Joo Ji Hoon and Han So Hee Reportedly Cast in K-movie Gentleman Filming in Fall of 2021

Okay, at this point I’m watching to see if Han So Hee breaks some sort of record for being cast in the most movies and/or dramas in one year. I’m glad she’s not someone I’m particularly keen on (as of now) otherwise I would worry that she is headed towards over exposure, and also the more projects she’s in the higher the scrutiny that she delivers each and every time. I think her agency is doing the wrong thing by letting her take on so many projects regardless of how in demand she is right now, sometimes slow and steady is the wiser path. K-industry insiders are saying that Han So Hee will be joining Joo Ji Hoon in an upcoming K-movie titled Gentleman, it’s described as a business and industry themed flick. The official announcement should be coming soon as the production is already in pre-prep and hiring phase for the crew, and is slated to film in late summer through fall of 2021 with a release date in 2022. Reportedly Han So Hee will film this first and then do K-drama Gyeongsang Creature with Park Seo Joon after.


Joo Ji Hoon and Han So Hee Reportedly Cast in K-movie Gentleman Filming in Fall of 2021 — 32 Comments

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  2. Basically most in demand actress status has been achieved because as someone pointed out in a previous article she gets all the scripts before anyone else does. I’m happy for her because she deserves it. Would not worry about overexposure when even LBH does 3-4 movies every year.

    • She’s the fresh faced superstar that the industry has been craving for years. Her looks, acting, personality and lack of controversy makes her beloved by general public. None of the other upcoming actresses, idols or former child stars have her kind of impact.

      • Lack of controversy? There are like her old tattoos, smoking and spilt with her boyfriend (a lesser known actor) after she rises to stardom…but these all quite minor and benign ones for a celebrity.

        She could be the next Song Hye Kyo, Jung Ji Hyun…

      • @sarah – those things are hardly “controversial”, even in conservative Korea, unless people are still stuck in the 1950s.

        Quite a few k-celebs have tattoos and are known or rumoured to smoke (not a problem imo as long as they don’t expose others to secondhand smoke). Even if for the sake of “image”, her actual work, talent and recent success count for more.

  3. Most of these projects will release with far apart like Nevertheless and Undercover are the only things that will release this year. This movie and the other drama won’t be out until late next year. That’s enough gap between projects. It’s just because all the casting news is coming out back to back that sounds full.

  4. I dont know but imo it’s just so odd to see people saying han so hee gets all the scripts before anyone else. How do you know who gets them first? Just bc there are no news about other actresses considering an offer or confirming a movie or drama doesn’t mean they dont get to be the first choice. You don’t always see a-list stars doing 4 or 5 projects a year and they don’t release their offers either unless they’re positively reviewing. Being cast in a few projects at once hardly means she gets all the scripts to herself first.
    I’m not han so hee’s hater’s good to see a rising actress working hard to cement her status in the industry coz being selective isn’t always a smart choice unless you’re an s-tier actor.

    • There was an article about it where they explicitly stated that for actresses in the 20s HSH is always the first to get the script. You can find it on Naver or Theqoo.

    • People have literally gone on record to say that so its not over exaggeration but fact. All the translations are on twitter go look it up and don’t try to attack her. She is the most popular young actress in South Korea right now and the public loves her. Every other week she gets a new endorsement and soon she’ll have all the luxury endorsements too.

  5. Didn’t she have massive tattoos on her arms? Were they removed or are only covered up by makeup? From the old photos I’ve seen, the tattoos actually looked pretty.

    • She removed them because as an actress she wint get many lead roles
      If she kept them. She is most in demand actress in 20s right now and is cf queen too

  6. Not too fond of HSH either but I don’t think the “slow and steady” strategy is a good idea because she is a rising star and has yet to be established as an A-lister. If she rises to that status then I think she can afford to be pickier. As long as her projects have enough gaps in between then it’s still good I guess unlike with Song Kang with 4 dramas from Sweet Home to Nevertheless in less than a year haha

    • But its understandable because he’ll have to enlist in the military next year so why not do as much as possible when the iron is hot. He needs to cement his status before he enlists otherwise someone new could replace him.

      • I guess that makes sense but the spacing of his dramas are very short, December to June four dramas… if he actually is a good actor he wouldn’t worry about that but well lol

    • Completely agree, stars fade so quickly in industry, why would you reject good projects? No sense in that logic at all.

  7. Its nice seeing all these new actors and actresses popping up everywhere and getting multiple casting offers. There was a serious lack of new faces at one point so this new burst is great. Its not smart to be very choosy at this point because more is better when cementing your foothold. Once they’ve done that they can be choosy and comeback once in 2 years. Sitting at home and doing nothing doesn’t hone your craft or make you a better actor. With the School 2021 series I’m sure more new faces will be discovered which is fantastic.

  8. Since we’re getting so many article about her casting can we get some on her endorsements too? She’s been bagging everything from cosmetics to alcohol left, right and center.

  9. I actually think her agency is doing okay. It’s a lot harder for female actors to break out compare to male actors, they need consecutive hits so working non-stop is the idea. If anything, at least the over-exposure helps her earn a bit of cash even if things don’t pan out. All the IT girls from the worked endlessly during their primes. (I’d argue that she’s not that IT compared to the others though.) Ideally, she needs something like a romance drama with a hot male star but with the main story focus on her or good characterisation. In this way, she has no viewership pressure but still reaps benefits from the project, like the guys who are getting a free ride off noona romances.

    Also, judging from her work choices, I think that the offers on the table aren’t as good as what people think. A much better choice will be a side character in a film with stars who actually have box office power. JJH is not it. He cannot headline a movie by himself. I’m not sure if this is an art house movie or a blockbuster, if it’s a blockbuster it’s likely to be a bomb at the box office.

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  11. Finally an actual actress who has earned fame starying from ground, can act , stood her ground against kim hee ae and won lead roles
    She has tens f cf deals , dramas and now movies
    She is most in demand actress im 20s and she is not showpiece like some other cf queens
    She is on way to top
    Queen. She is natural beauty as well

  12. Wow han so hee really know how to pick her drama except the one with song kang she literally going to he next hallyu queen

  13. Wow, talk about a fast rise to stardom. I’ve never seen someone become so popular so quickly and comprehensively in such a short span of time/projects. That’s honestly great to see so I’m not sure why “over exposure” is being thrown around here. She’s not yet at the level where she can be picky, but other than the Song Kang drama, her other ones are with solid actors and good production teams. So if she’s willing to work so much, then why would anyone have an issue with that?!

  14. Honestly I think her signing on to several projects is smart, it means she has that many chances to show her work as a lead instead of putting all her eggs in one basket and then wait 1-2 years between projects while her buzz from TWOTM goes.

    As long as her schedule is managed well, it’s not an issue for me, I just hope the roles are good.

  15. As always, women are held to much higher standards. Good for Han So Hee and I hope she continues to hone her craft. It makes me so happy that we’re finally seeing 90s actresses start to punch through the stranglehold that the early 80s actresses have on the industry.

    • I don’t think the 80s actresses are to blame for why 90s actresses were held back so long, if anything I find it positive that talented women aren’t discarded as soon as they turn 30.

      The problem for many years was that drama producers preferred to fill up younger female lead roles (which would call for 90s-born actresses) with idols and refused to give actresses a shot unless they were famous child actresses (eg Park Shin Hye).

      • THIS. The amount of times I wish another actress was cast instead of Suzy and maybe could have made something more of the character instead of just “good enough”, especially when its a good role that could have been great. I blame the writers/directors/production team.

      • @Guest – exactly. All respect to idols who can act well but there weren’t a ton of really good or more than just ‘adequate’ ones on the female side.

        And those younger actresses who did make it to lead roles were either established before the glut of idol castings or came from sleeper hits after a string of supporting/child roles (Kim Ji Won, Kim Hye Yoon, Park Eun Bin, Nam Ji Hyun, Chae Soo Bin, Jo Bo Ah…and she’s 89er but Shin Hye Sun too)

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