play and rollercoaster of emotions he can show. Happy for the cast and crew!

  2. Stumbled into this last night and gotta admit it was a fun drama. Not a fan with any cast but I’m in for a good drama. Gladly, revenge drama always my forte.

  3. I was in the boat since the debut as i like actors . I’m totally delighted . Batmobil + K2OOO + Bessson’s Taxi + some theme song that reminds of Sherlock Holmes movie +80’s drama A Team + drama’s genre is what viewers need in theses times when bullying, sexual assaults,…aren’t taken well enough for different reasons ( administrative procedures, corruption, … so seeing victims getting “justice” is enjoyable .

  4. the soundtrack of this drama is SO. GOOD.
    Will this be Lee Je Hoon long awaited and long deserved drama hit? (he did have Signal, but he wasn’t exactly the lead, LEAD.)
    Can’t wait for next week’s episodes!

    • At the rate its going now, seems like this is going to be his Fiery Priest a la what it did for Kim Nam Gil. All the other shows/films he was in, he was either overshadowed by bigger stars, or it went under the radar. Even in Architecture 101, even though that was at the time the biggest melodrama romance film there, he had to go off to the military so he wasn’t able to gain as much from it. Now, this though yes, it seems like this is the first time where Lee Je Hoon will finally be recognized for his talents on a mainstream scale. He also has a Netflix drama coming up soon too, so that’s going to be another versatile role for him!!

  5. I like Lee Je Hoon because of Signal so I watch the first episodes of this drama and I am now totally hooked. this drama is giving bad people what they deserve. It also shows the perspective of the victims of violence has been through especially their emotional and mental distress.

  6. Replaced idol with real actress did good to this drama. I couldnt imagine rookie idol actor play pyo hye jin character. Its fun and really enjoyable

    • Honestly it should’ve been. SBS usually gives Netflix one drama per yr. Plus Lee Je Hoon is leading a Netflix series next, so that would’ve been the logical choice. Ah, I think it being on Netflix would’ve been nice.

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