Kim Sun Ho and Seo Ye Ji Poised to Win the 2021 Baeksang Popularity Awards as Voting Nears End

It’s such a wild ride this year with the behind-the-scenes shenanigans over the popularity voting in the 2021 Baeksang Awards, to be held later this week. It was only three years ago that the Baeksang’s combined the Popularity Award given separately to the film and television categories, so there were four winners each year, and now there are just two. Last year’s winners were Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, an orchestrated voting campaign by their fans and also new fans of their pairing in Crash Landing on You. This year the Most Popular Actor is likely to be won by Kim Sun Ho whose fans banded together to keep on voting for him. On the ladies side it’s looking like Seo Ye Ji for Most Popular Actress which is causing quite a conundrum for the awards body. Will she attend to accept in person or avoid an appearance to continuer her lay low while the controversy around her dies down method. I get that viewers can continue to watch and support her, but it’s disingenuous to say that it doesn’t matter what her personal life is like. Of course it matters, stars are routinely taken to task for doing something wrong whether ethical, moral, or criminal, so what Seo Ye Ji fans should say is that they don’t think anything she is accused of doing is problematic to them. I’m just sad that a talented actress is revealed to be a raging sociopath, her talent is undisputed but goodness it’s too much personal life bad behavior for me to watch her onscreen and not be turned off.


Kim Sun Ho and Seo Ye Ji Poised to Win the 2021 Baeksang Popularity Awards as Voting Nears End — 59 Comments

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  2. I hope she shows up to accept the award, it would be entertaining to see people’s diverse reactions all over social media haha

  3. She’d be killing any good graces left in SK for her if she attended. Then again, based on the reports about what she’s been doing this whole time + not apologizing + trying to fight her way into still doing the drama with KNG… she definitely seems narcissistic enough to attend and accept it.

    Her fans aren’t doing her any favours by voting for her. Maybe random people are just voting to see the fall out? I mean… I’m here with my popcorn too so no judgement 😂

    • An official from her agency conrfirmed that they are in talks of her showing up at the awarding night. Talk about being thick skinned, i guess she will just suck it up 😂

      • Likely scenario: Glare down acquaintances who dare to ask her about anything and acts like nothing happens while giving her speech. Gushing maybe shedding a tear of two of how painful the last few weeks have been for her. Puts in a last oscar worthy victim performance for her brainwashed fans. Then goes backstage and screams at her managers to remind them to make sure no reporters come near her to ask any questions pertaining to scandal. Like how she demanded production of Recalled to do and pulled a no show when they refused to commit to it. Lol.

      • I remember the statement about her not doing the Island drama anymore, it sounded like it was her and her management who decided not to appear on it rather than she was dropped out. And now her management released a statement about her attending Baeksang as if they are the ones making the decision lol. I would love to see her attend though, so i can read all the knetz comments and media articles. Then her ifans will play the victim card again 😂

      • @Dev

        This woman is something. Then again, she thinks the world revolves around her. Maybe Baeksang would be lucky enough to be graced by her blessed presence 😂

        As a side note tho, her agency’s PR team should be fired. Talk about pouring more and more gas to the fire. And if she’s the puppet master behind it all, then Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Sae Ron and anyone else in this company needs to dip. She’ll take them down with her.

      • @Lydia1 LMAO. That is most likely the scenario. Now I want to see her attend just to see how the reporters will feed on her and how loud her screams will be to her managers to keep them all away. I hope someone gets it on video. I have popcorns prepared already.

        I love Kim Soo-hyun, but I am so relieved he didn’t win the popularity award with her. Just imagining all the annoying posts from the shippers is making me gag.

    • It is so weird if she apologised. People should understand that she was not part of the original scandal, which was the dating scandal and conflict between KKH and his agency.

      Yes she was accused as manipulative ex girlfriend by who knows, maybe the exbf, but that could not be true. I don’t get it why some people are demanding apology from her.

      Her apology would mean admittance of being manipulative.

      • Awww, here comes her delusional, out-of-touch-from-reality fan. Welcome.

        You don’t get why everyone is demanding an apology? Ummm, because her agency has admitted that those messages her true babe. That’s a fact. The only excuse they had was that it was her ex boyfriends choice to agree to do it.

        Weren’t you the one accused KHJ of being the only one at fault and that she was innocent when this all came out? And that you were waiting for more facts? Still waiting I see… 😂 people like you are why I want to see her attend. So she can be grilled alive for being so thick skinned like her fans. 🍿

  4. Well its just popularity award people will just want to tear her apart cause its a trend to hate on her taylor swift also had this phase where she is called a psycho dater but look where she is. Just show how powerful media in manipulating women making them antagonist the of the story

  5. I’m not sure the Taylor Swift comparison works. Taylor was unjustly criticized for dating too many men (what’s too many anyway?) But she didn’t do anything wrong. Seo Yeji was controlling based on the texts, yes but that in and of itself it not the biggest issue. Its that her controlling and manipulation affected a drama that was filming. I dont blame producers and casting directors for now questioning her professionalism.

    I dont see her showing up. But congrats I guess? Lol I’m impressed by KSH’s win and popularity. Way to turn a second lead role in an average drama into a huge memorable role.

    • Taylor has been branded as a liar and manipulator just because of a phone call to kanye which she say she give consent for him to call her a bitch and made a nude wax of her sleeping with him and years later its was leak the whole video was totally edited to make taylor a liar but kanye didnt get the cancelling culture taylor experience because one his man and his mentally unstable an excuse to ruined her whole career which is what i see in this seo yeaji drama the whole cancelling culture is getting out context

  6. So happy for Kim Seonho he deserve it, he’s just starting his popularity journey, Joongki has already passed that fase, he must aim for the acting award or daesang now…sadly everyone will only be talking about Yeji

    • Also Kim Seonho’s fans were crazy, korean and international, they made graphs, schedules, strategies…fans work harder voting than school

      • Haha…the fans are so cute.

        Seon Ho has been popular in threatre plays for 10 years, most of his plays are sold out within minutes and the positive respond to his drama, understable that his fans (fans who had been with him since threatre and new fans) took the opportunity to express their love for him by voting and if he wins, it will be honourable recognition.

        He is a sweet guy who just loves acting and doing it well.

  7. Actually there’s talk that there’s a malicious campaign going on with knetizens to deliberately vote like crazy for her to smoke her out of hiding. And then watch to see if she will turn up at the ceremony especially to face reporters. This is a terrible situation for her and her company as if she fails to show, articles will have a field day on her guilt. If she shows up, she will be subject to intense scrutiny by media, peers and public and her award speech dissected. Even though I cannot stand her but if the witch hunting is taken to this degree, its not right to be honest. Award ceremonies are put in place to recognise excellence for work put in the last year. People should not use it to politicise anything else.

    • Her International fans are voting for her crazily and you have to admit that they are huge in numbers. These are the fans who mass bought her movie tickets to increased the sell. If you compare the amount of her votes vs SHS, I think the number is legit.

      • Well her dumb international fans have basically sent her into a snake pit with their actions. There’s no glory in this situation, plus she will definitely be put in the spotlight again just when things have shifted focus to the kang river accident and quietened down a bit on her negative news dominating headlines daily.

      • They think doing this will show to those in the Ent about her power and popularity aren’t affected by those accusations against her

      • It’s not so much that Yeyes are a huge fandom but more like crazy dedicated. And they think they’re actually getting justice for her with this award. A fan with a cause is like a zealot. If you check Twitter, you’ll see how they were dishing out incentives to people creating as much as 50 accounts and more just to vote. I also saw that there were some Seon-ho fans who voted for her. And many Yeyes who also voted for Seon-ho.

        Given the recent popularity boost from Vincenzo, I expected SJK to win this easily. Soo-hyun was also a surprise. With 10.4 million followers on Insta and growing, this could’ve been a breeze even if just half of those followers voted. But either they’re lazy like someone said or they just don’t care enough about that award to bother going to download Tik Tok just to vote.

        Seon-ho winning is not so surprising. Fans can be at their most passionate when their idol is a rising star. Over time, they tend to burn out like the rest. Congrats to the Good Boy!

      • @Zen

        I think it’s because both Kim Soo Hyun and Song Joong Ki fans don’t really care so much about Popularity awards now. Mostly they are aiming for the acting awards and don’t care to dedicate time and effort for voting. Personally, I love these guys and I also have TikTok, but I didn’t bother voting honestly. I voted just once, and it was for Shin Hye Sun because I think she still needs those popularity awards to boost her international recognition. Her acting tho, is leaps and bounds ahead.

      • Fact. At this point in their careers, they should be aiming higher anyways. It’s just annoying to see the dedicated hate accounts on Twitter using them not winning this one to mock them, especially KSH.

        I didn’t vote either but I was also rooting for SHS. Hopefully, she’ll win in at least one of the two acting categories she’s nominated for. She’s earned it.

      • @Zen, I agree, popularity awards are not important for those established actors and fans are less enthusiastic about voting. KSH has even won BA early in his career so the mocking is kinda immature.

        SHS was completely left out in the Baeksang teasers for TV and film, I wouldn’t count on her getting either award.

      • @bbc

        Yeah, I noticed they left her out too. Even SYJ with the much much worse scandal appeared for a split-second in that teaser whereas SHS was completely missing. It’s more infuriating given how Mr. Queen shot through the ratings roof despite the brouhaha. Then why did Baeksang bother nominating her in the first place? Also, with the K-animosity against all things China, I’m surprised they used Tik Tok again for the popularity vote. Why aren’t K-netz flipping out about that? Anyways, I’ll keep hoping it all works out for Hye-Sun.

  8. Her fans didn’t think this through, did they? Why make her come out of the hiding into a spotlight when she hasn’t cleared any of accusations against her and clearly wants to lie low? Reporters are gonna have a field day if she shows up lol.

  9. Seonho have a massive fanbase, tho Soohyun and Joonki also do have; but most of them are lazy ass voters. Seonho’s Inetz fans got to be the most loyal and as dedicated asf. Now I’m just excited for the Baeksang ceremony itself. Trilled for the interactions between the actors and actresses.

  10. I agree with Ms.Koala. I cant see him the same way anymore. I used to like her after watching “Save Me” and was excited that she was LJK’s leading lady in LL. But now i couldnt brush off her off-screen persona. Thank god she was outed at her prime.

    • She was female lead in 3 drama but none one of them hit big.She just earns attention because in kim soo hyun drama.But look at jeon hye bin now she just supporting role in save me just hit big in vincenzo.

      • True this. Baby girl’s been around the block but she was mostly unknown in her own homeland, much less internationally. Until she landed an iconic role in the highly-anticipated comeback drama of one of the biggest Hallyu stars. And that’s the truth her fans can’t stand to hear. Which is why most of them started disliking KSH and also hating on the agency which they felt promoted him more than her. And also why most of them didn’t vote for Soo-hyun. Lol. GM is shit but what did her previous agencies do for her career which was obscure and largely awardless until IOTNBO? And why did it take her so long to blow up if she’s oh-so talented? And yet those idiots were rather using her to bash more known and established stars just because of ONE hit role. No wonder they can’t eat humble pie, they’d choke on its tangy karma flavor.

    • Same for me. I actually had IONTBO on my watchlist but don’t think I can stand to watch it anymore. I usually can separate actor vs character but this one is difficult.

  11. Tricky situation. I think we can all agree that she was favourite for all the awards prior to her scandal… If she would not have won the award, we can say that here marketability as an actress has been impacted by the scandal. She would be seen as damaged goods – a has been. Now that she won, she is put in another tight spot. If she shows up now, she will be considered shameless. She should have pulled herself from the nominations voluntarily to avoid any criticism.

    • Withdraw or not, she’ll still get criticism. At this point, it’s not an exaggeration to say she’ll get hate just for breathing.

      • No, she just needs to explain herself. She can’t maintain her image as the “nice girl” without explaining herself. And if she explains herself it better be the honest truth, and she can just own up to being a femme fatale and gets men around her crazy and doing whatever she says. There is nothing wrong with that because the dude is willing, who are we to judge. But this silence is terrible because she comes across as unwilling to pick a lane. She wants to make her money in an industry that requires personal adherence to certain Confucian mores, but will allow exceptions for those willing to say “whatcha gonna do about it” like Uhm Jung Hwa or Hyuna, but it’s a risky proposition she seems unwilling to take so it comes across as she’s laying low until people forget and just somehow be able to just watch her act like there is zero context.

        Just own your sexy man manipulating ways, girl. At least then I would respect your for being forthright rather than trying to pretend she’s just a nice sweet girl taken out of context in every single accusation. Many film industries allow the outliers if there is sincerity and talent to buttress it.

      • Why do you think she owes anyone apology though? That would divert the issue further from the original issues, which are KJHs dating scandal and conflict with agency.

      • I am not a fan of her, that’s for sure. Not a fan of her drama either. Except Oh Jung Se, I don’t think anyone will win an award.

        However, I can’t fathom people have the heart to gang at someone. Ironically, they are the same people who dislike bullying.

      • @MistyEyes,

        You really have very misty eyes 😂
        YOU can’t fathom how people are ganging up against her? Seriously? How about you look at your own posts against KHJ and think about that statement once more.

        Also, you’re not a fan of hers? Ok babe, you ain’t kidding no one here. At least own it ffs, it’ll make you look less pathetic.

    • No, we can’t all agree. She was never going to win the BA Baeksang, even without her scandal. But yes, she was marketable and possibly on her way to A-list. Her strategy was to lay low till people forgot but she didn’t count on her crazy I-fans shooting her in the foot.

      • @bbc

        Perhaps if she withdrew and explained it as reflecting on her mistakes, there might not have been as much criticism. But her radio silence is what’s doing her in.

      • The only actress that would have beaten her was Kim So-yeon, but she might get Daesang. That would make her the prime contender for Best Actress with Shin Hye-sun. Anyways, you are right that the Best Actress-category was not certain, but she was almost a shoo-in for the popularity award under normal circumstances. Again, Shin Hye-sun might have been a good contender, but I think SYJ would have the edge.

        What I am trying to say, is that many people are saying that her rabid fans did SYJ a disservice by making her win. While I agree partly, I think that losing would actually harm her career even more. It shows that she is officially cancelled.

        One way or another, she cannot escape this popularity contest unscathed. Losing damages her marketability, whilst winning forces her to come out and face the criticism directly. The best strategy would have been withdrawing in my opinion.

      • Popularity-wise, she does have the edge over SHS. But acting-wise, SHS beats her by miles. Regarding the Daesang, that isn’t certain, either. There’s talk that it could go to Shin Ha Kyun or Kim So Yeon. I read somewhere that it could even go to Yoo Jae-suk. No idea where that person got that info.
        But if So-yeon does win the Daesang, they better give the BA to SHS or Uhm Ji-won.

      • Seo Ye-ji is not that special of an actress. Prior to IONTBO, I saw her in multiple roles and I was not impressed. SHS, on the other hand, that girl can act…

        SYJ’s role in IONTBO is what I call more a typecast role – it fits her perfectly. But that does not mean she is a great or versatile actress. I mean, Sylvester Stallone received multiple Oscar-nominations in the acting category for his portrayal of Rocky Balboa, but he is definitely not a good or versatile actor. I will not go as far to say that SYJ is the female equivalent of Stallone, but even amongst the 90-liners she is mid-tier at best. I really do not understand how one role can make her so popular and have fans wanting to die for her. Crazy if you think about it.

    • @MistyEyes – Seo Yeji thanks you for the 100k votes you contributed to the tally and your bleary eyed nights LOL

      • Hahahaha… I was just about to post something like this. That misty-eyed fan keeps insisting she’s not a fan of SYJ. Yet every single comment she’s made on this scandal has been in blind defense of SYJ. With all that mist in her eyes, no wonder she can’t see the light. Lmfao.

      • @Jenna and ITR
        What if MistyEyes is really not a fan, but Seo Ye-ji herself haha

      • I’ve read quite a number of MistyEyes’ comments before and although sometimes her opinions are deemed ‘unpopular’ here, that doesn’t mean she’s a fan of SYJ. I guess she just has a different way of looking at things.

      • @bbc Not saying everything she’s stood up for is right but to name-call or to accuse her of being a SYJ fan just because she’s not in sync with most people here just doesn’t seem ok to me.

      • My main aim is not to stand up for anyone but no rebuke ignorant netz. You don’t don’t have the right to judge esp if you don’t know anything. Stop being gullible because not everything being said online is true, esp those he said or she said and you cannot even back it with original source.

  12. Her fans voted for her relentlessly without even thinking that they have put her in a yet again tight position. But given the way things are going (keeping silent and not apologizing) i think she is being her consistent narcissistic bi@tch self. It is common for manipulators like her to not see anything wrong of what they did. I always wonder why she has a lot of photos interacting with stray animals, i mean i also do that but i don’t take pictures of it everytime. Does she always have someone to take it for her then post on social media? Is it for image, so she would look like a very kind person? 😂

  13. Yeah, she needs to get a good publicist to write one of those “I’ll reflect on myself” bs letters that seem to be the thing. There really isn’t any explaining being in a toxic relationship especially if (cuz I wasn’t there) she was the toxic one. Regardless, I think she will have a career. Her international fans have proven they might stick around. Also, the PD of her last picture said he was happy with how she was on set and low-key said the actor should have done his job.

    I guess she will see if she has any friends who in a year or so will give her another chance. In my time of following K-ent, this has got to be one of the wildest stories. I mean, at this point, I imagine the actor wishes he’d just sucked it up and stayed in his contract. Some are sympathetic but others look at him as incredibly unprofessional and weak (not saying it’s right but it is what it is).

  14. She is fantastic in the role and the drama is entertaining but the plot falls apart at the end (the whole mother subplot). For a healing drama about mental health, I didn’t feel the writer did a particularly good job of potraying the field very well. The mental hospital characters were all rather cartoonish.

    The best part of the drama was the brotherly relationship between the Moon brothers. And while SYJ and KSH had really good chemistry, their characters relationship was actually kind of toxic.

  15. Did anyone see the line-up of presenters for the Baeksang Awards? I’m super excited. This year’s OTPs will be there as presenters except for SJK & JYB. Damn. Jung Il Woo & Yuri, Ahn Hyo Seop & Kim Dami, Jung So Min & Kim Ji Suk (his cameo in DAYS is hilarious), Park Bo Young & Seo In Guk, Kang Ha Neul, etc.

  16. Ah kim soo hyun why he agree acting with this plastic psyco monster bitch!He was hallyu star he should paired with popular actress.From han ga in,jun ji hyun and gong hyo jin to this bitch!What downgrade!!Shame,shame.

  17. You gullible people.

    Following the personal press release from Kim Jung Hyun after the expiration of his contract with his ex agency, it is now much clearer that the main culprit is the agency O&M Entertainment. This is a typical ill-doing and unethical practice of entertainment companies, although there are some good agencies too.

    I feel sorry for both Kim Jung Hyun as his ex-agency put him in a bad light. I also feel sorry for Seo Ye Ji having been caught in the middle of the cross fire.

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