Kang Ji Hwan and Kim Ok Bin Confirmed for OCN Thriller Children of the Lesser God

After Black I’m now conditionally on the OCN drama train, and I condition it on whether the drama casts actors and actresses I like. Otherwise OCN’s genre specific thriller dramas are not the easiest watch, often times the subject matter is darker than dark when one seeks K-drama watching as escapism entertainment. With that said, I’m onboard for OCN’s early 2018 thriller police procedural Children of the Lesser God, the name borrowing from the very famous award winning US movie notwithstanding this drama doesn’t have anything to do with the hearing impaired. Children has confirmed the casting of leads Kang Ji Hwan and Kim Ok Bin, a fantastic pairing of two very good acting talents and exceeding compatible in the visuals department as well. He plays an analytical detective who goes by facts and numbers and pairs up with her character who possesses supernatural vision of some type. The drama airs on the Sat-Sun time slot after Bad Guys: Vile City. Continue reading