Newlyweds Liu Shi Shi and Nicky Wu Bask in Well-wishes From Friends and Bu Bu Jing Xin Cast

I caution drama fans not to get too involved with reel to real shipping since the odds are forever against anything happening off screen. It’s like being selected for the Hunger Games, expect to die but at least give it your best shot. With that said, the recent C-ent wave-making marriage of Bu Bu Jing Xin costars Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi is the stuff to fuel another long dream of drama couples making it work in real life. It’s beyond romantic, satisfies the sad ending from the drama, and is as unexpected as any fictional tale due to their 17 year age difference in real life and all the naysayers predicting doom and gloom.

The couple has only registered their marriage legally but didn’t hold a wedding ceremony or banquet to celebrate with their friends and family. But that hasn’t stopped the torrent of congrats to pour in on weibo from their BBJX family and countless other big name C-stars. Check out the sweet thoughts for the low key couple, especially from the BBJX stars that proves how close the friendships are that developed on set, and maybe for the next few months folks will engage in some┬ádrama shipping with an extra bounce in your step. Continue reading