Kim Go Eun Blossoms Under a New Romance in First Posters for Yumi’s Cells 2 with Elevated New Male Lead Jinyoung

From last summer as a surprise treat what was the K-drama adaptation of Yumi’s Cells comes this summer a new treat with Yumi’s Cells 2 premiering in early June 2022. The first season was an adaptation that stayed true to the original webtoon in both story line and vibe with both leads Kim Go Eun and Ahn Bo Hyun bringing their characters to live and evincing incredible chemistry. But now it’s time for a new chapter in Yumi’s life as she moves on to a romance with Jinyoung playing Yoo Babi and the setting also moves to picturesque Jeju. I can’t wait for this new season and am willing to love the romance and also be ready for Yumi to be true to herself wherever it takes her.


Kim Go Eun Blossoms Under a New Romance in First Posters for Yumi’s Cells 2 with Elevated New Male Lead Jinyoung — 7 Comments

  1. I like her look in the first season compared to new season. Still it’s just a poster. Maybe on screen she would look fine.

    But it’s hard to be excited knowing he isn’t the end game either.

    Also the first season clicked to me and liked the chemistry between the leads so it would be hard to root for this new romance.

      • An idol did something your mediocre oppa couldn’t do in his entire mediocre career: get nominated AND win Baeksang Best Actor. Worry more about that, babo.

  2. The first season was great!! It was the only drama I completed last year. I adore Yumi, KGE’s portrayal of her and how her story is uniquely told, she’s what matters the most about this drama so I’m overall excited about the 2nd season. At the same time, I’m not excited about her relationship with Yoo Babi at this point. I have no previous bias with Jinyoung as an actor or as a kpop singer, I honestly didn’t know much about him before this drama and I wasn’t impressed by this character at all. He just feels like the typical, (to me) boring, cookie cutter kdrama lead compared to Woo Young. Even his poster is blah to me, sorry.

    When he and Yumi were doing well, I thought they were such a unique, adorable and wonderful match. I adored them together until it became painfully obvious they weren’t a good match as the people they were at that point in time. I hope they were both able to grow and learn from their relationship.

    So yeah, I’m excited for more Yumi but not as much for the relationship aspect BUT I’m open to getting my mind changed about Jinyoung. He does seem more mature and hopefully what Yumi needs for the current stage of her life in the drama. If they don’t end up together, it’s pretty realistic and I like that the drama has the guts to follow the webtoon and go there. It’s not out of the norm for people to have 2-3 serious relationships in their lives before they settle down. I have not read the webtoon so don’t know who her end game is but I’m here for the entire ride.

    • Correction: I meant I’m open to getting my mind changed about *Yoo Babi (not Jinyoung — he’s doing a pretty good job portraying this character so far).

  3. I really liked the first season. It’s refreshing that the ML is not her last lover. She will have different relationship. The cells were so funny.

  4. I love KGE and her cute acting in the first season so I’m very looking forward to the second season. She’s so naturally beautiful and good with her performance.

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