tvN Releases First Poster and Preview for Investigative Thriller Drama Adamas with Ji Sung Playing Twin Brothers

When I saw the first poster and preview for upcoming tvN drama Adamas, it suddenly reminded me of the fantastic J-dorama Ourorboros. It stems from the use of an ancient figure, the Ouroboros is both Egyptian and Greek and Adamas is a Trojan War character, and from the collaboration of two guys to solve a decades old murder and uncover a broader conspiracy. Instead of two male leads Adamas has just one Ji Sung playing twin brothers, and I hope both made it to the end of the drama. I also hope Ji Sung gets paid double haha since he’s cut down the need to hire a second male lead and is also filming double scenes, hope he’s not exhausted by the end. But then again, he’s done 7 characters before and we know how dedicated and on point he can be with challenging roles.

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First Look at Upcoming tvN Sat-Sun Drama The Devil Judge with Ji Sung, Kim Min Jung, Jin Young, and Park Gyu Young

The Sat-Sun time slot remains tvN‘s most high profile and where it puts all the big name cast dramas, so right now there is Mine with Lee Bo Young and Kim Seo Hyung and funnily enough that drama will be … Continue reading

tvN Assembles Talented Cast for Legal Drama Devilish Judge with Ji Sung, Kim Min Jung, Jinyoung, and Park Gyu Young

The cast is set for second half of 2021 tvN legal beagle drama Devilish Judge (Demon Judge), which I feel like has been in the works for a long time but it’s finally got a time slot so that’s reassuring. … Continue reading